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Daily Commentary 11/20 MON (6:13pmET)

November 20, 2017

6:09pmET: Andre Ellington didn't get cut because they saw more upside in Bronson Hill...gimme a break Rotonews. A few weeks ago, Ellington was the offense...7-8-9 receptions in games. He was putting up RB1 numbers in PPR for a stretch. I'm guessing he stopped kissing Bruce Arians' ass...and 'out the door'. Something negative caused Arizona to punt Ellington.

Where he might land? Many say Washington, and that's very logical. I'm going to say the Rams may be in play, if not just for de-briefing heading into a Week 13 matchup.

Morning Notes...

-- Robert Woods in a sling and unsure the severity of the injury. if he's out/done...Cooper Kupp gets an upgrade. Sammy Watkins might finally have relevance this season. Josh Reynolds is my guess to enter the starting lineup but not FF-worthy to pick up.

-- NFL head coaches have to have a screw loose in that profession. I'm so done with wondering if/hoping Sean McDermott might be a fresh option to break the stereotypes, etc. He's just like the rest. He did not admit a mistake with the Peterman-Taylor debacle post-game and has refused to announce a starting QB for this week. Who the hell is he kidding? If you were on that team or coaching staff...how much confidence do you have in McDermott as a leader today?

-- I was about to type that I believed Mike McCoy was going to be fired soon...but I just got the alert -- he's been fired in Denver as the O-C.

-- D'Onta Foreman...very likely torn Achilles.

-- Chris Thompson...fractured fibula, done for the season.

Monday Agenda

-- Quick Notes Week 11 posted 10am

-- Dynasty Stash update with a few more names added and a re-adjustment/re-ranking post-Week 11 planned for later today

-- At least one, hopefully two game recaps planned for release today

-- FYI: No days off...our game recaps, etc., roll right through Thanksgiving and beyond. It's a normal week here...except more Thursday games to work with. It's a critical week for everyone trying to clinch playoff spots, hold them, and/or make them. It's been a crazy season, and we have to take advantage of others getting distracted by the holidays -- most football writers, etc., are going to pre-write stuff based on Mon-Tue and it will post ahead of Thursday...and then that's it until Sunday. We're going to keep working the tape and data to unearth any advantage we can find this week.

Enjoy your holidays, and when you get bored of your family gathering...check your phone for new FFM content all week. We're doing Thanksgiving Wednesday night because Thursday...Thursday is for football, baby!! Priorities!!!


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