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2018 Sunday Week 8 -- Open Thread/Notes (12:27pmET)

October 28, 2018

2018 Sunday Week 8 -- Open Thread/Notes

So many things happening in a whirlwind Sunday morning…news and notes and rumors coming from all angles, plus the Video Q&A show 11-1pmET – it’s hard to communicate everything pre-kickoff.

With that in mind, I’m going to open up this post and add to it as I get info or a thought or whatever – notes before kickoff, trends happening on the Video Q&A, breaking betting lines, etc. Whatever I want to note and I’ll clearly mark it with the times so you can see what and when. God Bless us one and all…

*moving fast, forgive typos

**Refresh page for the latest notes (see show title for last post)


From the video Q&A so far...

-- Marlon Mack...I trust is OK more than not but watch the 330pm inactives. he should be fine.

-- Very windy Chicago with some drizzle. Takes Trub and Gabriel down a tick. Cohen more fine. Howard not bad. Cody Parkey -- could be trouble for him and Jason Myers.

-- Kenyan Barner is a wild card on MNF. Hard to trust unless you have to.

-- Gabriel and OK start despite the wind/rain, just not ideal. He can work the short game too and make numbers. Ditto Cohen.


-- I'm going to advocate sitting on Courtland Sutton in redraft if you can this week -- if either DT or Sanders gets traded, Sutton pops for everyone. It will be one of the big national fantasy conversations of the week. Denver loses and I think for-sure one likely to be traded.

-- DeSean Jackson you could sit on too...just to see if he lands hot during the trade deadline (watch the Steelers here...or the Browns if they beat PIT this week)

-- Speaking of WRs...I could see the Bears adding one of these 'names' WRs. ARob's not right and Anthony Miller as a #3 for a title contender is not good.

-- I'm guessing Marlon Mack is OK, just getting reps managed but mild worry he's on a pitch count and/or Indy blasts the Raiders and Mack is reeled in a bit if they can rest him. Caps his upside -- but this is near a do-or-die game for Indy this week. I'm not buying into the Mack 'hurt'/questionable narrative as strong, but it's holding me back from getting fully excited.



-- Chicago game up to 9.5 point spread (started at 7.5 earlier this week)...I don't like this line with the rain and Khalil Mack not 100%

-- SF up to -1.5 over Arizona...a lot of anti-Arizona because the last sighting was that Denver blowout. New O-C totally changes everything for at least one game. I'm liking this as a small bet on the Cards.

-- Rams down to -8.0...liking that a bunch.


-- Evan Engram panic? Note...my caution is have a 2nd TE just in case, or try to upgrade. It doesn't mean Engram is done for sure. We only have these three last game events...3 games ago a nice game, 2 games ago...hurt early and gone, missed a few games, came back MNF last week and was 'meh'. His (or anyone's) last game is not the new reality forever...be careful damning some players based on the last event. Try to hold and see what he does this week...might be a pop. Just have a backup plan in case Eli is too much of a drag...that risk is real.

-- Keke Coutee with the Will Fuller injury? I'm not in love with Coutee losing Fuller as a guy who was taking coverage with him to open things up for a lot of short passes, etc., to Coutee. It will be interesting to see if Coutee is a flash in the pan/has some struggles without Fuller -- if/when Coutee returns from his hamstring.


-- T.J. Yeldon listed as starter for the London game...doesn't matter, I expect he would be. I'm sure we'll see both Hyde and Yeldon in a 50-50-ish split with Yeldon in more on passing downs. Facing the #2 run defense in the league...not very exciting.

-- If I had to bet this game, I'd roll with the Eagles...now laying -4.0 since the Jags incident with 4 of their players last night. The Jaguars are already down multiple DBs, including A.J. Bouye...and whatever is going to happen to the multiple DBs involved in the issue last night who could be benched for some/all of the game? The Jaguars are suddenly a hot mess.

-- A lot of Nelson Agholor chatter considering all the DB issues, figuring Ramsey on Jeffrey...I can buy that. Ertz-Goedert shoot upwards and Jordan Matthews might have a decent game as well.

-- No rain expected now in London from a report I'm looking at.

Rain/drizzle is showing for:

TB at CIN...20-40% chance throughout the game

NYJ at CHI...30-50% chance with 15+ MPH winds

DEN at KC, and CLE at PIT, WAS at NYG all now clear of the drizzle fears.


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