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Daily Commentary 12/31 SUN (12:23pmET)

December 31, 2017

12:22pmET: The Final Weekly Projection of the 2017 season is now posted. With that...good luck in your Week 17 title games and DFS work.

Notes from the 1pm inactives...

-- The Pats are down to Lewis-Bolden at RB today. Lewis plays until the Pats have it in hand and Bolden gets a bunch of touches in the coldest game of the week.

-- Dwayne Washington and Zach Zenner inactive (sigh)...why are they still rostered by the Lions? Please let Jim Caldwell get fired!

-- Cole Beasley out...Ryan Switzer a deep sleeper

-- Jay Ajayi inactive. Blount needs 30 yards for incentives. Corey Clement may lead the team in carries...but with bad QB play and Dallas pushing a lot of their starters.

11:32amET: What will the Jags do today?

The Jags have shown to be more cautious than not with Leonard Fournette all season. I expect he gets his 1,000+ yard season...29 yards rushing today...and then is gone. Might get a TD, might not. If Fournette was in longer than his 30+ yards, and tweaked his ankle/foot issues...people would lose their minds. Doug Marrone strikes me as a totally arrogant head man...so, nothing would shock me, but I don't know how you play the center of your offense (Fournette) in a meaningless game. I let him get his 30 yards and gone.

If the Titans win, they'll play the Jags next week in the playoffs most likely...so this should be a vanilla game and you want to show the Titans NOTHING. Marrone would be out his mind to let the Titans get a one-week 'get used to' event leading into the real deal. If I'm Marrone...I want to play the Titans more than I do the Bills or Chargers. The Jags should playt he starters in a vanilla look for a quarter and then get out. They'll also use it as a Bortles-Hurns workout to get Hurns back up to speed for the playoffs.

10:31amET: Watching ESPN fantasy show this morning...a lot of talk of matchups, etc., but very little about how much the weather is going to effect QB-WR combos.

Also, suddenly, someone on ESPN pointed out that Julio Jones is wildly overrated at the same time he talked about how legit Adam Thielen is...I wonder what might have pushed that thought process? It probably just hit him in a dream...

9:27amET: The hidden reason behind the Jon Gruden coaching rumors...him getting away from ESPN on a number of levels. He'll probably leverage a massive guaranteed contract from TB (or Oakland), and he'll coach 3-5 years and then retire to a less travel intensive life. He'll to do what he loves the next 3-5 years and employ all his sons as high paid assistants, etc. A smart final cash grab for him and his kids, and he'll be doing what he loves.

Winston + Gruden = personality clash disaster.

8:41amET: Last year, when Bruce Arians was unsure to return to coaching, rumor had it the Cardinals were early looking at and hot on Sean McVay as the replacement...but that got shutdown before it even started as Arians announced he would return late in the season. Now, Arians is expected to step down...leaving the team with no QB plan/offense aside from David Johnson. All us DJ holders...we have to watch this coaching situation intently -- we need a progressive coach who does not turn his nose up at throwing the ball to the RB. We also need a guy who is going to rebuild this offense fast so it's not 11-men in the box against DJ in 2018.

FFM-land name we want in several places -- Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo

Weather Check:

-- Quick note... I am in Ohio and it has been bitter cold for 2+ days now. I mean...the go outside and it bites down into your bones. Anything exposed to the elements is uncomfortable. These frigid temps are going to be terrible for passing game...fluidity for yards after catch. The run game has a huge advantage in these games...also, the DST turnover potential. Be very wary of playing passing game assets in these frigid games.

NYJ at NE...8-9 degrees, feels like -4 to -6

WAS at NYG...14-15 degrees, feels like 1-2 degrees

DAL at PHI...16 degrees, feels like 4-5 degrees

CLE at PIT...15 degrees, feels like 8-9

CIN at BAL...19-20 degrees, feels like 8-9 degrees

JAX at TEN...23-25 degrees, feels like 12-13 degrees

KC at DEN...24 degrees, feels like 13-14 degrees


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