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Daily Commentary 11/15 WED (7:11pmET)

November 15, 2017

7:10pmET: Week 11 Projections Updated

Fantasy Top 3 in PPG (PPR) by position YTD (still active players)...

QB = Wilson-Wentz-A.Smith   rankings of note...Goff #7 (ignoring Rodgers-Watson), Mariota #11, #25 Ben Roethlisberger

RB = Gurley-Elliott-Hunt   rankings of note...Kamara #7, Chris Thompson #10, Rex Burkhead #25

WR = Hopkins-Antonio-Thielen    rankings of note...Diggs #5, Dav. Adams #14, Tyreek #15, Julio #16, Woods #17, Cooks #18, Shepard #20, Keenan Allen #32, Amari Cooper #34

TE = Ertz-Kelce-Gronk    rankings of note...Engram #4, Jordan Reed #13, Kyle Rudolph #16

5:54pmET: Bill O'Brien uttering the words 'We need to get the ball more to Bruce Ellington' is encouraging. I thought that sleeper would pass through undetected but now the mainstream is sniffing around on it.

3:09pmET: Chris Hogan not expected to play this week. I thought he might but 90%+ likely out.

Brock Osweiler has a chest injury and Paxton Lynch took first team snaps. Another loss or two and Lynch is going in and ruining Demaryius Thomas.

The Falcons signed nothing-RB Terrence Magee off the Ravens practice squad...that's a desperate move. Doing so, they waivers ace preseason player, up and coming LB Jermaine Grace. That had to kill them to do that.

...which says to me that Devonta Freeman may be worse off than anyone on the public knows.

12:33pmET: Just chatting with the Handicapping Group about TEN-PIT. Ready for this stat...

In the last 10 games for Tennessee where Mariota started and finished/played the heavy majority of the game...Tennessee is 9-1.

Beating still viable Denver last year Week 14, and then followed that beating KC at KC Week 15 in the cold. This year they smoked both JAX and SEA.

Are the Titans and Marcus Mariota secretly great?

Morning Notes...

-- Nathan Peterman getting the start for Buffalo...as I've said since the preseason -- McDermott wanted this to happen all along. And as much as I love what McDermott is doing in Buffalo, he's not going to be good for fantasy. Defensive, tough guy coaches want to run the ball like Doug Marrone and get 'game manager' QBs who spend all day in the film room as their claim to fame. They are not where football is headed.

College coaches want nothing to do with the NFL so the NFL is a cesspool of old-school assistants becoming head coaches. That's why Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan are where it's at for fantasy. One need only look at the difference between the Rams and Goff 2016 vs. today.

There are not many Sean McVay's out there, but they're out there -- but I doubt most NFL teams can find them...or will be looking.

The Chargers DST is very viable this week to begin with...now this gift.

-- Blaine Gabbert starting for Arizona...really hurts Larry Fitzgerald, does no favors for Adrian Peterson. They play a bad Texans team so may not matter for the win-loss, but affects fantasy.

WED agenda...

-- Week 11 projections update planned 6-8pmET but I've been changing a bunch since version 1.0 so I don't rule out two updates today. I'm going to try to keep it to the one between 6-8pm.

-- Dynasty Stash report update sometime today. Two more names added.


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