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Dynasty/Fantasy 2021 News: Post 53-Man Cuts…

September 3, 2021

Dynasty/Fantasy 2021 News: Post 53-Man Cuts…


 -- Surprising news Thursday…the Falcons released FFM deep sleeper fave Qadree Ollison, in favor of adding Wayne Gallman.

I thought Ollison looked good in the preseason…he definitely shed weight and improved his agility. I was ready to see if he would fall into touches via a Mike Davis injury bound to happen this season. That’s not looking too good right now.

We can only deduce that if the Falcons really coveted Ollison as something with upside for the future – they never would have cut him. By adding Wayne Gallman, they tell us that the experience of Gallman is more valuable. And I can’t say that Gallman isn’t the smarter NFL play – if you want to win football games, and you can add the RB who carried the Giants offense at times in 2020…and you release a little-known RB to do it – you do it. It’s smart NFL biz to win now.

For the future, the Falcons cut a similar-to-Ollison type back in Caleb Huntley…and then got him onto the practice squad (currently). So, they have a #4 RB in their possession if needed. If the Falcons slip Ollison onto the practice squad, which I assume they will…then this was small-scale brilliant. But it also lets us know how much the new Falcons regime cares about Ollison…they don’t really. They are/were prepared for some other team to claim him, so the love can’t run very deep.

We still do not know what the ATL backfield will be like – Mike Davis and Cordarrelle Patterson have been hidden from us, and it’s making me excited to see if this is the year someone finally uses CP like a weapon and not a kick return only and 1-2 touch a game guy.

I have a good amount of cheap CP stock this year…last guy drafted type stock. Picked up in place of Ollison today stock. I want to see what the Falcons do with Patterson Week 1…and then I can drop if it’s same-old-same-old -- or did I find a needle in the haystack.

You want your coach to say this about you: https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/practice-report-patterson-says-arthur-smith-has-the-it-factor


 -- Two rookie RB notes…

I’ve been throttling back on my Javonte Williams grabs in redrafts…or at least not overpaying for him/taking other RBs where I was taking Javonte as high as the 4th-round. And I’ve all but turned away from Trey Sermon middle+ of redrafts.

I believe Javonte is the best back from the 2021 NFL Draft class, but Melvin Gordon is solid…and he’s an experienced veteran. Vic Fangio respects the steady veteran…as seen by his Teddy over Lock choice. Fangio is not one to be radical for the sake of being radical – so, we have no idea when Javonte breaks out to be a star. Week 1…I bet Gordon has 60-70%+ of the touches in the backfield.

If Javonte has a governor on him for the first 2…4…6+ weeks, then he’s not worth a 4th-5th round redraft pick. You’re going to start slow with him being semi-unusable (depending upon how deep your roster is) and bemoan every week he’s lesser than Gordon.

Javonte may breakout and be too good even with secondary carries, and be Fantasy relevant…I hope so, but Mel Gordon is leading the way out of the gates.

Ditto Raheem Mostert…and he looks WAY better than Sermon right now. An investment in Sermon is hoping Mostert gets hurt fast…which isn’t a bad bet, but I’m not sure the backfield would go to Sermon like you dream in that scenario – it would be a Hasty/Sermon backfield to some degree. Don’t overpay for Sermon…and don’t overlook Mostert.


 -- Dallas Goedert is having one of the worst offseasons…

Perpetually stuck behind Zach Ertz, in 2021 it finally looked like Goedert would break free of Ertz and could blossom into a top NFL TE. Instead, Ertz couldn’t be traded (no one really wants him) and Ertz is now ‘the starter’…in an offense that looks sickly behind unimpressive new head coach Nick Sirianni.

Then, we find out that the Eagles talked to the Vikings about a deal for Goedert.

If you think the Eagles are going to feature and push Goedert…I don’t think so. Now, he’ll play a lot and he can be a random fringe TE1 for FF – but star power/top 5 TE threat for FF 2021 with Ertz? No way.

I’ve been running away from Goedert fast for weeks. His best value is him traded somewhere else in a few weeks when the Eagles season is fading away.


 -- Gio Bernard Week 1 with a ‘mild’ high ankle sprain. High ankle sprains are NOT good…I don’t know what a mild one is. Maybe he’ll be ready Week 1, but sadly they play in the THU night game, so he’s only got 10-12 days to heal. He might, but I wish he was going into the game 100%. We’ll have to watch the injury reports.

We may not see him really heavy in this offense until Week 2?


 -- Are we still on with the double DST theory…NE + BUF DST? Did the Stephon Gilmore PUP list placement kill it off?

I don’t know that it killed it off, but it definitely punched it in the face…and now it doesn’t look as prime. Gilmore is the single best defender, probably best overall player the Patriots have – losing him for that awesome first 6+ weeks of schedule hurts.

Now, the Pats still have good defensive talent behind him…but it definitely weakened this NE-DST pairing projection. You can roll with NE v. MIA Week 1 and reassess, because BUF is pretty nice from there…or just ditch NE, open up a roster spot, and ride BUF. If the Bills DST handles PITT Week 1…then they are going to go on a nice run.

You can still go for it… If you already bought NE-DST, you could see how it starts out…but it’s not as hot as it was. Mostly, now…I’m just taking Denver DST late and crossing my fingers or paying up for Washington to own the best defense in football and take my week-to-week chances with that (with a horrible schedule every other week to start the season through Week 6-7). Or riding with Buffalo DST.

It’s a position of the most variance, and easiest to stream…so, if chaos hits -- I am ready to adjust. I just want to get out to a big start and adjust for schedule wrinkles later.


 -- In a deeper roster situation…if you think you’ll just wait to pick up Indy rookie WR Mike Strachan (pronounced: STRON) later on down the road…be careful.

1) NFL Network Good Morning Football member Peter Schrager has started to talk about some of the Strachan buzz from the Indy people and is mentioning Strachan as a deep sleeper for 2021.

2) Reggie Wayne, Chad Johnson, and Michael Irvin have noticed Strachan and have taken to social media to praise him.

 -- There is gathering smoke to a potential fire here --

3) Some of the Indy depth chart releases (which are often wrong, misleading, etc.), including the Colts own release, show Strachan behind T.Y. Hilton…and Parris Campbell as a backup to starter Zach Pascal. I’ve seen a couple listings of TYH-Pittman-Pascal as the starters.

If Hilton is out for 3-6 weeks…is Strachan going to move up to start Week 1?

Has Parris Campbell really fallen to a backup?

We probably won’t know until after Labor Day weekend…

Strachan won’t walk in and take over the world – he’s had limited time with the 1s or with Wentz. And it could be Jacob Eason starting a week or so. But I am mentioning this to say – this Strachan story isn’t as ‘deep’/quiet a sleeper as we think. The chatter is picking up.




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