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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk2: Eagles v. Chiefs

September 20, 2017 8:22 PM
September 20, 2017 8:15 PM

I would say the Kansas City and Philadelphia game was a pretty toe-to-toe matchup for about 3 quarters. The Eagles kept losing people to injury in-game, and they tried to keep up with the Chiefs. But eventually, the dam wall broke and the Kansas City flood happened in the end.

I thought this was a pretty poor performance by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles played with more spirit early. The Chiefs could hardly cover anybody and didn't look like they wanted to cover anybody most of the game. Marcus Peters plays about 15 yards off of every receiver and there were several of them wide open in this game. They stopped giving the ball to Tyreek Hill in the second half. It was just a pretty sloppy follow-up performance from their Week 1 gem against the Patriots.

Each team displayed exactly who they are, to me, in this Week 2 matchup. The Eagles are a team you don't want to take lightly but they don't have enough whatever to win most of their games — especially against better competition. The Chiefs are better than most of their opponents, but they tend to play too conservative and allow lower opponents to hang around. In the end, the Chiefs punch the accelerator at just the right time to slip by their opponents. The Chiefs do not have a dominating war machine of a team, despite a great Week 1 performance. This is just a good Chiefs team capable of beating anyone but not a team anyone is taking seriously for the Super Bowl… but could win it if the stars aligned just right.

Fantasy player notes…

-- It was one of those games where Kansas City, OOPS, forgets to give Tyreek Hill (4-43-0/6, 1-6-0) the ball as much as they should. I'll never understand this in the NFL for as long as I live: How a team can discuss and bellyache post-game about how they need to get such and such top weapon the ball more. How is this forgotten? Don't people get fired forgetting important stuff like this in the real world? Not NFL coaching staffs. What do they do in their 20 hour work days, sleeping on cots in their office, anyway?

I would just add one Tyreek note here, despite the lower-than-you-want touch count… Hill sprung open for a 40+ yard bomb, beating his coverage by 2+ yards and Alex Smith threw him the ball online but about 2 yards over his head in the end zone. Hill should've had at least one 40+ yards reception added to this stat line.

-- This Kareem Hunt (3-81-2, 3-28-0/3) thing cracks me up. The new shiny toy rookie has a hot start and everyone loses their mind. Someone told me they participated in a fantasy draft last night—yes, people drafting after Week 2—and the number one overall pick was… You guessed it… Kareem Hunt.

When I say sell Hunt 'high' I mean as like a top 5–10 overall asset right now. That's where he is valued at today. He's going to settle back in soon, and a lot of people are going to regret not acting on it. But what if he's the greatest running back ever…?

Hunt sprung a 53-yard TD run later in this game when KC opened a giant hole and the linebackers were out of position… Hunt went virtually untouched straight ahead for the score. No problem with that. I'm not anti-Hunt; He's good. Just know that on his other 12 carries, Hunt had 28 yards rushing (2.3 ypc).

His 15 minutes at the top are almost up here…

-- Two players living with the angels to start fantasy 2017 participated in this game: Kareem Hunt and Carson Wentz (25-46 for 333 yards, 2 TD/1 INT).

Right before halftime, Carson Wentz threw a Hail Mary down the field, right into the arms of a Kansas City defender, as to be expected on any Hail Mary-ish type play. The defender couldn't catch it. Not only could he not catch it, but it ricocheted off his arms and up into the air right into sprinting-the-other-direction Zack Ertz's arms. A total B.S. 53-yard play, and one that pushed Wentz over 300 yards passing, technically. One that should've been an interception. Wentz has led that charmed life for weeks. This type of stuff tends to even out.

Carson Wentz is not a terrible quarterback like Jameis Winston, but he's nowhere near as good as the media is pushing. The entire NFL machine is behind Wentz as the next big thing. I don't see it, not at all. He's not ready for the big time. He's like Ryan Tannehill good… which means not that good. Not a total disaster. Give them enough time and people will forget him/want change/want coaches fired.

-- I am never betting against Travis Kelce (8-103-1/10) again. The Chiefs are running more innovative plays for Kelce than they are for Tyreek Hill. If Kelce gets one more perfect shuttle pass set up because 12 guys on defense chase Tyreek on the fake sweep... I'm going to lose my mind, because I really don't own Kelce anywhere.

In a year of underwhelming tight end options in fantasy, at least Travis Kelce's team design special plays for him. I wish Tyreek Hill had the same luxury.

-- Darren Sproles (10-48-0, 2-30-0/4) led the Eagles in carries this week. I'm not sure how many times I've said it, but just to be clear: You don't want anything to do with any Philadelphia Eagles running back as long as Doug Peterson is the coach. For 18 games they've done a random RBBC every week. One week you're chasing Ryan Mathews, the next it's Darren Sproles, then Wendell Smallwood is going to be a star. You do not want any of these guys on your roster unless you're in a total emergency. Stop chasing them. It's not worth wasting time trying to figure out if there is some gold hiding in those Philly-RB hills. There isn't.

 -- KC DT Chris Jones (4 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 INT) won Defensive Player of the Week. He had four tackles, three sacks, and an interception. As I was re-watching this game, I never knew that Chris Jones doing anything all that special. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I would not say a star emerged from this game – just a very fortuitous situation.

 -- Daniel Sorensen (6 tackles), my favorite Kansas City Chiefs defender, led the team with six tackles… because, of course, he did -- now that Eric Berry is gone. The wild thing is that Sorensen had 3 QB hits credited to him – one of them I thought he killed Carson Wentz on the blitz, smashing him on a full speed, untouched blitz up the middle just as he threw.

Speaking of hits on Carson Wentz – I thought the Eagles O-Line was supposed to be something special? The Chiefs registered 11 QB hits on Carson Wentz in this game.

Snap Counts of Interest...

47 = Tyreek Hill (89%)

72 = Daniel Sorensen (100%)

50 = Sproles

14 = Smallwood

06 = Blount

01 = Corey Clement


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