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Daily Commentary 10/23 MON (7:50pmET)

October 23, 2017

*Daily notes as I see them/the mood strikes -- about football or otherwise. Updating throughout (latest time in title). Moving fast so forgive typos...

7:45pmET: MNF H-Chat posted (home page, scroll down).

The Computer tentatively leans WAS + points. Josh Norman out is not good, but this could be where Quinton Dunbar becomes a star and changes Washington's 2017...or costs them this game and the Redskins dig too deep a hole. No pressure.

I don't normally do a Monday version because there is so much work to do/tape to consume and things to write before MNF hits, but a couple notes -- one for the degenerate gamblers out there I wanted to get out early before the line changes...

Morning Notes...

-- Rams-Cards and Pack-Saints will be among the first game recaps of the week, within the first 4-5. I want to take time to watch every throw by Goff and Hundley for various/obvious reasons. I could say the same about Bears-Panthers but studying Trubisky's 7 throws this week didn't take very long...

-- Just started loading in info for The Computer's Week 8 analysis and the second game I tinkered with jumped out at me with how big the Vegas line discrepancy with us is...and if you're scoring at home, The Computer had another 4-1 Blazing Five...pushing it to a surreal 25-10 (71.4%) clip so far this season. So, yeah, I get a lot of Handicapping questions these days, wherever I go.

Tampa is early -2.5 over Carolina -- The Computer says if Kuechly + Coleman are back (expected to be, but not assured) then the Panthers should be an 8+ point favorite not a 2.5 point dog. FYI.

That line is going 1-1.5 ASAP, I would almost guarantee...so get your +2.5's now if you think Kuechly+Coleman are back. It's a strong play without them but 'great' if they're back.


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