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Daily Commentary 10/24 TUE (7:29pmET)

October 24, 2017

*Daily notes as I see them/the mood strikes -- about football or otherwise. Updating throughout (latest time in title). Moving fast so forgive typos...

7:28pmET: Week 8 Projections 1.0 are posted (IDP will post by 7:45pmET)

Afternoon notes...

-- Kicker values are rising without us really noticing. Everyone gets hurt every week...and now it's bleeding over to kickers. WAS-DAL-CAR losing kickers the past week. Justin Tucker has value. Someone drops Greg Zuerlien -- you have to consider pouncing.

-- One of the critical things about this waiver week...sifting thru what everyone else cuts.

-- Deep sleeper IDP watch -- Jeremy Cash was signed by the Jets. I thought Cash looked really good this preseason but Carolina was not as much in need of his talents.

-- Deep Sleeper IDP watch 2.0 -- the Titans signed DT Julius Warmsley. I think he's a hidden talent. let's see if he sticks/get opportunity.

-- Rumor has it DeMarcus Ware may come out of retirement to play for a mystery team -- and be on the field this Sunday.

-- Losing Key OLs this past week due to injury...the Chargers, Saints, Eagles, and Redskins among others

Morning Notes...

-- Does a game take place anymore where a key player isn't injured and lost for the season by the end? Especially if it involves the Redskins? I mean, if I am recording a Washington football game...when the TV asks if I want to add extended time for the event...I think I need to add 2+ hours to the expected end time because I know there will be a minimum of five Redskins players hurt, stopping play to be carted off the field.

Last night the Redskins previous loss of Josh Norman was telling but then they lost 2-3 of their top O-Lineman every other play in and out. The Redskins have a really good team destroyed by injury. They passed that bug to Philly, who lost Jordan Hicks and Jason Peters for the season -- those are MASSIVE losses. It takes a very good Eagles team off their feet for making a title run.

It's another reason not to give up with 2-5, 3-4 records in fantasy, if that's you right now...all the BYE's coming up and all the injuries are going to open up all new possibilities -- it will bring high-flying opponents down. Your goal remains -- stay in the playoff hunt, and keep churning your roster and waivers and trades looking for the homerun play. Let others give up or make erratic panic moves. Just keep the ship steered steady looking for opportunity, surviving.

5-1/6-0 teams...go take advantage of the panicked.

-- The first Week 8 Projections will post around 7-8pmET

-- Trade for/away, waivers, etc. Top 5s will post around 11-12pmET


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