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2019 Week 9: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

November 4, 2019

2019 Week 9: Three Things from all Sunday Games + Top 5’s of the Week (Waivers, Buy Low/Sell High, etc.)

At just the right time, it looks like (from my FFM-based sample group I track every week for years) we’re about to book the best winning percentage week of the 2019 season across the FFM-universe. If you lost and are mad about that statement…hey, unless you’re in our same league – we’re rooting for you. We want everyone popping. You got a lot of the same guys we all do…we all want FFM to succeed because it means we got the right players/sit-starts.

Most FFM-based teams have locked in the victory, some as long as Dak or Zeke don’t have an historic night. Those who lost this week have two running themes…(1) faced Russell Wilson (but a lot of you took him down as well) and/or (2) Had Adam Thielen give a goose egg. How exactly can you plan for that? It’s the beauty of the game. It’s why we all get butterflies at 1pmET every Sunday – we have no idea what random events are going to happen for us to have to adjust to.

After a sluggish start this season, in general, what was true in 2017 is coming true in 2019…give it enough time/weeks, let the BYE weeks come into more play and let the injuries mount up and let us see more cards at the poker table, keep getting in the ring and punching – we will start to nudge ahead with the right waiver moves ahead of time, the depth we’ve built, the smarter DST and kicker plays. Every move counts.

Congrats on a huge week across the FFM-universe. My Week 9 feelings can best be summed up as if I was Arnold Schwarzenegger (not a stretch, really) and you're Jamie Lee Curtis...a Jamie Lee Curtis who entered Week 9 looking at no Mahomes, DJ, and no real confidence in Kyler's matchup... https://youtu.be/rCDZIx26LKM

No rest for the victorious or those on the ropes. Plenty of work still to be done – SIX NFL teams on BYE this week, it’s going to be a crowded pool. Your depth is really going to matter this week.

Let’s look back at Sunday, and then some top five ideas to think about for Week 10…






 -- Foles or Minshew Week 11? Not sure. My guess is Gardner Minshew (27-47 for 309 yards, 0 TD/2 INTs, 4-34-0) played his way out of the job…not because he’s bad, but there is so much pressure on the current regime – they cannot lose with their expensive QB on the bench. Had the Jags won here…likely Minshew next game. However, with the bad loss…they will go to Foles. I wouldn’t be surprised if they fired Doug Marrone Monday and go with Tom Coughlin/Nick Foles next game.

 -- I think there’s a chance Dede Westbrook is out for a few weeks or goes on I.R. – and that may spring Keelan Cole (5-80-0/6) to put up similar/better PPR WR3+ numbers in his absence. He’s better than Westbrook, and he could sense it will be his last chance to show what he’s got – he was the Jags top WR just a few years ago.

 -- Kenny Stills (4-52-0/4) got hurt early…first a groin, then a shoulder…but he finished the game – just not much for FF here. Basically, the non-Hopkins option this year has worked once…and not 8 times. ‘I’m out’. I tried to get in on the Houston passing game in favorable matchups…but it’s all Hopkins and then Fells for the TDs.



 -- Looks like we might finally have a Devin Singletary (20-95-1, 3-45-0/4) move to starter…I’ve been waiting for this for half a season and it looks like we finally got it. I’ll fully believe it if he’s the lead next week, but you could see the difference in the offense with Singletary in. I think we got an RB1.5 here ROS.

 -- Washington now goes on a BYE and Derrius Guice will likely be the lead RB Week 11. Worst case a split, of sorts, with Adrian Peterson (18-108-0, 1-22-0/1) at first and then Guice as a workhorse – they have to see what they have for 2020. They don’t need to see more AP.

 -- If Washington SAF Montae Nicholson is out again next week, Troy Apke (7 tackles, 1 TFL) is a legit top 10-15 DB opportunity for IDP. Apke may be on the verge of winning the job anyway…and that would be sweet for IDP.



 -- Jonnu Smith (3-18-0/5) has a letdown, as I feared he might…you cannot trust Mike Vrabel’s offense with the TE…or Tannehill to make it worthy. Every time Jonnu has a moment…it dissipates the next week…not because of him.

 -- Christian McCaffrey (24-146-2, 3-20-1/3) came down hard on the back to his head on his last TD. He was on the sidelines the last 5+ minutes. He passed the concussion tests, so should not be an issue this week. You gotta have Reggie Bonnafon (3-6-0, 1-7-0/1) if you own CMC…especially down the stretch run. If you don’t have CMC, Bonnafon is one of the best gamble RBs to squat on – one CMC hit and you own an RB1…ditto Tony Pollard.

 -- Curtis Samuel (3-64-1/6) has 3 TDs in his last 3 games, 2 receiving and 1 rushing. Samuel just does not get in sync with Kyle Allen enough to get to the next level this year.



 -- Patrick Mahomes (DNP) was declared out for this game around 9amET. Now, you have to worry that the team has been pushing this ‘back early’ story to keep interest in their back-to-back home games they just had. Plus, it’s a good ploy to keep the other team guessing. All that to say – I’m not so sure Mahomes will play Week 10 either…no matter what ‘insiders’ say. If you are counting on Mahomes Week 10…look at your contingency plans again. The KC win here…gave the Chiefs more room to err on the side of caution. I thought Mahomes was 90% for Week 10, but based on my latest intel…I’d say it’s 50-50 again.

 -- Adam Thielen (0-0-0/1) burned us three weeks in-a-row…out 1Q Week 7, gone from a great matchup Week 8, and gave you a DJ ‘one series and gone’ Week 9. We can do all the analysis and prep and evaluations on things but then a top guy leaves early with a zero…not much you can do but cry. He’s suspect for Week 10 now as well.

 -- R.I.P. LeSean McCoy (3-9-0, 1-0-0/1)…I hope you got out weeks ago. Now, everyone will want in on Damien Williams (12-125-1, 2-3-0/2)…he has the 91-yard play that made him or he would have had a colossal FF-dud game too.



 -- Preston Williams (5-72-2/9) finally had his TD event…on my benches, likely on yours. And now he may be injured/out next week. He went down a couple of times and limped to the sidelines on his last one, and then was carted off. Not good. They hope it’s a sprain…but I don’t know. Worried.

 -- Throw the Jets-DST in the trash. They were ‘meh’ here, not as bad as it looked…but their offense is so bad it’s killing the offense, and they lost three linebackers last week, and in this game they just looked ‘over it’ for the first time…not the unit flying around all over, aggressive unit that popped Dallas a few weeks ago. The easy schedule is not likely to solve all the other woes if injuries and the worst-looking offense in the league.

 -- I guess Jamison Crowder (8-83-1/9) is the one play among the Jets’ WRs, if you have to use one with all the BYEs ahead. Sam Darnold is so hideous at QB that he can only complete simple passes…like to Crowder. Really, the right answer is ‘none’ – this was the best matchup the Jets will have this year, and Darnold couldn’t thrive in it.



 -- The Bears offense went even further down the rails than the depths to which it had sunk before. I am slashing Allen Robinson (1-6-0/5) projections for the weeks ahead until there is a sign of a turn – note, this was a horrific line from ARob, but he caught a 30+ yard pass but a step out of bounds and dropped another 30+ yarder. He had chances to have a plausible game, but not as many chances as you’d like to see.

 -- Mitchell Trubisky (10-21 for 125 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) is completely done in my book for fantasy/dynasty. Trubisky had a couple nice throws in this game botched by WRs or this outcome might have been closer/Bears a chance to win. Still, Trubisky is too under the gun to escape if he had the ability to (which everyone thinks he does not…because last year didn’t exist today, I guess). However, the way they are calling plays now like Trubisky cannot do anything – he’s given no confidence by his head coach and it has wafted down through the entire team. It’s over. The Bears 2018 season…the foundation for something strong – it has all fallen apart. They might as well bench Trubisky now because there is no coming back from this with him. Everyone has turned on him…fans, team, coaching staff, and I’m sure he’s even turned on himself at this point. We’re a year removed away from him being good…so, I don’t want to hear how he sucks, but fire away if you will…I don’t own the stock anymore so it makes me no difference.

Let’s agree to agree – there is no FF hope here at all. Now or later.

 -- DeSean Jackson (1-5-0/1) played only a few snaps before getting shut down again. I was listening to Sal Palantonio’s discussion on his injury Sunday morning, and on my Video Q&A show I relayed the info…his injury sounds like a painful one that needs surgery but he’s trying to play through it in pain. He lasted not long with the pain here. He’s essentially done for FF 2019.



 -- Jacoby Brissett (4-5 for 59 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) left the game early not to return. Reportedly an MCL issue, which if it is, depending upon severity – could be a couple weeks. The Colts could be without Brissett-Hilton for a few weeks. You want to take advantage of this depleted offense in Week 10 with the opposing DST? Too bad…they play the Dolphins Week 10.

 -- Speaking of terrible offenses…the Steelers have such an obvious offense – everything short and defenses are stacking up close. Trey Edmunds (12-73-0) got a lucky 45-yard run his first touch, which made Mike Tomlin think he was a hot hand…and all other Steelers touches outside of that one were 24 carries for 45 yards rushing…not even 2.0 ypc. That’s trouble for Jaylen Samuels or James Conner next week. Most likely Samuels, for one more week…who will need 13 more catches to make fantasy hay.

 -- Why I’ve been worried about Diontae Johnson (1-3-0/2)…this is a terrible passing game concept and DJ has been lucky with his TDs. There will be too many games like this for him with mason Rudolph.



 -- Ty Johnson (9-29-0, 3-7-0/3) had his chances, and got most of his touches the first 2-3 quarters…but he never got out in space to work with. Mostly runs up the middle and swing passes where his back was turned to the defense and he’d get lit up after the catch. A wonderful plan for your 4.2+ running RB weapon…inside runs and back turned to the QB flare passes. No sweeps…no great screens with blocking…no wheel routes deep this week. He goes back to random RB3 hope.

 -- Derek Carr (20-31 for 289 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) looked very good here, against the worst pass D in the league…he had a couple pass plays land 1-3 yards short of TDs or he might have had a monster game. LAC-CIN-NYJ-KC is a solid run the next 4 weeks.

Weeks 14-16 with TEN-JAX-@LAC are all decent, favorable weather games for the FF playoffs.

 -- Matt Stafford (26-41 for 406 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) has been rolling even better than Carr of late, with a super easy schedule as well…but now he has schedule issues ahead. @CHI-DAL-@WAS-CHI-@MIN is not a great run for upside for a passing game, in theory.



 -- Jacob Hollister (4-37-2/6) sprung back onto the radar screen as the hopeful ‘Dissly-a-like’ TE. Last week, he didn’t play much, killing his momentum. This week, a pair of TDs. I didn’t see anything magical…more just a lot of throwing and Wilson used what was there when he wanted. TE2 still.

 -- The high times for the Seattle passing game may come to an end for a bit due to the schedule ahead. Four of their next 5 games are on the road. @SF, BYE, @PHI (colder), MIN, @LAR, @CAR – not an easy stretch at all. Wilson-Lockett won’t die…just not video game numbers like they’ve had of late in pretty matchups.

 -- I believe we’re going to end the week with Mike Evans (12-180-1/16) as the #1 scoring WR in fantasy YTD…PPR and non. Remember when he had that zero game?  



 -- The Browns needed this game…a win could have gotten them right back in the thick of things. This team is done. It’s a fragile group that the moment something goes wrong, and it happens often, they start quitting.

Don’t wait around for Baker unless you have little other choice – OBJ (5-87-0) and Jarvis Landry (6-51-1/13) are killing this team, as is Freddie Kitchens (and I was hopeful he would be an agent of unorthodox change…instead he’s one-and-done). Key drops/lack of effort plays early, and then some garbage-ish work later. If you think it was bad before…it’s going to get worse now that the season is over and OBJ tries to get himself out of Cleveland for 2020. They have nothing to play for the rest of this season…and they were already playing like that to begin with.

 -- Brandon Allen (12-20 for 193 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) was smart enough to work Courtland Sutton (5-56-1/8) in this game. A lucky debut…Sutton made a Catch of the Year TD play and then Noah Fant (3-115-1/4) broke 19 tackles for a 75-yard catch and mostly run TD.

 -- New Broncos ILB Alexander Johnson (13 tackles) has averaged 8.2 tackles per game the past five weeks solidifying the starting job.



 -- I don’t have the snap count report as of this writing, but Allen Lazard (3-44-0/4) led all non-Davante Adams (7-41-0/11) WRs in targets (4) and catches (3). We’ll see if he led them in snaps again. A good sign when GB has better passing days ahead, maybe? We’ll see. *Got the report before publishing this…Lazard was #4 among WRs in snaps, playing 45% of the offensive snaps. Nice, but not enough for me to care for redraft. We can move on for 2019 unless desperate during BYE weeks.

 -- Jamaal Williams (2-10-0, 6-39-1/6) caught his 5th TD of the season in this game. He’s now 9th in the NFL in receiving TDs among all players on the season to date.

 -- Keenan Allen has extended his TD-less streak to six games. In that span, he has a high game of 61 yards and four of the 6 games under 50 yards receiving. Just 4.1 receptions per game in the last 6 games as well.



 -- In his last 5 games, Lamar Jackson (17-23 for 163 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) has 5 TD passes, 5 INTs, and 5 rushing TDs.

 -- Sony Michel (4-18-0, 1-12-0) has not rushed for 100+ yards in a game this season. He’s averaging 3.3 ypc. He has 0 TDs in a game in three of his last 4 games. He took 4 carries this game. Will we ever see Damien Harris? Soon? Not likely, unless an injury forces it.

 -- The vaunted Patriots-DST now goes on a BYE, and then faces @Wentz, Dak, @Deshaun, Mahomes the next 4 games. The great times with this DST have come to an end…now, just the ‘good to OK’ times.



 ------ TOP FIVES ------



*BUY LOW means buy LOW(er) not PAY ANY PRICE TO GET SOMETHING DONE. We’re looking for opportunity, and it may or may not be there. But the window is more open than it was last week on these players, no matter the current (non-FFM) owners say.

**I know a lot of trade deadlines are past, but some have a few weeks left so I will hit a few buy low/sell high players quickly. In upcoming weeks this will be more ‘buy low’ for dynasty/keeper with 2020 in mind.


Top 5 ‘Buy Low’


1) David Johnson, ARI – Coming off the injury, absence makes the value grow less fond…and, now, Kenyan Drake is the Cardinals lead back of the future…right? That’s what they think. If they do, you can get a strong RB1 in PPR for a possible high-end RB2 price – considering Week 12 BYE.

I believe when DJ is back, he does his normal thing…best WR on the team who takes 7-12 carries as well.

THEIR Value = Shaky RB1 for fear of Drake. See how much they really fear if you desire and maybe give a hot split role RB of the moment for him as an offset in a multi-player deal.  


2) Mark Andrews, BAL – Andrews hasn’t been very good since early the season, for the most past…kinda like Marquise Brown. And he just committed the high crime of a nothing game on SNF on top of his recent non-TD games (no TDs last 4 games). You need a TE in a depressed market…Andrews’ hype has fallen and might be available cheaper than you think.

Like Marquise…this is a top look for Lamar…8-8-7-8 for targets the 4 games prior to this.    

THEIR Value = TE1, but more #8-12 now not top 3-5 with a bullet. His enthusiasm days are long since past. Try to buy as a TE2-ish level if interested…buy low, not ‘must buy’.  


3) Marquise Brown, BAL – Brown had that exciting opening week vs. MIA, and then has been quiet, WR3-4 or hurt since. He did nothing on SNF last night. He may be dropped in some redraft leagues. He’s the #1 WR, the #1 look on an erratic passing game – but as defenses try to stop Lamar…the pass game options will open up.

THEIR Value = WR2.5-3. If they love and adore him, then don’t bother…but they secretly might believe he was a cute rookie flash in the pan and be more ready to cut him. I’m not a huge fan of him from all the hype in the preseason…but I know this is Lamar’s guy. If you come after him direct…price doubles. Slide your way into someone trying to unload him on you.


4) Allen Robinson, CHI – The more fun they make of Mitch Trubisky, ARob’s value gets dinged…and he just had a terrible FF-week. His schedule the rest of the way is wonderful, except Week 11 at LAR. Check this out: DET-LAR-NYG-DET the next five weeks. Even dysfunctional Chicago will target him as their top guy, and he’ll get numbers. He has all year, except Week 10 was awful…but he near-missed two 30+ yard plays (one caught a half-step OOB.

THEIR Value = Generic WR2-2.5 they don’t really care about or fear due to Trubisky, especially when he comes off a non-big week of FF production (like this week).


5) Le’Veon Bell, NYJ – It’s true…the Jets offense sucks and Bell can only do so much with it, but he does get all the touches and great targeting. He’s a steady performer who might have a hot game ahead in the weaker schedule. I’m not thinking he takes off to the moon, but current owners do not see ‘that’ Le’Veon anymore and are frustrated…you hope.

THEIR Value = RB1, but between his lack of yards and TDs and the stink of ‘the Jets’ – he’s more available. You don’t want to pay RB1 prices because he is more RB2 than not…but if you catch a frustrated owner and you can use your WR depth in a deal to get a stable RB (in PPR) past his BYE for the upcoming BYE weeks…they might like to ‘dump him’ on you. 



Top 5 ‘Sell High’


1) Mohamed Sanu, NE – Big night on SNF as a new-Patriot! Could life be any better? Am I supposed to believe that Tom Brady is just going to wear out Sanu as his new favorite target? And if so, that other teams won’t play for that? Remember how Brandin Cooks and Josh Gordon never lived up to the hype with Brady in recent years. Sell this game hot.

THEIR Value = WR1.5 because ‘Patriots’ and ‘big game on SNF’ (why…I saw it with my own two eyes!!). Make someone bleed for this.


2) JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT – Sell the name. Let people ‘buy low’ from you. The Steelers offense is a disaster. Run from it while you can.  

THEIR Value = A WR1.5 who is a WR1 in their hearts. You can get strong value here despite the low FF returns from people who love the name/persona/feeling.  


3) Kenyan Drake, ARI – Looked like a god on TNF…and that’s the image everyone has of him now. When DJ returns, he slips back to a complimentary role. He is not without value as a DJ handcuff, etc., but that TNF game in everyone’s face might have really jacked up his value.

Or selling him to the current DJ owner is quite valuable.

THEIR Value = Should be RB2.5, but their TNF watching hearts say RB1.5…DJ owners are scared to death of Drake (this week) and want him bad.  


4) David Montgomery, CHI He gets all the touches. He scored 2 TDs this past week in an otherwise anemic game. Montgomery has FF value because of the touches, but on a struggling offense Montgomery has had two good weeks and that mixed with everyone predisposed to thinking he’s awesome – you might get a mint for him right now.  

THEIR Value = He’s back to RB1 status for those who were told he was an RB1 since August…all because two recent good FF-games eliminates a terrible season prior.


5) Todd Gurley, LAR – The name appeal is obvious. He’s scoring TDs. He doesn’t have the name he used too, but he’s the guy and scoring TDs. In non-PPR, he’s a solid hold. In PPR, you might want to see if you can cash out on him for something bigger/better. He’s giving up touches to Darrell Henderson more and more. He’s got the injury risk as we go. Not a must-sell, but just see if you get someone thinking it’s 2017-2018 Gurley.  

The last two games have been an eye-opening split with Henderson, and if it happens again out of the BYE…people will start to realize.

THEIR Value = RB1-1.5, but worried about him…and are instantly skeptical if you just offer him straight. Let them try to steal him from you.  


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’ (looking at players less than 50-60% owned on average)

*Pretty ‘meh’ week for waivers this week.


1) Derrius Guice, WAS – He’ll be back fine Week 11, and you might have a guy needing to prove himself into a nice schedule stretch. How much he splits with AP, or at all, we’ll see…but Washington must see what it has here – with a coach that only wants to run the ball. On a BYE this week, so flying under radars in some non-shark leagues.

I’m not a Guice fan, nor am I certain he’ll do anything ahead…I just think he’s going to get the chance to…which, considering how empty waivers is – it’s something.


2) Ronald Jones, TB – Six teams on BYE this week, then four more Week 11 and then four more Week 12. I’m the world’s least fan of RoJo, but he looks better this year and is emerging as the TB RB to own…as sad as that is. You’re probably going to need RBs to get through the next few weeks…here’s one. Past his BYE week.


‍3) Darrell Henderson, LAR – You need RB bodies, here’s a guy working into a split role…in a 35-40% touch count maybe? And he’s very talented.


4) Derek Carr, OAK – 2-2-0-2-3-2 for TD passes the past 6 games. 293-285-289 for passing yards the last three games. And Carr looks terrific. LAC-CIN-NYJ-KC-TEN-JAX-LAC the rest of the way. He is a nice QB to have with your Kyler or Mahomes. Many of you already got him inthe last two weeks, but just mentioning again because he’s nationally available.


5) Dallas Goedert, PHI – Ertz had better FF numbers, but Goedert played the same amount of snaps. This is a two TE offense and Goedert is a great pass game option. He’ll never be a star with Ertz playing with him, but he can be a TE1…like he’s been. Low FF game Week 9 with Ertz popping will scare everyone off.  



Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Damien Williams, KC – He had a 91-yard TD run…not normal. Outside of that he was garbage running the ball like he has been all season. If you’re desperate any right now during BYE weeks, I get it…but you are likely to be burned here.

2) Tre Edmunds, PIT – One good, open run play when it was not expected and now he’s a Tomlin guy because ‘he’s tough’. He also sucks and is slow (worse than Conner). I don’t care if he gets 10+ carries this week…and I doubt he will.

3) Jay Ajayi, FA – Anyone could have signed this guy for the past several weeks with all the RB injuries. They’ve all passed. I’m sure he’ll land somewhere…and just note, Ajayi is terrible…so, what do you expect to happen?

4) Mike Gesicki, MIA – For the TE desperate, they’re going to see a great Week 9…but note (a) Gesicki is not good, (b) the Jets lost three LBs going into this game. Gesicki’s numbers have been puffing up, we’ve pointed that out the last few weeks -- but I don’t see anything reliable here. Just a warm body for the desperate and likely to get burned by it. If Preston Williams is down and out with injury…I might walk this back a little.

5) Sam Darnold, NYJ – I don’t care how good the schedule is ahead…I fall back to my scouting of him from the jump – a probably NFL bust/letdown and a QB who is actually worse than Jameis Winston. The Darnold-acolytes will likely, lightly push Darnold because of schedule…I hate him, and I thought it could possibly work a few weeks ago looking ahead…don’t trust it.



Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Andy Isabella, ARI – Be VERY, VERY careful here. I’m excited too but it was one play. Not that the play wasn’t who he is…I already said that for like 9 weeks ahead of it – it was ONE play, meaning he might only get 1-2 targets in games ahead. We don’t know how he’ll be used. He so obviously should’ve been used more by now, the fact that we had to wait 9 weeks scares me that he won’t get the real chance yet.

If he does ‘start’ or play 20-30 snaps in games ahead…you’re looking at 2-3 catches/3-4 targets hoping he pops one. I don’t think we’re going from nothing to one big play last week to 7 catches for 150 yards and a TD this week (but I hope so!).

In this offense, he could do damage on just a few targets – he is the missing link to making this thing hum. Not a 12-team, 15-18-man roster option yet. Someone deeper to just sit on if you want to see what’s up vs. TB, to see if this is a thing going forward.

It’s weird I have him #1…it’s this dichotomy: He very likely gets 1-2 targets Week 10, then no one cares Week 11, and a BYE Week 12 and then this is stupid to even look at. BUT…if he is about to happen – it’s going to be wonderful for FF production, especially for those with bonuses for long TDs. He could be 2-3 catches a game with one of them for 50+ yards every week given how Kyler rolls and how Isabella will have the least coverage on him.

2) J.D. McKissic, DET – When the Lions are down, JDM is a preferred ‘hurry up’ option in the passing game. He is a WR playing RB. You need touches ahead during BYE weeks, he’s an option in PPR. He’ll play 30-40% of the snaps and get +/- 5 carries and maybe 3-5 catches in games, you hope. A better Theo Riddick, maybe?

3) Alex Erickson, CIN – Numbers have been good of late. Bengals figure to be down a lot and throwing. Erickson has some experience working with Finley from the preseason and half the regular season on the 2nd-team.  

4) Keelan Cole, JAX – ONLY IF Dede Westbrook goes on I.R.  

5) Ryan Finley, CIN – He’s not bad…and on a team likely to need to throw a lot.  

6) Nick Foles, JAX – If you need a QB, I think he’ll be the Weeks 11-15 starter at least…and pretty nice schedule stretch.

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players: (listing better names here this week…not always that you MUST quit, but in 10-12 team leagues, ‘names’ we’re holding onto out of habit that we might need to leave)


1) LeSean McCoy, KC – Been saying this for several weeks, and now it should be painfully obvious.  

2) Chase Edmonds, ARI – Likely not back until Week 13, and then will be below DJ and Drake on the roster.  

3) Brandin Cooks, LAR – Look at his numbers…is there not better options? You might need for BYE week issues, but between concussions and underperformance…I’d trade off or seek better options.  

4) Phillip Dorsett, NE – I was hoping he might have another hot week or two, but now Sanu is integrated and N’Keal Harry is right around the corner. Moving on. He’s a random WR3 now, and there are a lot of those.  

5) Cam Newton, CAR – He’s not coming back this year. The Panthers don’t want him to.  

6) Jets-DST – Tried to cash in on that schedule, but then they lost their LB core and the offense got 10x worse in ‘good’ matchups!


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe on waivers) to Consider:

*All these options, just putting the list together and seeing the details – IT SUCKS. Really not excited about any one thing here now…


1) Browns-DST – The matchups are nice with BUF-PIT-MIA-PIT-CIN the next five games, but I fear this team has quit. The Denver loss was a back-breaker. The schedule is so good, and this defense is so good, but when teams quit -- it gets ugly. They might actually play better with the lack of pressure now…oddly…at least on defense. The D has been good all year just a tough schedule…and the Denver game was a couple fluky TDs.

I’m still hopeful here, but now fearful they quit on the coach.


2) Ravens-DST – Week 10 vs. Ryan Finley looks promising, but Finley is not as bad as he will be portrayed…and this could be a classic letdown off the NE game. Can’t use with confidence vs. HOU-LAR-SF the following three weeks but BUF-NYJ-CLE Weeks 14-16 could be awesome.


3) Chiefs-DST – This defense is getting healthier and better every week. It’s loaded with pass rushers and good returners. Useful next two weeks and then choppy schedule post Week 12 BYE: Tannehill-Rivers-BYE, Carr-Brady-Br.Allen-Trubisky.


4) Colts-DST – Miami Week 10 is always a good thing. MIA-JAX-HOU-TEN-TB the next five games is useful for 3-4 of them…maybe? The loss of Brissett doesn’t help.  OK-ish defense + OK-ish schedule with Miami Week 10…which, with Fitzpatrick, isn’t as great a target as before.


5) Packers-DST – Facing Carolina is OK Week 10…not great, not terrible…then a Week 11 BYE. The Week 13-15+ schedule is what I’m looking at -- @NYG, WAS, CHI


6) Cardinals-DST – Facing Jameis Winston provides hope for a week?


7) Giants-DST – The only thing worse than the Giants defense is the Jets offense.


** Cowboys-DST – After the MNF game tonight, you’re not likely using vs. MIN-DET-NE ahead. I mention that to say…if you got the Dallas-DST for tonight but you’ve already WON your FF game, then why not drop Dallas-DST for a flyer on an MNF game player (Pollard, Gallman...maybe the starters get hurt for next week, and if not cut them during waivers period) or a team on BYE this week thing ahead (Rams-D, Saints-D, Zuerlein, Erickson, A. Tate, Everett, etc.)?


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