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2019 Week 12: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

November 25, 2019

2019 Week 12: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

Well, the three-week run of hot FF results for FFM’ers came to a halt in Week 12. For the second year in a row, the scheduling stars have lined up with most of our foundational players all on a BYE on the same week. Last year, it was the Chiefs-Rams BYE. This year, Cardinals-Chiefs. Our Week 12 of 2019 motley crews weren’t great, but fortunately neither were many of our opponents. Still, our tracking shows this is a 50/50 week, a .500-ish record for our FFM samplings of Week 12 (projecting the BAL-LAR impacts tonight). I thought it would be worse, but Baker Mayfield saved a lot of people’s bacon…finally, Baker mattered for FFM purposes! Derrick Henry saved some days as well. Still, a lot of duds from Diontae, Jaylen, etc., ruined some promising Baker performances.

FFM’ers have had a nice run lately, in general, and were due for a rough week…and the KC-ARI byes helped tip the scales.

Week 13, all teams in your league are back to fuller strength…no more BYEs. Remember that when planning moves this week – the waiver wire will not be as thin as it has been. There will be more RB hopefuls to grab in a crisis. There will be plenty of gamble WR3s with WR2 upside. There will be sneaky TEs to look at. We’re back to RBs with a premium value to roster over extra depth at WR. A lot of good names will be out there at WR, be careful trying to hoard them all for no reason.

For many, this is the final week to qualify for the playoffs…or just getting the roster in position for an already qualified-for playoffs. We’ll be here all week, no days off. Tuesday night and Sunday pregame Video Q&A shows as usual, and we might try to do something Thursday pre-1st game.

Vacation week? Ha! It’s the most important week of the year in fantasy, in many senses…a quick bite of turkey (possibly), watching The Irishman on Netflix (definitely), and then back to the grind for me this week. Let’s get to the FF-playoffs/get ready for the playoffs while others are suffering holiday distractions and trichinosis. You enjoy your time off…I’ll be here to sort it all out for you with all the things to consider.



------ THREE THINGS FROM SUNDAY GAMES (initial reactions) ------




 -- The Atlanta defense had held NO and CAR to no TDs in back-to-back games after their Week 9 BYE. Then they come out here and cannot stop Jameis Winston (18-28 for 313 yards, 3 TDs/2 INTs) at home with Winston throwing dangerously into coverage on near very pass. I’m done with the Falcons dalliance…which means they will shutout the Saints next week.

 -- The Falcons split touches between Qadree Ollison (8-20-1, 1-7-0/1) and Brian Hill (9-14-0, 3-13-0/4), and that might be what they do until/if Devonta Freeman returns. They have more reason to workout Ollison and see what he can do than Hill. Either way…the Falcons have had some of the worst RB scoring numbers in fantasy, so I’m not sure it will matter that two mediocre RBs are splitting touches in a bad offense for RBs.

 -- The Bruce Arians effect on TEs continues…O.J. Howard (1-10-0/2) and Cam Brate (0-0-0/1) were disasters once again. Besides a blip here and there…the Bucs TEs will be a disaster this year, and again next year…and as long as Arians is the head coach (it’s not a Winston thing).



 -- You cannot confidently start your nice QB or WRs or really TEs against the Buffalo pass defense. They just do NOT give up TDs through the air…just 4 passing TDs allowed this season. Less than a passing TD per game allowed under Sean McDermott over three seasons here. Dak/Amari, Lamar/Andrews-Brown, JuJu/Diontae, Brady will be the upcoming matchup’s Week 12-16. Courtland Sutton (1-27-0/8) never stood a chance.

 -- Brandon Allen (10-25 for 82 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) will be penalized for this horrible game (against a top pass D), which may bring on the Drew Lock (disaster) era. Denver has nothing to lose now…just your Sutton-Fant-Lindsay FF-holders will suffer. Sutton might hang in there, but everyone else would scare me with Lock.

 -- Buffalo is trying to (smartly) run clock and rely on defense…thus, we get Devin Singletary (21-106-0, 1-8-0/1) with good touches but not much pass catching…he only gets that when the Bills trail big, but the Bills rarely trail of late. And when they get near the goal line…here comes Frank Gore (15-65-0). Singletary is playing great but the situation for fantasy isn’t very fruitful.



 -- Allen Robinson (6-131-1/10) was so dominant in this game…he’s such a great WR. It’s a shame the Bears/Trubisky are dying throwing the ball. Robinson lost a 60+ yard play to a penalty and had at least one near-miss TD chance as well here. When the matchup isn’t horrible…Robinson is a near-must start.

FYI, this was probably the worst game I’ve seen from Trubisky…the end is near (arrived).

 -- Can I just say…not helping Trubisky in the passing game – Ben Braunecker (2-9-0/4) has no business going out for medium or deep pass plays…or short ones. He is slower than an offensive guard going out for passes, and less agile.

 -- Kaden Smith (5-17-1/6) got nice targeting with Engram/Ellison out. Smith is like a Kyle Rudolph type TE…slow, but really good hands. A 6th-round draft pick for SF but was cut Week 2 in a roster spot need. NYG claimed him and now he’s starting. He scored a TD, but not a real FF option now or Engram threat down the line.



 -- Mike Tomlin is going to try to ruin this season…and he might get the chance with a loss Week 13 vs. CLE. Mason Rudolph (8-16 for 85 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) wasn’t playing well, but the whole offensive stunk. Rudolph was benched and Devlin Hodges (5-11 for 118 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) inserted…and he was as bad, but he hit on a fortuitous short pass turned long TD to James Washington (3-98-1/7).

I assume Tomlin will go with Hodges against CLE, but I wonder if he lets Rudolph get one more chance, facing the team that tried to give him brain damage. Rudolph’s career is essentially over…Garrett with the cheap shot with the helmet, and then a second blow with the accusations of a racial slur. Whether Rudolph said it or not, enough people will believe he did – so he’s a target on the field. He has not gotten much better under Tomlin, and soon he’ll be benched for a UDFA rookie…Rudolph might as well start contacting the XFL.

Rudolph will be playing for his career next week…if he even gets the shot. If he doesn’t, if Hodges starts…Rudolph will be forgotten for good.

Officially kill off James Washington if Hodges takes over. And Diontae and JuJu are just dead in general with this passing game. One of them each week will have some big play, but have fun guessing who.

 -- I was thinking Bennie Snell (21-98-0, 1-5-0/1) might start but I could get none of my Steeler contacts to confirm it. They didn’t think he would. Snell will be the starter until James Conner returns and Jaylen Samuels (2-6-0, 3-26-0/4) is now officially dead for good, while in Pittsburgh. He sucked me back in some this week out of need, but now I’ll never use him again until he’s gone from Pittsburgh or Tomlin is. If you didn’t believe me before…you do now – Tomlin hates Samuels.

 -- Before we forget about Tyler Boyd (5-101-1/9)…he reminded us that he really is one of the better WRs in the league. Some incredible catches with weaker QB play and the defense focused on him.



 -- Another Kalen Ballage (7-13-0, 1-13-0/1) disaster…another ‘no signs of other RB life’ to replace him. I’m not sure Brian Flores will replace him because I don’t believe there is anything Flores thinks Ballage is doing wrong. If we ever see De’Lance Turner get touches, then that would be the sign they are interested in alternatives. So far, Turner has yet to see a touch since being claimed off the Ravens’ practice squad.

 -- Baker Mayfield (24-34 for 327 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) looked like his on his way to a 5+ TD pass game but after a white hot start the Browns started mailing it in and getting sloppy, as they do, and Baker ended with one of the better weeks among the Week 12 QBs…but it could’ve been so much better.

 -- DeVante Parker (6-91-0/11) kept up his recent value with another junk-time effort…6.0 rec. (10.3 targets) 98.3 yards, 0.0 TDs per game since Preston Williams went out. He’s a solid WR2 for PPR considering there should be no end to his garbage time this season.



 -- I want to get excited about the first time in three years it dawned on Norv Turner to use Curtis Samuel (4-40-0, 1-9-0/4), a Big Ten star RB/WR, as a quasi-RB. I’d get excited if I thought there were any chance Turner would follow through or increase on this. If I know Norv, Samuel will have no carries next week.

I do know Samuel has an invisible force field around him that blocks all Kyle Allen passes from connecting to him. I’ve tried to have patience and hope…but this game just killed me. One catch for the best WR you have? No more CSam for me in 2019, if I can help it.

 -- Jared Cook (6-99-1/8) should’ve had 100+ yards and 2 TDs in this game. He is a really neat weapon for the Saints to deploy when not throwing everything to Thomas-Kamara. Cook has a ton of upside from here…a possible top 5 TE1 the ROS.

 -- Joey Slye (2/3 FG, 1/3 XP) missed two extra points and then a chip shot FG late…he’s now on a ‘watch’. If Harrison Butker or Zane Gonzalez or Michael Badgley hit waivers because of their BYE…it might be an upgrade/escape from a young kicker getting the yips down the stretch. Not certain doom, but this type of game can mess with kicker’s minds.



 -- The Raiders-DST had 10 sacks the past two games, and then facing the league’s most battered O-Line that is giving up the 3rd-most sacks in the league…and they get one sack on Sam Darnold (20-29 for 315 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT). Unreal. Credit to Darnold, who played a very controlled game and looked much better than Derek Carr (15-27 for 127 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) did.

 -- Tyrell Williams (2-18-0/6) scored a TD in each of his first 5 games this season and had not scored a TD since (4 games).

Catches in each game in his last 7 games: 3-3-3-3-3-4-2.

Not good.

Not even WR3 work of late because no TDs on top of everything else.

 -- I said for many weeks that the Jets-DST’s schedule ahead was too good, and one we wanted to take advantage of…but then we all bailed when they gave up 27 points to the Giants a couple weeks ago (and lost to MIA before that)…but three straight wins and 17 and 3 points allowed the last two weeks and Cincy-Miami the next two weeks. We’re back on with the Jets-DST! Just in time for them to re-collapse, I’m sure.



 -- Bo Scarbrough (18-98-, 0-0-0/1) did his poor man’s Derrick Henry again…upright runner who gets faster past the first level but struggles some to get through the first level. Bo scuffled around a bit and then started to get into the groove here. All that PLUS nothing in the pass game – very Henry-like. The problem is the run game schedule ahead…CHI-MIN-TB the next three weeks is not advantageous for a weak offense.

 -- Derrius Guice (10-32-0, 1-6-0/2) still looks way better than Adrian Peterson (10-27-0, 1-22-0/1) but AP still started and there was no real plan for Guice besides ‘go in for a bit’. Guice is inching towards being ‘the guy’ but Bill Callahan has yet to pull that trigger because getting AP touches over Guice-Smallwood is SUPER important for a 2-9 team building for the future.

 -- Another down week for Kenny Golladay (4-61-0/4) and Driskel is not really helping (or hurting) at this stage, but credit coverage…credit CB Quinton Dunbar, who is becoming a top cover corner in the league.



 -- It’s the...EVERYONE GO GET RASHAAD PENNY (14-129-1, 0-0-0/1) BECAUSE HE’S PROBABLY GOING TO TAKEOVER FOR FAILING CHRIS CARSON (8-26-0, 4-31-0/4) hysteria event that happens every 4-6 weeks in fantasy. I used to fall prey to it too.

Don’t hold your breath. Carson could fumble 10 times in a game and not lose his job.

 -- FYI, Tyler Lockett (1-38-0/2) did play in this game. Might have played every snap. About halfway through their game, watching nine games at once, I started to wonder if maybe he was placed inactive and I miss heard/read it. Nope, he played…just nowhere near the ball all game. Welcome back from your injury, Tyler!!

 -- The Jay Ajayi (6-16-0) heavy workload predictions were for naught. Ajayi did his usual…nothing. He and Miles Sanders (12-63-0, 3-23-0/5) will be an ugly FF-split ahead in a favorable matchup run Weeks 13-15.



 -- Nick Foles (32-48 for 272 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) is throwing a lot and faces Tampa Bay next week (which you beat via air), but before you get too excited…note that Foles does not look good (and I’m a Foles’ guy). They cannot block for him so he’s getting killed and he’s making risky throws in big deficits. Not impressed with what I see. Would love to see a coaching change this week.

 -- Five starts for Ryan Tannehill (14-18 for 259 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT, 7-40-2) and he’s averaging 2.0 TD passes per game and 70%+ completion percentage. Don’t forget about the three rushing TDs in that span.

I know nothing about football.

How is this possible?

He has had an easy schedule, but…how in the world?

IND-OAK-HOU-NO the next 4 weeks…not bad. At Indy next week…probably better than Foles vs. TB the way the two are playing right now.

 -- All this Tannehill activity…and Jonnu Smith (1-4-0) got no targets, but a rushing attempt. Safe to say that’s run its course for sleeper purposes.



 -- In a big game, in an opportunistic spot…the Patriots shorthanded at WR…N’Keal Harry (1-10-1/4) saw 4 targets and rookie UDFA WR Jakobi Meyers (4-74-0/9) saw 9 targets. The difference? Meyers has more experience with the team since Harry missed so much time this season. I love Harry, but he’s not going to produce consistently the next few weeks as he tries to get up to speed with Brady/the playbook, etc.

 -- Amari Cooper (0-0-0/2) has been terrific all season, but tip of the cap to Stephon Gilmore (5 tackles, 2 PDs) who shut Amari down. Jalen Ramsey, Stephon Gilmore, Tre’Davious White, Chris Harris are the corners I don’t want my FF WR facing…with Marshon Lattimore or Quinton Dunbar getting close to being in that club as well.

 -- James White (2-5-0, 1 rec., -6 yards, 3 targets) has faded off the last 4 games for NE. 2.8 rec., 49.5 total yards, and 0.25 TDs per game in that span.

White has 2 TDs all season, and 1 TD in his last 8 games.



 -- I guess George Kittle (6-129-1/8) is OK? Another thing that makes fantasy football great and absolutely infuriating… You can play a lot of cards right and then you come up to this week and have to decide if you want to trust Kittle in a Sunday night game, or play as lesser talent earlier but eliminate the risk of a surprise inactive/early injury on Kittle. Your decision on Kittle may have won or lost the week…where else can you get this ‘safe’ thrill in your life? I think drug addicts may worry less about their next score than we all do fretting over our lineup setting each week.

 -- The 49ers defense looked dominant, didn’t it? Now, consider rookie Kyler Murray had kinda blazed right through them twice in the span of 3 weeks before all this?

Are the 49ers a great defense? Could be, looks like it. If so, then how great is Kyler?

 -- Blame it on the 49ers…blame it on Matt LaFleur…but Aaron Rodgers (20-33 for 104, 1 TD/0 INT) has thrown for less than 235 yards in three straight games and has just 2 TD passes in the span.

Bad fantasy QBs in 2019: Rodgers, Brady, Wentz.



------ TOP FIVES ------



*BUY LOW means buy LOW(er) not PAY ANY PRICE TO GET SOMETHING DONE. We’re looking for opportunity, and it may or may not be there. But the window is more open than it was last week on these players, no matter the current (non-FFM) owners say.

**I know a lot of trade deadlines are past, so I will hit a few buy low/sell highs with some ‘buy low’ for dynasty/keeper with 2020 in mind type ideas. Dynasty leagues are more apt to have trading still open.

Top 5 ‘Buy Low’


1) Courtland Sutton, DEN – Many things hovering like a dark cloud: One catch for 27 yards this week. Brandon Allen is his QB. Up and down, but solid, stats most weeks. If someone owns him but doesn’t really watch the games, he seems like a ‘good’ WR. But I’m watching intently, and I see a great WR…a 2020 WR1…one of the best in FF down the road. As I forecast back when he came out of SMU.  

THEIR Value = They see WR2, I see future WR1.


2) Kenny Golladay, DET – Similar to Sutton, but people have more faith in Golladay…but his recent numbers with Jeff Driskel have taken a hit. He doesn’t have the pub of the top NFL WRs just yet, like Sutton isn’t acknowledged like that either. Respected, but not revered properly.  

THEIR Value = Buy as a WR1.5-2.0 with a future WR1 under new coaching/management (hopefully) in 2020. We need a new coaching staff here to turn the key.


3) Christian Kirk, ARI – Respected, but not fully respected. People see a solid WR2 in PPR…a guy who had a great game a few weeks ago, but that’s drifting from their memory banks. For me, Kirk is a WR1 in PPR in 2020, hands down. He’s a WR1 in PPR right now with this offense with rising Kyler.

THEIR Value = WR2 with a lean towards WR1.5 in PPR, but little faith.


4) Derrius Guice, WAS – Everyone is supposed to love Guice, but he’s not given anyone any reason to love him. No big games…hell, not even starting over Adrian Peterson! He’s got RB1 potential in 2020 with a new staff. He will be valued as one next preseason, so you can buy in now and sell of the inflation later if you want.

THEIR Value = RB1.5-2.0 with a lean towards RB2.0 because of his ‘nothing’ in fantasy so far. I want to buy as an RB2 to use or sell as an RB1 next year.


5) Devin Singletary, BUF – Doesn’t have the name/press like Guice did coming into the NFL. No one cares about the Bills outside of Buffalo. Has become a starter and it has been a pretty dull ride and Frank Gore still lingers around. I’ll buy cheap if you let me. He can be an RB1 here in non and PPR in 2020…or RB1.5.

THEIR Value = RB2…I want to buy on a deal from someone who is not believing.  


Top 5 ‘Sell High’

*Sell the first two RBs on here ONLY if you don’t need them next week and if you can’t get a good buyer, just keep as depth/use and then when they die…so be it. Nothing wrong with using and discarding for a spell.

1) Bo Scarbrough, DET – The ‘next Derrick Henry’ comps will grow, and with some good reason. I’m betting that his solid last two weeks is pushed by decent matchups, and that the upcoming schedule of run defenses and the lack of any Detroit O-Line play will squash Bo/bring him back to earth and his heat will decline. We’re at peak Bo, for 2019.  

And then in 2020…is he going to be the clear lead back for the Lions? At best, you’d figure, he would be planned to be in a split role with other specialists or a backup to the last gasp for Kerryon Johnson’s lead role in the NFL chance.

THEIR Value = A desperate for an RB team would like him, but he’s just an RB3 you hope sells as an RB2.5, while you cash in for a draft pick or young prospect shot, etc.  


2) Jonathan Williams, IND – Similar to Bo Scarbrough. Williams has more three-down talent than Bo…but is this story really going to end with Williams as the lead for an NFL team on purpose? How many backups have looked better than the team’s established starter in a spot or two, get everyone all excited…and then disappear for weeks/months/years?

If Williams isn’t a true starter of the future, then what are we holding on to? The second Marlon Mack is ready, Williams barely matters.  

THEIR Value = A desperate for an RB team would like him, but he’s just an RB3 you hope sells as an RB2.5, while you cash in for a draft pick or young prospect shot, etc.  


3) James Washington, PIT – With Mason Rudolph’s career taken out by Myles Garrett’s slur claims (whether true or not, no one knows and don’t matter – the damage is done), the worse hit to him than the helmet to the head shot has been delivered, it leaves Washington’s FF-value reeling. His only value on FF-earth is working with Mason Rudolph, and even that was sketchy.

Big play in last week’s game with Devlin Hodges. Not bad trend for JW the last few weeks but Week 12 of 2019 is probably ‘peak Washington’…sell it off/use it in a deal as a sweetener or whatever.

THEIR Value = WR3 but doing well of late so they hope that continues. He’s a fine thrown in or quick sale for a mid-level dynasty rookie draft pick, etc.


4) DeVante Parker, MIA Like Washington…Parker has been good the past few weeks. Parker is easier to see the value on – no one likes him, but they used to love him, and now he’s been resurrected by the absolute nothing of WRs/offense Miami has. He is getting targets because they have nothing left as an alternative.

You think free-agent-to-be Parker will every play anywhere where he is a desired ‘main guy’? What will happen when Josh Rosen starts in a few weeks.

THEIR Value = WR3…but was supposed to be good for THEM for years…so, there is some sentimental hopes lingering. Again, anything you can get if you don’t need him to start for you next week.


5) Will Fuller, HOU – Fuller does this…great game, big numbers, everyone is excited about him opposite Hopkins and working with Deshaun. It never really works out consistently over time. You get a 2-3 game streak at best, and then the low results, the drops, the nagging injury hits. He’s the definition of fantasy disappointment. He’s like a younger, sexier Ted Ginn…has some big plays/games in an offense we all love – but why do the results never hold up for long…and we realize we could get streaky WRs like this off waivers every week?

THEIR Value = WR2-2.5, but after hot games…it’s close to WR2.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’ (looking at players less than 50-60% owned on average)


1) Bo Scarbrough, DET – The lead back for DET (likely) the rest of the season is a good thing to have for depth, etc. He will legit be ‘the guy’ as long as Kerryon doesn’t return.

2) Bennie Snell, PIT – The #1 RB for PIT as long as James Conner as out, which could be another week…or could be several weeks. After that, or as soon as THIS week -- he’s the oft-injured Conner’s handcuff.

‍3) A.J. Brown, TEN – OK, I’ll bite…if needed… Tennessee is suddenly working and plays their next 3 games with favorable to the passing game opponents in good/great weather for the time of year (@IND, @OAK, HOU).

4) Ryan Tannehill, TEN – He should be in the MVP conversation, quite frankly. Here’s how complicated the NFL is…a guy who was OK/failed in Miami, goes to be the backup for a mediocre Tennessee team and is forced into the starting lineup due to the failure of the franchise QB, and he plays his best ball ever. How is this possible? Now that it will be one of the stories of the week, he’ll come crashing down to earth. A five-week trend of great NFL and FF play, and a favorable schedule ahead.  

5) Zane Gonzalez, ARI – Many people dropped the kicker working on the FG-festival team (ARI) due to his BYE. A nice chance upgrade kicker for some? Kicks indoors/home the next three weeks.

6) David Njoku, CLE – I’m not as sold on this move…the Browns have been hard-pressed to make anything work this season. Their offense is predicated on forcing the ball in the passing game to OBJ, or forcing to Landry, or forcing to Hunt, and a lot of handoffs to Chubb. How is not-that-great Njoku going to come in from a long absence and dominate for FF among this? I get Weeks 14-15 CIN and ARI is super sweet, but it’s not been automatic, and I would guess Baker will still force to OBJ before throwing to a TE mismatch, true? Njoku makes sense on paper, but not sure if we’re chasing the wind here.

7) Jack Doyle, IND – Doyle may be a more stable option at TE than Njoku ahead. Eric Ebron on I.R. opens the door for more Doyle. Mo Alie-Cox will cut into this some. Better for PPR than non-PPR due to low-volume Brissett.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Rashaad Penny, SEA – The Chris Carson handcuff only. There is no takeover here. I don’t care if Penny rushes for a TD every carry and then Carson fumbles every carry…there will not be a change here unless it’s an injury.

2) Jay Ajayi, PHI – He’s not good, and will split with not-good Miles Sanders. You might get 10 carries for 35 yards and possibly a TD here and there? The schedule is better ahead, but Jordan Howard could come back and then Ajayi is effectively done. There has to be better hopes for you out there?

3) James Washington, PIT – Been hot lately, but the chaos at QB for PITT is not helping. If Mason Rudolph is benched…Washington has falling value, fast. You can’t keep counting on a big play happening each week here…you might as well roll with Mecole Hardman in that case.

4) N’Keal Harry, NE – Great talent, but it’s too early in his journey for him to matter for FF once Sanu-Dorsett returns. Love his future, don’t like his next few weeks.

5) Anthony Miller, CHI – The media loves this guy but he’s a weak WR on a bad passing game. Solid schedule ahead…but there is no such thing for the Bears offense as a ‘solid schedule’.


Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Tony Pollard, DAL – He has to have been rostered by the Zeke owner by now, but his ownership is still pretty low. He’s the most obvious handcuff in fantasy right now (with Latavius Murray)…an instant RB1 if EE goes down. Better to have him as a #4-5 RB than a Chiefs RB guess, etc.

2) Mecole Hardman, KC – If you have Tyreek Hill…this is the one true WR handcuff in fantasy.  

3) Qadree Ollison, ATL – Could be the Falcons’ starter ahead, and then in a split with Devonta.

4) Gus Edwards, BAL – If Mark Ingram goes down, this is a solid non-PPR handcuff guess.

5) De’Lance Turner, MIA – If they ever get fed up with Ballage…

6) Greg Ward, PHI – Nelson Agholor sucks so bad at football, and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is no prize either…with all the injuries, Philly may give the former athletic QB a chance to work and he might produce solidly. He was decent this week in an emergency start…and that nice Philly schedule ahead. Maybe… Nothing urgent, no more than a Russell Gage type of bet/guess.  


Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players: (listing better names here this week…not always that you MUST quit, but in 10-12 team leagues, ‘names’ we’re holding onto out of habit that we might need to leave)


1) Jaylen Samuels, PIT – He might be the 3rd-string RB for the Steelers when Conner returns…if he’s lucky. But don’t rule out the 4th-string (behind Whyte) and not out of the question as a 5th-string (behind Edmunds). 6th-string is farfetched (behind Rocky Bleier) but don’t rule it out either.

2) Patrick Laird, MIA – Boy, the Dolphins are in such a rush to make Laird part of the plan…

3) Cam Brate, TB – No more Bruce Arians tight ends eveeeeerrrrrrrrr!!! https://youtu.be/XOILKHmZBwc

4) Rashard Higgins, CLE – BFF status with Baker means nothing when the game plan is to force it to OBJ, whether open or not.  

5) Allen Lazard, GB – Huge game vs. SF, the offense sputtering…Lazard barely involved. There is a huge Matt LaFleur problem waiting to happen among the fans and media…the string of lucky wins is glossing over the ticking time bomb of Aaron (and the world) v. Matt.  


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe on waivers) to Consider:

*All these options, just putting the list together and seeing the details – it sucks. Really not excited about any one thing here now…


1) Eagles-DST – Here’s what we've been planning for weeks for…@MIA, NYG, @WAS the next 3 games. The Eagles have posted four really solid defensive games in a row…including holding NE and SEA to 17 points in a game the last two weeks.  

2) Packers-DST – Weeks 13-15…@NYG, WAS, CHI. A solid, gambling defense gets a great schedule ahead.

3) Jets-DST – Two great weeks in-a-row. The #1 run defense in the league. At Cincy and vs. Miami the next two weeks…that works great.  

4) Cowboys-DST – Weeks 13-16 they face weaker and/or struggling offenses every week. Josh Allen, Trubisky, Goff/LAR, Wentz the next four weeks. Dallas has a solid defense and gets solid matchups ahead.

5) Seahawks-DST – Playing much better the last few weeks. They were trouble most of the season, but they are starting to get it together of late. Week 13 v. MIN is not great, but not terrible…then Weeks 14-15 at LAR, @CAR are pretty decent…IF you buy that they are turning around.

6) Chargers-DST – Not my favorite DST, but at DEN, at JAX the next two weeks are potential/plausible. 


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