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2020: Dynasty/Fantasy Preseason News, Observations, Rumors (9/10/2020) *Pre-TNF Kickoff/Week 1 Finally!

September 10, 2020


2020: Dynasty/Fantasy Preseason News, Observations, Rumors (9/10/2020) *Pre-TNF Kickoff/Week 1 Finally!


In no particular order, and the items I found most interesting…


 -- Coming Up on FFM to/through Week 1…

Week 1 projections will update daily/evenings East Coast time Th-F-St. Tonight’s update will post around 7:15pm (after inactives announced).

Week 1 projections will update again Sunday 1215-1230pmET (after we get the injury reports)

Friday: Our game report from TNF

Sunday Morning Subscriber Q&A: 10:30am-NoonET

Monday: Our famous ‘three things’ recap of all Sunday games plus waiver analysis, buy low/sell high, deep sleeper waivers and DST reporting.

Tuesday: Video Q&A in the evening ET for getting waivers/FAAB, trades, the week ahead set up.

All week, every week in-season: Multiple Game reports as I re-watch and write/digest/scout the games from prior week.


 -- The Jags signed Dare Ogunbowale…and it feels like a ‘everyone is hurt, so sign a warm body’ type of addition -- but note that (from my perspective) Dare is there most talented all around back – considering the competition.

James Robinson is probably their most talented interior runner prospect, but he’s an FCS rookie who is likely in over his head (early on in his career).

Ryquell Armstead would start over Robinson the moment Ryquell is cleared.

Devine Ozigbo missed his chance, whatever it would have been, by going on I.R.

Chris Thompson was named 3rd-string, oddly. I know he has history with Gruden, but you’d think that would warrant the respect of being 1st or 2nd-string over players like Robinson and Ozigbo a few days ago.

Dare comes in and is their best/toughest/experienced interior runner and best 3rd-down back (receiving + blocking). He’s a great hand…but now joins a team with ‘no hands’ in the backfield. It’s a fabulous, fortuitous opportunity to emerge as the best/most trusted back.

It really helps Gardner Minshew to have Dare in there to block as well. The Deep Sleeper event here is – Dare Ogunbowale with a shot to be the lead back for the Jags in 2-3 weeks, even if by pure accident…that they discover how stable/solid he is…and that they don’t have legit NFL starter talent anywhere else in the backfield.

Also…per usual for the NFL…the Jags could bury their head’s in the sand and overlook what they just added (in Dare) and further screw up their team/roster. Always possible Dare lasts 2-3 weeks, Ryquell comes back, Ozigbo comes off IR, a Devonta Freeman is signed, etc.


 -- Speaking of the Jags’ WRs…

Here’s who I’ve seen is having ‘the best camp’ among the Jacksonville WRs, per beat writers…

Early on, Chris Conley was pushed as looking great.

I’ve also seen Keelan Cole getting a push (thus Dede Westbrook is about to be ditched by JAX…remember when DeDe was ‘then future’ for the Jags…all the way a long time ago/last year for all the fantasy analysts?).

Rookie Collin Johnson also earned the label from some observer a few days ago.

D.J. Chark is always the ‘…well, Chark was probably the best, but ___ was right up there’ go-to name to drop when pushing some other Jags’ WR.

Today, EVERYONE just knows it’s Laviska Shenault. The same EVERYONE who was with Conley or Johnson or Chark, now says Shenault had the best camp.

Which is it? Who had the best camp among the Jags’ WRs? I want to know!!!

Of course, it’s Shenault.


Because he wins the ‘last Roto-blurb before opening day’ award…and he’s a rookie, and they are magical beings who can do things we can only imagine (and then are on waivers by Week 3-4). And…get this…Shenault is being used in creative ways in practice!!!! Can you imagine!!! C-R-E-A-T-I-V-E W-A-Y-S!!! Used in ‘creative ways’…why that sounds exciting and devious…and great for fantasy!!!!

Let’s stop and recount all the ways Doug Marrone and Jay Gruden have used players in creative ways over the years.

Well, there was…



I know Jay Gruden, and thus Matthew Berry, really liked Robert Kelley…one-time feature back of the Washington Redskins for a hot minute, which was the worst personnel decision in the history of professional football. Really creative by Gruden.

I’m sure the Jags have A SPECIAL PLAY in their playbook for Shenault, and it’s probably uber-creative…like a jet sweep or something, which we’ve never seen a WR run the ball before so it will blow our collective minds. In other news, Matt Nagy plans to use Cordarrelle Patterson in creative ways this year too.

How is it that the Jags have five WRs all having ‘arguably the best camp’?

Could it be the Jaguars are about to embark on a season with five Pro Bowl WRs? That would be cool, and then we can understand why they are deciding to have no legit RBs this season. Or…

Watching any WRs in non/light-contact practicing against any Jaguars’ secondary ‘talent’ by the not-good-scouting-eye of beat writers/analysts and getting their one sentence football takes on things could be misleading/FF-dangerous. I don’t think 117 WRs are going to make the Pro Bowl this year, but according to the amount of WRs having great camps across all the teams this year…apparently, it might happen.

Hey, if you can’t trust ‘Always On Your Side, First Coast News’ Sports Reporter Mia O’Brien’s take (author of the pro-Laviska ‘tweet’…turned Roto-Blurb) …then what are we even doing? I mean…the news station is literally ALWAYS on your side. They aren’t steering you wrong with that motto. Why are you so against someone ALWAYS being on your side anyway?

I think the special insight from those ALWAYS on my side worked, because the level of ‘Should I pickup Laviska?’ questions are up to DEFCON 3 today. Why do people want Laviska today/now? “I heard he’s having the best camp of any Jags’ WR!” OK, please pickup Laviska and trade him straight up for sucky D.J. Chark…since Chark bows at the feet of Laviska’s ‘creative usage’ per the Jacksonville local news.

I just ensured Shenault is going to throw, run, and catch a TD pass…and kick a 50+ yard FG to boot against Indy this week.


 -- Tis the time of the FF season to ‘panic’.


It’s the ‘buyer’s remorse’ stage of fantasy.

You start looking over your team and the projections and the matchups for Week 1 and you don’t like your WRs or RB depth or your opponent ALWAYS gets the good matchups and you don’t.

Take a breath.

I especially see this ‘empty feeling’ with the FF owners that stuck to the heavy RB plan and faded WRs, and now you’re wishing you had glamorous names at WR like everyone else. In a week, you may come to realize you have the glamorous WRs. Stay patient.

Also, see I told you…heavy RB drafters – aren’t people coming at you in trade for your ‘excessive’ RBs that ‘you don’t need’ (per them). They are panicking because they realize they don’t have the RB power to start the year, or much RB depth at all. AND they look at your no-name WRs and think you MUST want WRs and DON’T need all those RBs…so they offer you ___ WR for your great #3/#4/#5 RB.

Pardon my letter-based French but F-them. This is what we designed – hold the power at RB and you’ll be able to negotiate through the WR group or find out we even out-drafted everyone on WRs with Preston Williams, Marvin Jones, Bryan Edwards, etc. Don’t you fall for the ‘I need better WRs’ internal mind game. We purposefully built this for heavy RB and stream/work WRs as needed – and we may not even need them because we hit on great value WRs as we went.

DO NOT FALL for the stinkin’ thinkin’ on your WRs. Don’t use THEIR (the media’s, your league mates) mindset looking at your own WRs…it defeats the whole purpose of what we’ve done. Stick to the plan…



Or is it…?



 -- Are you ready for tonight’s game/opener??

Many FFM players are going tonight…Mahomes, Tyreek, David Johnson. Keep a couple of things in mind:

a) For good or bad, this game result for FF does not define the season. It’s one game. Now, it’s THE game on TV/to start the season, so it’s great…but note that we’re all going to watch and over-analyze it. Keep your head level during/after.

Don’t text or email me 15 minutes in because you just know that David Johnson is done for his career and you should’ve never picked him when he goes two carries for -1 yards on the first series. Maybe wait a few series before you proclaim his career over.

Also, remember…Tyreek cannot get every target and Mahomes will not throw a TD on every drive.

b) Because it’s the Week 1 opener AND a TNF game…we get Fri, Sat, Sun am to stew over everything. Brace yourself.

A lot of sit/start decisions for Sunday/Monday players…depends upon what your players do or your opponents in this big TNF game. Your strategy may change based on tonight’s results, so don’t try to set your lineup today. Save your email questions on that…consider what impacts, what you might need to stack/block tonight and then we’ll deal with Sunday/Monday on Friday/Saturday.


 -- Reminder for tonight, very important…


I’ll say it a thousand times this season. Do not have a Thursday Night Game player in your Flex spot (unless a certain position is all filled with players from the TNF game and you have no choice). Put TNF players at specific WR or RB or TE or whatever…not Flex.

We aren’t setting a depth chart here…we’re not knighting/make players feel good by their place in our lineup. Flex is a strategy to use…and it’s not a title to bestow to the weakest (you deem) non-RB/WR/TE you have going this week.

You never know what’s going to happen Fri-Sat-Sun am. You need to keep that Flex spot as open as possible to make changes on the fly Sunday or Monday if bad news or whatever hits on a player.


Good Luck tonight on your fantasy and your betting!!!


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