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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk7: Seahawks v. Giants

October 25, 2017 10:39 AM
October 25, 2017 10:35 AM

Seattle may be the worst playoff-qualifying team in the league right now. Wait, Miami is also technically the #6 seed as of today…so, scratch that. You know what I mean. This should absolutely be a 3-3 Seattle team with two of their wins against the 49ers and Colts…teams who they did not play better than most of their games with. There has not been a game this year where if you judged the contest round by round/by quarter where you would say Seattle outplayed the opponent for the majority of the game. Even in the blowout of the Colts…the Colts led/tied for a good while in that game.

Seattle won this game by 17, but the Giants led at halftime 7-3. The Seahawks were fighting each other on the sidelines. In the 1st quarter, Seattle had 11 shots at a TD from within the 10-yard line, and mostly at the goal line and couldn’t score. It was just 10-7 Seattle at the end of three.

At some point Russell Wilson pulls off some magic, the opponent has a bout of bad luck, and Seattle survives…and it’s accredited to them as ‘how good they are’. This Seattle team is a total fraud. You’ll see. Seven of their next 10 games are against playoff caliber teams. I think an 8-8 season is not out of the question. Thankfully, for them they have two games with Arizona ahead or Seattle would be in real trouble in the 2nd half of the season. The Seahawks beat the Rams despite losing the game in every category imaginable, saved by several fortunate fumbles/turnovers and a dropped TD at the end of the game. Their other three wins against teams a combined 3-18…and in every one of them they were outplayed for at least the 1st-half.

This was the Giants’ last gasp to make a run at ‘righting the ship’ but this team has nothing left in the tank. They don’t have enough talent on offense to compete for four quarters and the defense is going through the motions. This team was already ‘checked out’ but now they are for sure just ‘playing out the string’. They come back from a BYE Week 8 to face the Rams. It will be 2-3 wins max for this team this season…and a new head coach after the season.


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- It was delightful watching Evan Engram (6-60-1/12) and Jimmy Graham (3-51-1/6) on the same field. You got to see the ghost of tight ends future and the past.

Engram is so far superior a player to current-Jimmy Graham it’s not even worth debating. Engram is getting more comfortable every week and leads the team by a mile in targets every game since the great WR famine of 2017 hit NYG. I no longer have to watch these games going, “Why don’t they throw to Engram?” It’s all about Engram.

Three Engram notes…

1: The first three Giants’ passes of this game were to Engram (only 1 catchable).

2: Mid-game, Engram improvised off an Eli scramble, taking off deep and catching a pass 10+ yards downfield and racing it for a 65-yard near-TD…but it was called back because Engram had been bumped out of bounds and came back into play and was first to touch the ball. We nearly had a 7-catch, 120+ yard day here. I think multiple 100+ yard games are right around the corner…a rarity for tight ends, but not for Engram in the future.

3: Engram is the #7 scoring PPG TE in PPR season-to-date…including the zero he was dealt a few weeks ago. Ignore that zero game, and he would be #5 in PPG this season…a blink from #3 behind Ertz-Gronk.

And then there’s Jimmy Graham

…who dropped two passes, one of them jaw-droppingly terrible…and it’s getting to be an every week occurrence. A guy who plays like he’s walking across a skating rink with no ice skates on, just sneakers…deliberate, shaky, and slow. He looks old, tired, and disinterested. Fortunately, for fantasy, Graham had a blatant OPI push off (not called, but right in front of the ref) on a 1-yard TD pass for a score late or this would have been a fantasy disaster. I mention the push off because it’s the only way Graham can get open any more for those end zone looks. He and Russell Wilson are the absolute worst trying to connect from 1-10 yards out.

I’m a total seller on Graham off his recent good fortune. Trade Graham if he’s your TE2, sell him as a TE1 with some bump from his name…and pick up Tyler Kroft in his place.


 -- If you wanted to take a ‘Hail Mary’ shot at an RB rising from the depths and becoming ‘a thing’…a useful thing, I guess – Thomas Rawls (11-36-0, 1-16-0/2) is worth a snow ball’s chance. My case for him would be…

1: He’s the most beloved RB of their group by the coaches.

2: He’s been the most effective for Seattle in recent years.

3: Rawls looks spry and ready to go and Eddie Lacy is a waste of space…Rawls may lose touches to CJP and JMK but eventually, he’ll shed Lacy and be the primary RB.

My case against him is…

1: The Seattle O-Line is awful and their run game has been a disaster. The RB behind it has been rendered useless most of this season…even Chris Carson. Memba him?

2: Eddie Lacy still exists right now and Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevel’s insanity knows no bounds.


 -- I think I’d rather roll dice on Rawls than the Darkwa-Gallman pairing. There has been evidence, a few years ago, that Rawls can carry a team. All I’ve seen from NYG is a pattern of confusion at RB…and when Paul Perkins comes back Ben McAdoo’s heart will swell for those good old days of zero yards and a cloud of dust moments he likes to have with him and PP.


 -- NYG WR Travis Rudolph (3-32-0/6) cannot matter on this team with this QB at this time, but note – someday Rudolph will be a key WR for this team. I’m not sure how it will be fantasy-wise, depends on if OBJ gets the big deal, but Rudolph is a very talented WR and deserved better treatment than heading to the practice squad to start 2017 WHERE NO OTHER NFL TEAM CLAIMED HIM. The Bears…no interest all season when you could’ve poached him for free? Really? But Tre McBride you’re all over? Does anyone in the NFL scout the preseason or just me?

Rudolph is trying to take/is taking a step ahead of the no-name gang of NYG WRs today, but it doesn’t matter because Sterling Sheppard will step in and see 10+ targets per game next week. Shepard-Engram-RBs then Rudolph in the pecking order.


  -- Russell Wilson (27-39 for 324 yards, 3 TD/0 INT) had a big FF game here and sits among the top 5 FF QBs in PPG YTD. Really, Wilson has popped in two games and been mediocre in all the others…but is running more to support his FF numbers.

Wilson has 7 TD/0 INT against the terrible pass defenses of TEN and NYG, and 4 TD/3 INTs against other pass defenses…mostly terrible ones like SF, IND, GB.

The schedule tightens a bit, but in redraft – I’m a seller. If you think you’re going to the playoffs, then Wilson faces PHI-JAX-LAR-DAL Weeks 13-16. No Bueno.


Snap Counts of Interest…

59 = Tavarres King

50 = Roger Lewis

33 = Rudolph


22 = Gallman

21 = Darkwa

16 = Vereen


29 = Rawls

23 = McKissic

22 = Lacy

02 = Prosise


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