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2022 Subscriber Extra Note on Rachaad White (from Preseason Wk1 tape)

August 17, 2022

2022 Subscriber Extra Note on Rachaad White (from Preseason Wk1 tape)

*From our upcoming TB-MIA recap...

 -- We got to see the debut of Rachaad White (7-32-0, 2-13-0/3) in this game…after Gio and Ke’Shawn. White was as advertised, and then some -- he simply has the best hands in the entire RB draft class. He moved well. He seemed in-control running, not skittish. A very nice debut ‘look’ for White…adding to an RB class of 2022 that’s exploding with talent.

I have more to say on White, but I’m going to do so in the subscriber area…because it has several tentacles on what I’m going to say.

All White’s touches Week 1 = https://youtu.be/BfK2plMILRA


*SUBSCRIBER EXTRA NOTES (go to subscriber areas to see the bonus scouting notes)…

OK, Rachaad White was really good…I mean, REALLY good here.

First off, we know he has great hands -- but getting another look at him at the Pro level…man, is he smooth in the passing game. The best pass catching back of this class, and it’s not even close.

I loved his receiving game skills in my pre-Draft scouting, but I wasn’t as totally sold on his rushing skills being high-end…and wondered if he might be more of a pass game back who split carries with a bruiser RB. But watching him here, his rushing efforts were impressive -- he has the subtle speed, burst, and patient vision of a legit NFL starter…an effective/productive starter.

You know who he reminded me of? Le’Veon Bell…with the smooth hands and that famous stop/pause and then pop run style, as he deftly picks through the mud to find a running lane. Super impressed here.

A couple ramifications from this viewing…

1) He’s so built for FF goodness, PPR -- elite hands and good-to-great runner/rusher. He may not be the best traditional, all-around RB from this class…but he might be the best built for FF production.

2) I have started taking all my projections up on him…2022 season, Dynasty…DRD valuations.

He’s gonna force his way into some pass game work right away and slowly lever himself into some RB touches and we’ll see how he goes from there.

His Dynasty outlook continues to look better-and-better.

His DRD ratings…I am flirting with notions of him being as high as the #1 rated player (because he has all the FF skills) or #2-3-4…up from #10 last week. You’ll see where I land on him come our next DRD rankings update this week.

3) if White is so skilled…he then is some kind of risk/draw on Leonard Fournette’s 2022 upside, no? I know Brady might like Len, but he’s gonna love having a tall, smooth receiver option like Rachaad too…for special times/needs. White’s talents + Gio’s experienced skills are going to be somewhat of a drag on Fournette as the season goes, I think. Not massive, but not nothing…and makes you rethink Fournette as a hot 2nd-round redraft RB desire, potentially.

All aboard…the Rachaad White train.

How many rookie RBs can we love from one class? We’re finding out. Remember when you saw all the Combine numbers of the RB class and didn’t think it could be real. Guess what? It’s real…and it’s pumping supply into the NFL system and that’s going to cause some disruptions to the normal supply chain and valuation of the RBs.

Rare is there a situation where there is one lead RB…with a bunch of hot garbage behind them, so you don’t have to worry about anything, not even relief touches (like with Najee or Ekeler or D. Henry last year).

How serious is this?




Picking at 1.05 of DRD, let’s say…

Rachaad White or Walker? White

Rachaad White or certain/soon-to-be starter Dameon Pierce? White

Rachaad White or Allgeier (who is not near the first round/12 tm…but just to give an example)? White

Rachaad White or Jameson Williams if you have to pick one? White, now.

Rachaad White or white-hot Isaih Pacheco? As much as I am intrigued in Pacheco…White in the passing game is too wonderful, if you’re in PPR…but if I can see more Pacheco this week, it might sway over to Pacheco. I want to see Pacheco in action, even against 2nd-team defenses…we didn’t get enough last week. White I knew before was an ace receiver but now I know his rusher ability is no joke either. He’s a three down back for TB. When? As soon as Brady is gone. 


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