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2022 Dynasty/Fantasy Camp Notes (8/09/22)…*Subscriber Notes

August 10, 2022

2022 Dynasty/Fantasy Camp Notes (8/09/22)…*Subscriber Notes


A collection of notes and commentary from training camps -- wanting to discuss the big news or give some tidbits you might not see anywhere else…


 -- Just a follow up from last night’s Video Q&A -- Isaih Pacheco is beyond white hot in all FF drafting formats. It’s like something I haven’t seen in a while ‘hot’.

He’s gone from a DRD ADP at #50+ overall 2-3 weeks ago to now starting to push into the 2nd-round/top 25 overall. You’re going to have to consider him a 2nd-round/top 25 acquisition/draft pick now…no more 4th and 5th-round easy grabs. That’s today…who knows in a week.

In redraft, he’s gone from 300+/off the board and the #125-200 RB to top 75-80 RB and rising in average ADPs…and seeing him go as high as the 12th-13th-round of 12-team redrafts.

And note all these ADPs are a little lagging…and some mocks/leagues where they don’t know Pacheco or don’t take him or autodraft take him 22-25th+ round on the outdated draft platform system’s rankings -- all these (now) anomalies are hurting his averages…those bad numbers mixed then with much higher taken in reality leagues right now. The averages look OK-ish to the naked eye, but the variance is off the charts.

Pacheco’s preseason debut is 1pmET on Saturday vs. CHI. If he goes off…he’s going to sail into the 1st-round of a DRD, possibly…and into the top 100 in redraft, he’s that hot right now. However, if he just takes 4-7 carries for 20-40 harmless yards and doesn’t do anything special with a kick return this 1st preseason game…then he might cool off into a 3rd-round/top 35 DRD…a 13-17th-round RB.

But then you’ll have to see what happens the following week/game…and the following week/game…

I think he’ll be a top 20 overall DRD RB the rest of August and a top 150 redraft. Depth charts are already showing him ahead of Ronald Jones. Andy Reid is giving cryptic words that allows Pacheco to possibly be playing a role and/or challenging the dying Clyde Edwards Helaire.

I cannot believe how fast this came on based off of nothing but headlines, no real visual/game performance. But it’s happened.

Hope you had your DRD in May-June-July…if you did: https://youtu.be/c7sLRs_XzTg



 -- I’m not ready to take this to the bank, but I was told something that shocked me…about a Colts situation.

Someone mentioned to me, matter of factly, that…YES…Nyheim Hines is getting a lot of pass game work. (Which I had heard that earlier in the year from Frank Reich’s mouth…and that I just wrote it off as wishful thinking/empty coach speak…and thus didn’t react to the statement made from my source).

But then my contact low-key-said -- “It wouldn’t surprise me if Hines started as the slot WR Week 1…the way he’s being used in practices.” Then, I was like “Whoa! What? It’s real.”

Apparently, all the Hines ‘being used special this year’ talk from the coaches is getting a real-life push.

From earlier this year: Coach Frank Reich said, “If I were in a fantasy league, I’d pick Nyheim Hines this year” when asked about Nyheim Hines’ role on the team.

Hmmm??? Maybe Reich wasn’t lying.

When you see Hines tick up in our next draft guide/RB rankings…it’s because I’m starting to account for this really happening, and not writing it off totally as useless chatter/wishful thinking. I’m not totally sold on it…but I’m not giving it zero attention, as I was before.


 -- My source says that Josh Palmer WILL win the #3 WR job for the Chargers, and Jalen Guyton will be a #4 who splits a few snaps with Palmer in 3-WR sets -- but that Palmer will be the starting #3 WR.

Given Keenan-Big Mike…Palmer will have a hard time being anything more than a random WR3-4.

More LAC notes…

Gerald Everett is the current starting TE on the depth chart for LAC, but Donald Parham has been the more prominent receiver in practices for two weeks (he’s out hurt/minor injury for the last 2 days).

Joshua Kelley is getting praise from the coaches, lavish praise…and is listed as the #2 RB on the early depth chart releases…which is mostly meaningless but has some clues buried in it (for us to theorize on…whether we are right or not, who knows…?).

Kyle Van Noy is listed as the starting ILB over (out hurt/rehab) Kenneth Murray right now.


 -- Kendall Hinton is listed as Jerry Jeudy’s backup…and not K.J. Hamler’s backup in the slot. My Kendall Hinton potentially starting as the #3 WR poker hand I was hanging around ‘in the pot’ with since the Tim Patrick injury -- 'I fold’. I’m not going to fight City Hall. I got a million other things to look at WR sleeper wise.

Hinton is not dead, but I see no signs of them pushing him into a competition…so, ‘moving on’ for now.


 -- Baker Mayfield has all but won the Carolina starting QB job. Look for Sam Darnold to be moved anywhere they can land him -- and it will be as a key insurance chip/backup, so like the Rams or 49ers…which will set alarm bells/air raid sirens off in Fantasy…but it’s smart for teams to get good insurance chip QBs, or at least backup upgrades. The 49ers would be dead if Lance went down, and Brock Purdy had to take over.

Why the 49ers didn’t draft a Lance-a-like to develop/keep continuity in an emergency...welcome to NFL (lack of) logic. Purdy is like a half-size Lance, I guess. He has a little mobility and a bit of savvy.


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