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‍2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football (9/2) *Subscriber Extra Notes…Buddy Howell, Sloter, Ozigbo

September 2, 2019

2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football (9/2) *Subscriber Extra Notes…Buddy Howell, Sloter, Ozigbo


Throughout the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors (in no particular order)…


 -- Getting late on a Sunday and no Texans deal for a running back. I guess it is Carlos Hyde time!

…unless it isn’t.

So, Carlos Hyde joins the team. Limited time getting prepped in the offense…and the nagging issue that he might be ‘shot’/done as a quality runner anymore. It looked that way Week 4 of the preseason, that’s for sure. It’s hard to believe it will be the Carlos Hyde show in Houston. If he starts, he probably gets 7-10 carries or so in a game.

Duke Johnson is a weak runner of the ball but nice in the passing game…and the Texans don’t use RBs in the passing game well (especially for fantasy).

It’s the Hyde-Duke show, I guess.

…unless it isn’t.

All the Texans have, right now, for roster options outside of Hyde-Duke are Buddy Howell and Taiwan Jones.

If Hyde falters/is unimpressive or just not ready to go playbook-wise and Duke Johnson is not the ball control RB you’re looking for…the Texans would then have to turn their eyes to Buddy Howell.

Howell will be active Week 1. He’s a special team’s superstar. He will be available. He is a hard-nosed runner. Nothing special but more energetic and bullying than Hyde seems to be at this stage.

For fantasy, for those in deeper leagues, can I propose this – with your 20th+ roster spot if all the RBs have run out…you could sit on Howell for Week 1, see what happens…and then he’s your first drop if it’s nothing, or pull off a shocker if you’re right.

I’m not saying Howell is the future. I’m just saying if Hyde is terrible and Duke is not the runner they need…Howell, who the coaches love for his special team’s grunt work, and who impressed as a runner a few weeks ago – he might be all that’s left.

I don’t think Bill O’Brien is even thinking it. If he was, Howell would have taken carries in the last two preseason games to be prepared. It’s not that it’s a plan, per se – it’s just that O’Brien may be forced to turn to Howell in a pinch because they didn’t address the RB situation at all…unless you think Hyde is the answer. It might be, but if it isn’t…Howell may rise from the ashes for a bit.

Just something long shot to consider for a week. He can be the first drop if Houston trades for an RB or if Howell never sees a touch Week 1.

The fact that O’Brien did not push for C.J. Prosise from Seattle in the Clowney deal shows why head coaches cannot be GMs. They don’t have time to study the chess board of NFL personnel…but O’Brien is effectively the Texans’ GM right now.


 -- FYI, Kyle Sloter signed with Arizona’s practice squad. I’m going to make myself feel important here, and look like a jerk, but I have to do this…

…I wish I could tell you the story I know on him going there (and leaving Minnesota).

Just know, it’s a good thing for Kyle…better than just a throwaway practice squad add. You want to be wanted as a UDFA QB bouncing around/not getting a real fair shake anywhere.


 -- A practice squad move under the radar…the Jags grabbed UDFA RB Devine Ozigbo from the Saints. I’m sure New Orleans though that’s be an easy cut and re-grab. I saw Ozigbo this preseason and thought they might have to keep him…but that no one outside of a few teams in the NFL seems to be paying attention to the preseason, so I assumed he’d be a Saint again after cutdowns.

Jags rookie RB Ryquell Armstead was unimpressive to say the least this preseason. Ozigbo on the practice squad – he may be the real ‘handcuff’ for Leonard Fournette, if you’re into such things.

Jacksonville’s 2019 personnel moves show me someone is paying attention. They have become a top five ‘best run team’ in 2019, personnel-wise…in my book.


 -- Miami claimed Pats UDFA rookie CB Ken Webster and 2018 UDFA rookie LB Christian Sam. I like both of these players. Miami also got Jonathan Bademosi from the Texans, who was with the Patriots prior years.  

Basically, ex-Belichick assistants get head coaching jobs and then try to pilfer or spend big money on (See: Detroit) ex-Patriots they’ve been around prior. Belichick has made a living getting players cheap, making them something, and then ditching when the cost was too much. His assistants are the dupes he’s dumping them on. It used to be the rest of the NFL grabbed all the ex-Patriots but even the dumb teams have come to realize buying ex-Patriots onto their teams almost always never worked like they were supposed to.

The only people now getting suckered by Belichick’s personnel genius…are his former assistants who don’t have an original bone in their bodies nor any real training from Bill (as we learned from the Josh McDaniels to Indy fiasco).

Good luck Miami and Detroit! And Houston is on their last legs with O’Brien with knock…good coach, bad at personnel. 


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