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Daily Commentary 12/19 TUE (7:44pmET)

December 20, 2017

Top 3 FF scorers in 2017 through 15 weeks, PPG, PPR, active players...

QB = Wilson-A.Smith-Cam...Others of Note: #4 Brady, #5 Cousins, #7 Dak, #10 Keemun, #11 Goff, #13 Bortles, #19 Mariota

RB = Gurley-Bell-Elliott...Others of Note: #7 Fournette, #11 McCaffrey, #19 McKinnon, #27 Mixon, #34 Cohen

WR = Hopkins-Allen-Thomas...Others of Note: #5 Thielen, #6Tie Tyreek, D.Adams, #9 Julio, #12 Woods, #13 Marvin Jones, #14 Cooks#18 Robby A., #20 Mk Evans, #22 Baldwin

TE = Gronk-Kelce-Ertz...Others of Note: #4 Engram, #16 Jesse James, #17 O.J. Howard, #20 Kroft

DST = JAX-BAL-LAR...Others of Note: #4 PHI, #5 LAC, #6 DET, #7 NO, #9 CHI, #11 PIT, #12 NE, #32 SF

PK = Zuerlein-Butker-Gostkowski...Others of Note: #4 Gould, #6T Tucker, #9 Prater

7:42pmET: Week 16 Projections updated... *NOTE* Greg Zuerlein was just put on IR and that's a killer for some. You think kicker doesn't matter but life without GZ can be no fun.

12:33pmET: Just something real quick from a Miami perspective. I thought they were dead...they aren't.

Current Wild Card standings...

8-6 = KC

8-6 = TEN

8-6 = BUF

8-6 = BAL

7-7 = LAC

6-8 = MIA

I'm going to play this out from a Miami perspective...

Miami beats KC this week, let's say. And we'll go Vegas odds on the rest of the games. TEN loses to LAR. BUF loses to NE. Ravens beat IND. LAC beats NYJ.

The new standings from that after Week 16...

9-6 = BAL

8-7 = KC

8-7 = LAC

8-7 = BUF

8-7 = TEN

7-8 = MIA

Week 17...

Ravens at home beat Cincy. MIA hosting BUF, beats the Bills. Tennessee falls to the Jags.

10-6 = BAL

8-8 = MIA

8-8 = TEN

8-8 = BUF

Let's say for the sake on 'interesting' the Chiefs beat DEN, but LAC loses to Oakland If the reverse of that happens it works out the same for Miami's chances...having beaten both LAC and KC).

9-7 = KC (wins AFC West)

10-6 = BAL (#1 wild card)

8-8 = MIA

8-8 = TEN

8-8 = BUF

8-8 = LAC

Miami owns wins over the Chargers (or KC) and Titans. The final spot would be between MIA-BUF (season series would be 1-1). Miami would be 7-5 in the AFC, BUF would be 6-6 in the AFC losing their last two. BUF has also lost to LAC.

Miami has a TON riding on this week's game at KC. A frigid 26 degrees...but not terminal, and Miami just played in the cold last week at Buffalo so it's not as much a shock to the system, in theory. Miami beating KC would cause massive chaos to the wild card AND AFC West. We're all in love with KC...who is 3-6 in their last 9 games.

Morning Notes...

-- You know who's doing a great job? The Texans GM. I just noticed Guard Brandon Brooks made the Pro Bowl...Houston let him go in free agency. The Jaguars resurgence has come in part due to the Jags signing CB A.J. Bouye away from the Texans. What is Rick Smith doing? How do you let Pro Bowl players escape your team...but pay up for Lamar Miller and Brock Osweiler?

-- Arizona signed RB Bronson Hill...I'm guessing that means Kerwynn Williams is more doubtful than not this week.

Today's Agenda...

-- Week 16 Projections update between 7-8pmET

-- New Game recaps will start posting around 1230-1pmET and run through tonight. Three planned. First up Jags-Texans and a deeper look at Keelan Cole.

-- Various updates here


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