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Daily Commentary 10/3 TUE...(8:22pmET *Proj Updated)

October 3, 2017

Daily notes as I see them/the mood strikes -- about football or otherwise. Updating throughout (latest time in title). Moving fast so forgive typos...

7:59pmET: Projections loading in position by position through 830pm. Some in already (QB, RB, WR)

5:30pmET: Two guys I think are lying about the severity of their injury and are unlikely to play: Ty Montgomery and Marcus Mariota.

Montgomery bluffing to confuse their major Week 5 opponent -- Dallas.

Mariota bluffing, likely, because the team just signed a 3rd-string QB...the tell-tale sign they are prepping for one or more weeks of issue. Bets thing they can do is rest Mariota to get to 100%. 80% Mariota is useless.

Plan your fantasy activities around these two possible deflecting for gamesmanship.

3:55pmET: Jason Katz's Dallas & Fantasy article now posted

3:40pmET: Guys of note not on the top 5s...in order of my interest...

Jaron Brown -- Love him as a player. Not sure he'll have a follow-up, but I'm hopeful. He would have been #6.

Elijah McGuire -- Will get touches and I think the Jets secretly like him more than Powell. Forte returning looms over all of them.

Robby Anderson/Jermaine Kearse -- A one week rental. One of them is scoring as Josh McCown tries to pour it on Hue Jackson's bad secondary.

Matt Breida -- If you didn't grab last week. A name in case Hyde's hip goes down and/or if the 49ers try to do something more interesting with him.

Jerick McKinnon -- If you get Murray, might as well get JMK to go-with or just stake a claim in case Murray hurts that ankle.

Aaron Jones -- I mean, rent him for a week if you want. I don't know that you'll get a week out of him. The Green Bay RB position has been a pit of despair for the past 2 years. Montgomery's excessive catches keep him in the RB1-2 conversation...I don't know that Jones is getting that same love this quickly. Plus, he's not a banger so he works with limited touches. He's a name if desperate.

Jamaal Williams -- Less FF-interesting in PPR than Aaron Jones. Unsure he's ready this week.

General Publishing Notes for today...

Week 5 projections will be out around 7-8pm ET. We will post a notice when they are.

Trade For/Away, Waivers Top 5s, etc. Will be out around 12-pm ET.


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