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Daily Commentary 11/2 THU (8:39pmET)

November 2, 2017

8:35pmET: Pierre Garcon down for the year. Marquise Goodwin as a gamble gets more interesting, but may draw Patrick Peterson this week. Trent Taylor...getting more and more interesting in PPR...

7:31pmET: Projections Updated

7:30pmET: No Mo Claiborne tonight...you gotta like the Bills even more.

7:05pmET: Deshaun Watson down, Ezekiel Elliott gone...the 2017 fantasy football is survival of the fittest. if you didn't have these two guys...you 'win' by teams your competing with falling down a big notch. You're not 'out of it'...any of the 3-5 and maybe 2-6 teams. It's a topsy-turvy fantasy 2017.

NYJ-BUF H-group chat posted. FYI.

1:08pmET: Miami OC says there's a timeshare/committee between Drake-Williams. I wouldn't expect him to announce his plans ahead. I do think/have a feeling that Miami is going to give Drake a push here. He's the more dynamic RB for a team that has no spark at all right now. Drake can make big plays, he's just not a workhorse. Drake is like Marlon Mack...and we'll see if Adam Gase starts opening things up by taking simple passes with Drake.

Long-term, Drake is not the answer. 50-50 he gets hurt three touches into this game because he's always hurt. But I think Drake gets his best ever push in this game.

Morning Notes...

-- I cannot wait for the Browns to push out the Moneyball team and hand the reigns over to Hue Jackson...as it appears to be. If I were the Moneyball guys, I would work out a deal now to resign to get away from the stink of this ownership and franchise. However, the smart thing for them to do is just wait to be fired and collect their contract. They know they're out and will never work in football again, so they might as well collect the paycheck and literally do nothing but play on cellphones all day.

I'm not saying the Moneyball thing worked. I didn't see any evidence of it. They drafted some talent but they are the people that employed Hue Jackson...they authored their own demise. They had a couple decent draft picks and were starting to build a foundation but without a QB, without a coach it doesn't matter.

Why do I want this to fail? Easy...the NFL establishment will celebrate this win -- SEE, YOU CAN'T MANAGE A FOOTBALL TEAM WITH DATA!! Anything that keeps the NFL stupider is good for me (and thus you). If the NFL was smart, I would have never had a chance to exist. All my models are built, unwittingly, for a 'stupid' NFL. If the NFL got smart...I might be lost among a sea of analysts, who knows? Total failure and a mockery of 'Moneyball for football' is going to be great for me...it will set the movement back years. I'd rather compete against 'them' as-is then compete against clones of myself.

-- Eddie Lacy as the lead back this week! I love it!! The Redskins will be in my Blazing Five and this helps Russell Wilson and friends more because Seattle won't be able to run the ball. They run into a great Redskins pass defense buzz saw this week, however.

8:40amET: All picks Against the Spread from smoking hot Computer are now posted (home page, scroll down)


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