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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Analysis – 2017 Wk9: Cardinals v. 49ers

November 9, 2017 12:10 PM
November 9, 2017 12:01 PM

Re-watching this game…man, are the Arizona Cardinals a bad team. The center of my ire…man, is Tyrann Mathieu a terrible safety (for the payroll price). He’s a sieve of coverage.

Arizona is going to lose to Seattle…big-time on TNF…but have a chance to lurk in the playoff picture if they beat suddenly shrinking Houston in Week 11. A 5-5 record after a Houston win works to keep them alive…and David Johnson hopes alive.

After they get to 5-5 they may lose out and it’s over.

I really don’t think DJ is coming back now (because this season is about to collapse)…and if he does, Arians isn’t coming off Adrian Peterson. If you think that’s crazy…you saw the KC-DAL game and what Andy Reid did (or didn’t do) with Tyreek Hill. Old school head coaches are morons 99% of the time. Absolutely, Johnson would return to a backup role. No doubt. You watch.

The 49ers are the second-worst team in football because of their injuries but they will be vastly improved in 2018. I agree with Colin Cowherd…the 2018 49ers could be the 2017 Rams of a turnaround (just not THAT good). The 49ers are going to lose out in 2017 unless Jimmy Garoppolo gets in…and even then…


Fantasy Player Notes…

 -- I re-re-watched all of Marquise Goodwin’s (2-68-0/8) snaps in this game, and I have to say – ‘not bad’. He’s definitely the #1, if there is such a thing for SF, here.

Two things…

1) He was getting open often…and that’s considering Patrick Peterson was on him a good amount. C.J. Beathard just kept misfiring the ball too low…way too low too many times.

2) In this game, Goodwin ran a basic route up the middle, deep and then stuck his foot in the ground and took off slanting deep to the right splitting Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson…leaving them in the dust. C.J. Beathard threw it to him about 3-6 inches too far…or easy 70+ yard TD and everyone going bonkers for Goodwin on waivers.

A few plays later they ran the same exact play with the same exact result pre-throw…Goodwin split the same two CBs. Left them in the dust. CJB threw it short and Goodwin had time to stop and leap for the catch as the DBs caught him for the tackle…a 50+ yard play.

I have a feeling Goodwin is going to shock you for FF once Jimmy Garappolo takes over…but that’s a wait and see. No guarantee.

One other note here…Patrick Peterson has not looked elite about anytime I’ve watched him. I think QBs avoid him, rightfully so, but if they challenge him – it hasn't been a ‘no-fly zone’.


 -- Basically, every 49er WR is hurt/out, which means UDFA Kendrick Bourne (2-39-0/16) is getting more playing time. You guys…he is so good. So smooth. Cameron Meredith-ish, not as athletic.

He’s a UDFA, so I’m not sure he’ll ever get his full chance but I would not be shocked if he were in the starting three for 2018 working with Jimmy G.


 -- Carlos Hyde (12-41-0, 9-84-0/11) is Beathard’s favorite target right now…a la a Duke Johnson-type FF player suddenly. The 49ers a can’t block for the run so they are smart…just getting Hyde out in space. It’s why I am more for Kyle Shanahan as a difference-making head coach than not. It’s so simple to figure out how to get your best players the ball, especially with a troublesome line and a weak QB.

Hyde is pushing RB1 in PPR now because of his receiving, of all things.


 -- It’s great that Adrian Peterson (37-159-0, 2-8-0/4) got 100+ yards but he essentially took two games worth of carries. AP basically had 18.5 carries for 79.5 yards…twice…in this game. Arizona got up and did that thing where they try to sit on a 7-0 lead for 45+ minutes. Trying not to make a mistake. Hey, it works against SF…a terrible run defense. Against Seattle this week…not so much.


 -- Drew Stanton (15-30 for 201 yards, 2 TD/1 INT) threw a 52-yard bomb on the very first play and then the rest of the game threw for 149 yards…and struggled all day with accuracy.


 -- Rueben Foster (14 tackles) is now celebrated because he made 14 tackles in a game…ummm, AP ran it 37 times and mostly for 0-4 yards up the middle. Of course, an ILB had a lot of tackles…he had double the normal chances.


 -- The sneaky impressive LB in this game was Brock Coyle (8 tackles)…He has 6 or more tackles in a game in three of his last 4 games.


Snap Counts of Interest…

68 = Goodwin

63 = Aldrick Robinson

40 = Kendrick Bourne


56 = Hyde

18 = Breida


59 = Peterson

14 = Ellington


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