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Daily Commentary 11/3 FRI (10:43pmET *Proj. Update)

November 3, 2017

10:42pmET: Week 9 projections updated. Next updated Sunday noon+.

Blazing Five sometime Saturday afternoon+.

JWolfe IDP report will post tomorrow as well.

8:22pmET: I just looked over the injury reports. The Rams literally have no injuries, and the Giants are without 4-5-6 starters, like 4 key starters/2 rotational guys...plus they suspended their best CB. I will bet my life on the Rams this week.

I have bet my life twice already this season, and now have double then doubled again to 4 lives. Empty the 401K. Don't worry about the kids college needs. Don't worry about the mortgage. Bet a good amount on the Rams this week.

Weather concerns for Week 9...?

-- 50%+ chance of rain, 42 degrees, 10-15 MPH winds in Seattle for Redskins v. Seahawks.

-- 50%+ chance of rain in NY for Rams at Giants

-- Week 9 projections update planned between 9pmET and 1amET

Early Injury Notes that caught my eye...

-- Bobby Wagner possibly out. Earl Thomas out. Kam Chancellor questionsable...I'm starting to like this Washington bet more and more. Also, this could be another shootout for Seattle fantasy stats in the passing game.

-- Cole Beasley cleared concussion protocol...so, Ryan Switzer deep sleeper hopes 'dashed'.

2:30pmET: The Redskins cannot go a day without an injury it seems. Trent Williams and Jamison Crowder unlikely to play, and Jordan Reed is officially out. Possibly Rob Kelley out as well. As I look over it...the injury list is not that bad besides Williams. The Redskins have plenty of WRs. Vernon Davis to backstop Reed, and Kelley is a zero...maybe Perine gets yet another crack at grabbing the mantle.

2:25pmET: The first wave of the Dynasty Stash reports are planned to start this Monday (11/6). All week, every week the rest of the season we will be adding to and reevaluating the dynasty stash 'rankings', players, and their valuations.

Morning Notes...

-- The never-ending Ezekiel Elliott story continues to never end...he's back for Week 9. All you can do as a Alfred Morris holder...is hold. The lead RB post-Ezekiel, if there ever is a post-Ezekiel, has a lot of value. You just have to wait it out and it may never payoff, but it's worth the effort...as frustrating as it is getting.

-- Mid/late in the TNF game, did you catch what Tony Romo said about the Jimmy Garoppolo-Kyle Shanahan trade?

First, let me say, as I've said, that I really enjoy Tony Romo calling these games. I feel like I learn at least one thing each time he calls the game. However, I can also tell he's getting full himself already. The moment people start busting out the 'People don't know how ___ that ___ really is'. Romo is starting to lean on people not knowing 'how fast' or 'people have never heard of' blurbs a little too much now. It doesn't help that Jim Nantz has crawled up Romo's ass and taken residence. We get it -- you like working with Romo. Settle down. No need to have a panic attack if Romo would think about playing football again. How could football ever survive without Romo in the booth? It's Ok, Jim...we'll all move on.

Anyway, when Romo speaks on something it usually worth pondering. He usually knows schemes and established players/coaches pretty well. I took note/was comforted when Romo blurted this about the Garoppolo deal...and with Romo I don't take it as cheap praise -- he said something to the effect that 'Shanahan is the best offensive coordinator he knows'.

Again, I don't think it is cheap praise. Romo is pretty tapped in and astute. I mention this because -- Garoppolo + Shanahan = my heart swelling with the possibilities.


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