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2019 Week 2: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

September 16, 2019

Assuming Baker doesn’t faceplant tonight, for many of you, you’ve got a win coming this week or already won/booked. We got back to more normal this week even with David Johnson missing a chunk of a game. It’s amazing what happens when you don’t face the good Kamara-McCaffrey weeks and do face them in this type of week.

It wasn’t an explosive week but pretty stable/consistent throughout FFM-land, as a whole. Mostly 1-1 teams with more 2-0 than 0-2 projected by this week’s end..

0-2 teams…do not panic. You’re one game out of the playoffs. We’re still changing up the rosters, buying low, investing smart. Things to hit coming. BYE weeks where we make up ground with superior scouting/depth. Just hold it together. If you’re 0-2 with decent scoring YTD in your league despite Tyreek-DJ missing chunks in their games…you’re fine, probably just unlucky scheduling, etc. It will all smooth out.

You can’t take advantage of the panicked if you’re the panicked. Just hold ‘er steady.

1-1, 2-0 teams…don’t get too comfortable. Same work we have to do, just the mental relief that we’re not 0-2. Don’t get lulled to sleep.


Next Video Q&A = Tuesday night (9:30-11:00pmET), Sunday 11am-1pm…this is our usual schedule.

Week 3 Projections = TUE midday (all ET times), WED night, THU pre-TNF game (630-700), none FRI, SAT midday, SUN noon-ish (this is our typical schedule most of the season)

These ‘Three Things from Sunday’ reports hit around noonET every Monday.



 -- Unless legal trouble changes it, it’s Antonio Brown (4-56-1/8) as a strong WR1 from here on in…arguably top 1-3 in fantasy again. What a change of FF fortunes. It also takes Tom Brady (20-28 for 264 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) up to a strong QB1 status as well.  They were looking like a WR2 and QB2 at one stage of the game about 3-4 weeks ago…you couldn’t plan for what happened to have happened.

 -- DeVante Parker (0-0-0/7)…? Why are we even talking about this guy as an NFL starter or anything for fantasy? Preston Williams (4-63-0/6) is the de facto #1 guy/WR but who knows what that even means here?

 -- Kalen Ballage (1-6-0/5) looks horrible. Kenyan Drake (6-19-0, 5-29-0/6) can’t get out fast enough. If Drake goes on short notice this week, Mark Walton is the next man up on the depth chart but I gotta believe Myles Gaskin or Patrick Laird would get more of a look. Regardless, there is little/no hope for any Miami RB this season.



 -- Kyler Murray (25-40 for 349 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) is special. The best rookie QB I have ever seen. Baker didn’t even look this good out of the gates. Stunning confidence and control Kyler plays with. We’ve gone from a mess most of Week 1 to the glimpse of brilliance at the end of it. To this week…mostly near-miss brilliance or just brilliance (for a rookie). This is SOOO close from clicking into something huge for fantasy production.

 -- We know Lamar Jackson (24-37 for 272 yards, 2 TDs/0 INTs, 16-120-0) can run. That makes him a QB1. How highly on the QB1 chart depends upon his passing. He looked confident here. Great velocity on his throws. There was still some struggle here…some throws that flirted with danger or missed open guys, but overall impressive. He’s definitely a fantasy stud, but I want to see what happens when they play a more ‘real’ defense. Not saying he’ll bust…just, he may be a lock top 3 fantasy QB for 2019 (and beyond) if the passing skills are plausible. If he runs into passer issues ahead…there could be a mighty fall from grace about to happen. I think it’s on the table as ‘possible’.

 -- Christian Kirk (6-114-0/8) was the bargain of last week…his value will jump this week, but not enough. Marquise Brown (8-86-0/13) was the ‘it’ name of last week…he won’t lose any of that momentum this week. He will now have near WR1 valuation to trade for sure for anyone interested in selling him high. At KC next week is another great matchup, though.



 -- The 49ers defense looked nice…and without much from Nick Bosa (I’m guessing rested a bunch in the blowout). 17 points allowed…7 late in garbage time blowout. 4.0 sacks, 9 TFLs, 1 turnover. Next week, they may draw a rookie QB (Mason Rudolph) in their home opener. I wondered how the 49ers-DST might fare as a play Week 3 vs. PIT, but it could be even better than hoped. Week 4 BYE hurts the flow…

 -- I mentioned last week that we were all overlooking Deebo Samuel (5-87-1/7, 2-7-0)…he led the 49ers’ WRs in snaps last week. Rumor was Dante Pettis (0-0-0/0) would play more this week over Samuel. Umm, nope. Like I said last week…you can give up on Pettis if you see something better to make room for. He’s done something behind the scenes…he’s a serious doghouse.

 -- John Ross (4-112-1/8) scored a 66-yard TD late in garbage time…hey, they all count. I’m still not buying him, but a great FF start to the season.



 -- It’s clear…I was wrong…the Chargers, at this stage, have no interest in pushing more equal touches with Ekeler-Jackson. Austin Ekeler (17-66-1, 6-67-0/6) lost a fumble at the goal line costing the Chargers this game…but it did not matter. He was right back taking touches after…a sure sign the coach isn’t wavering from him. There’s not a lot of obvious other RB options off waivers in many leagues, but you can move on from Jackson now if you see something more pressing or want to get into handcuffs etc. We took a shot…it didn’t work. It might rear up, especially when Ekeler gets hurt (I bet that happens…too many hits he’s taking), out of nowhere.

 -- T.J. Hockenson (1-7-09/3)…like I said…he wasn’t a real part of the offensive plan Week 1. It was the Arizona defense leaving him alone to let Detroit try to beat them with TEs and containing the WRs. I’m not a TJH fan, but I will respect any player I think is in a great position for touches. I just don’t think that Hockenson is in a great spot for touches.

 -- Lions SAF Tracy Walker (10 tackles, 1 TFL)…9 tackles last week, 10 this week. An IDP stat star in the making.



 -- Two QB2s for 2019 faced-off in this game… Aaron Rodgers (22-34 for 209 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) continues his descent to ‘great real QB and weaker FF QB’, and Kirk Cousins (14-32 for 230 yards, 1 TD/2 INT)…he’s in the opposite of a pass-friendly offense. Cousins you have a problem with, but Rodgers stills seems weird to call him that, but he’s been heading there for many games of late over the past few seasons. This new offense looks like it is doing him no favors either.

 -- One of the struggles for Cousins was that Green Bay defense I’ve been raving about. If Dalvin Cook hadn’t escaped for a 75-yard TD run, the Minnesota offensive numbers here would be a disaster/a great showing for the Pack’s D (instead of just a ‘good’ showing). Versus Denver this week is a good thing…at home.

 -- What do you do with Adam Thielen (5-75-0/8) or Stefon Diggs (1-49-1/7) in this mess? I think you hold. Week 4 at CHI is a sit for both, but then all the other games Week’s 3-9 are terrific matchups. Favorable to the offense. Next week vs. OAK at home is ‘game on’!



 -- I think the way Gardner Minshew (23-33 for 213 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) is playing, we might start to trust D.J. Chark (7-55-1/9) now. The connection there seems to be stronger than it is with Chris Conley (4-73-0/5) but we’re still in the feeling out stages.

 -- Leonard Fournette (15-47-0, 4-40-0/6) fears? Sure. I’m not happy with this start and defenses are closing on him to force Minshew to win, as they should…but if Minshew keeps developing fast then Fournette is going to get free up. When this offense started to spark a little 2nd-half, Fournette started getting space to run. I’m not ready to panic yet.

 -- Carlos Hyde (20-90-0) is running the ball as well as any RB in the NFL…but he has no involvement in the passing game. No PPR…he’s going to rush for 1,000+ yards and 8 TDs by the time the season is over.



 -- Why Sean McDermott went to heavy Frank Gore (19-68-1, 2-15-0/2) and dumped ultra-effective Devin Singletary (6-57-1), I have no idea. Singletary started last week, played every snap for the first 3-4 series, and was the reason they won the game in the 2nd-half…with how well he ran the ball. This week…treated like a nobody. When he was in, and touching the ball, he was making plays. I think he lost another 40-50 yards rushing to penalties in his limited day. Now, I have no idea what/how to project DS for Week 3. My cavalier stance on this has been rattled/shattered a bit. I need to find out what’s going on with this Monday, if I can. It makes no sense.

 -- The Giants have two winnable games ahead, at TB and vs. WAS the next two weeks. Eli loses them and he might be done. My guess would be Eli (26-45 for 250 yards, 1 TD/2 INTs) plays through Week 6, with that Week 6 AT New England on a Thursday Night Game. Week 7 home vs. Arizona will be Daniel Jones’s first start I would predict. We wanna kill Eli but DAL-BUF the first two weeks isn’t easy, and no WRs available this week is even more painful.

 -- No fears on Evan Engram (6-48-0/8). With all the starting WRs hurt/out, the Bills could just double-triple him as needed. Back to higher ground this week, I hope.



 -- Mason Rudolph (12-19 for 112 yards, 2 TD/1 INT) is a good QB prospect. A future NFL starter. It’s amazing how good these guys can be when they aren’t ignored by coaches and reduced to playing crap games in the preseason with CFL WRs and 7th-string O-Linemen. Rudolph is no Big Ben, so there will be a drop-off if he takes over. If Rudolph is starting for a week or a while…James Washington (2-23-0/3) is his guy. I’m telling you. His default mode back to Oklahoma State and the last two preseasons. Worthy of a flex start Week 3, depending upon the league, if Rudolph starts.

 -- Rashaad Penny (10-62-1, 1-3-0/1) proved for the millionth time that he is better than Chris Carson (15-60-0, 3-27-0/3). It’s going to take some Seattle losing to have a change happen, but a split may be here next week. Carroll did ride the hot hand here…he opened the door for Penny, but then he usually shuts it fast the next week…but at least he went with it here and didn’t bury his head in the sand like Mike Tomlin does.

 -- If James Conner (11-33-1, 3-12-0/4) is out for a week but especially if he’s out for an extended time, you go all-in on getting Jaylen Samuels this week, I will repeat myself for the billionth time…Jaylen Samuels (3-18-0, 1-13-0/1) is Le’Veon Bell 2.0…it’s only a matter of time when he overthrows Conner. The Steelers 0-2 start helps this revolution! 0-3 if/when they lose at SF might be the final straw to full scale panic/Tomlin’s days are numbered.



 -- Like I was saying about A.J. Brown (3-25-0/5)…I don’t see any ‘it’ here at all. Week 1 was completely lucky to get 100 yards in that game.

 -- This was my fear with Parris Campbell (1-12-1/1) and Deon Cain (0-0-0/1)…excellent receivers/excellent athletes, in a low-grade passing game. Not enough action from slow-Tyrod Taylor to get excited about for FF.

 -- Welcome back Jayon Brown (10 tackles, 1 PD)! Worked in pass coverage a lot last week, back to tackling this week. A top 10 IDP LB for us coming into the season. Nice showing here.



 -- Dak Prescott (26-30 for 269 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT, 5-69-0) is playing MVP-type of ball so far…but keep in mind it’s been against NYG and CB-depleted WAS. He still looks terrific. And the Gallup-Amari-Cobb…and, now, Devin Smith WR group is wonderful for him to keep these numbers up.

 -- I have pooh-poohed Terry McLaurin (5-62-1/9) at first…I’ll shut my trap on it now. I think he’s better than I gave credit. I knew he was fast with OK hands, but I didn’t think he was an NFL #1 WR, but he is for the Redskins and that’s not terrible with Case Keenum – Keenum will help one WR pop OK enough.

 -- Cole Holcomb (6 tackles, 1 TFL) had another fine showing here. He and rookies Jimmy Moreland (6 tackles, 1 PD) and Montez Sweat (4 tackles, 1 TFL) form quite a young nucleus to build around…for the next Washington head coach. This is a defense not to ignore for fantasy yet either.



 -- Patrick Mahomes (30-44 for 443 yards, 4 TDs/0 INT) can’t repeat his 2018!! That’s what they all said. I think they might wrong… The top asset in fantasy football. No one close.

 -- Wow, Demarcus Robinson (6-172-2/6) had a helluva game. I know he’s good but I didn’t think he’d see enough action to matter…but he made the most of his chances. Anything around Mahomes is a good thing. Mecole Hardman is still the preferred non-Watkins/Tyreek out play…as you saw this week.

 -- LeSean McCoy (11-23-0, 3-0-0/3) out-touched Damien Williams (9-8-0, 3-48-0/5) but neither had a great fantasy week. Mahomes was just destroying them thru the air and everything else was unimportant. This is still a split; I didn’t see any evidence McCoy mad a move to become the 70-30 lead yet. It’s a true 50-50 with a lean towards Damien right now. I think McCoy will take the reigns soon, but not sure when exactly that is. *Williams left this game with an injury…if he has a real issue…the McCoy takeover is coming right here, right now Week 3.



 -- The Bears are giving into their desires…David Montgomery (18-62-1, 1-6-0/3) as lead back. Matt Nagy wants a plain, old fashioned offense. He’s going to choke on it ahead. They look dreadful. Mike Davis (3-1-0) is now fantasy useless, and Tarik Cohen (4-18-0, 2-7-0/5) is on the verge of being a random bye week PPR flex back. This was the week to get creative with Cohen against Vic Fangio, and they did nothing of the sort. This Bears offense (in Nagy’s mind) is all about all throws to Allen Robinson and all carries to David Montgomery. Going to try to win hiding behind their defense (not dumb), but they are doing the old Andy Reid…playing not to lose strategy. Not good for fantasy…unless it’s ARob or Montgomery.

 -- Chris Harris shuts down WRs. He did it here to Allen Robinson (4-41-0/7). He’ll do it to Davante Adams next week.

 -- The Denver defense showed why cutting and running from them last week was the right call. How they have gone from looking dominant last year (at times) and this preseason to absolutely neutered under Vic Fangio is beyond me. No sacks again this week and a very low 2 QB hits. No sacks in 2019…and they really don’t even get close.



 -- The Rams tried to get Todd Gurley (16-63-1, 3-4-0/4) going in this game. They needed him big for this crucial matchup, but he just didn’t seem to have the juice…he kinda looked like he did late last year when the numbers were sinking. I need to see more but this was not the Todd Gurley we all recall.

 -- I have feeling if Drew Brees is going to miss significant time…Sean Payton is going to Taysom Hill at QB either Week 3…or in Week 4 if Teddy Bridgewater flops in Week 3. Taysom Hill is Lamar Jackson-like for what he might do for fantasy.

 -- Robert Woods (2-33-0/2, 1-9-0) had a weak FF game, but note he had a 20+ yard TD taken away and a 10+ yard other play I recalled/noted. He lost 10+ FF points to the festival of holding calls the NFL is now trying to win viewers over with, I guess.



 -- I can control Carson Wentz’s (25-43 for 231 yards, 1 TD/2 INT) performance with a keystroke… When I say he’s mediocre, he’s an MVP after that. When I say I must be wrong about him and he might be a star (like last week), then we have this week. I don’t own Wentz anywhere…so, my comments for the rest of 2019: He’s the best QB the NFL has ever seen forever and ever.

Man, did he not look good here. How Wentz gets a ‘pass’ on things and Trubisky gets nonstop slammed, or Goff…I really have no idea what the media thinks or why they think it.

 -- As I was saying about Miles Sanders (10-28-0, 3-9-0/4)… It was not only the RBBC, but he’s just not that good.

 -- I wouldn’t buy Devonta Freeman (11-22-0, 3-42-0/4) stock, nor would I sell it. Id’ assume a turn is upcoming. Should be a solid RB2 this year.



Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

*You will see all the big RBs here this week. Why? The supply & demand economics of RB and WR are warped right now. There are so many good WRs all over the NFL that are too many to pick from and rosters are littered with them as are waivers. You just gotta find the WRs who score a TD/avoid a bad matchup each week. RBs are dying off into splits and hot hands and minor injuries, there are only so many ‘the mans’ on decent offenses available – they are the biggest thing to get if you can get them.

How to get a big-name RB? Your TE2 Waller, for example or solid WR2, PLUS a hot RB of the moment you don’t really trust (Ekeler, Breida, Ingram, etc.) to gain entry…the names included depending upon the target you’re going after.

Target 0-2 record panic teams or 1-1 teams that just lost. 2-0 teams are not inclined to make radical deals, but rather hold their mythical undefeated all season team.


1) Alvin Kamara, NO – Kamara has yet to score a TD this season and only caught 1 pass in Week 2, and now the Drew Brees injury looms large. Week 2 is a huge panic week for the 0-2 people or the 1-1’s that just lost. This is a window that has opened to attack the panicked. This hasn’t been a big start to 2019 for Kamara…not worthy of his draft pick (yet). Don’t YOU sell off AK.

THEIR Value = RB1, top 10 RB…#4-5-6 RB now, maybe overall…1st-round redraft pick on a re-do


2) George Kittle, SF – Tight end is extremely low supply. Kittle is a best in class TE that has yet to score a TD this year (had two called back for nonsense Week 1) and had an average/low game Week 2.

THEIR Value = TE1 obviously, some will worry that he’s more a #5-10 TE not a #1-3 right now.  


3) David Johnson, ARI – If you own DJ, you’re frustrated but he missed a chunk of Week 2 with a wrist injury. He has not looked an RB1 quite yet but as the ARI offense starts to dial in…DJ goes with it.

THEIR Value = RB1, but semi-shaky. If we redrafted today, he would likely fall to very late round 1 or early round 2 in 12-team drafts.


4) Christian McCaffrey, CAR – You’d think…no way anyone trades him. That’s true if you don’t ask. The opportunity this week is when everyone talks about Cam being an issue/shot and people fear this team is going to flop and take CMC down with it (like in his weak TB game). He’s the toughest of the big 3 to get, but you never know.

THEIR Value = RB1 obviously, still seen as a top 3 RB.


5) Allen Robinson, CHI – Just had a low week due to Chris Harris covering.

THEIR Value = THEY didn’t like ARob anyway, they just drafted him because he was the next name/top suggested pick on the redraft platform mid-draft. THEY see him as a wobbly WR2, and then he had a bad Week 2 (but it was Chris Harris). We see him as a legit/strong WR1 in normal matchups. You can get for WR2-2.5 type valuation in deals, especially multiplayer deals.


6) Kyler Murray, ARI – This is so close to clicking. In Dynasty…make your move for the future while the numbers are erratic (no TD passes this week). In redraft, get as a thrown in backup QB for yourself to replace Trubisky, etc. Arizona still has a bad vibe and Murray seems like a failure to general fans.  

THEIR Value = Back to pre-draft values. A QB2, middle of the pack QB2.  


7) Courtland Sutton, DEN – Shutdown some by the Bears, but he is Denver’s top guy emerging…like Week 1. THEY don’t believe in Sutton like that.

THEIR Value = WR2.5…in a sea of cool John Rosses and Demarcus Robinsons…Sutton is seen as one of those guys. Just a guy. He should be a strong WR2 with upside to WR1.5. He’ll be the ‘given away by others’ WR of the week…a la Christian Kirk last week,  


8) Devin Singletary, BUF -- We need strong RB options/depth, etc.  Singletary barely touched the ball this week. He is seen as Frank Gore’s lackey, but I’m telling you he will be ‘the guy’ and it looks like it will come out of nowhere and not a must-push by McDermott right now.

THEIR Value = Seen as an RB2.5-3.0.   


Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Brandin Cooks, LAR – Big game vs. the Saints…lucky bomb catch (good catch though) and a bad decision (by Goff) short TD throw that somehow made it through. He’s a 3rd-wheel WR here, no real plan -- not like with Woods-Kupp. Big game, easily replaceable, sell him while he has value.

THEIR Value = Try to sell as a WR2 or close top it as you can. He still has a bit of a name. Don’t giveaway, try to get something or just hold him.


2) Greg Olsen, CAR – Big game last week. Sell him up as Olsen + ___ to get ____ better TE. His foot injury/missing several weeks issue is likely right around the corner. And he’s not that good anymore and working with Cam. Bail out fast.

THEIR Value = I take just about anything to move up among the TEs. Try to value him as a TE1, like a #7-10 TE option for those in pain at TE.


3) Josh Ross, CIN – Two big games in-a-row, now’s your last chance. He’ll go from FF starter Week 3 to benches Week 4 in a hurry with a weak FF week. By Week 5 he could be cut. The value is now.

THEIR Value = WR3 they don’t fully trust but a great guy to take like Olsen + Ross to go up into a better, downtrodden TE or like shooting for Waller or trying to get into Kittle (it would take more than that likely).


4) Mark Ingram, BAL – Everyone loves this name. Great to have Ingram + John Ross (example) to try to get into a bigger name RB.  

THEIR Value = RB1, backend. Everyone loves all things Ravens.


5) Mark Andrews, BAL – You don’t have to deal him, but when the Ravens play a normal defense and Lamar struggles…this value will erode fast. He’s white hot now…you can turn this into a Kittle deal easily.  

THEIR Value = Top 5 TE.

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’

1) Jaylen Samuels, PIT – IF IF IF James Conner is out/really hurt. He’s Le’Veon 2.0. He is worth everything if Conner is out.

2-ish) Darwin Thompson, KC -- IF you believe McCoy and Williams are down/out. I don't think that's the case, but slim pickings on RB waivers, so...

2) Deebo Samuel, SF – The #1 WR for this team, on a decent passing team.  

3) Terry McLaurin, WAS – The #1 WR on this team, on a weaker passing team. I’m coming around on McLaurin.  

4) D.J. Chark, JAX – The maybe #1 WR for his rookie QB. It looks like it, but a touch worried he goes 3-21-0 next week and we all cry foul.  

5) Demarcus Robinson, KC – Huge week. Anything related to Mahomes is good. Shelf life of 2-3-4 more weeks. Get to trade.  

*I assume Mecole Hardman was scooped by you prior? If not, he’d be #2 on this list.

**Redraft...you wouldn't chase Minshew-Rudolph, but note we have good grades on both coming out of college. For you 2-QB leaguers. I like both, but not wild about them as any QBs you would use in 2019, except 2-QB leagues. Rudolph we like better.

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Benny Snell, PIT – With the Conner injury, many rookie lovers will think ‘the Steelers really love this kid’…trust me, he is not the answer…he is not splitting with Samuel…he is bad at football running backing.  

2) Nelson Agholor, PHI – Don’t let MNF fool you in the crisis game of all WRs hurt.  

3) Marquise Goodwin, SF – Good Week 2, but targeting remains very low.  

4) Jeff Wilson, SF – The 49ers used the game like a practice at a certain point. Wilson benefited. Normal games, we won’t see him that much.  

5) Jordan Wilkins, IND – Had a big run and now here come all the Wilkins-lovers from 2018. I didn’t even know he was still in the league. I thought he was in the CFL…I just assumed because that’s his talent level.

Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Diontae Johnson, PIT – If Ben is not out or likely to miss a week. The ‘next AB’ story is still developing…Donte Moncrief’s flop is helping this out big time.  

2) James Washington, PIT – If Ben is going to be out for a while…this IS Mason Rudolph’s guy.  

3) Taysom Hill, NO – If Brees is out long term, it won’t be long before Lamar Jackson-like Hill takes over for Sean Payton…which will be hot for FF production.

4) Parris Campbell, IND – If an FF-viable #2 WR emerges with TYH…it’s Parris.

5) Ito Smith, ATL – He seems to be playing more than Devonta Freeman. I know he isn’t, but he is in the game a lot and in key situations. Working a kinda split, but then is there if Freeman goes down.  

6) Jalen Hurd, SF – Should be back in a week or two and may be starting before we know it.

7) Patrick Laird, MIA – As all hell hits the Miami backfield…I thought this was the one stable option among the #3-4-5 RBs this summer. Not Mark Walton…and probably not Myles Gaskin, but maybe Gaskin gets a shot over Laird. Deep rosters only.

8) Darrel Williams, KC -- if McCoy and Williams are down/out...Williams might play/grab a role in this backfield. he's more experienced and the bigger back. Good hands. Smart runner. Not overly athletic.

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them Players’:

1) A.J. Brown, TEN – I warned you last week. Nothing good will come from the TEN passing game.

2) Donte Moncrief, PIT – He may get cut soon by the Steelers, so you should be ahead of the game.

3) Mike Davis, CHI – Just the handcuff for Montgomery now.

4) Dante Pettis, SF – I cannot believe anything SF says about this guy anymore. Keep in deeper leagues for a trade to somewhere.  

5) Jimmy Graham, GB – It’s been over for a while.  

Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe on waivers) to Consider:

1) Jags-DST – The team is struggling a bit but Mariota-Flacco-Cam-Brees?-Dalton-Darnold ahead.

2) Packers-DST – Arguably the best pure defense still sitting on waivers. A top 5 NFL defensive unit. Flacco-Wentz-Dak-Stafford-Carr ahead is not great but not killer either.

3) Redskins-DST – My “I gotta hunch’ defense ahead. I love the young talent. IF Quinton Dunbar is back you got them hosting Trubisky MNF, Eli, Brady, Miami the next 4 weeks. Nice for three of those.

4) 49ers-DST – The top upstart defense I see on waivers. Could be a top 5 or so unit but their schedule is rough. Suddenly, vs. PIT this week looks good. Week 4 BYE then Baker. Not a great set up.

5) Bucs-DST – 10 days off and facing Eli next, then Goff-Brees?-Cam

6) Colts-DST – Good defense, stable offense vs. Ryan and Carr at home the next two weeks might be OK.

7) Cardinals-DST – You might laugh but this has been a pretty good defense on the field…shockingly good at times. Just held the glorious Ravens to 23 at home. Cam-Wilson-Dalton the next 3 games. 


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