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2019 Handicapping Chat: Week 10 (Survivor, Best Bets, Misc.)...

November 10, 2019

All games ATS:

71-63-1 (53.0%) = Katz (8-6 last wk)

69-65-1 (51.5%) = Rabbitt (7-7 last wk)

69-65-1 (51.5%) = RC (7-7 last wk)

69-65-1 (50.8%) = Skol (8-6 last wk)

63-71-1 (47.0%) = Savage (8-6 last wk)


RC: Well...San Francisco survived a mild scare from Arizona, and most of us are trucking onto Week 10...still surviving!!!

Given who we've all played, I can't see any other option besides going with Brian Hoyer-for-the-win. Yes, it's come down to that...Hoyer minus Hilton and Campbell...as we try to take down Miami for another turn. 

We've all used Dallas, New Orleans, Baltimore, LAC, Rams, San Fran, etc. 

What else could we use with any confidence besides Indy? Unless you have no confidence in Indy...then what team?


Since we don't have much to debate on Survivor...who do you have facing each other in the Super Bowl, and the ultimate winner of said game? 


Katz: We can discuss a little Survivor. Do I roll the dice with Indy regardless of who starts at QB? Or do I play it safe and take the Saints at home vs the hapless Falcons?


Savage: Yeah, we should have the Saints available, right? Unless you took them against the Cardinals I don't know when you would have used them.

I think I'd take the Colts anyway because this is probably your best chance to use them and I think they're a good bet at -10. It's amazing how far we've come with Miami. A few weeks ago we were wondering if they'd be the first 30 point underdog in NFL history, now we may seem them as a single-digit road dog. I get that they're better with Fitzpatrick but this is still a really bad team and they just lost their best receiver. I don't think Hoyer is that much of a downgrade from Brissett and the Colts should be able to run the ball all game anyway.

I'll take Saints over Patriots in the Super Bowl right now. I think the NFC comes down to who can get home field for the playoffs, and that probably gets decided in week 14 when San Francisco goes to New Orleans. The Saints should win that and lock up the 1 seed.


Katz: It's Week 10 now and I'm still alive in both my pools. I really don't want to lose, but it's also important to think about the win. There is no better spot for the Colts and the Saints are the type of team you can use any week in any matchup and at least have a shot. I think a roll of the dice is in order.


As for bets, can someone explain why the Raiders aren't at least field goal favorites at home on Thursday night? I love the Raiders. They're better than the Chargers. They're home. I don't get it.


RC: I used the Saints v. Tampa Bay Week 5. I guess more people used the Eagles over Jets. 

The media thinks Oakland is a joke and believes the Chargers are something special, and even more special because they beat Green Bay....which was anointed because they had two good games this season. Green Bay is a bad 7-2 team and they showed that against LAC. The Chargers have had an easy schedule and floundered all year. I think the Oakland bet is great because this is the public in love with a thing they're told they should love...and they just beat a team (GB) people were trying to send to the Super Bowl in 'everything that happened last week is the new reality forever'-land. 

The Raiders cannot stop the pass...and that's a concern, but they are winning shootouts with a really nice offense when needed. The Chargers defense is nothing special to me. The winner of TNF is right up KC's back if the Mahomes can't get back soon. 


Rabbitt: If I have the Saints left I am taking them here. I don't believe I have them.  I kinda like the SF vs Pats matchup.  Does anyone have NOT the pats coming out of the AFC?  


Skol:  I have confidence in Indy this week...and if you have the Saints, fire away.  The other option would be to go with the 99.9% chance the Giants beat the Jets.  In a Jets “home game” in Giants Stadium...I know it’s technically not called that anymore...but it is. 

In the big game I think I’m going chalk as well - Niners beat Pats...Shanahan gets revenge for the 28-3.  


RC: I'm using Indy with some confidence, with no Saints option to consider. Miami beating the Jets is as impressive as when teams were beating Miami prior. At Indy, either QB...I'll take it.

Super Bowl, I'll go the Pats until Belichick not there...but I am starting to think the Chiefs have the roster to defeat them. The pass rush talent KC has is unreal...when all healthy, but they haven't been. Obviously, with Mahomes anything is possible. But as long as Andy Reid is there...I say 'no'. I'm going to veer off the NFC tracks and say the 49ers will not be the NFC rep...and that the Rams will ultimately find their way back there. The O-Line is starting to come together a bit and getting Jalen Ramsey cannot be taken as lightly as it has been so far. I just hope the Rams make the playoffs to have a chance at this prediction. I'm rolling that the two best coaches in football meet again. 


RC: All this Indy talk, and I just went back and checked...and I used the Eagles not Saints Week 5 on my picks here! So, I will go Saints over taking the Colts because I'm for SURVIVING and not getting too cute and hoping injury opens new doors the following week. Saints off a BYE, for their planning, at home, vs. ATL -- you gotta love the Saints here. I really like Indy, and if they had TYH and Parris and I might get cute with them and save Saints for next week (at TB), but I want to SURVIVE...so, I go Saints. 



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