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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk9: Bills v. Jets

November 3, 2017 9:40 PM
November 2, 2017 9:39 PM

I don’t think I’ve seen the Jets look this good since Rex Ryan’s first season as their head man back in like ‘09. 7 sacks…11 QB hits. When I saw that the Jets had 7 sacks in the box score, I was shocked…because watching the game live I thought they had like 15 sacks. It was a bloodbath. The 34-21 final doesn’t truly represent how much of a beatdown this was.

I’ve seen a few games like this in 2017…two kinda evenly matched teams, but one is just ‘on’ and starts beating down the other and the losing team realizes the onslaught and just rolls over. That was this game – the Jets were just ‘on’ and the Bills had no answer.

Because of the upcoming schedule, I labeled this a ‘must win’ for the Bills…and they butchered it. I also said The Computer was pointing out the Buffalo collapse was imminent, but they could sneak past the Jets…nope. They got their hand caught in the cookie jar. The Bills upside is 9-7 but 8-8 is likely now.  

The 4-5 Jets have similar schedule woes ahead. The may get to 5-5 with a win at Tampa Week 10, but then they may lose out from there – CAR-KC-DEN-NO-LAC-NE.

This was such a great night for the Jets, and then they just sat on the lead while the Bills racked numbers in garbage time. I don’t know if we can draw many conclusions about the performances, per se…but here are my notes:


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- I’ve been commenting for a couple of weeks that Zay Jones (6-53-1/7) was starting to make ‘a turn’ in connection with Tyrod Taylor and shouldn’t be written off. Well, he had the best game of young career here…and this despite getting whacked in the knee and left the game for a while, for what looked like a season-ending injury – but Jones returned in the 2nd-half and contributed.

Zay is a really solid WR, and of all the Bills’ WRs over the 8 games this season that I’ve watched them – the only guys Tyrod seems to try to get the ball to on purpose is Jones.

I’d say Zay is a sleeper to watch ahead but Kelvin Benjamin joins in next week and changes the whole dynamic. Still, I believe in Zay Jones over all the WRs the Bills have right now, going forward for FF…but I don’t think it’s enough to matter consistently for fantasy – but I’m starting to be open to the possibility that maybe Jones is going to crawl to WR3 status soon.


 -- Whereas Deonte Thompson (7-81-1/10) doesn’t seem to be a purposeful target, but he’s lit it up in two of the past 3 games. Thompson has better numbers in 3 weeks as a Buffalo Bill than the entire WR group on the Chicago Bears has had combined this season (Thompson was released by the Bears a few weeks ago).

The numbers look good but he’s likely the odd man out when Benjamin starts playing.


 -- Robby Anderson (4-48-1/5) is starting to make a move to solid WR2 status and becoming the Jets clear #1 WR, finally. His last three games…

12.2 FF PPG (16.5 PPR) on 4.3 rec., 5.33 targets, 62.3 yards, 1.0 TDs per game

Anderson has always had the talent but now it appears he’s earned the trust of Josh McCown, and I see him moving from reliable deep ball threat to WR who is working all over the field…like a real #1-ish. Anderson is becoming a legit WR2 for the ROS…I think.


 -- I’ve been liking Matt Forte (14-77-2, 4-19-0/4) of late not for his rushing, but his sudden spike in the passing game. Sure, the rushing numbers take precedent from this game, but his receiving numbers continue to flourish. In his past four games, Forte has averaged as a receiver: 5.8 rec., 41.0 yards, 0.0 TDs per game.

There’s no reason this won’t continue. Add in the spike in rushing and he’s trying to become a PPR RB1-1.5 again.


 -- Like, I was saying about Austin Seferian-Jenkins (2-20-0/2)…he’s just there, and getting targets…not really ‘popping’ off the screen at you. Low-end TE1, that’s all. I’d rather have Tyler Kroft.


 -- Ramon Humber (7 tackles, 2.0 TFLs) missed several games, and came right back in and produced at the high level he had been. One of the top IDP LBs in the game right now.

8.8 tackles, 0.8 TFLs per game this season in 5 games.


Snap Counts of Interest…

32 = Forte

20  = McGuire

15 = Powell


71 = Jordan Matthews

52 = Deonte Thompson

40 = Zay Jones (great numbers in about half the snaps, missed time with the knee injury)


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