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2020 Very Deep Sleeper (S5, E3) -- TE Taysom Hill

August 23, 2020

2020 Very Deep Sleeper (S5, E3) -- TE/QB Taysom Hill, NO

When I saw that ESPN had made the decision this summer to list Taysom Hill as a tight end for fantasy, I was FF-excited!

Apparently, I was the only one.

He is the current #27 ranked TE on ESPN’s PPR draft board.

ESPN is elated over Taysom compared to the FantasyPros consensus of experts who have him #53 among PPR TEs, #50 in standard/non-PPR.

Not every fantasy platform has even moved Taysom to qualifying as a TE…


Did you know Taysom Hill was tied for 4th among all tight ends in TD catches in 2019 (6 TDs). Let that marinate for a moment. Hill had just 22 targets on the season, caught 19 passes…and had more TDs than Travis Kelce (5) or George Kittle (5) last season.

Hill gets fantasy points as a receiver at TE, but he also runs the ball on jet sweeps or as a red zone QB (27 carries for 156 yards and a TD last season). He also chips in as a passer (just 3 completions last season, but he usually works in the red zone, so cheap/easy TD pass potential is elevated.

It’s possible Hill won’t touch the ball 50 times in 2020, and yet it is possible he could score 10+ TDs despite the lower touch counts. He had 7 total TDs (6 rec., 1 rush) in 2019 on 46 touches and 3 pass completions.

Weeks 1-6 (2019): Hill was little used touching the ball, in general, and averaged 2.6 non-PPR PPG (3.2 PPR) to start the season.

Weeks 7-17 (2019): Hill was used a lot more…6.7 non-PPR PPG (8.2 PPR) in that stretch.

6.7 non-PPR PPG may not seem like a big deal, but that was a pace that would’ve been #11 among fantasy TEs for the season.

8.2 PPR PPG would’ve put him at #16 among TEs for the season.

All this happening on limited touches.


A big ‘what if’… But what if Taysom gets more touches of all varieties in 2020…a continuation of his rise in touches (and output) as the 2019 season wore on?

Do you remember his playoff game vs. MIN last season? Probably not. In that critical game, Taysom had 4 carries for 50 yards, 2 catches for 25 yards and a TD, and a 50-yard completion…seven fantasy events, 15.5 FF points (17.5 PPR points).

What if Hill is just a nice fringe TE1 hope for fantasy 2020…a #10-20 type producer…not so awful from a backup fantasy TE on your roster?

But the BIG ‘what if’…what if Drew Brees is quarantined (or concussed or sprained) for a week or two or three and Taysom starts at QB in a pinch, but is still eligible to be a tight end for fantasy? Taysom plays QB like a power back version of Lamar Jackson. Taysom might throw for a hundred yards and rush for a hundred yards and kick in a TD rushing and another passing. The numbers I just tossed out there tally up to 24-26 fantasy points in a game…for what could be your tight end – and that, my friend, is better than Travis Kelce or any other TE you want to name. In fact, I’d argue if you absolutely knew Taysom Hill was starting at QB for a random week and you had him AND had Travis Kelce, and could start one or the other for that week at tight end – you’d start Taysom Hill.

Drink in the power of that statement.

That potential…QB for a week or two+ while eligible to start at TE…that is some serious fantasy goodness…it might win you a week out of nowhere with you having a dominating TE performance, and that win could mean the difference between the FF playoffs or not, a division win/BYE week or not. It’s a helluva ‘Very Deep Sleeper’…one who would change your team immediately if the circumstances fell his way.


The risks?

 -- Nothing ever happens to Brees, and then you have a BYE week flyer TE in Taysom.

 -- Something happens to Brees and they go with Jameis Winston…but Hill has been there for years and Winston has not, and even if Winston started…Hill would be in A LOT in the red zone, where Jameis tends to fail.

 -- Hill has his TE status revoked, but I believe it is more likely all platforms change him to TE from QB or make him a rare dual eligible position (QB/TE) player.


Taysom Hill is a helluva last redraft pick…and is becoming my late go-to pick now that Jalen Hurd is down and out (ACL). Little to lose…a lot to gain with Taysom as a #2-3 TE for you. A great, cheap Dynasty pickup as well as Redraft and especially Best Ball.  

2019 Highlights: https://youtu.be/pVuK1dAookM


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