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2018 Handicapping Chat Week 2 (MNF): SEA at CHI (-4.5)

September 17, 2018

2018 Handicapping Chat Week 2 (MNF): SEA at CHI (-4.5)

RC: Finally, this line jumped from all the Seattle injury news. I took positions at -3.5 when Bobby Wagner was declared out. Seattle without Wagner, probably without KJ Wright, CB Tre Flowers, possibly CB Griffin our or playing hurt. Seattle with a corrupted defense, a terrible O-Line, half their carries going up in smoke with limited Chris Carson, no real #1 WR threat...going to Chicago for a MNF game! Besides Russell Wilson pulling magic, how does this bet not payoff? *All of us have picked, and I suspect really bet this game for CHI.

When we all agreed on something Week 1 we were a 5-1 ATS. In Week 2, we are 1-2 with the Bears about to get us to .500 for the week.

What does currently 7-1-1 in his Blazing Five in 2018, Jason Katz say...who has CHI -3.5 ready to take him to 8-1-1?

Rabbitt: Bears are more talented everywhere except QB right now.  Not sure how you can make a seahawks argument other than I am on the bears, and everything I know is wrong already week 2.

Skol:   I expect B.Marshall to have a good game...returning to the place he spent many years...vs Denver I felt like he was taking the approach of pushing off every play because they won’t call it every play.  He may score but everything I (we) believe about the Bears would go up in smoke if they even play a close game.  They were great at home last year and while the offense may be a work in progress (maybe), I think this defense is going to be amazing at home.  I’m still open to the idea that the offense can be good sooner rather than later and they just went into a shell because they didn’t know how to close a game out.  I believe Katz continues his red hot start..

Katz: I'm so upset. I bet the Titans and Dolphins yesterday and I meant to bet the Jaguars and Raiders too, but forgot. Wins left on the board. Despite my confidence in the Bears and Seattle being a trash team, I will not fire on the Bears tonight even though I know they will cover the 3.5, 4.5, 6.5 - they're winning this game by enough. Russell Wilson is a magician and he can certainly carry the Seahawks on any given Monday. I've got enough invested in the Bears already. I'm down 13 in a league with Jordan Howard and the Bears defense going. I'm content with just rooting for that and rooting for Mitch Trubisky to look far better than he did last week. Come on RC! You said he's the greatest QB you've ever scouted and I took that and ran with it! Don't let me down!

Savage: As impressive as Khalil Mack was last week, its worth noting that he only played 70% of the snaps, he was facing a solid O-line, and it was a road game. After a full week of practice, Mack should get a full workload tonight. Wilson will be running for his life all game.

My one concern laying points with the Bears would be Nagy getting too conservative with a lead again. Hopefully he learned from last week. Maybe I'm just jaded from watching Mike McCarthy set a new low for himself in yesterday's game. I thought he couldn't get any worse and then he dials up a draw play to Jamaal Williams with 30 seconds left and no timeouts in a tie game.

RC: This is a big game on two fronts...

1: If Seattle loses, it should start the 'Did we all miss that Pete Carroll is a bad coach and it was Russell Wilson that saved him a few years back?' questioning in the mainstream.

2: If Chicago loses, and they absolutely CANNOT...not with all the money and resources spent on this team, at home on Monday night prime time, with Seattle down several key players -- if Chicago loses, then the 'new, radical Bears' facade starts to fall apart. Trubisky becomes mocked like Foles, Goff, etc. The mainstream will remember it was Nagy who cost the Chiefs in the playoffs, and then in Week 1 with the Bears and in Week 2...and that he's an overrated Sean McVay wannabe (but isn't half the coach McVay is).

I think if Chicago plays the entire game like they did the first 2-3 series of the Green Bay Week 1 game, they're going to blow Seattle's doors off. If they play conservative and lose tonight...there will be upheaval and unrest in Chicago -- and all our Tarik Cohen, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton, Mitchell Trubisky, Allen Robinson fantasy lottery tickets become worth 10-20% of today's value.

Seattle has an excuse to lose (injuries). If the Bears lose, it's going to be hell on earth for them (and for all us sudden Bears fan of the moment as bettors). I'm nervously anticipating this game because I fear (not believe, yet...) Matt Nagy is an offensive fraud. We'll know tonight.


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