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Daily Commentary 11/18 SAT (8:06pmET)

November 18, 2017

8:00pmET: Week 11 Projections updated.

You'll notice a lot of small/very minor changes with most players...we pumped the weighting for 'home team' and dipped it for 'away team' based on recent trending. Why no Seattle player changes? They already had a special home team weighting for performance going into this week.

Ignore any TEN-PIT changes...it's some updating from the TEN-PIT TNF game.

Back to work...

What a last 24 hours. I did something I rarely do Friday night. I stayed in a hotel somewhat next to movie theater and my wife and I got the big idea to go see a movie at 10pm start time. (a) We rarely go to the movies. (b) I rarely go to the movies during football season because every 15 minutes in a day/week is precious...and 2+ hours is a lot of time for me in-season. But she wanted to see the movie 'Wonder' very badly. She read the book. It's about a 5th grader going to school for the first time with a serious facial deformity. She's a school teacher. She's my wife. She's the boss. So, we went to go see it.

I gotta tell you -- great movie. Guys, take a special someone to go see this movie...you'll enjoy it, they'll enjoy it. If you don't like it/don't have some liquid well up in your eyes...you have no soul. Huge Thumbs Up. I expected it to be 'OK', decent. I walked away thinking that it's maybe the best 'made' movie I've seen this year. Perfect execution and pace.

I will also say this -- Julia Roberts is the best actress of our generation and doesn't get near the credit. She's seen as the 'chick flick' maven (to me) from year's ago. She's changed, upgraded the types of movies she's in and she is the most natural in delivering dialogue in a movie I can think of. This wasn't a 'Julia Roberts movie', it's about the kid and the his surroundings, she plays a big part but it's not her movie but time and time again I sat and thought -- she's great at 'acting'...and thank you for aging gracefully and not conforming to Hollywood axioms and getting 500 plastic surgeries -- and rather just doing better depth of movies instead of trying to hold onto her title as 'queen of romance movies'.

OK, now back to reality...I mean, fantasy...

-- Week 11 Projections update out by 8pm ET

-- PIT-TEN TNF analysis posts today sometime.

-- The 'white hot' Blazing Five by 7pm (posts on home page, middle, scroll down)

I'm catching up on all I missed the in the 15 hours. Wow, Kam Chancellor out for the year. Seattle's in a lot of trouble in a tough NFC playoff race.


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