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2018 Sunday Week 9 -- Open Thread/Notes (10:56amET)

November 4, 2018

2018 Sunday Week 9 -- Open Thread/Notes

So many things happening in a whirlwind Sunday morning…news and notes and rumors coming from all angles, plus the Video Q&A show 11-1pmET – it’s hard to communicate everything pre-kickoff.

With that in mind, I’m going to open up this post and add to it as I get info or a thought or whatever – notes before kickoff, trends happening on the Video Q&A, breaking betting lines, etc. Whatever I want to note and I’ll clearly mark it with the times so you can see what and when. God Bless us one and all…

*moving fast, forgive typos

**Refresh page for the latest notes (see show title for last post)


-- Seems like Enunwa and RAnderson will not play according to my contact.

-- Chris Carson is still GTD from all I hear -- I want him OUT for my SEA bet, and I love Mike Davis if no Carson.

-- I think Michel very likely out, and Gronk more likely to play but the SNF factor is a killer trying to figure out what to do. Gronk (and Graham) are killing people this year.

-- Kyle Lauletta's arrest situation is looking 'better' for him, not as big a deal. he may start Week 11.

-- Ravens lose...it may be Lamar Jackson time Week 10 or 11.


Handicapping check...

-- The Chiefs are down to -8.0 vs. CLE? With the Browns Left Tackle possible out on top of everything else?

-- Jets +3.5 in a possible mud pit...why not take the points?

-- Seattle has waffled from -1.5 to pick 'em back and forth for the last 12 hours. Every time Seattle money comes in there is LAC money taking it down. There is so much LAC love here that I love my SEA pick more and more.

-- Dallas is down to -4.0 over TEN.


-- Problems in Miami...the field is all torn up from heavy rain Saturday and the Duke-Miami game played on it. It's supposedly really, really bad. So bad the game may get rescheduled for player safety...or they are going to play in a slip-fest.

Advantage RBs, to a degree, and big plays for WRs...as they know they cuts they're making and the DBs will be slipping in reaction. Could be a shocking game for 1-2 players from this game. More so for the bigger players versus smaller speedsters making quick cuts.

Drake should be OK. Gore could be good. Quincy Enunwa might get re-injured, but he'd be OK in this. Isaiah Crowell might have a day. BUT we could have fumble issues, injuries/tweaks. The defenses are going to be hard-pressed to get a pass rush or pick passes with late/slipping reactions.

Let's see what reports are later this morning...but get ready to worry here -- especially if you chose Jason Myers as a rando kicker.


Opening notes...

-- Chris Thompson being ruled out this week, with his multiple rib issues -- I'm bailing out in normal-sized 12-team redraft (I can sit on Josh Adams, maybe).

I got you into the mess, perhaps, but it is what it is...two rib problems, an offensive philosophy that's all 'Gruden', which means all run if they can -- and they are with AP. I've been saying all season that Jalen Richard is seeing Chris Thompson-ish work...but, now, Thompson is probably like Jalen Richard when he comes back -- some catches and not much else. An equal/lesser Theo Riddick. CT's RB1 PPR days are over for 2018 is the way I'm playing it.

-- Chris Carson really is 50-50. Have Mike Davis just in case...or as a flyer. Davis starting vs. LAC -- I LOVE THAT.

-- Watch Cleveland's inactives today -- if Damon Harrison is out (Left Tackle) it could be a really rough day for Mayfield getting hit. It takes KC DST up another notch. 7-10 sack day could be coming.

-- This week's pre-waivers Q&A will be during Monday Night Football due to the elections Tuesday. More info on that today, but keep in mind for your MNF planning.

-- Today's Video Q&A like normal -- 11am-1pmET with a 12-12:30pm intermission.


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