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Daily Commentary 10/30 MON (3:38pmET)

October 30, 2017

3:50pmET: Correction added to the MIN-CLE recap/analysis...**POST-PUBLISH CORRECTION: Bucky Hodges got signed by Carolina mid-Sept. to their practice squad. That's one step up for Morgan.**

I didn't even check to see, I had Bucky staying with Minnesota after opening day, which he did but was later cut to make roster space for an add and picked up by Carolina before MIN could pop him back on the P-Squad.

Bucky is in the list of 100 for the '2017 Dynasty Stash for 2018' report. More on him to come with the stash reports. More on the Stash report 1.0 debut in a day or two. I think the first glimpses of Stash work will show up Friday-Saturday this week.

12:48pmET: People have asked, time to time, about what to do if Ezekiel Elliott is suspended...how do you play it for FF. Basically...McFadden or Morris? I really don't know anything here. I don't know if Ezekiel will ever be suspended. Then, if he is, I don't know if Dallas will turn to Darren McFadden or Alfred Morris. I have feared all along it would be a split between DMC-Morris, and thus render all the consternation meaningless.

My head tells me = Jerry returns to his true love, McFadden.

My gut tells me = A split with Alfred Morris prevailing more than DMC

My heart tells me = take a deep roster look at Rod Smith overtaking them all by the 3rd game of the suspension because he can do it all (block, run with power, catch better than any of them) at a power size/skill.

My alter-ego tells me: Dallas will find out today in time for the trade deadline and acquire Carlos Hyde or Matt Forte, and piss many people off...who were holding DMC and Morris.

We often joke that any RB can fill in for Elliott because of the O-Line, but that's taking things a little too far -- Elliott has proven to be a very good RB, better than 'any ole'. However, the new Dallas RB could be better/same for FF if they have better hands for the passing game. Elliott is so overrated as a passing game back. Dallas doesn;t push it as much as they want. They could with Forte.

12:43pmET: Zach Miller isn't just fighting a knee injury but doctors are trying to save his leg due to artery damage. He season is done and probably his career.

Dion Sims is the starter already but he's about worthless in fantasy.

I'm a big Daniel Brown fan, but Trubisky is a BFF with Adam Shaheen.

I'd take the deep roster shot at Daniel Brown...the most athletic of all their TEs, and was producer when he got the chance last year due to Miller injury.

Morning Notes...

-- Anyone needing a big night from Tyreek Hill tonight? Why does it seem like every KC game is a solo night game and I'm in a fantasy position to sell my soul for a Tyreek TD + 100 yards to win a fantasy game? Let's all enjoy yet another night watching every snap and cursing Andy Reid for not giving the ball to Tyreek every play. Looking forward to it...

-- Apparently, some people care about what The Computer thinks about handicapping each week now. Hmmm...is it because it went 5-0 this week on the Blazing Five and is like 13-2 the past three weeks and is 30-10 (75.0%) on the season? Maybe that has something to do with it? I feel you.

Just something early to report to the my fellow degenerate gamblers -- one Week 9 game that has jumped out already: The Rams -3.5 at NYG. The Computer says that should be the Rams -14.8. The Rams will definitely be in it's Blazing Five this week.

-- According to my sources, for what they are worth, as it relates to the Colts...

1: Andrew Luck isn't coming back this season

2: Chuck Pagano is done, but will finish the season

3: T.Y. Hilton is definitely on the trade block and the Bears are an obvious name, but watch out for Dallas, Carolina, and KC. The odds he is traded was placed at 70%.

-- Other names that could be traded today: DeSean Jackson, Matt Forte, Vontae Davis, Terrelle Pryor

Surprise trade destinations...

Pryor to the Steelers

DeSean Jackson to KC

Matt Forte or Carlos Hyde to Washington

Vontae Davis to Cincinnati or the LA Rams


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