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2019 Week 10: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

November 11, 2019

2019 Week 10: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

Another big week in FFM-land, according to our control group samples of various leagues we track…possibly the best week of the season IF Tyler Lockett has a solid game (and not squashed by SF). Most FFM’ers have booked solid wins already, and what happens Monday night is irrelevant for wins-losses. Congrats!

This was what I had hoped for, planned for…this is what it is like to have Tyreek working with Mahomes…Kyler coming on and Kirk as his #1 guy (and healthy)…Derrick Henry as a TD god. Tyreek and Kirk are majorly owned by FFM’ers…and we’ve only had them both play a full game in a week now twice this season…twice in 10 weeks/20% of the weeks. Kirk and Tyreek together + Mahomes starting for Tyreek…that’s happened only one-time in 10 weeks this season. It’s been a lot of injuries to endure – and, mostly, we’re all still in this despite all the injury effects to deal with. It’s been one of the most difficult seasons due to the injury bug, but a pretty great resiliency by the group at large – most are still in the playoff hunt, if not strongly in it. That’s the game…adapt, maneuver, adjust.

I’ve written for several weeks…as the season goes on, as the BYE weeks get heavier – we’d (FFM’ers) have a chance to make a move. The move is starting to be made. Still a ton of work to do and injuries and issues to deal with…but we’re still fighting or thriving for the majority. Rare is the FFM’er knocked out already. The typical record for an FFM-based team right now, on average, is 5.8 wins and 4.2 losses (projected to end this week). Given all the injuries to the KEY FFM guys this season…that’s a semi-miracle.

Enjoy this pretty high-win rate, high scoring week…it’s back to work right away this week – four more BYEs this week, and the KC-ARI-LAR-MIN BYE week hell (for most FFM’ers) we have to plan for too. Nothing is ever easy in fantasy…that’s why this game is so great/maddening. The maddening part makes it great.

We gotta win Week 11…because Week 12 is going to be a bear for those with heavy KC-ARI influences.

Time to go to work!!!

Last of all – Happy Veteran’s Day to the individuals and families who have served the country. Those still with us and those who have passed.

I want to thank, rest in peace, my Grandfather who served in World War II…part of the group that threw away going to college and their local sweethearts so that they could go serve – they didn’t even think twice. They went to defend and fight without much thought to ‘how it would workout later’ for their future, etc. My Grandfather didn’t sign up for free college hopes (he actually left a sports scholarship on the table, that wasn’t there when he returned) or great(?) benefits later – he went to defend the country because the need was there and wasn’t thinking about any perks (like a buy one get one burrito at Chipotle) that went with it.

Upon his return, he served at the local American Legion Post (I spent many a time there as a youth with him) in various capacities helping other veterans and his community as a ‘constable’ of his town among other charity events, etc., he was a part of. I don’t know the half of what he really did for people because he never spoke of it and I was too dumb/young/self-absorbed to really understand.

Happy Veteran’s Day, Grandpa! I know you’re looking down at me right now and thinking…I fought for your freedoms to do as you wish in America, and you left a great paying job with awesome benefits to take a vow of poverty to study and write about football all day? Are you an idiot? But I did take your advice on starting Darius Slayton as a desperate BYE week flex this week up here in one of the five leagues I’m in...up here in the heavenly realm…so, keep up the good fight! I’d say you killed me with that Baker Mayfield stuff preseason, but I’m already deceased, and I adjusted over the weeks and somehow have gotten to a winning record and looking solid for making the playoffs. While I got you…Kyler v. SF or Baker v/ PIT this week at QB, 6pts per pass TD… Even the spirit world bothers me constantly about sit-starts all week…it never ends. I love my fantasy life!

Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!!!




 -- Ty Johnson (5-16-0, 1-3-0/1) got hurt early and left the game. Depending upon how severe his concussion…look for the possibility of Mike Davis to be signed by DET. As we spoke of on our Video Q&A Sunday morning…a connection of Davis to old SEA O-C (now DET O-C) Darrell Bevel. Davis would have some PPR RB2 hopes in this situation.

 -- The Bears-DST get the Lions (a dome team), outside at Chicago, a last second QB issue, an in-game loss of the Lions main RB…all that and all the Bears-DST can do is get one sack, one pick, and Detroit almost winning the game on the final drive as they couldn’t squash Jeff Driskel. No fears about the Bears' defense for your opposing offensive items, and they’re just a ‘good’ DST option ahead. It’s not 2018 anymore.

 -- Mitch Trubisky (16-23 for 173 yards, 3 TDs/0 INT) ended up with some decent numbers, but he is playing with zero passion/confidence and the coach and his city and the nation has written him off, and he looks like he’s accepted his fate. Jeff Driskel (27-46 for 269 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) played with more confidence and energy. Trubisky is junk bond status. The Bears look terrible passing, even worse rushing, and are empty on defense, and cannot rely on their kicker…other than that they are great.



 -- Lamar Jackson (15-17 for 223 yards, 3 TDs/0 INT, 7-65-1) just toyed with the Bengals here…embarrassed them with how easy this was for him. The question now is…is Jackson the top QB for fantasy 2020? A 1st-round redraft pick QB? He’s like a great basketball point guard who cannot be guarded…you don’t know if he’s running or going to flick a pass on the run or just sit in the pocket with everyone on defense afraid he’s going to run and pick apart a frozen defense. No let down here from the big win last week.

 -- Ryan Finley (16-30 for 167 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) never stood out to me. Hard to get a read with the game a blowout so fast but there were no moments that caught my attention on the live watch. We’ll see about the re-watch.

 -- Finley’s preferred targets? Tyler Boyd 8 targets, 6 targets for Auden Tate, and Alex Erickson 2 targets…like Erickson wasn’t even there. At Oakland next week could be different…a weak pass defense. For now, no confidence in Erickson going forward.



 -- Kareem Hunt (4-30-0, 7-44-0/9) was a quasi-WR in his 2019 debut, an interesting way for CLE to use him and there was no real threat to Nick Chubb’s (20-116-0, 2-5-0/4) rushing touches.

 -- Rashard Higgins (1-7-1/1) is ‘tight’ with Baker, and you saw it for the eventual game winning TD pass…but nowhere else. I didn’t see anything to get excited about for Week 11. Just a very deep sleeper.

 -- Devin Singletary (8-42-0, 3-8-0/7) didn’t have a great game but he wasn’t usurped by Frank Gore (5-12-0, 1-4-0/1) or anything…it was a higher pass-attempt and lower rushing attempt game for the Bills. I wouldn’t lose faith in Singletary.



 -- Brian Hill (20-61-0, 1-10-1/2) is the most effective of the not-effective Atlanta RB group…they may keep Hill in the split here with Devonta Freeman (10-38-0, 3-7-0/4) the rest of the season. Hill is running with passion/energy and Ito Smith is now on I.R. If Freeman is really hurt, Hill could be an RB2 the ROS if Devonta goes on I.R.

 -- All the Saints ‘weapons’ are back with Brees this game, and we get…

14 targets for Michael Thomas, 10 each for Jared Cook and Alvin Kamara…and 10 targets for the rest of the team combined. All they do is throw to Thomas-Kamara and, now, Cook might be the default throw when not to Thomas-Kamara.

 -- Julio Jones (3-79-0/9) is at it again…the TD drought. Four TDs the first 3 games of the season and no TDs in the 6 games since. The targeting and yardage are there…the TDs are gone, again.



 -- Saquon Barkley (13-1-0, 5-30-0/5)…not a typo, 1 yard rushing against the Jets. Since his return from injury, Barkley has a high of 72 rushing yards in a game with 1 rushing TD. Between the weaker output, the missed games…it’s another must-have #1 overall redraft pick doesn’t live up to the price.

 -- Darius Slayton (10-121-2/14) was our ‘out of nowhere’ WR of the week…but I didn’t think it would be this good. I would’ve been happy with 1 TD. Again, this was a crime of opportunity – the Jets down two CBs and the Giants down Shepherd-Engram. I don’t think a star is born here.

 -- In his debut, with a great matchup…Chris Herndon (1-7-0/2) was mostly a ghost. Sketchy option at TE the next few weeks…everything related to this passing game is in trouble with Sam Darnold (19-30 for 230 yards, 1 TD/0 INT).



 -- I want to get excited about Andy Isabella (3-78-0/3), you know I do…but I’m watching Arizona’s last drive with the game on the line and needing to get downfield in a hurry – and there is no Isabella on the field. It’s unconscionable…and, shocker, Arizona lost. I see no Isabella urgency yet, but he took another step forward here.

 -- David Johnson (5-2-0, 1-8-0/1) played this game like he had one leg tied behind his back…and also a piano on his back as well. He looked dreadful. He’s been moving slow all year…like off the jump (once he gets going, he’s fine), but it was even worse, more pronounced here. He cannot be 100%. Now, you have reason to panic on DJ. I don't know what is wrong or what the plan from Kingsbury is -- but something is not right.

 -- Ronald Jones (11-29-1, 8-77-0/8), new lead RB of Tampa Bay…split 11/11 carries with Peyton Barber (11-43-1, 1-4-0/1), but took a career high 8 targets for a sweet FF week. Great week, but with a great matchup and a new game plan of heavy screen passes to hide Winston. I’d be surprised if they stuck with that, but we’ll see.

Jones’s catches in games all season, starting with Week 1 and ending Week 9: 1-0-1-1-2-0-1-2…and then this 8 catch game. It’s not their norm to work Jones like this, but they might stick with it…but coaches tend not to change easily. Remember last year, O-C Leftwich had David Johnson catch a million passes one week, which then had everyone talking about how brilliant it was…and then Leftwich never did it again the rest of the season?



 -- LeSean McCoy (DNP) was a healthy scratch, as I quasi-predicted, because of his non-existent pass blocking…and they couldn’t afford him on the field with Patrick Mahomes’s knee. I figured he’d not be playing much at all, BUT…inactive? I wouldn’t be surprised if McCoy was released this week…possibly as they pickup Mike Davis.

 -- Jonnu Smith (4-30-0/6) led all Titans’ receivers in targets and catches…it’s just that there is no juice in the passing game to get anyone over consistently. When Delanie Walker returns, Jonnu is done for most usage in leagues. It’s a shame, he should be an emerging star…instead he’ll be buried by coaching and bad QB play.

 -- Darrel Williams (2-6-0, 1-9-0/1) draws some interest as the #2…if McCoy is gone/done, but I suspect the Chiefs will bring in a veteran RB. Or McCoy stays, and Darrel stays buried.



 -- Patrick Laird (2-4-0, 2-15-0/2) was the #2 RB of note, but not much of a note. Miami seems married to Kalen Ballage (20-43-0, 4-2-0/4) no matter how ineffective he is. The next opportunity is seeing what they do with De’Lance Turner this next game. He was active for this game.

 -- This was supposed to be the big Zach Pascal (2-26-0/7) step forward…and against a terrible, depleted Miami secondary Pascal was a non-factor. He’s a better not-#1. A flex option when T.Y. Hilton is back.

 -- Eric Ebron (5-56-0/12) whines about his role in the offense this week, and so he leads all Colts’ receivers in targets by +5 here…but he stinks, so they were trying to force throws to a guy rarely open with bad hands – and it didn’t go well and they lost. Congrats on placating Ebron this week, hope when you miss the playoffs because you couldn’t handle Miami at home, you’re so glad you gave into it. Unbelievable.



 -- Allen Lazard (3-27-0/6) is not starting, but he’s playing more…he’s slowly emerging as the non-Davante look for Rodgers – but not really FF-viable yet, and not sure if he’ll get there consistently in 2019. I’m just noting…the ‘meh’ numbers – a lot of near-miss activity, some Rodgers heaves for a high point/jump ball, some good work/attempts. It’s just not totally clicked to the next level yet. But he’s left all the other non-Davante WRs in the dust for sure.

 -- Curtis Samuel (4-35-1/8) now has 5 TDs in his last 7 games. He’s trying to be a strong WR2. I love what Allen is trying with him…it’s just Allen is not a big time QB to make things happen at a higher-level.

 -- NO receiving TDs for Jamaal Williams (13-63-0, 0-0-0/1)…ending his 4-game streak with one. He did get stuffed at the goal line to miss out on a score. He’s a WR3 with upside in games because Green Bay wants to work a split, but Jamaal is the lesser part.



 -- Whatever split or role Darrell Henderson (4-4-0) had going into this…it looks like Malcolm Brown (5-10-0) stole half of it. Making them both pretty meaningless and creating confusion on who would takeover for an injured (if it happens) Todd Gurley (12-73-0, 0-0-0/4)

 -- Another snub for Jaylen Samuels (14-29-0, 3-11-0/7) by Mike Tomlin…he was splitting touches with guys (Edmunds and Brooks-James) who should be in the XFL. When James Conner returns, likely this week, I have almost no interest in Jaylen Samuels for FF 2019. Any analyst talking about him earning more time in the passing game – they aren’t watching/reading this situation properly.

 -- The Steelers passing game is so weak…you cannot trust Diontae Johnson (4-64-0/6) or JuJu Smith-Schuster (3-44-0/6). It’s difficult for people to wrap their minds around JuJu as a fantasy WR3-4…but that’s what he is in this offense.



 -- Dak Prescott (28-46 for 397 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) was amazing again for FF this week. Will be great Week 11 @ DET. Then, the issues loom… Weeks 12-15: @NE, BUF, @CHI, LAR…two of those in the colder temps. I love Prescott for FF and the NFL, but I was moving away/selling high for fear of this upcoming stretch being a letdown.

 -- I take back all my negatives on Amari Cooper (11-147-1/14). I thought he was overrated coming into this season – untrustworthy for FF, and Michael Gallup coming on. Nope. Cooper has gone back to being that top guy from his college scouting. What a wild career…hot start, disappeared into a nightmare his last few seasons with Oakland, given up on and resurrected in Dallas. Good for him. Bad for me, because I avoided it. I got plenty other WR hits to roll with, but I need to say…I was wrong on Cooper not being able to be consistent in 2019.

 -- The Irv Smith (5-34-0/6) express is trying to leave the station. 4.3 catches (5.5 targets) for 37.0 yards and 0.0 TDs the past four games. His snaps, targets, and output are creeping higher and higher every week. There is a lot of ‘…with Thielen out’ talk on Irv, but I’m not so sure this isn’t about to become a thing with Thielen back…that they’ve found another option – and Stefon Diggs suffers a bit/Kirk Cousins gains a real passing game weaponry. Irv as Cousin’s new Jordan Reed…might be on the horizon, or just in in 2020.

You remember, Kirk Cousins (22-32 for 220 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT)? The guy who can’t win big games and was a terrible signing and who needed to be benched for Sean Mannion in September…this according to the football experts? Where are they now that he’s an MVP candidate just a few weeks later?




 ------ TOP FIVES ------



*BUY LOW means buy LOW(er) not PAY ANY PRICE TO GET SOMETHING DONE. We’re looking for opportunity, and it may or may not be there. But the window is more open than it was last week on these players, no matter the current (non-FFM) owners say.

**I know a lot of trade deadlines are past, but some have a few weeks left so I will hit a few buy low/sell high’s quickly. In upcoming weeks this will be more ‘buy low’ for dynasty/keeper with 2020 in mind.


Top 5 ‘Buy Low’


1) Devin Singletary, BUF – Week 9, a surprise starter and then all the excitement built for Week 10…and then a Week 10 dud vs. CLE. For those who didn’t watch this game, it just looks like the BUF RB situation is an unpredictable mess – but in reality it was still Singletary as lead, but the game flow got weird and it didn’t give Devin a useful FF day. Current owners may secretly fear this is a cluster, hoping it isn’t…and won’t admit it they’re nervous. Try to see subtly expose that in a deal if you desire.

THEIR Value = They think he’s a solid RB2 with hope…that’s what they want feel, but they fear he is an RB2-3 who could lose his job to Gore again because it’s an unpredictable situation. We want to find the panicker, not a believer.


2) Kenyan Drake, ARI – David Johnson didn’t look right Week 10, but then the whole Arizona backfield ended up a mess in this game. After Week 9 TNF, Drake-to-Canton Ohio…this week…what the hell? I think, now, something I would have never believed last week – Arizona is going with Drake as the split/lead with DJ.

The split is not where the value is with Drake…the value is, I think DJ is hurt/hampered/hindered and could get pulled from action again, possibly for the season when Chase Edmonds returns. Not guaranteeing that…just a hunch. Worst case, you get Drake in a split…best case, you have the Cardinals starter ROS ahead…whatever that is worth.

For those with DJ, yes…now I think it’s time to explore Drake. Not last week, because he was untouchable on overvaluation. For those with DJ – brace yourselves, he may go on I.R. now that the season is shot with this stupid loss to TB.

THEIR Value = RB2, fearing RB3 and that they missed their window. Last week, was gold. This week was a nightmare. Versus SF this week and then a BYE – how valuable is he?  


3) D.J. Chark, JAX – Production dipping the last few weeks, and now the hated Nick Foles coming in. I still believe Chark is the #1 WR here and will be fine. If someone is panicking, I’ll take him at a discount.

THEIR Value = WR2 but unsure how he works from here…I see being given up cheap in a lot of places because of BYE week pressures.


4) Adam Thielen, MIN – If you’re comfortably going to the playoffs and want to invest in Thielen for the stretch run/playoffs? His current owner is unsure he’ll play this week, and then a Week 12 BYE…they may have to deal him to stay alive for 2019. If you’re in a position to take advantage at a discount…

THEIR Value = WR1.5 with fading memories of how great he has been because he’s been out or playing 1 snap and leaving in recent memory. His recent weeks have been a killer to current owner.


5) Alshon Jeffrey, PHI – Was a staple of our ‘sell high’ for many weeks due to the schedule…now it flips. SEA-@MIA-NYG-@WAS Weeks 12-15, after a dud Week 11 with NE. Current owners have lived through a Jeffrey nightmare and now see vs. NE after losing him to a BYE last week. Very gettable.  

THEIR Value = WR2 they blame for all their woes. Very gettable for a deal or walkaway.  


Top 5 ‘Sell High’


1) Jaylen Samuels, PIT – The moment James Conner is cleared, I’d trade Samuels to the Conner owner in whatever deal and walk away. The moment I saw Jaylen play snap #1 in this game, and then Tony Brooks-James play snap #2…I knew I was right about the Jaylen-Tomlin thing from last week. I’m done with Jaylen Samuels-Tomlin once Conner is back. Not even wanting as a ‘hope for Conner injury’…I’ll go get Bonnafon or something like that instead.

THEIR Value = When Conner returns, there will be media/analyst talk of a ‘split’ with Jaylen as a pass catcher – use that, and do not buy into it. It won’t happen.  


2) Damien Williams, KC – Not to give away, but now that he’s ‘the guy’…might you leverage that into something more established at RB or whatever position you need? This seems great but then next week McCoy or Darrel has a moment and ‘all gone’/chaos. Singletary for Damien…I’ll take Singletary.

THEIR Value = RB2 with hopes he’s an RB1-1.5 ahead. Squeeze the value or just keep and hope for the best.  


3) J.D. McKissic, DET – Ty Johnson hurt…McKissic with a bunch of momentum as ‘the only guy left’, etc. (1) McKissic is not a real RB to take workload consistently. (2) The Lions’ O-Line has done nothing for any RB this season in any game. (3) The moment the Lions add Davis, Ware, Ajayi…value drops. Now, quickly, is the time to deal…

THEIR Value = RB2.5, who might start clean this week…so they think/hope. If you don’t need this one week hope (Wk11) – deal as hot as you can. In a week or two he’ll be on waivers/is a random RB3 in PPR like old Theo Riddick.  


4) Jamison Crowder, NYJ Back-to-back big games for FF. Sell it…you don’t want to trust two things: (1) Sam Darnold, ever. (2) Crowder after a hot streak…the fall is bound to hit and maintain.

THEIR Value = WR2…find the person who likes him a lot as a WR2 producer.  


5) Mohamed Sanu, NE – Watching him last week v. BAL…he was left open/given lesser coverage on purpose, and Brady used it. I don’t think this is the start of Sanu as WR1. More he’s a nice piece of an ensemble. Sell it hot because people LOVE Patriots-based WR stories (Cooks, Gordon, Harry, etc.)

THEIR Value = WR1.5, potentially…for those that get hyped by NE things and go see last game’s stat line.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’ (looking at players less than 50-60% owned on average)


1) Derrius Guice, WAS – He should be the starting RB Week 11 forward…I cannot believe his ownership levels are still so low across 10-12-team redraft leagues.

2) Brian Hill, ATL – This seems exciting, but do you really think Hill is going past Devonta Freeman? How excited where you about any time Ito Smith had a good week? Well, Devonta Freeman is headed for an MRI and Ito Smith was put on I.R., so…you got yourself a seeming starter here.  

3) Dallas Goedert, PHI – A tight end who has been top 10 in PPR PPG since Week 6…yes, the Ertz backup but he plays start snaps in two TE sets and gets numbers. He’s a talent…and as legit as Fells-Rudolph-OJH type options.

‍4) Baker Mayfield, CLE – Season on the brink? Have to ‘win out’? 6pts per pass TD and/or 300+ yard bonuses for QBs? Baker’s good schedule has arrived. He’s a hail mary play that he gets hot and racks numbers and saves you out of nowhere.  

5) Josh Lambo, JAX – Kicker issues? One of the most stable kickers in fantasy was dropped during BYE week hell…and is available. He’s a top 5 kicker since Week 3 in fantasy.

6) J.D. McKissic, DET – He’s also a ‘sell high’ – he’s a guy who might get good touches Week 11, if you need it in PPR. But don’t sweat him…he’s just a warm body for Week 11 – one I’d rather trade off to the Week 11 desperate.



Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Darius Slayton, NYG – Great week. I thought it was coming due to who was out for NYG and what CBs were out for NYJ. He’s not a great receiver, he was just ‘of the moment’ against the Jets…which is like making a call on a WR facing Miami (not even, nice Zach Pascal this week).

2) Demaryius Thomas, NYJ – I don’t want anything tied to Sam Darnold, and Washington this week is not ‘favorable’.

3) Sam Darnold, NYJ – I don’t want anything tied to Sam Darnold…or Darnold himself. This week with Washington is not ‘favorable’. The Redskins have a decent defense.

4) Peyton Barber, TB – Good touches and a TD this week, but this is Ronald Jones’s backfield.  

5) Hunter Renfrow, OAK – Feels like this Amendola-Erickson-Beasley hot streak is about to come to an end. Guys like this don’t hold up besides Julian Edelman.  



Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Andy Isabella, ARI – We’re getting closer and closer, his snaps/targets keep inching higher. 37% of the snaps this week, a career-high 3 targets…and a sweet 50+ yard catch & run vs. TB. Who wants to see more Isabella making 50+ yard plays? Not Kliff Kingsbury!

Maybe KK will now run with Isabella…now that KK has butchered the Arizona season through all his terrible decisions in game and with the starting lineups. Look, just look pretty on the sidelines and ride the coattails of Kyler for big paychecks for years, OK Kliff? Stop making other football decisions…give that to someone else.

Where was I? Oh, we’re getting closer to Isabella relevance for FF…but probably not going to really hit until 2020.

2) N’Keal Harry, NE – Pick up, and as soon as he is going to be active – trade. If your trade deadline is past, don’t mess with in most leagues. He’s just a Patriot name to flip…or sit on for a week and see what happens with him.

3) Keelan Cole, JAX – If Dede Westbrook is out this week/goes on I.R., Cole will be a WR3/flex in PPR…really talented.

4) De’Lance Turner, MIA – A gamble that he is the Ballage the Dolphins are looking for…a power runner who can catch passes.

5) Patrick Laird, MIA – Was the #2 Week 10, but with limited touches. As Ballage fails again and again…the door opens for Laird or Turner (or both).  

6) Qadree Ollison, ATL – the big bruiser rookie RB who could see time if Devonta Freeman is down and out with injury. Brian Hill will lead, but the Falcons should want to see what the rookie can do – he looked solid in the preseason. Not a future star, but workable. Like a James Conner-ish type…without the hype/backstory/college production. The Brian Hill handcuff…that’s where we are at with fantasy – taking note of Brian Hill handcuffs! Don’t you love it?

7) Nick Foles, JAX – Great schedule the rest of the way and in good weather.  

8) Mike Davis, FA – He lands in Detroit this week, and he will be a top free agent grab of the week for people. *CLAIMED BY CAR, SO JUST A CMC HANDCUFF NOW*

NOTE – Did you already win this week? MNF meaningless? Do you have SEA-SF guys on bench you don’t need? You could drop for free agent Davis and see what happens. Don’t drop anything good. Just like…if you got Dwelley for backstopping Kittle and you don’t need Dwelley, etc. -- those type moves.


Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players: (listing better names here this week…not always that you MUST quit, but in 10-12 team leagues, ‘names’ we’re holding onto out of habit that we might need to leave)


1) LeSean McCoy, KC – Did I call this, or did I call this on his fears on Week 10 because of the blocking issue?  

2) Cam Brate, CIN – O.J. Howard back and the TB TEs don’t matter.

3) Myles Gaskin, MIA – Played a few snaps, but Laird was the #2…and, now, here comes Turner. If you grabbed Gaskin as the gamble…it ain’t happening.  

4) Marquez Valdes-Scantling, GB – Remember when he was supposed to be great? The Packers passing game has been pretty weak all year and even the two great games…he wasn’t heavily targeted/counted on. Now Davante is back, and Lazard is the real #2.  

5) Geronimo Allison, GB – Remember, when he was supposed to be FF-relevant? The Packers passing game has been pretty weak all year and even the two great games…he wasn’t heavily targeted/counted on. Now Davante is back, and Lazard is the real #2.  


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe on waivers) to Consider:

*All these options, just putting the list together and seeing the details – it sucks. Really not excited about any one thing here now…


1) Browns-DST – The best schedule of any ‘waiver’ type DST the next four weeks. They face Rudolph-Fitzpatrick-Rudolph-Finley the next 4 weeks. Three of the 4 at home. Talented defensive group + way better matchups than the rough schedule they’ve had. If they win this week vs. PIT…they get to 4-6 and start having some momentum going into a game with Miami, where they can then be 5-6 and @PIT-CIN could get them to 7-6 and the entire media freaking out. This week with PIT is everything about them going forward…I’m not sure this group can string 2-3-4 wins a row but win Week 11 and this could be a hot DST.

2) Jags-DST – Best next 3 weeks schedule all the sudden…if Brian Hoyer is at QB next week for Indy. The next 3 weeks they face @Hoyer, @Tannehill, Winston.  

3) Raiders-DST – Did you like what you saw on TNF vs. LAC? I’ve not seen ‘that’ defense before from the 2019 Oakland Raiders, but they are young and improving. They also get Finley-Darnold the next two weeks. Finley this week with 10 days rest/prep…and at rowdy Oakland.

4) Redskins-DST – Hold on, don’t freak out yet…

The Redskins defense is loaded with young talent and they are playing better each week under Bill Callahan. Points allowed in games in 4 games with Callahan: 16-9-19-24…not terrible.

The schedule is why they here…hosting Darnold and then (possibly) hosting Driskel the next two weeks. Those are good matchups…AND if Case Keenum is at QB to support the defense – I really like this deep sleeper consideration. With Haskins heading up the offense, this DST is more sketchy.

5) Cowboys-DST – They work three of the next 4 weeks…@Driskel(?), @Brady, J.Allen, @Trubisky. They might be OK vs. NE, but you’d rather use a lot of other streamer options for just that one bad/sit week.

6) Packers-DST – Weeks 13-15 is their appeal…@D.Jones, Haskins, Trubisky. It’s a defense with flaws/holes but that schedule should be juicy for them.

7) Eagles-DST – Like Green Bay…it’s all about Weeks 13-15 -- @Fitzpatrick, D.Jones, @Haskins.

8) Jets-DST – The only thing worth thinking about…facing Haskins in Week 11, but as of this writing, I don’t fully believe that it will Haskins. It might be Keenum, and then I have no interest in the Jets-DST at all for Week 11. This defense has a thousand injuries they are dealing with, so I have little confidence. 

FFM teams this week be like...https://youtu.be/HuaFIRD7_5Y?t=40


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