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Daily Commentary 12/7 THU (7:32pmET *Proj. Update)

December 7, 2017

7:31pmET: Week 14 Projections Updated

5:20pmET: OK, there's a new #1 for most asked question of the week. it's now: Should I start Jimmy Garoppolo or ___ this week? First, why why would you considering starting Garoppolo? He's #18 on FantasyPros consensus! ;)

Here's MY first question every time I'm asked..."What impact will NO-ATL have on you or opponent?" There's no sense locking in a decision now if Alvin Kamara scores 5 TDs for your opponent tonight...or if he breaks his leg running onto the field for the first snap. What happens tonight changes whether you take a wild swing or play it safe Sunday. Let's see how the dust settles after tonight for many of your situations.

Just keep in mind -- if you push Garoppolo, then you have to consider going all-in with Marquise Goodwin as well and stack points if that's a way you find yourself needing to go.

12:38pmET: Injury notes...

-- Starting tackle Mike Remmers probably out for MIN, again.

-- Damien Williams isn't practicing...he's not playing this week. I don't think he'll play next week either. Clear path for Kenyan Drake.

-- Joe Mixon not cleared yet...50-50 to play this week.

-- Tyrod Taylor limping but back practicing...he may start but he isn't running. The Bills are going to try to steal a win this week vs. the Colts to stay very viable for the playoffs. It's a should-win game...but with Tyrod banged up it's going to make it closer than it needs to be.

-- Marshon Lattimore playing tonight is a big boost for NO.

Sashi Brown fired...Hue Jackson kept in place. Sounds about right for the NFL. This evokes three thoughts:

1: I'm dropping Corey Coleman down in the latest 'stash' report because the Browns will be eternally bad at QB/head coach/organization. All things Browns = dead, except Duke Johnson as a PPR back as long as Hue is there. Josh Gordon if he stays clean has value...because he's all Cleveland can attract to stay there.

2: Moneyball for football will be put in a coma, maybe never to be woken. The NFL changes it's mind/roster/management as much as we change our fantasy rosters...desperate moves whenever things aren't going as well as planned. We have to do that in fantasy when things are topsy-turvy. It's easy to make snap decisions in fantasy and 'it's just a game'. In the NFL/building a franchise it takes time, and NFL teams panic at the first signs of trouble. They have no plan...just plans to have plans and keeping changing plans until one works, and then when it doesn't -- time for a new plan. It's why a coach often wins 'Coach of the Year' in their rookie season...and then is fired the next.

A GM can have a great plan and the head coach mess it up...or positional coaches, or the owner. The head coach and GM are ALWAYS at odds eventually. Smitten with each other at first, clawing each other's eyes out by Year Two. It's almost impossible to get Coach + GM on the same page for long.

3: I'll never work in the NFL.

The NFL establishment didn't want the Cleveland experiment to succeed...and they got their wish. The fraternity...the nepotism...the establishment party would have been over had an outsider come in and succeeded. Chip Kelly crucified, and now the Moneyball people will be executed.

I have seen how the sausage is made in the NFL enough to know I'm much happier on the outside trying to profit off of predicting their nonsense than I would be reporting to an organization and filing reports to people who don't want them and would do the opposite to spite me. For similar but different reasons as why Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, etc., don't desire to coach in the NFL after they've been there...I don't want to be there either. I have way more fun doing what I do now. I'm in total control to utilize my work every day for fantasy/dynasty. I'd be pissing in the wind working for the NFL.

If Jerry Jones writes me a million dollar check...I'm on the next plane to Dallas.

I'd be fired within two years and go back to doing what I was doing.

If Jerry Jones wanted me to come in for an interview to join the scouting department on the ground floor...I'd pass. I'd be wasting years for nothing to go nowhere for regular job pay...to eventually be replaced by the cousin-in-law who learned Excel over the summer and likes numbers.

Unless the Pretty Woman event happens between me and Jerry, and I disappear for two years...you're stuck with me for many years to come.

Jerry Jones could buy me for less than $100 a year just purchasing all the subscriptions.

You do realize the College Football Metrics.com season is right around the corner, right? Doesn't seem possible that it's almost time for 2018.

Morning Notes...

-- Week 15 DST issues, looking ahead? I have a possible solution. Watch for the first game analysis report of the day for the proposed answer.

-- Randall Cobb has hit a lot of free agency wires in various FF leagues for obvious reasons, but if you consider Aaron Rodgers back next week...don't forget Cobb produced the following numbers in 4 games with Rodgers to start the season: 7.0 FF PPG (12.8 PPR) on 5.8 rec., 54.8 yards, 0.25 TDs per game. He's a Davante Adams 'handcuff' in a weird way too.

-- Updated weather check for the week...just IND v. BUF at 15-20 degrees seems to be the only 'affecting' event. And it's not radically cold, but cold


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