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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk8: Dolphins v. Ravens

October 27, 2017 11:49 PM
October 28, 2017 10:00 AM

Honestly… you have to be kidding me with this game. From a fantasy perspective…I got like nuthin’ here. I watched a football game on a Thursday night literally just praying for Ravens’ drives to stall so that Justin Tucker would get field goal opportunities. I rejoiced with friends as he popped a 50+ shot followed by a 40+ three-ball (or 4 for fantasy).

When they say someone has “no life”…is it possible they mean a person who watches this football game rooting and rejoicing over a kicker?

Hey, man…you know those dragons in Game Of Thrones aren’t real, right? There are worse things you could do on a Thursday night…

What’s that you ask? What was my reaction when Tucker was lining up for yet another 40+ yard bomb and I knew he would be money because he is money… but then the kick got blocked?

I pissed and moaned and wondered aloud why God hated me so much. What’s your point?

Okay… maybe I do need to reassess things in my life.

I’ll think about… on the Lord’s day, Sunday morning after a good night’s rest. I mean, I will if I have time. I gotta get up early and watch the Cleveland Browns play that morning.

Yeah, I see what you mean. 

I may have hit bottom. I may have a problem. I really didn’t think getting all my friends and family in a hotel room reading me letters was the way this needed to go. I thought this was a documentary on fantasy football passion. I can quit any time.

Left watching a game on purpose with Matt Moore battling Ryan Mallett is enough to drive any person mad. So what if the most interesting thing about it was a live decapitation? It’s good clean fun.

Somehow, the Baltimore Ravens are 4-4… and considering they have games with Indy and Cleveland left… 6 wins is easily achievable. If they can find three more wins they might back into a playoff spot and be a human sacrifice for whatever team is the #3 seed. 7-9 or 8-8 is our computer projection for their finish.

Strangely enough, the team that was on the bad side of a 40-0 loss is still ahead of the winner in the playoff race: the 4-3 Miami Dolphins, usually the luckiest team in football. But their luck ran out Thursday night… big-time. This is a horrible football team. 6-10 is their destiny with a very tough schedule in the second half… plus, the Dolphins are just rancid.

Speaking of the Joe Flacco hit, my only take on it is this: What do you expect when a jacked up, aggressive defender races full speed to the 1st-down line to defend it with his life, and the ball carrier slides towards the first down last second? It’s hard to pull back that punch you were about to deliver a split second before contact. You could say Kiko Alonso shouldn’t have dipped his shoulder and should’ve tried to alter his course… I think that’s fair. But if QBs are going to take advantage of a slide rule -- then don’t try to get cute and cut it to the last second. If you think Alonso should have had more awareness and pulled up… then to be fair you have to say Joe Flacco should have had more awareness to slide earlier… but he didn’t want to give up any chance at the 1st-down. Flacco pushed his rule and so did Alonso. These things happen in a game of constant car crashes.

Fantasy Player Notes…

Where to even begin…

-- I guess let’s start with Tony Romo’s new promotion player. Last TNF it was Demarcus Robinson. This week it was Alex Collins (18-113-0, 2-30-0/2). Everyone is all jacked up that Collins is leading the league in yards per carry… and it’s nice but it’s misleading.

Two things to consider:

1: Alex Collins is not a breakaway runner by trade. This is not Jamaal Charles emerging. Collins isa 4.59 runner. He’s a limited athlete. He’s tough and gives good effort.

2: Four of his 10 longest runs of the season have come in games that were blowouts. Nice pops while down 44-0 and 37-0 to Jacksonville a few weeks ago. Running it up a few times on Miami and Cleveland…I’m not ready to get the Canton bust ready.

Collins has not had a ton of rushing attempts, but has a few 10+ yard pops in weird spots in games. He’s not dominating opponents or wowing observers. A star is not born here. If you were pressed into using him this week…then you have extra days in which to try to trade him hot.

-- You know who’s a terrible running back? Jay Ajayi (13-23-0, 4-18-0/4) Every time he tries to make a move past would-be tacklers he’s so non-agile that he’s easily taken out. He’s good to run between the tackles with great blocking and trying to run people over. When he thinks he’s a real RB and tries to kick congested plays to the outside… he fails most every time.

He’s had a couple good games against bad run defenses when jammed the ball a million times in a game.

Did you know Ajayi has not rushed for a TD this season? He has one rushing TD in his last 12 games. 2 rushing TDs in his last 15 games.

It won’t be long before the fraud “star” that he is gets exposed.

I own Jay Ajayi in 0.0% of leagues I’m associated with.

-- Food for thought…

Ryan Mallett is the single worst QB in the NFL. Worse than Matt Cassel, possibly. He shouldn’t even be in the NFL. He’s so awful at quarterbacking but the Ravens think this is a brilliant backup plan for their starting QB who has been dealing with a back issue. Please tell me again what a great GM Ozzie Newsome is…

Streaming defenses anyone? If that’s you, you might want to pick up the Titans’ defense now for next week on a gamble that Joe Flacco might miss one game. Ryan Mallett starts and I don’t care how sketchy the Titans’ defense is -- they are good enough to thump Ryan Mallett.

The Ravens’ offense is already bad enough. Put Mallett at the head of it and it’s DST gold.

-- If for some reason the news gets weird on Flacco and he’s going to miss several weeks... when the Ravens call up Josh Woodrum, those of you in deep dynasty should consider adding him to see if he takes over quickly (and he will). Josh Woodrum is a very solid QB prospect and should be being groomed as the backup. He was terrific in the preseason. The Ravens holding Woodrum but rostering Mallett? Unconscionable. These are the things that keep me up at night.

-- Ravens DT Brandon Williams (4 tackles, 3 TFLs) appears to finally be healthy and is catching fire…4.0 tackles. 1.33 TFLs, 0.33 PDs per game in the past three games. He’s a talent so this has a chance to be the start of something.

-- Just a note on Justin Tucker (2/3 FG, 4 XPs)… if Flacco goes out for just one week, we’re in trouble with Mallett. Week 9 with Mallett and Week 10 BYE... hard to keep him if you can’t hold two kickers for a bit.

Snap Counts of Interest…

55 = Nick Boyle

32 = Ben Watson

32 = Collins

31 = Allen

64 = Stills

59 =Landry

50 = Carroo


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