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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk3: Giants v. Eagles

September 28, 2017 11:39 AM
September 28, 2017 11:30 AM

I may point out some of the minor details but the big picture of this game is this: I don’t know how the New York Giants lost. So many little things broke against them. Crazy little things.

On the final drive alone it was nutty. The Giants had the ball with a minute plus left, and the game tied 24-24. On third down, Eli Manning hit Evan Engram for a pass and as Engram moved for the first down. He fell just short. One more step and he had it on a 10+ yard pass play. He fell the wrong way in a sense. The Philadelphia Eagles got the ball back with 0:13 and Carson Wentz just flung one out to dry deep to Alshon Jeffrey. The NYG DBs had it tracked. Instead of attacking the ball to knock it down they moved to catch it and Jeffrey slipped in between their catch attempt and grabbed it and got out of bounds with a second left. So many things could have prevented that or had time ran out. It got the Eagles close enough for a low odds 61-yard FG attempt at the buzzer, and you know how that ended.

Basically, the Giant splayed like garbage for three quarters and then a season worth of frustration and near-misses kicked in and they put 24 points on the board in the final quarter… after being shutout for the first three. The Eagles couldn’t stop them, but the Eagles found their way to a tie and then the low probability circumstances win. The Eagles are damn close to 0-3 to start this season. They have been the luckiest team of 2017, now that the Ravens have been exposed.

The Giants are better than this and I think they'll drag themselves back into the playoff picture unless Ben McAdoo continues to be 2017's worst coach of all time. If Paul Perkins is active and takes a handoff in another game as a New York Giant, the controlling owner should come down onto the field mid game and take an empty whiskey bottle and smash it over McAdoo’s head and then kick him repeatedly as he writhes around of the ground. No one of the planet can be this dumb as to continue to utilize Perkins in any capacity. Funny thing is, the Giants RB injuries are mounting and they have to go Perkins this week.

The Giants are one injury away from being good… Paul Perkins taken away from McAdoo. It's sick what McAdoo is doing to this team with Perkins.

Fantasy Player Notes…

-- Evan Engram (5-45-0/7) had a solid game but just missed on a more TE1-like game. His two missed connections: (1) a drop on a simple 5-yard sit down pass over the middle, and Engram had it for a moment and then the defender hit him same time and popped it loose. Bang-bang. Not a drop but could have been a catch. (2) The kinda-sorta killer was late in the game, a nice Engram flare out from the O-Line to the sidelines for a simple pass, and he was wide open against a prevent… and Engram tried to turn upfield before securing it and dropped it. A drop that probably cost them the game quite frankly… had it not been wiped off due to an O-Line penalty, which did cost them the game ultimately.

The good news: With 1+ minute left in the game, the final drive effort… three of the final four plays on that drive were passes to Engram, including the attempt to get a first down that fell inches short. Engram is absolutely in the game plan. Not a primary, but Eli is aware.

His very first catch of the game Engram lined up as a pure WR. I thought it was Brandon Marshall. Poor Jalen Mills didn’t know how to wrestle that 245+ pound TE/WR to the ground after the catch.

Engram is the future of fantasy TEs. I can’t put it any more plainly. When? I don’t know… but it’s coming.

-- I don’t know why people keep proclaiming Eli Manning (35-47 for 366 yards and 3 TD/2 INT) is dead. He nearly completed all 47 of his passes in this game. His WRs outside of OBJ don’t help him very much. Sterling Shepard dropped an early TD in the end zone. Brandon Marshall is literally a dumpster fire playing WR these days.

Before anyone writes off Eli, they should can Brandon Marshall and Paul Perkins first.

I think Eli is a strong start this week for injured, ineffective Tampa Bay.

-- I would rail some more about the NYG RBs but it's becoming repetitive and Orleans Darkwa is hurt, likely to miss this week. Shane Vereen may be in doubt as well. More Paul Perkins, yeah!!

Man, is Perkins the absolute worst or what?

-- People seem to be going ballistic over Wendell Smallwood (12-71-0, 1-9-0/2) but it is one of the worst, most barren weeks of waivers I can recall.

I'll keep saying it: the Eagles have no set plan at RB week-to-week. They go hot hand and RBBC. Doug Pederson has been more of a fantasy RB enigma than Bill Belichick.

Corey Clement (6-22-1) came into the game after Darren Sproles got hurt and looked just as good as the other guys.

I watched all Smallwood's carries… he's fine but there's nothing special happening. I’d love him if he were the definitive starter but I know no matter what the Eagles say…anything could happen at RB this week. I'd avoid unless an emergency.

-- Zach Ertz (8-55-1/10) is having a helluva fantasy season. He's the #2 fantasy TE YTD right now.

7.0 rec., 81.7 yards, 0.33 TDs per game after three weeks for Ertz.

-- Mychal Kendricks (7 tackles, 2 PDs) had one his best games in years. He's trying to make an impact heading into free agency. He should leave that place the second he can. They've screwed him over for two seasons now.


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