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2019 Week 7: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

October 21, 2019

2019 Week 7: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

Don’t you love/hate Fantasy Football? Just when you think everything is starting to settle in from injuries, Patrick Mahomes gets hurt and you start Week 7 out in the hole for scoring and have a QB crisis to deal with. Those without Mahomes thought their Kyler Murray plan looked awesome…and then he didn’t even outscore Mahomes this week. David Johnson forces you to play him…and he lasts literally one play…while so many DJ owners were forced to have Chase Edmonds on the bench.

All that, and some of you still won (or are winning/favored going into tonight) despite Mahomes-Kyler-Engram-DJ. I can’t believe it, but then again…I said we’re entering the part of the season where our depth mattered…and we’re not the only one struggling with injuries, etc.

Some of us got pounced by DJ and no Edmonds with or without Kyler or Engram dragging things down. Or we just faced a random act of Aaron Rodgers.

Some of us started Chase Edmonds with or without David Johnson, the ‘with’ plan very much discussed and promoted on the Sunday Video Q&A yesterday…and Chase became your new favorite player.

Fantasy 2019 is becoming about injuries, adjustments, depth, survival. Most FFM’ers have had to deal with injuries IN-GAME or for several games to Tyreek, David Johnson, Mahomes, and/or Engram in some combination this season. It’s been a nightmare – but it’s ‘the game’ right now. 2018 was smooth sailing. But 2019, we’re back to a street fight. Get your brass knuckles out and go to war.

You may have left a win on the bench (Engram v. Waller, Edmonds v. DJ) and you’re lamenting that. There was nothing you could do – you had to go DJ considering what he did last week being ‘questionable’. You had to Engram vs. ARI defense. It wasn’t even a debate. Sometimes things go against the decisions…but the great thing to remember is – we have decisions. You have depth. You have wins on your bench.

You know what really sucks in fantasy? Not having any real lineup decisions…having no depth. I had a team with Kyler-DJ-Engram with Mahomes-Edmonds-Waller on the bench, and yet with a Dorsett starting chance to win tonight...why? My opponent went with Luke Willson at TE. Will Fuller at WR. The player who has carried his team this season, DeShaun Watson…he faltered. You think you got issues? You got ‘first world’ lineup issues while most of your opponents have ‘third world’ options. Take some pride in that if you did leave the top scoring team in your league on the bench – there is merit in possessing that weapons cache.

Get your team healthy. Get to the playoffs. Out-maneuver from there. Rare are the 7-0/6-1 teams in FFM-land this year. Too many injuries. It’s the game. Let’s play the game. Punch the wall over a bad lineup decision(s) and then let’s get back to work looking at smart waiver moves and the right sit/starts for Week 8.

This is a grinder year for most FFM’ers…keep grinding. A whole half a season to go.




 -- This game was a great reminder of something I need to tattoo on my arm and stare at an hour a day – NFL coaches do not move off their workhorse RB…ever. Todd Gurley (18-41-0, 1-13-1/1) comes off a quad injury, combined with his degenerative knee issues that an entire organization has to plan around limiting his work load on -- and with a 24 point lead in the 4th-quarter and Matt Ryan knocked out of the game – Gurley was in the game taking carries. Unbelievable.

Would have been a good time to get Darrell Henderson (11-31-01-8-0/1) more work/experience…but we see what Sean McVay thinks of that. DH only gets meaningful work if Gurley is totally out. Gurley active…Henderson will be mostly meaningless.

 -- If Matt Ryan (16-27 for 159 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) is out next week…Seattle (vs. ATL) will be a top DST play because Matt Schaub (6-6 for 85 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) as Atlanta’s backup is utterly ridiculous.

 -- First look at the LAR-DST with Jalen Ramsey (4 tackles)…so far, so good – but note this Falcons team is dead, so of course they looked good. LAR vs. CIN next week will be hot for sure. LAR the rest of the season, at least to Week 13, looks promising but not a sure thing. A lot of LAR defensive injuries to be made up for with the Ramsey add.



 -- Devin Singletary (7-26-0) back, and the offense struggling…limited touches and no targets for him. Some relief work, basically.

*Checks arm tattoo* Singletary won’t matter for FF until Gore goes down and out.

 -- Mark Walton (14-66-0, 1-0-0/1) drew the heavier workload of carries, and it really didn’t matter for FF…as I expected. There is little chance for FF goodness from Miami RBs.

 -- Mike Gesicki (4-41-0/4) is trying to rise from the dead…3 or more catches in a game in three of his last 4 games. 51 yards receiving Week 6…41 yards here in Week 7. Some signs of trust from Ryan Fitzpatrick displayed.



 -- The Jags offense is starting to drag. The O-Line issues are starting to show cracks in the armor. Gardner Minshew (15-32 for 255 yards, 1 TD/0 INT, 9-48-0) has muddy pockets/not-open receivers…so, he’s having to scramble out of the pocket quickly desperately trying to buy time for something to happen a la what Baker Mayfield is going through. It looks ugly the last two weeks and a bad defense like Cincy just gave them some fits. This is a low grade, too safe offense starting to sag a bit.

 -- Alex Erickson (8-137-0/14) had a big game out of nowhere. Sign of things to come? I doubt it. This offense has shown no interest in Erickson before in the Edelman-role. I’ll assume it’s an aberration they won’t follow through on.

 -- Joe Mixon (10-2-0, 1-2-1/2) is dying…a lot. 19 carries for 12 yards the last two weeks…with a ‘long’ run of 4 yards in that span. The O-Line is a total disaster and the coaching staff has shown no real, clever plan to get him the ball in unique ways. He’s closer to an RB3 than an RB2 right now.



 -- For context, Adam Thielen (1-25-1/2) hit on a TD…and crashed to the ground and got hurt on his only catch before being ruled out for the rest of the game. It was his 7th TD of the season…in 7 games. He’s (obviously) on pacing for 16 TDs this season. He’s back to one of the best in the game again. Of course, hurt…leaving points on the table, and is has to be a TNF game for him next so less time to heal. Bad luck.

 -- Thielen is back performing at a high level, in part, because Kirk Cousins (24-37 for 337 yards, 4 TDs/0 INT) is on fire – 10 TDs/1 INT and three 300+ yard games his last three games…after less than 240 yards passing and 3 TDs/2 INT his first 4 games of the season.

We’re a Week 8 big performance on TNF away from all the idiots saying Cousins was a terrible signing and that he needed to be benched to them saying Cousins is an MVP candidate just a month later. Nice conviction and foresight…

 -- Kerryon Johnson (5-23-0, 0-0-0/1) is having a pretty terrible season, from expectations, and now he’s hurt (to what extent we’ll see). Ty Johnson (10-29-0, 4-28-0/4) is going to be a big discussion/high interest waiver wire guy this week. We need to see if Kerryon will be able to go before we unpack all the Ty Johnson scouting again.

If Kerryon is active…he’ll take all the touches. Ty only matters if Kerryon cannot play at all.



 -- FYI, Derek Carr (22-28 for 293 yards, 2 TDs/1 INT) has 2 TD passes in three of his last 4 games. HOU-DET-LAC-CIN the next 4 weeks ain’t bad. If the Raiders defense is slipping…then Carr will be throwing a bunch ahead.

 -- Raiders’ FYI #2…Zay Jones (DNP) was inactive. If he cannot be ready 2+ weeks after being acquired and with a great need due to Tyrell Williams out with injury…then we got issues. Zay moves from ‘exciting hopeful’ to ‘skeptical prospect’. There could be a good reason for the inactive, but until I hear it…I assume the worst.

 -- Allen Lazard (3-42-0/4) had some nice moments, and a helluva Mike Evans-like catch for 26-yards…and he started, but there was no ‘feel’ of anything special happening. He was just another good option out there. Unknown Week 8 projections…WR3-ish likely.



 -- MVP(ha!) Deshaun Watson (23-34 for 308 yards, 1 TD/2 INTs) has 8 TDs/0 INTs vs. awful ATL and LAC pass defenses, and 5 TDs/5 INTs in his other 5 games this season. He’s like most good QBs…great in great matchups and at-risk the tougher the opponent is.

The good news is…easier matchups until Week 12-15 (IND-NE-DEN…all at home, and then @TEN).

Jacoby Brissett should get an MVP vote before Deshaun Watson, on so many levels.

 -- Will Fuller did this (1-6-0/1)…and Kenny Stills did this (4-105-0/5). Enough with Fuller now? One amazing game does not a fantasy star make. Seven Fuller events this season, and six have been crap and one was that 3 TD event.

 -- Zach Pascal (6-106-2/7) had a day. He’s a solid WR, but I’m not sure this is the start of anything – the Texans have a terrible pass defense and they were missing one corner and another was hurt coming in and got hurt in-game, I believe – thus, a bigger Colts passing event…where that’s not their norm.



 -- You had a proverbial gun to your head…you had to start David Johnson (1-2-0) after we had issues the prior week and then he goes out an is amazing for FF. Why they pushed Johnson to be out there, I have no idea. DJ took the first carry, cut back, got tackled, looked fine moving, got up limping and never to be seen again.

 -- We pushed Chase Edmonds (27-126-3, 2-24-0/4) as a legit start with DJ playing because Edmonds had been doing so well, and the potential of DJ going down quick – and BINGO. It’s going to be a discussion going forward – is the Cardinals offense better with Edmonds taking the split majority of the carries, and DJ being a Pro Bowl WR who happens to play RB? I think Arizona sees it all too well.

 -- Kyler Murray (14-21 for 104 yards, 0 TD/0 INT, 10-28-0) was not the #1 QB of the week…he didn’t even beat Patrick Mahomes for FF. Edmonds kept scoring and then the rain kept coming and the Cardinals didn’t need to risk throwing…and the FF-dud was on. Nothing Murray did bad.

 -- TEs have been killing Arizona all year, so it stands to reason Evan Engram would have one catch for 6 yards and a couple of drops against them. Unreal.



 -- This game was played in terrible rain conditions, so I wouldn’t read into anything too deep here…

 -- Word is out that the 49ers are shopping for a WR or two for their playoff/Super Bowl run…meaning Dante Pettis (0-0-0/2) is all but dead here.

 -- Wendell Smallwood (5-23-0, 1-18-0/1) filling in the Chris Thompson role…a few more carries and not much happening in the passing game (where CT thrived).



 -- Melvin Gordon (16-32-0, 2-0-1/3) may have sealed his fate getting traded with his mess of fumbles and failed goal line TD attempts in this game. Any team could have him if they offered LAC a 3rd-round pick or better. The Chicago Bears are the #1 suckers on my list to make this mammoth mistake. Not many teams need a (bad) RB at this point.

 -- Hunter Henry (6-97-0/8) is back with straight fire…7.0 rec., 98.5 yards, 1.0 TDs in his two games back from injury. For the season, having played in Week 1, Henry is averaging 6.0 rec. (7.3 targets), 85.7 yards, 0.33 TDs per game. He has entered the argument for top tight end in the fantasy game right now (on a team always desperately passing in defeat). I always expect Henry to be erratic, as he’s been his career…but he’s got three sweet outputs in his 3 games this season.

 -- Titans 1st-round draft pick DT Jeffrey Simmons (4 tackles, 1 sack) was activated for the 1st-time, rehabbing back from his college injury – a nice IDP performance in his debut.



 -- The final Teddy Bridgewater (23-38 for 281 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) start for 2019 may be a juicy one against Arizona Week 8. Ditto for Latavius Murray (27-119-2, 5-31-0/6) working without Kamara…which could be huge FF numbers for him.

 -- The Bears' defense just got punched in the mouth again…the mystique appears to be over. They should have a ‘get right’ game versus the all-injured LAC O-Line next week and then the schedule is mostly unfavorable. Auto-sitting/fearing the Bears' defense for your fantasy players…it may be over now until further notice.

 -- If the Bears offense is going to continue to crap out (remember, Matt Nagy is an offensive genius) with no run game at all…Tarik Cohen (3-10-0, 9-19-0/12) may start to become a sweet PPR option on deficits and increased pass game desperation.



 -- Lamar Jackson (9-20 for 143 yards, 0 TD/0 INT, 14-116-1) has tailed off as a passer since starting hot against the terrible pass defenses he has 4 TDs/5 INTs his last 5 games…and four of the last 5 games under 250 yards passing.

 -- Jaron Brown (3-60-0/6) has averaged 3.0 rec. (5.5 targets), 44.5 yards, 1.0 TDs per game since Will Dissly got hurt (2 games). Four of his 5 games this season he has 3 catches in a game. He’s seeing some elevated work this year, and then a touch more without Dissly. He has a decent pass game relationship with Wilson. He’s trying to show a spark here.

 -- Jacob Hollister (3-20-0/6) took a big step forward to being the TE that matter for fantasy in Dissly’s absence. He’s just not the total package of blocking/receiving Dissly was. He’s worth watching if he’s going to get close to Dissly output here.



 -- Dallas Goedert (4-69-1/4) won a few FFM’ers a game out of nowhere, their crisis TE of the week. Others just picked him up and sat on him. Why? I hope you know -- because I’ve said/written about it for several weeks – we are taking out some lottery tickets that Ertz or Goedert get traded before the NFL trade deadline and then you have ‘new Gronk’ with Goedert.

Aside from that theory, this was the second game in a row Goedert looked and acted like the main TE weapon for the team. If you own Ertz, you should crave a deal to get Goedert away from Ertz.

 -- I didn’t think Amari Cooper (5-106-0/5) would play in this game, and if he did he would be a decoy/not 100%. That was a wrong play. It was the idea that I should have used on David Johnson v. Chase Edmonds.

 -- Jordan Howard (11-50-0, 2-6-0/2) was really working well as the 80/20 lead ballcarrier here 9for a 2nd-week in a row)…but Dallas got ahead so quickly it forced Philly into a passing game comeback and that led to more Miles Sanders (6-21-0, 3-11-0/3) on the field. Howard is a nice ‘buy low’ this week for those looking for touches the next few BYE weeks. The untrained eyes will see an FF-dud and think JoHo is useless.

I think they are starting to build the offense around him as the lead runner. They want to be a run heavy team and Howard is clearly the guy for that. Philly should be able to run their offense more stable against suddenly not-so-scary BUF and CHI the next two weeks. Weeks 13-15 for Howard: MIA-NYG-WAS.


BYE Week 7 teams (one quick note)


Ricky Seals-Jones will be one to watch in Week 8…a sleeper on his recent activity, but also if the Browns lose this week and deal OBJ and Landry…RSJ may be the most comfortable pass game relationship for Baker from Week 9 on.


Facing Miami Week 8 means…Mason Rudolph and Diontae Johnson are sleepers for Week 8.


O.J. Howard odds he’s traded this week…20%. Odds he’s trade next week…30%. I think it’s New England. The Saints would like him, but no way TB trades him in-division.


If Joey Slye was dropped in your league…he’s a top 1-5 kicker for fantasy going forward, and he’s past his BYE. A great get off waivers this week if he made it there.



 ------ TOP FIVES ------



*BUY LOW means buy LOW(er) not PAY ANY PRICE TO GET SOMETHING DONE. We’re looking for opportunity, and it may or may not be there. But the window is more open than it was last week on these players, no matter the current (non-FFM) owners say.


Top 5 ‘Buy Low’


1) Christian Kirk, ARI – Kyler is starting to happen, and when he does…Kirk will be his main guy along with Fitz (and DJ). He’s been forgotten due to his injury, so he’s more relatively available and pretty cheap. PPR desire only.  

THEIR Value = WR2-2.5. They don’t believe and aren’t sure he’ll play this week…nor do THEY really know what they have. A great PPR buy low.


2) Kenny Golladay, DET – 1 catch for 21 yards in Week 7, as Marvin Jones became a star. Golladay has 21 or fewer yards in two of his last four games and hasn’t scored a TD in his last two games – all things that scare current owners (rightfully so) and make them think Golladay is a random WR2 who might fallout to a WR2.5 or worse.

Golladay is about to hit a nice schedule stretch, one that has two Chicago problems (Weeks 10 and 13)…but CHI may not be that big an issue anymore.  

If you see a current owner NOT starting Golladay this week, vs. NYG, then it’s time to pounce. I think Golladay is more WR1.5 potential than WR2.5 flop. An extremely talented WR.

THEIR Value = Shaky WR2 that they are worried could fall lower…like many of us fear about Curtis Samuel or Phillip Dorsett…that is to say there is no great love/respect for Golladay, more skepticism. If the current owner is a skeptic…flush that out to ‘buy low’, not must acquire. Go bargain basement shopping.  


3) Evan Engram, NYG – The last 4 weeks of Engram have been a mess. No TDs. Missed a game with injury. The Engram name is much bigger than the output right now. This week in a prime spot (vs. ARI), Engram had a few drops and was a massive FF-disappointment. If you even wanted in, now is the time.

Just note…if you have Waller, you have no real reason to chase this. Waller is arguably the #1 TE for fantasy ROS now. Engram is a nice buy low for those with TE issues.

THEIR Value = TE1, but not a top 3-5 like he was first three weeks. Now, he’s creating a mini-panic in his current owner that he’s a back-end TE1.  


4) Nick Chubb, CLE – This is a nuanced one… This is one to watch for a developing situation that may not begin this week but see if it does. Kareem Hunt is due back Week 9. If that starts getting talked up heavy this week by the ESPNs of the world, then current Chubb owners would have something to worry about (and nothing FF owners love more than worrying about stuff one very player). You won’t just get Chubb for nothing, but I’m saying he may be more available than ever if the Hunt talk stirs up/stokes fear.

I don’t fear Hunt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hunt were traded before the NFL trade deadline.  

THEIR Value = Still an RB1, but for a dying FF team in need…and fearing the NE matchup next week…maybe there is a reasonable deal if Kareem Hunt is being over-discussed.


5) Kyler Murray, ARI – I will keep using the same line over and over here…

I am not saying Kyler Murray IS the QB who can hang with all the big names for fantasy down the stretch. I am saying he’s your best, cheaper hope that he MIGHT. He has superior talent. His team is starting to move the ball at will, score TDs, and win games. He can run and throw with the best of them. He’s made for fantasy goodness.

Now, THEY don’t really believe in Kyler. And this Week 7 dud, with everyone howling about how good Kyler is and what a great matchup it was vs. NYG…and he barely scores any FF points. He can’t help if Chase Edmonds was running for three 20+ yard TDs and taking away the passing need…while it perpetually poured down rain in New York in the 2nd-half.

Week 7 into Week 8 has created a perfect moment to drive Kyler’s value down. If you wanted to get him in redraft, and you don’t HAVE to, but if you wanted to – this is an opportune moment. Mahomes for Kyler to an FF-team that doesn’t feature Kyler is probably on the table this week. If you wanted to sell Mahomes or acquire Kyler. There might be better QBs to chase using Mahomes + ____ for that QB you want who is not-Kyler.

The Kyler issue is…at NO, SF, at TB, SF, BYE, LAR the next five weeks – that’s four bad matchups suddenly – as the Saints have become great on defense and LAR got Jalen Ramsey.  

THEIR Value = Barely a QB1 now…a rookie you can’t trust because of last week. Be careful…the schedule is choppy ROS...as suddenly NO and LAR have flipped to tough matchups.


Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Alshon Jeffrey, PHI – Because of the schedule ahead for Philly. Weeks 8-11: BUF-CHI-BYE-NE.

THEIR Value = He has a ‘name’ for people. Trying to sell as a WR1.5 value if you can squeeze it…better if mixed into a 2-for-2. Strong WR2 value exchange might have to do.


2) Patrick Mahomes, KC – IF you believe he’s not coming back to Week 13, as I do…with a chance he’s not back then, or back ‘right’ either…if you don’t have time to wait -- you can sell him to some 7-0/6-1/5-2 team who would love to possess this asset for the FF playoffs, as they buy the positive return estimates and don’t consider the schedule from Week 13 on.

THEIR Value = QB1, a top dog…but the trade partner has to be in a position to invest/sit on this. Don’t go to 3-4/2-5 teams to peddle this.


3) Marvin Jones, DET – 4 TDs in one game…I’ll sell it – which would have been the right call the week Mike Evans went loco, or when Will Fuller did, etc.

If you just make blind Marvin Jones for ___ offers…you’ll never get it done. This is more of a slide Jones into a multiplayer deal and see if you can smoke and mirror him at a better value.

Jones traded before the NFL deadline is 50-50 as well.

THEIR Value = WR2.5 if asked, but secretly a WR2 hope if they watch his game last week live.


4) Carson Wentz, PHI – Same notes as Alshon Jeffrey above. Move laterally into a better QB.

THEIR Value = A QB1 but not everyone realizes how much his numbers are crumbling. He’s been on this list for weeks, but his story keeps getting worse. You may have missed the window.  


5) Adrian Peterson, WAS – Lots of carries under the new coach, and nothing fantasy GMs love more than any RB who (a) starts and (b) gets 15+ carries in games. Doesn’t matter if they don’t do $#&% with them on $#&% team.

Derrius Guice is expected back Week 11. The next two games for AP are @MIN and @BUF. Good luck with that.  

THEIR Value = RB2 for the desperate…and most every FF player is RB desperate 24/7…it’s how they exist. Worrying about RB depth is the oxygen fantasy GMs breathe.  


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’ (looking at players less than 50-60% owned on average)

1) Ty Johnson, DET – Will be the waiver claim of the week. How critical? We’ll see how Kerryon’s knee report is soon. Just consider – Ty Johnson is a talent. However, if Kerryon is out for a while, the Lions would likely add a veteran RB to this mix/call up one off the practice squad. It may not be for sure ‘imminent’ that they feature Ty Johnson.

2) Justin Tucker, BAL – Obviously, not available on waivers…BUT, he’s on a BYE this week. You don’t want to drop him and go with a rando kicker and give up 3-4-5+ PPG, on average, to hold a slot for a 7th RB handcuff you hope ‘happens’. He has moved to the #2 PK in fantasy YTD PPG. He’s a difference maker over time of the season.

If someone else in your league drops him, you can claim, and then have kicker settled the rest of the fantasy season.

3) Sam Darnold, NYJ – I know, I’m shocked typing this. Here’s the thing… Darnold will be THE TALK of fantasy this week, as long as he survives NE tonight. Week 8 will be a non-stop discussion of the Jets schedule ahead…for Darnold, Robby, Crowder, etc. You might need a Hail Mary replacement for Mahomes. You might need someone to pair with Kyler schedule issues.

I’m more for – claiming and then when this talk hits a fever pitch later in the week…I’m a seller, or I wait until next MON-TUE when the schedule really turns and everyone is going crazy. This is a ‘flip this house’ moment for me, more than ‘I’m playing Darnold with confidence’ moment.

‍4) Chris Herndon, NYJ – That whole schedule thing hits Herndon too. The football people love Herndon. I am OK with Herndon, but that schedule for the TE desperate is pretty nice. I’m starting to warm up to Herndon for the 2nd-half of this season, for those in need – or this is an asset to sell off.  

5) Diontae Johnson, PIT – Versus Miami Week 8 isn’t too shabby…if you have a WR need. Week 9 vs. IND is OK, then the schedule gets rocky from there. This is more of a Week 8 shot for those in need.    

*Chase Edmonds is less than 50% owned in leagues, but we’ve been talking about Edmonds as a must-get for weeks. I assume, I do not need to point him out at this stage?


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Zach Pascal, IND – Great Week 7, but the non-T.Y. Hilton Colts’ WRs are all random week-to-week. Pascal hit this week with Houston down two starting corners…hurray!   

2) Mark Walton, MIA – He’s getting lead touches for the Dolphins, but it’s still the Dolphins. Even if Kenyan Drake is traded…this is just a solid touch count, no TDs or big yards play and likely to disappoint – and then Dolphins would add someone to RBBC him if they did trade Drake.

3) Alex Erickson, CIN – Finally, Erickson used like he should have been for years…but Cincy uses him heavy like 1-2x time a season and then forgets. I like him as a player, but I don’t trust Cincy making this happen. It’s a shame.  

4) Anthony Miller, CHI – NFL people and analysts love him, and he had some more activity this week…so everyone’s excited that maybe he’s about to step forward. Not possible – he’s overrated, and the Bears’ offense is John Fox bad.    

‍5) Corey Davis, TEN – He’s a solid, but overrated WR. Are you expecting him to shine with Ryan Tannehill? He has never shined aside from a random week every 4-5-6-8 weeks his whole career. Now is the turning point? I don’t think so.



Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Dallas Goedert, PHI – Two ways to win… (1) Suddenly seems to be ‘the man’ for the Eagles at TE…a useful TE option. (2) He or Ertz gets traded…and I have a feeling it might be Ertz.  

2) O.J. Howard, TB – Pure speculation he ends up on New England by Next Tuesday, in which case he would be a top five TE1 for people in an instant.

3) Darrell Henderson, LAR – The Gurley handcuff and a game-changer if he ever gets the chance. Might start working like Chase Edmonds is…working behind the starter but putting up numbers.

4) Ricky Seals-Jones, CLE – He might be Baker’s best target all of the sudden. For those who are TE desperate.

5) Kenny Stills, HOU – Will Fuller is dying. Keke Coutee is dying. Kenny Stills might be the Will Fuller you were looking for?

6) Mohamed Sanu, ATL – Pure speculation he gets traded to NE or SF in the next week.

7) N’Keal Harry, NE – If the Patriots make no moves at WR…Harry’s value is going to rocket. It’s been percolating for a week+, which is why he’s been on here the last few weeks. His name is going to be hot (to trade) soon.

8) Allen Lazard, GB – Not as great a week as ‘starter’ as I had hoped, but there were some positives. He’s really talented.

9) Derrius Guice, WAS – Expected to be back Week 11, but he’s shaky on a bad team. But he’s something getting touches.

10) Darrel Williams, KC – If KC demotes/cuts Damien Williams, Darrel may end up the best RB of the KC duo to own.

11) Andy Isabella, ARI – First two catches of the season last week. Every week, the last three weeks, he’s been getting a little more ‘on purpose’ work. Drips…drips we hope turn into a stream…and then a shock geyser. Likely, just a stream…but on that offense…he could be the difference. The homerun hitter and jet sweeper.

12) Ryan Finley, CIN – For those in 2-QB leagues needing warm bodies…Finley might start Week 10, post-BYE.


Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Damien Williams, KC – The third most important RB on fantasy worst backfield mess. What are we holding onto? Holding for? An injury to McCoy? You could get 10-15 other RBs and hope for the same.

2) Keke Coutee, HOU – Has not really mattered at all this season like he did in 2018.

3) Justice Hill, BAL – It’s Ingram-Edwards…Justice is the wrong RB at the wrong time for this offense.  

4) Jordan Akins, HOU – Was showing a spark, but Houston/Bill O’Brien never really makes TEs great for FF except blips here and there.

5) Damiere Byrd, ARI – Was showing a spark early in this offense but has about died off totally in recent weeks. Kirk will be back this week.


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe on waivers) to Consider:

*Suddenly, fresh DST options are starting to emerge. Some of your smartest moves ahead can be to carry two DSTs to mix-and-match their schedule opportunities.


1) Browns-DST – My ‘hunch’ defense down the stretch, but there’s an ugly thing before we see the light…if we see the light. The ugly thing remaining is at NE Week 8, but that might not be too bad given the great Browns D-Line vs. the battered NE O-Line.

After they get past Brady, they have…Flacco, J. Allen, Rudolph, Fitzpatrick, Rudolph, Dalton, Kyler, Lamar. Very fertile ground if they can get to it.

I will just say this – if the Browns beat NE, everyone will be in on this. You probably need to declare this week, or it could be gone/competitive to try to get Week 9 waiver night.  

2) Jets-DST – Weeks 8-16, they might be a start every week…and most weeks a very strong start. 2x MIA, WAS, CIN, NYG all in the next few weeks. If they show out on MNF vs. NE, you will probably fight many people to claim them. If Brady beats them quietly…you should have little interference.

3) Seahawks-DST – The next two weeks now look very promising. Week 8 vs. ATL, which is great if Matt Ryan is out (likely) -- and then Week 9 vs. Tampa Bay. The Seahawks-DST isn’t amazing, but they’re OK with two great matchups ahead…especially against Matt Schaub.  

4) Steelers-DST – Facing Miami Week 8 is the reason to be here. IND-LAR the next two weeks is a no-go for the most part. They could be OK for Weeks 11-16 with CLE-CIN-CLE-ARI-BUF-NYJ. Depends if CLE gets turned around or are still a mess. There is upside here, but it’s not the greatest defensive unit either.

5) Panthers-DST – Quietly a top 5 defense in the NFL. Really talented. Not a great schedule ahead but is a solid defense so it won’t kill you.

6) Packers-DST – Suddenly a play because they face the Chiefs Week 8…who would’ve thought that would be a matchup to target! Week 9 at LAC isn’t bad. Weeks 13-15 are looking great -- @NYG, WAS, CHI.

7) Titans-DST – Winston-K.Allen-Matt Moore then next three weeks before a BYE isn’t that bad, but the Titans’ offense doesn’t support their defense…so it’s a bit shaky.  

8) Lions-DST – Hosting NYG this week, then @OAK and @CHI aren’t too bad. In a crisis, they are a Week 8 option.

9) Colts-DST – Not a bad defense and getting healthier…Flacco-Rudolph-Fitzpatrick-Minshew the next 4 weeks. Not bad, not great. The ESPN analyst’s LOVE this defense the next few weeks, so get ready for them to be highly ranked and discussed this week. 


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