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Daily Commentary 11/13 MON (6:10pmET)

November 13, 2017

5:50pmET: Oh, boy...Sean Lee could miss 2-3 weeks. The Cowboys are in trouble.

Guys coming back this week...

Danny Woodhead

Corey Coleman

12:22pmET: Starting to look at Week 11 bets...The Computer's first interesting opportunity -- the early line for JAX at CLE is Jags only -7.5. The Computer says Jags -13.0+. It will be cold and windy but the Jags are a run and defense team not a finesse team. The projected 25 MPH winds does give me pause about getting too excited about it. The weather will be a factor in this bet. I don't think the line will change much unless the weather takes a radical turn. Wild weather helps CLE stay within the spread.


From the FF teams I'm associated with and the general gist of conversations and emails...a lot of people are 'suddenly' or 'surprisingly' in the race for the playoffs in their league the past two weeks after a slow start. This is why I was taking extra time/words to address 'sticking with it' after a slow start and/or as we were taking on water via mass injuries (like DJ, Rodgers, etc.)...give me enough time...give yourself enough time to spin that Rubik's Cube looking for answers via trade or waivers or both and we'll have the odds back in our favor. It's not a guarantee or an arrogance, but one way to compete in FF, given our better scouting advantage, in this era of mass injury -- patience and persistence to keep adding/dropping, micro-analyzing the lineups, etc., better than 'the field'.

We do the work other's in our league won't...they give up too soon and/or make wild, erratic, desperate changes.

They don't have the scouting we do.

We have overcome preseason injuries to Enunwa-Ware-Meredith. We have overcome DJ gone right away. We have overcome my overplay for Tarik Cohen. We have overcome Aaron Rodgers being taken away. For the most part, many of us shouldn't even be talking about 'playoffs' (a la https://youtu.be/c2J4hluXF3s). 

It's a miracle that we are talking about them playoffs. 5-5 and in the playoffs today, or even tied for the division lead. 4-6 and in the playoffs or a game out. 3-7 and a game out of the playoffs. It's the new era of survival of the fittest. The more suspensions, injuries that go around...the better chance we have to out-scout, outmaneuver the other fantasy GMs. Embrace the chaos. Bow down to Jared Goff.

Even if you're two games out of the playoffs...win next week, the current playoff spot holder loses...you're down 1 game with two to go. Don't lose your persistence and tenacity. You're one waiver guy, one guy heating up already on the roster away from making a three-game winning streak run in this crazy FF environment.

Fight to your last breath.

Worst case just bet on my Blazing Five. Sorry, 'only' 3-2 this week. My bad. I'll try harder next week.

Apparently, 'you know you're bound to crash and burn' didn't happen this week. I'll take 3-2...which LOWERS The Computer's B5 percentage to 76.0% YTD. That's moneymaking right there.

Morning Notes...

-- Joe Haden out for 6 weeks -- that's a killer for those of us who planned to ride the Steelers DST into the sunset. It doesn't take it away but it bring it back to the pack. The Jags and Rams DSTs just became a lot more valuable.

-- Allen Hurns is probably done for a while...further pushing the Marqise Lee story, but get ready for the Keelan Cole story (just not useful for FF yet). He'll be hidden no more. Various fantasy experts are going to start that 'keep an eye on Keelan Cole' stuff because they read my article on FantasyPros this summer. I thought you had more time to stash him, but it may not be as easy as I thought.

-- I believe that Jameis Winston will miss the rest of the season, but if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets on a roll...he might try to push to comeback to derail it. NFL teams are very hesitant to open a door for a QB controversy...I think Tampa is doing this on purpose. This is the beginnign of the downfall of Jameis Winston...the Winston outlook ahead is very shaky. He's losing support with the media, analysts and thus fans.


Who was the only person against Winston from day one with very logical football and psychological reasoning why? https://youtu.be/lNBhNscGCdo?t=1m25s


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