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Daily Commentary 11/15 WED (9:19pmET)

November 22, 2017

Fantasy Top 3 PPG scorers by position thru Week 11 (active players)...

QB (4pts per pass TD) = Wilson, Wentz, Brady -- Rankings of note: #5 Cousins, #10 Goff, #11 Beathard, #12 Tyrod/Rivers/Mariota, #18 Big Ben, #19 D. Carr

RB (PPR) = Gurley, L. Bell, Hunt -- Rankings of note: #4 Fournette, #5 Kamara, #12 Duke J., #14 Forte, #15 Demarco Murray, #16 McKinnon, #20 Tarik Cohen, #22 Rex Burkhead

WR (PPR) = A. Brown, Hopkins. Thielen -- Rankings of note: #9 Baldwin, #10 Cooks, #12 Dav. Adams, #17 Tyreek, #18 Woods, #19 Julio, #31 Jordy, #33 D. Parker, #38 Ginn

TE (PPR) = Kelce, Gronk, Ertz -- Rankings of note: #5 Doyle, #7 ASJ, #10 Jared Cook, #19 O.J. Howard

DST = JAX, BAL, LAR -- Rankings of note: #8 PIT, #10 CHI, #19 MIN and NE, #26 DEN

9:00pmET = Notes for Thursday...

Going to try to do one more projections update before kickoff tomorrow...we'll see. We might just single out any radical things ahead of kickoff.

'All Picks' from The Computer planned to post late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

7:45pmET: Week 12 Projections updated

5:05pmET: BOOOO!!!! Another week of C.J. Beathard...why? Missing out on increased home ticket sales to start Jimmy G now...for what -- to start him on the road in cold Chicago?

Him not starting this week leads to me believe he may not start for several weeks...like Week 15 v. TEN

11:10amET: Jason Katz's descent into Dallas Cowboys madness Week 11 posted (home page, scroll down)

Morning Notes...

A lot of significant notes hiding among the rubble, I think...

-- Paxton Lynch officially the starter. We don't know what that really means for Thomas-Sanders because we've only seen Lynch play 2016, and it was not good. How he's grown in a year, and a new O-C...it's anyone's guess what will happen. I kinda wonder if there was an internal revolt...then it had to be not getting the ball to the veteran players or unhappy about the RB production.

Thomas might be a winner with a lot short passes, easy for Lynch. The TDs are likely to dry up though.

D. Booker overtaking CJA is a possibility.

More work for Jamaal, and him leaping the pack could happen. Let's say the guy is not insane and sees how good Jamaal looks and knows 'he's Jamaal Charles', so he gives him some early carries and JC breaks out...and then more carries as Denver finally has a spark and a lead. If the Denver losing streak is broke with Jamaal Charles having popped a 50+ yard run and/or big game...Jamaal could be the shock waiver of the Week (13).

I'm just saying, I like to daydream...

-- Troymaine Pope signed to the Texans P-Squad, FYI. Not FF-important, I just saw it though.

-- Devonta Freeman still not cleared. 50-50 he plays this week. In several places I grabbed J.D. McKissic in PPR and will consider using him over Tevin Coleman if Freeman is back. Coleman's numbers with Freeman = terrible for several weeks. Barely gets a target.

-- Jordan Reed not likely back for that juicy NYG matchup. Vernon Davis may wind up the best TE of the week.

-- Mobile QB Josh Johnson cut by Houston...I think this is a sign of sudden semi-trust in Tom Savage. I think I'm seeing a 'turn' in Savage upward, ever so slightly. More on that in the HOU-ARI recap. Houston not out of the playoff hunt by a long shot.

-- Nolan Carroll brought in for a visit by the Saints. I think Marshon Lattimore is more hurt than let on and that's going knock the Saints down a peg or two...and we've been hedging that and it's why Jared Goff is a legit play this week -- and why the Rams are likely a Blazing Five candidate over the Saints.

-- No commitment on Jimmy Garoppolo starting this week, but it's coming. If you were the GM/HC...why would you pre-announce this and open up to a billion questions and pressures on the move. Just announce it Friday or Saturday when 99% of the media is not working.


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