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Daily Commentary 10/4 WED...(7:58pmET, Proj. Updated)

October 4, 2017

*Daily notes as I see them/the mood strikes -- about football or otherwise. Updating throughout (latest time in title). Moving fast so forgive typos...

6:00pmET: looking through news of the afternoon...

-- I didn't mention Todd Gurley in the Rams-Cowboys write up and people had questions.

I'm open to trading him hot but I'm in no rush unless I'm blown away. The Rams have gone from cute story to offensive juggernaut. And as Goff goes from 'improved' to 'possible star' then that opens things up from Gurley. I still don't see Gurley shredding as a runner but who cares when they are throwing a ton of passes to him. This bubble won't burst but it will likely come to earth a little as the schedule sees Seattle-Jacksonville-Arizona ahead.

Still, believe in Gurley. I believe in Gurley more than Kareem Hunt as far as sustaining top of the RB class numbers.

-- Jamaal Williams can go this week which means any Aaron Jones waiver energy was wasted. That's why I wasn't that interested. I don't dislike either guy but too many mouths in an offense that doesn't feature the RB.

-- If Davante Adams is cleared it means he's fully ready for football -- no hesitations, only if you worry he has 'the yips' at all.

2:00pmET: Watching the Browns-Bengals this morning...note: I'm an idiot. I've been dismissing and scoffing at Tyler Kroft...he played a helluva game Week 4 and he's a legit TE option for fantasy...not a nobody as I suggested. Led the Bengals in targets this week...scoring 2 TDs, just missed a third because Dalton didn't see him in time.

I wanted to put that out there to pay the penance and if you're looking for TE hope in a tough market/deeper leagues.

1:30pmET: I don't know how anyone is going to pick a survivor pool play this week, assuming the teams most have already used. It's the biggest question I've received in the past 48 hours. I don't know that I have a great answer.

I was eyeing the Jets possibly, but with Myles Garrett now back -- I'm worried about the impact the Cleveland defense could have here. I thought Garrett might miss one more game.

KC? On the road. Short week. Deshaun Watson running an offense that defenses aren't ready for in many cases.

Most of us have to declare the pick early but if TEN is without Mariota...I could go Miami for sure. Matt Cassel is an abomination.

The computer loves the Rams but I hate facing Russell Wilson. If Cliff Avril is out...I might do the Rams. I don't know that I'd know in time.

11:40am: Hoping to have four game recaps out by Midnight. Week 5 projections update around 7-8pm ET.

First football notes of the morning...

-- Melvin Gordon complaining about touches -- The Chargers hired Anthony Lynn and the Rams hired Sean McVay...and one team is headed to the playoffs and someday a Super Bowl, and the other can't win a game. The Lynn hiring was a comical disaster...as predicted by me, as well as McVay being the right prediction...but even I didn't think he'd turn the Rams this fast.

-- Josh Gordon hasn't applied for reinstatement yet, although he is eligible.

-- Haason Reddick is moving to OLB to be a pass rusher now for ARI. I.E. I think the experiment failed, somewhat, with him at ILB. Someday the Jags will realize that in a similar way, Myles Jack is killing them up the middle.

-- The Browns signed WR Bryce Treggs off Philly practice squad. Are you kidding me? Of all the players in the world on P-Squads...this is what Moneyball came up with? A few years ago, I worried Cleveland would be so good at analytics that my existence would be in a little jeopardy. Looks like someone gets to stay smartest scout in the world, after Will McClay, for a little while longer.


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