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Fantasy-Dynasty Game Recap 2016 Week 13: Colts v. Jets

January 19, 2018 1:58 PM
December 10, 2016 4:55 PM

I thought the Jets would make a game of this. Actually, I thought the Jets would win this game at home in the cold on Monday Night Football.

41–10 Colts.

…and it wasn’t that close.

The game was over within the first few minutes.

I think it was Colin Cowherd who said this week: “The Jets as an organization thinks they are close to the Patriots, but they are closer to the Cleveland Browns.” An incredibly true statement. This season has been an embarrassment. It started in the 2016 NFL Draft – arguably, the worst draft of any team in the NFL. Christian Hackenberg as a second-round pick…you have to be awful at your job to make that pick that high, or make that pick at all. The Jets decided to cast their lot with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall running the team, and spending money on running backs (a huge telltale sign of a poorly run organization). Todd Bowles is proving to be not head coaching material.

Overpaid defenders not showing up for meetings. Too much money spent on running backs and wide receivers. No tight ends as far as the eye can see. Four QBs on the active roster (at one point) and none of them are NFL starters. A coach who I don’t get, and never have gotten. Raheem Morris called and he wants his coaching career arc back. Sorry J-E-T-S fans…it only gets worse from here.

Remember when I tried to shove money in your pocket this summer on the NY Jets? (link) Jets 2016 Win Total Over-Under Commentary

The Colts are now in prime position to take the AFC South. The winner of this week’s HOU-IND game has a huge advantage over the other going forward. Tennessee loses to Denver this week, and the Colts win – and Indy is looking strong, and is a team no one wants to play because of the Andrew Luck factor.


— Speaking of Andrew Luck (22-28, 278 yards, 4 TD/0 INT)…

2.4 TD passes per game the past five games, but also dig this – 32.2 rushing yards per game the last six games. 24.7 yards rushing per game this season. Luck gets flushed out of the pocket by a bad O-Line so much that he is putting his superior feet to work as needed.

When you look at your options this week, whether fantasy head-to-head or daily, with many elite QBs playing in colder temperatures – Luck is in a dome against a tough, but not devastating defense and in more favorable weather conditions. Luck has dome, dome, California, dome to finish out 2016.


— Bryce Petty (11-25 for 135 yards, 1 TD/2 INT) is not Andrew Luck. Not even close. Now begins Petty’s ‘planned’ four-game audition. Yikes.

I’ve seen enough of Petty to say, ‘No, thanks’ at this stage, but what will his impact be to the Jets’ WRs for fantasy? Same take as I had last time it looked like Petty might take over…

Brandon Marshall (4-43-0/8 targets) is a WR3 at best. Marshall was ‘made’ by Ryan Fitzpatrick inexplicably throwing to him every pass despite everyone on the planet knowing it was going to happen. Petty, not so much. Petty isn’t as beholden nor as experienced/accurate a thrower to Marshall.

Quincy Enunwa (1-10-0/2 targets) a.k.a. ‘the best WR on the team’ is dead because Petty only throws screens and bombs. Enunwa works like a tight end in traffic…Petty is zero help to him because he’s not a tight window passer.

Yes, Robby Anderson (4-61-1/12 targets) saw 12 targets in this game, most with Petty…but you kinda need those targets to find the WR for a catch – not wild, sailing passes over his head or grounded at his feet. Anderson is a great ‘go get it’ WR, but you have to then bet that he and Petty can actually hook up. It’s a risky bet, but probably not a bad bet this week versus a defense like the 49ers.

With Petty the next few weeks, I don’t like/trust any of the WRs. One may have a great game in garbage time, but that’s tough to figure which one…if any.


— Rookie RB we liked for PPR Josh Ferguson (5-11-0) has fallen off the face the earth for several weeks but got a few mercy touches at the very end of this game. In the first four games of the season, Ferguson averaged 4.5 catches per game…mostly two-minute drill and garbage time, but they were trying to make this a thing.

They stopped trying.

He blew his chance with some drops, something he hadn’t done in college. The Colts could really use him as a trusted pass catcher for all-pass/up-tempo drives, but he has been removed from duty. You’ll notice he hasn’t even shown up on the stash reports. He probably will make the final longer list, but this was a window-in-time play – and the window seems to be shut. He has one ability, and he didn’t show that well and failed. There are many RBs like him. This season was a perfect opportunity and he blew it. For now.


— T.Y. Hilton (9-146-0/10 targets) has a big matchup with A.J. Bouye this week. The reason I don’t like this matchup for TYH is beyond the fact the AJB is a shutdown corner…but that Bouye does much better with WRs his own size. Tyrell Williams could body Bouye some. So did Jordy Nelson this past week. Hilton is not like those bigger guys. This could be a real egg from Hilton in a time of need.


— Make it three straight games in a row exactly 7 tackles for Edwin Jackson (7 tackles, 1 TFL). He’s become IDP relevant, especially without Clayton Geathers active the last couple of weeks. No Geathers this week either.


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