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2020 Week 16: Three Things from Sunday Games

December 28, 2020

2020 Week 16: Three Things from Sunday Games


Well, what a week. After I saw the Kamara and Brady events Friday-Saturday, I thought everyone was doomed. But, among the FFM samples…they really weren’t faced as much as I feared. A few were AK beneficiaries.

After Kyler then flopped a little bit Saturday, I thought this whole title week was going down the drain.

But then the crew that warms my FFM heart rose up for poetic justice…David Johnson, Diontae Johnson, Curtis Samuel, and let’s throw J.D. McKissic in there too – as they all helped offset disappointments from Mahomes-Tyreek-Herbert.

I did a sample of all the folks who emailed in with questions/tuneup checks for this Week 16 title week + my typical sampling sources, and from what I can tell, here is the overall mood of the FFM crowd…


36% = Have booked a win for the title

27% = Have booked a loss for the title

43% = Still up for grabs on MNF tonight…a lot of Allen and Diggs (for and against)


If the ‘up for grabs’ teams just go 50-50, then a 57-58%+ win rate is not bad at all for the title. The best teams facing off in a winner take all week – it’s usually 50/50 odds for anyone to win because the teams are so good on both sides. Hopefully all goes well on MNF and we get 60-65%+ of us to the gold.

The most needed results from MNF seem to be = Allen for an average or worse game needed (against them) or Diggs at/under his average game needed…no explosions/no Davante Adams SNF events from Diggs. So, most of the trend is anti-Buffalo tonight…with others needing ‘pro’ Buffalo tonight.

For every tear shed on Allen or Diggs tonight…someone else is likely to be happy among us. There exists some perfect numbers to hit on Allen-Diggs that gets the most people happy, and I’m praying that it happens that way. Whatever you need…I wish you well. It’s all down to this MNF affair with MY Bills.


Whatever happens this evening…as we draw to a close of Fantasy Football 2021. I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ so much for your support of FFM (and CFM) and the work that we do. It is impossible to continue on with this mission without literal financial support from the subscribers. ESPN is fighting against us. Google is fighting against us (by helping ESPN and the NFL website). COVID then decided to fight us in 2020. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for helping to keep the pirate ship afloat for another year.

No matter you need to happen tonight…no matter how far fetched…anything is possible. Have faith until they rip it away from you. Crazier things have happened than the long shot odds some of you face tonight. You never know…

Whatever happens, I hope you have had the best Christmas Ever…even if you didn’t, you can talk yourself into thinking you did worst case: https://youtu.be/4WvwX18oMR4



--THREE THINGS from each game Week 16—




 -- This title week will be remembered fondly or irritatingly as the week that Alvin Kamara (22-155-6, 3-17-0/5) scored 6 rushing TDs.

Why would the Saints do this? Isn’t it a spite at their other players that work just as hard? Why would the Vikings be so helpless? Why did it have to happen this title week…the first game out the box…on Christmas of all days?

There are certain players in the NFL who play for certain teams in certain offenses – and they are the center of their team’s offense, no matter whether anyone thinks they should or shouldn’t be, and opposing defenses know it to be true -- and yet they cannot stop it in this era…not even Bill Belichick.

Kamara is one of the top 3-5 players in all of FF in that scenario. He’ll be debated at the top with Christian McCaffrey as the top RB for FF 2021…all because of this game. Had Kamara had this game Week 4, it would’ve been forgotten by now – but having it during title week, it will be remembered and takes his FF value even higher now.

 -- Irv Smith (6-53-2/9) built momentum/value heading towards the FF offseason with 2 TDs in this game, a huge FF scoring effort. Again, this is what most will remember. However, I will not forget that with Kyle Rudolph out for a few weeks at the end of the season (and likely done as a Viking), it was Tyler Conklin (4-31-0/6) who played as many/more snaps and had just as good of, sometimes better FF results in these non-Rudolph games…and, quite frankly, it was Conklin who looked as good/better as a receiving threat to me.

Don’t assume a clear path for Irv as the hand’s down solo starter/TE1 for 2021.

 -- Hidden in the Alvin Kamara explosion was the continued decline of Drew Brees (19-26 for 311 yards, 0 TD/2 INTs). It might have been broken-ribs-caused, but it was a second week in a row where Brees looks pained/ineffective throwing the ball.

I want to believe Brees is NOT returning to the NFL in 2021, but I know NFL players rarely/never go out on a high note…they usually have to go full scale embarrassment for a final season to force them out. Even then, they will go to another team for a final dose of failure and then be forced out of the game. 50/50 that Brees winds up like that – a few more years of decline ‘til forced out. Which means – don’t get too over the moon with Taysom Hill as the QB potential for 2021.



 -- If you faced a team with Alvin Kamara and were immediately depressed, and then that team also had Tom Brady (22-37 for 348 yards, 4 TDs/0 INT) starting…well, season over by Saturday night. I only know of one instance of that occurring, so bullets dodged.

To me, this was a reminder that Brady is the offense going into 2021…whether it makes sense of not. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. When the Saints had their ‘laugher’ versus Minnesota, they paid tithes and offerings to Alvin Kamara and stiffed most everyone else on the roster. When Tampa was humiliating Detroit, they could’ve run the ball and moved on as it got out of hand…but they let Tom Brady rack up numbers. Nothing wrong with it…just noting that it is what it is.

It’s Brady’s world in 2021…and everything connected will benefit – as long as Brady is still halfway decent and looks like he will be. He’s not at peak Brady but just like the NFL is a breeze for rookie QBs thrown into action right away now, so too is it fine/easy for talented 40+ year old QBs.

 -- When the game did go off the rails, Ke’Shawn Vaughn (15-62-0, 1-7-0/2) got extra work in…and I’m seeing a lot of enthusiasm for what analysts saw in Vaughn’s work here. Two thoughts…

1) Let’s not judge a player based on him playing a lot in a game his team is winning a game by 40 that they could’ve won by 100+ if they wanted to. Is Blaine Gabbert a QB1 threat now too? He had 2 TDs/0 INT in his half of work.

2) I will rewatch all the Vaughn touches and report out ahead. It’s the most major tape we have of him in the pros, albeit against no resistance really. I didn’t see anything magical or terrible live, but this game was ‘done’ and I wasn’t really paying attention to the 2nd-half as much.

 -- I’m sure the Lions will build an offense around D’Andre Swift (10-46-0, 4-25-0/5) in 2021, but how exciting that is or isn’t will be somewhat determined by the new coach and whether they go forward with Matt Stafford. I think they will be a Stafford-led team again in 2021, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.



 -- Just when many of us needed Kyler Murray (31-50 for 247 yards, 0 TD/1 INT, 8-75-0) to be that #1 QB in all of FF for us just one more time in this title week…he didn’t deliver. Had I known ahead of time he would have rushed for 75 yards and thrown 50 pass attempts – I would have assumed a great week. It wasn’t.

Kyler had multiple shots for TDs, and he/Arizona has been a top red zone scoring team in the NFL…but it just didn’t work this week. First drive, Christian Kirk (7-76-0/10) has a TD go off his hands in the end zone, which was the sign of the way things were going to go here.

No crying about Kyler…he got many of us here. He just didn’t have a big-time game title week. Arizona somehow lost to a SF team that had four key defenders inactive. There’s a lot of confusion/blame here about this must-win game loss for Arizona.

 -- Brandon Aiyuk (1-16-0, 1-15-0/2) had been on fire coming into this game but was a dud here (and got hurt, to be fair). The 49ers were able to dominate running the ball and George Kittle (4-92-0/5) returned. This is a reminder – the Aiyuk rise to FF-power was juiced by Deebo Samuel and Kittle being out.

The 49ers offensive desire…run the ball, work Deebo, work Kittle. Aiyuk is great but he’s not one of the ‘big 3’ for the 49ers’ offense in 2021. It also hurts any Jalen Hurd hopes…he could just be another nice weapon that isn’t high impact for FF – he lost his chance at a place in line with another lost season in 2020.

 -- Dan Arnold (3-25-0/5) fizzled out down the stretch. Could’ve been a bit different here if he had come down with that 40-yard floater that Kyler hit him wide-open early in the game, but as Arnold adjusted and leapt up for it, he mistimed the jump and gaffed 5+ PPR points on the play.

The end of season numbers won’t jump out at you, but as this season rolled on I saw Arnold more and more involved -- not ‘wow’ involved, but more steady/slight improvements/increase in his status. You have to keep an eye on him as an offseason Dynasty target/stash/investment – as we look for TEs who were former anything-but-tight-ends in college who are rising up to be the leagues top fantasy TEs of the future, if they are hooked with a good-great QB. Arnold, the former small-school WR star in college, checks several fantasy future TE1 boxes.



 -- Do I have to keep pointing it out? Tua Tagovailoa (17-22 for 94 yards, 1 TD/0 INT, 3-11-0) is terrible. Apparently, yes…yes, I do…I will.

Look at those numbers…17 completed passes for 94 yards…against a defense that was terrible all year and missing half+ of their starters this game and playing in perfect weather conditions/in a dome.

Surprise! He got benched 4th-quarter.

Surprise! He’s still the starter for Week 17.

If you need any more proof NFL head coaches are completely off their rockers…exhibit A – Brian Flores and the Tua/Fitz situation. NFL head coaches predictably doing bizarre things they are very committed to, and that we all see/hear their obvious commitment – it’s a never changing, never improving situation.

Tua will be a starter for years to come. If Sam Darnold got three years, and so will Daniel Jones…then Tua will get three years. You have to discount everything FF-related in Miami due to this.

 -- All of the above was the reason why I was ‘pro’ Myles Gaskin (14-870, 5-82-0/5) over Salvon Ahmed (6-2-0, 1-1-0/1) this week. Didn’t matter how good Ahmed looked last week. Gaskin is Flores’s guy. End of story.

 -- Good thing the Raiders used a high 1st-round draft pick for Henry Ruggs (0-0-0/2, 1-7-0). His speed really made a big impact on the 2020 season! He’s been no different, actually worse, than Mecole Hardman is his rookie season – and I use Mecole as a comp because that’s how I scouted/compared Ruggs coming out of Alabama.

Just because you can run fast doesn’t mean you’re good at being a professional NFL WR. Darnell Mooney is about as fast as Ruggs, but he didn’t go to Alabama…so, he can’t get drafted highly or get anywhere near the attention.

To this day, you could trade Ruggs for Mooney + ____ in Dynasty leagues.



 -- I’m not sure how Cleveland missing all it’s starting WRs translates into not being able to run the ball or stop the Jets offense…but it did.

I assumed Marvin Hall (1-12-0/2) would see the most WR targets. I wondered if long-time practice squad WR Derrick Willies might see some surprising targets. However, it was UDFA rookie WR Ja’Marcus Bradley (5-60-0/11) who led the way.

I like Bradley from my scouting time with him…I just never imagined he’d matter this game, just being called up from the practice squad. More on Bradley’s day/opportunity during the week after a re-watch.

 -- The Jets win. They throw 3 TD passes. Denzel Mims (0-0-0/2) has two targets and no receptions. The Jets have lost Trevor Lawrence. How am I supposed to get excited about Mims for 2021+?

 -- Baker Mayfield (28-53 for 285 yards, 0 TDs/0 INTs) loses a lot of his public momentum off this effort. He will be remembered as failing in a big spot, and to some degree he should…however, not an easy spot when your WR group is lost two days prior to game time. It will go down as a poor performance and hurt his seasonal averages, nonetheless.



 -- The Ravens had a must-win game here against a tough NYG defense…and Baltimore just controlled things from the jump. They were led by their run game…40 carries for 249 yards.

A big run game effort, and the carries went this way…

15 = Edwards

13 = Lamar

11 = Dobbins

This offense does not need J.K. Dobbins (11-77-1, 0-0-0/1) to be its star. Nor does it need/want him in the passing game. We all love Dobbins as a talent – but, in Dynasty, you gotta explore trading him hit…especially in PPR.

Lamar is always going to have his carries and rush TDs, and so to Edwards or whomever they split Dobbins with.

 -- This game was also a glimpse into the NYG future…Daniel Jones (24-41 for 252 yards, 1 TD/0 INT, 1-3-0) at QB squashes all hope for consistency for the WRs/TEs.

It hurts RBs too, but this will be an all Saquon Barkley offense next year…for sure. His volume outweighs any other concerns.

 -- This game was also a repeating result for the Ravens’ passing game with Lamar…pretty much all the WRs are useless for FF and Mark Andrews (6-76-0/11) is a middle/back-end TE1. Lamar is not ‘getting better as he goes’. He is what he is. It’s good. It works for the NFL and is a black hole sucking in matter/sucking away touches and FF numbers from everything around him in the offense.



 -- Jonathan Taylor (18-74-2, 0-0-0/1) has fully broken out of the box Frank Reich was trying to put him in. Taylor has gone from hot start to disappointing, to rotational, to a good game on some extra carries, to doing well on increased volume…to NOW he’s starting to work like a dominant RB1/top RB prospect for 2021+.

Off all the 2020 rookie RBs, Taylor has made the huge leap forward into potential stardom. Others are showing to be good; Taylor is starting to show ‘star’.

 -- Another good day for Diontae Johnson (8-75-0/14)…he helped many of us get to this week, and he helped a few of us get over here. He dropped his first pass or two, and my heart sunk…but he was not benched and then he turned on the rest of the game.

 -- I want to get more excited about Chase Claypool (4-54-0/6) for 2021, but now I’m left wondering what impact fading Big Ben will have on him, and what impact awful offensive mind Mike Tomlin will have on this offense in general.

In the end, we take heart in that Claypool showed flashes and stretches that he’s a future star…the best rookie WR talent in the class. Not even debatable. Not a slap at any other top guys…just Claypool is a freak. His game, his manner of targets – all of it will change when JuJu leaves for free agency and this becomes the Diontae-Claypool show in 2021.  

I think a lot of the Ben negativity the last few weeks is because they lost three in-a-row. He was down 24-7 in this game, against a solid defense, and has no run game to help him…and yet he led a comeback with his arm/talents. Ben will be fine, despite his age…Brady-Brees-Rivers are all not at their peak, but are doing fine.



 -- I told you David Johnson (12-128-1, 3-11-1/3) would pay off big for FF 2020. You just missed the fine print where I typed ‘but you have to wait until Weeks 15-16’.

Finally, DJ got a chance to shine the past two weeks. He’s got a future hope for 2021, but we can’t even break that down until we see who the new coach/staff is – and he may not even be in Houston in 2021, depending.

But it was good to see how many title games were won or swung to hope based on DJ’s Week 16 performance/tally.

 -- Tee Higgins (6-99-1/9) tore up a terrible Houston secondary, as he should if he’s going to be a future top WR. I was completely wrong about Tee. I didn’t see it in his college tape and his scouting metrics were more bust than decent/good projection. All Higgins has done is go out, as a rookie, and blow past A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd as the Bengals best WR.

‘With Joe Burrow’ means you have to take this seriously. I don’t think he’s a lockdown WR1 of the future, more of a strong WR2…but I won’t write off WR1 due to Burrow.

 -- Alex Erickson (6-88-0/6) got an extended shot of playing time filling in for concussed Tyler Boyd…and he produced a nice game. Erickson is going to go to some smart team in the offseason and create some havoc to the target flow depending. He’s the perfect New England Patriot…which would hurt Jakobi Meyers.

Erickson would also be a cheaper, younger replacement for Cole Beasley for a very savvy Sean McDermott.



 -- The winner of Devine Ozigbo (1-1-0, 1-3-0/1) vs. Dare Ogunbowale (14-71-0, 3-7-0/5) for Week 16 was a resounding ‘Dare’. Message received. Ozigbo has no real future in Jacksonville with the current regime. Glad we got that cleared up.

 -- If the Bears make the playoffs with another strong Mitch Trubisky (24-35 for 265 yards, 2 TDs/1 INT, 2-10-1) effort…is Mitch the starting QB Week 1 of 2021 season? Is Matt Nagy back for another year?

Trubisky is a free agent, they declined his 5th-year option. But…where would he go? He likely needs to make a cheap deal with Chicago.

Nagy should be brought back unless they have a real ace up their sleeve hire they are ready to make. If they just fire Nagy to chase all the coaching prospects – the Bears will lose out on top names as not a prime job, with a terrible roster/bloated payroll.

 -- D.J. Chark (4-62-1/7) is getting ready to head into a contract year.

Trevor Lawrence-to-D.J. Chark, touchdown Jacksonville’ has a nice ring to it.



 -- The incredibly sloppy play of the very talented Kansas City Chiefs continues. Just when you needed a big game from the KC boys (Mahomes-Tyreek), you got a dud (for them). An Atlanta team, a pass defense that is god awful and Patrick Mahomes (24-44 for 278 yards, 2 TDs/1 INT) can barely complete 50% of his passes against them. Sloppy. Sloppy. Sloppy.

The KC team is going to get beaten before they reach the Super Bowl.

I hope it is at the hands of Buffalo, and the true 2020 MVP – Josh Allen.

If you believe in big government/institutional conspiracies…the league will NEVER allow Josh Allen to win MVP over Mahomes, nor will they allow the Bills to defeat the Chiefs.

Can’t wait to see what franchise torpedoes itself hiring Eric Bieniemy as their new head coach.

 -- Raheem Morris has a funny definition of ‘lead back’…Ito Smith (10-46-0, 1-5-0/1) didn’t start or wasn’t in on many key situations. Week 17…I’d just assume the same trio rotation and all of them useless.

 -- Le’Veon Bell (7-30-0, 1-9-0/3) looked weak again, and then got hurt/left the game. You’d think Darrell Williams (10-46-0, 4-27-0/6) would be in line for more touches Week 17 if Bell is out, but the Chiefs cannot afford for Williams to get hurt and leave them lacking for the playoffs. Week 17 is meaningless.

Darwin Thompson is more the guy to keep an eye on getting a full start/run Week 17.



 -- Another dud for Justin Herbert (21-33 for 253 yards, 1 TD/0 INT). He looks fine, but even since Austin Ekeler returned (10-45-0, 3-23-1/3) this has become an Anthony Lynn showcase of his desired run game and short passing to the RB game.

Three wins in-a-row brings us closer to an Anthony Lynn return in 2021, which would be a travesty of coaching malfeasance – but also me exploring possible selloffs of Herbert in the Dynasty offseason. I will hold my breath on this one…it’s a huge 2021 turning event for a very tippy-top of the food chain prospect.

 -- Mike Williams (4-54-0/10) has gotten several chances to be ‘the man’ with Keenan Allen out…and he never capitalizes on them. I’m done with any thoughts of Mike Williams. Never liked him anyway.

If you don’t believe the Chargers are dumb enough to invest more time and money into Anthony Lynn…they exercised the 5th-year option on Mike Williams at a cool $15M+ for 2021. Something tells me Williams will be cut before that deal can become official…but this is ‘the Chargers’. Who knows?

 -- This game was probably the death knell for Drew Lock (24-47 for 264 yards, 0 TDs/2 INTs, 5-16-1). He’s too erratic in performance. He was getting some momentum going in recent weeks but has totally flopped the last two weeks…the weeks everyone will remember for making offseason decisions.

I suspect the Broncos will keep Lock but sign veteran QB to compete with Lock in training camp…and then Denver will start that veteran QB Week 1 of 2021 and let Lock mature on the bench. We’ll see how that all works out.



 -- What a great, signature game (again) from Curtis Samuel (7-52-0, 5-106-0/5). Now do you believe me that he was the far superior WR talent in Carolina all along?

The thing is…this rarely works out this way – that the guy the football establishment decides to ignore or dismiss, rises up and becomes a star even as the team is not sold on it. Norv Turner-Ron Rivera kept Samuel suppressed. Then Rhule-Brady didn’t feature him to begin the season. There were rumors of a bad training camp and possible trade/cut from the media. And now look…he’s their clear top guy.

Good timing too, as he goes into his free agency. He should not take a deal to stay in Carolina. They never treated him fairly. He should go where the top money is – and the best situation might be wherever his college coach (Urban Meyer) winds up coaching in the NFL next season.

 -- Another great defensive game by the Washington FTs, but an even better one by the Panthers. These are two of the top defenses for 2021+…as we’ve been showing in the stash reports.

 -- Antonio Gibson (10-61-0, 3-8-0/4) will be the lead back in 2021 for sure. A fine showing in 202…because the NFL is so very difficult that a guy who never played running back in his life can walk in and start Week 1 and be one of the 2-3-4 best rookie RBs in the class.

However, he will have some PPR upside sucked away by J.D. McKissic (4-15-0, 8-77-1/10) who is always going to have a presence.

Advertisement for the offseason work on FFM – how about my J.D. McKissic scouting, alerts, advice for 2020…not too shabby, no? I have long shot spots that don’t work out, but they are all low cost shots -- McKissic (and Curtis Samuel) were homerun calls when everyone else abandoned them.



 -- Good news for Jalen Hurts (21-39 for 342 yards, 1 TD/2 INTs, 9-69-0)…this game likely got Doug Pederson fired. The Eagles will now hire a head coach to build around Hurts. And with the O-Line coming back 2021…Hurts is a sure fire QB1 for 2021.

 -- Zeke Elliott (19-105-0, 4-34-0/4) came back from the dead and led the way. As I said on the Video Q&A Sunday morning…Dallas will NEVER not have Zeke leading the way if he’s active. Not Week 16. Not any week into the future until Zeke is hurt/done, suspended, or retired. It is what it is, and Tony Pollard has no near-term future because of it.

 -- Dallas Goedert’s (3-38-0/3) three games with Hurts as a starter: 3.7 rec. (5.7 targets), 40.0 yards, 0.0 TDs per game. Just like you worry about Jared Cook with Taysom Hill, or Mark Andrews with Lamar Jackson, now comes Hurts-Goedert. Mark Andrews is fine/solid/a TE1…just not a top guy with the Kelce’s or Waller’s of the world, and never will be with Lamar. Not sure Goedert can with Hurts either.



 -- D.K. Metcalf (6-59-0/8) is being figured out. It’s not just Jalen Ramsey putting a lid on him. I saw Washington Week 15, for the first time in any game in two years, play off DKM with no CB near him off the snap, and the faded back CB was backpedaling as soon as the snap began. Exactly the way SEC corners shutdown DK. There might be some real fear for DKM owners going forward. We’ll explore more this offseason. It’s a big issue to deal with/interpret.

 -- It was a short-lived run as a top team in football for the Rams. A few weeks ago, they peaked and have been laying eggs since. It’s a confusing outlook for this Rams group for FF 2021. If they collapse and lose out on a playoff spot, after firing on all cylinders a few weeks ago – that’s on Sean McVay, and then it rolls downhill.

McVay is a decent coach and is not hesitant to make changes. If they flop Week 17…Jared Goff may start to feel internal heat for the first time since the Jeff Fisher days. And that could affect Robert Woods (4-48-0/9) and Cooper Kupp (8-66-0/9) for FF 2021.

 -- Darrell Henderson (12-62-0) did get the big opportunity here and was going in for a potential TD in this game…but hurt his foot as he went out of bounds a few yards short…and then went out of the game. Malcolm Brown (7-27-0, 1-8-0/3) might be the RB pickup of the Week 17 waiver period.



 -- I said that game was going to be sloppy early in the week, but then said things were improving…they did. Just snowing is better than cold + fog, but still not optimal. Within that, I noted this week that the Packers are better suited…as the visitors to Lambeau always slip and slide unprepared for the field.

It’s exactly what happened for the most part.

If you got burned by the Tennessee players this title week…how were you gonna sit Henry-Brown in anything short of a natural disaster?

Blame mother nature, not the players. Just your luck they had to play GB at GB in a snow event.

 -- When I advised picking up A.J. Dillon (21-124-2, 1-5-0/1) earlier in the week…I didn’t envision this game IF Aaron Jones (10-94-0, 2-14-0/3) was active. I thought this could be the perfect conditions for AJD’s style.

If you think Saquon has big quads…you haven’t seen anything yet…go look at Dillon’s. He’s a new age Earl Campbell.

 -- I wish I had a year to do a study for a research paper on how no NFL teams ever realize Aaron Rodgers (21-25 for 231 yards, 4 TDs/1 INT) is going to throw to Davante Adams (11-142-3/12) near the endzone.

Seriously, how is there no way to stop this?

You know who clamped down on Davante the bets this year? Week 15…the Carolina Panthers.

Matt Rhule is going to make us so much money next year! Right, Chris (Bet The Close Podcast)?



 -- No ‘Five Players’ this week --



Good Luck to those that need it tonight!!! And many of you do need something from this game.

You never know what is going to happen. Take heart. Have faith. https://youtu.be/mfebpLfAt8g




FFM Week 17 Schedule of events…

Many leagues end with MNF tonight, but there are a few people in leagues with a ‘Week 17 matters’ title week…or that play in a points accumulation league (most points accumulated wins their league’s title in the end). Others are done for the FF head-to-head season but are going to enjoy some Week 17 DFS…the most entertaining, potentially profitable DFS week of the season – because so many odd ball players and events take place Week 17.

Point is…Week 17 still matters to quite a few FFMers. It’s another work week for us, albeit a shift of volume and flow.

Here’s our plan for Week 17 football week on FFM…


12/28 MON = The Monday 5 things/3 players report will be our only item of the day (posted later in the day than normal) – and it will be expanded three things on each game from FRI-SUN, but no ‘5 players’ section due to Week 17 ahead being a different animal – and I we will be working on the Week 17 players we need to know about and why (like contract incentives, or rookies getting a chance) Monday-Tuesday for the Week 17 projections and sharing what I’m finding out all week.

Week 17 requires more time to put the five players type stuff out because Week 17 is so ‘unique’ for playing time/output/team needs, etc.

12/29 TUE = Holiday travel day for me. No articles/reports likely early in the day. But we will have Week 17 Projections posting in the evening. And barring any travel setbacks, our evening Video Q&A will happen per usual – where we will focus on Week 17 opportunities and waivers, Dynasty stash, offseason trades…anything you want to discuss.

12/30 WED = My major item for Wednesday is updating the Dynasty Stash report with some final and additional commentaries. I will update the report/rankings Wednesday and likely again one last time for the season FRI-SAT.

Week 17 Projections will be updated as usual.

(WED-SAT, I will be re-watching all the Week 16 games but focusing on some of the younger players or unusual things to report out on for Week 17 in mini-articles/reports. Not doing a full-scale game analysis of each game this week because Week 16 games meaning to Week 17 output/flow is minimal…Week 17 being so outside the norm, good and bad, for teams.)

12/31 THU = More mini-reports on Week 16 tape watching. Week 17 Projections update per usual. Week 17 handicapping picks (and more Survivor pool losses to the Jets, apparently).

01/01 FRI = More mini-reports on Week 16 tape watching. Week 17 Projections update per usual.

01/02 SAT = More mini-reports on Week 16 tape watching. Week 17 Projections update per usual.

01/03 SUN = Sunday morning Video Q&A show, per usual. Final Week 17 Projections before 1pm kickoff.


*CFM 2021 and Dynasty Offseason early sign ups and information will be posted midweek.

*Week 17 game reports/analysis will post like one per day the week after the season ends. I will focus on the games where many young players played and analyzing them and watching/studying but not writing up where the normal routine games happened.

*After the regular season ends, we turn to Fantasy playoff analysis and handicapping the NFL playoffs and I will be doing full game reports on every playoff game, per usual.


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R.C. Fischer is a fantasy football player analyst for Fantasy Football Metrics and College Football Metrics. 

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