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Daily Commentary 11/21 WED (8:43pmET)

November 21, 2017

Evening Random Notes...

-- Suddenly, everyone has the Chargers as their 'sleeper' pick. Continual losers...a team that always finds a way to lose...they had a headline getting game against Nathan Peterman, and now everyone loves LAC.

Something slapped in the face this week...the media's major issue is the base everything off of what they just saw; what they think they saw. No one cared about LAC until they scored 50+ and had 5 picks. Kareem Hunt was the greatest RB in the universe...because he was big on opening day. Case Keenum/the Vikings are winning, so now they all love Keenum and want him to be the Vikings franchise QB. Dallas is now the worst. Alex Smith sucks again. The Patriots aren't dead. Josh Rosen looked better than Sam Darnold in a game, so now he's the #1 QB. Marcus Mariota had a bad game on TNF...so, he's not a franchise QB anymore. Is there never perspective or reflection?

Don't answer that.

-- Chip Kelly looking at UCLA or Florida. He saw the NFL, and he's never going back. The NFL has a huge problem that many corporations do when they are inherently poorly run from Goodell to the owners to the GMs -- no one wants to be a head coach in the NFL if they can get a nice job in college.

No fresh coaches...no change coming to the NFL for a long time. They'll be behind the 8-ball in most over front office and coaching position.

-- Why I didn't have more Corey Coleman chatter on the Top 5s...Josh Gordon back next week. There's a reason to worry about Coleman because of the Kizer sucking so hard, but if Gordon is back -- Cleveland is getting him the ball to see what they have. I'm skeptical of Gordon too, for different reasons.

-- The Computer's best bet after looking at all the games with all the data from Week 11 now in...Carolina an 11.8 favorite to The Computer, but Vegas says -4.5. The Jets are 1-4 in their last 5 games, with a win over dying Buffalo. They just lost/were handled by Tampa Bay.

6:51pmET: Week 12 Projections posted

3:00pmET: NFL notes...

-- Byron Marshall as Redskins PPR back = zero interest for FF. Someone has to be in that role just in case. He's it, for now.

-- Mike Davis not expected to play Week 12...damn.

2:55pmET: It's getting to the point that I can't take Colin Cowherd, who I love, seriously, when he talks about football and QBs. I am just catching up with his Monday show. I heard him say 'Sam Darnold is still better than Mitchell Trubisky' as people are starting to scramble to cover their tracks on Sam Darnold, as they Darnold mystique/performance starts to crumble. As I said this summer -- Darnold is a joke. He's just not 'not that good'...he's a joke of a discussion as a top pick QB. He is not a first-round QB. He is not a top 100 pick QB. He is NFL-worthy to take a look, but more for depth or developmental...and he just doesn't have the arm for the NFL, not even close. I wouldn't waste developmental time on him.

They should give every football analyst a test...let them take a day to study Trubisky's tape and Darnold's tape from their final year's of college play and then if they choose Darnold as the better QB still, then they should be ex-communicated from talking about football. I'd bet my life and that of my children that Mitchell Trubisky is a FAR better QB prospect than Sam Darnold. I don't like to bet my kid's lives, but they probably would be OK with it for such an important issue as this.

12:33pmET: When evaluating the Rams-Saints game this week...note the saints will be missing OLB/DE Alex Okafor, who was having a great season and potentially Marshon Lattimore, who was have an excellent season. Those are HUGE hits for the Saints.

12:32pmET: Tyron Smith and Dan Bailey both practicing this week...both potentially back for Thursday. If Dallas played Sunday...they'd be good to go for sure. Sean Lee is out.

Morning Notes...

-- The Computer's call for the outright upset of Seattle by ATL pushed it to 3-2 for the Blazing Five week...LOWERING the YTD numbers to 41-14 (74.5%). No Week 12 game has jumped off the screen yet, looking ahead (but I have only analyzed 60% of the games so far)...the best looking one so far, about a 4.5-5.0 point spread differential -- The Washington Redskins -7.0 over NYG on THU looks pretty good.

-- I told you...Mike Davis, right? You watched MNF? The best Seattle RB you've seen this year, correct? Granted a small sample size for him...but that was a terrific debut (of course, he got hurt). My question is this...

I said Mike Davis looked the best of any SEA RB this preseason. You could argue Chris Carson, but let's say it was close either way.

How does Mike Davis sit and rot on Seattle's practice squad all season and not get taken by another team...with all the RB injuries there are every week?

Washington was down to Perine and C Thompson a week+ ago...and signed Byron Marshall.

Am I the only one in the NFL that watched these preseason games? People's whose very livelihoods live and die with the decisions. Personnel gods could be created by poaching team's 53-man cut mistakes...and I really don't think they (GMs, scouts) watch anything besides there own team...maybe. Either that or they are AWFUL at their jobs.

A healthy Mike Davis is going to be a thing next week. I hope deep dynasty people got in on the ground floor last week.

-- Houston activated Cobi Hamilton. I assume Will Fuller might done for a while.

-- Josh Gordon practices Wednesday for the first time this season and is eligible to return Week 13.

-- Because people don't care about the Rams, and think Jared Goff is a stooge (they're trying to 'Andy Dalton' him)...Robert Woods getting hurt (possibly out for the year) doesn't mean anything. The best offense in the league, a top 5-7 rated QB, just lost his #1 WR...and everyone in football collectively yawns. This stings...it hurts the Rams and it hurts Goff. Cooper Kupp is going to have to step up and catch passes/not drop them and Sammy Watkins can make his free agent money right here...but Sammy Watkins can never really be relied upon.

Today's Agenda...

-- Week 12 projections 1.0 will post around 7-8pmET


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