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H-Group Blazing Five Picks Week 15...

December 16, 2017

Through Week 14 records...

The Computer: 114-88-6, Blazing Five: 50-20 (71.4%)

Skolman: 110-92-6, B5: 35-34-1

Savage: 110-92-6, B5: 39-30-1

Rabbitt: 107-95-6, B5: 39-30-1

RC: 105-97-6, B5: 47-33

Katz: 100-102-6, B5: 37-30-3

Colin: B5… 38-26-1


SF -2.0. Best Bet. LOL Marcus Mariota. This is a mismatch. Jimmy Garoppolo is a top 10 QB and no one realizes yet. This game won’t be close. 

LAC -1.0. The Chiefs are terrible. They snuck by the Raiders despite awful coaching and awful game planning. They are not back. The Chargers, however, are winning the division. I think this game is the final nail in Alex Smith’s coffin. 

LAR +2.0. I’m going to take a stance that the Rams will not get swept by the Seahawks. If not for two late splash plays, the Seahawks get blown out by the Jaguars. This Seahawks defense is not the same one that bottled up Todd Gurley when they first played. Robert Woods is back. Sean McVay will outcoach Pete Carroll. 

DAL -3.0. Homer pick time! The Cowboys are back! Dak is back! The Raiders stink! I’m using way too many exclamation points! The Cowboys roll over the Raiders Sunday night in Zeke’s final game absent. 

PIT +3.0. I thought about leaving this out, but no. I refuse. I am taking the Steelers as a form of protest against Tom Brady. Everywhere I read, I see Tom Brady expected to bounce back. What about this? What if Tom Brady is 40 years old and way more injured than the Patriots are letting on? What if he’s done? What if Brandin Cooks was standing 30 yards down the field wide open? Do you think Brady could hit him? I don’t. Steelers win and go to the Super Bowl.






Bet of the week ATL




LAC at KC +1.0.  **Best Bet**

KC +1 - I’m rolling with the home team because the Chargers have a poor statistical rushing defense.  If Hunt can run it helps the defense.  Crazy that LAC are road favorites at Arrowhead in Dec. 

ARI at WAS -4.5

Ari +4.5 - Seems like a lot of points for a team with 30 injured players vs a pretty good defense. 

BAL at CLE +7.0

CLE +7 - Seven points at home in the game after the Ravens played the Steelers.  I’ll take the news Browns to stay close to the old Browns...maybe even win #1.


NE at PIT +3.0

NE -3 - Everyone is on the Pats and they’re right.


TEN at SF -2.0

SF -2 - I know this is a big line move from the look ahead last week where TEN was favored by 3 but I tend to think the look ahead was way off.  TEN not being as good as advertised and SF being a lot better with Jimmy G is not an overreaction to last week’s games...that has been known for a while.  Jimmy G wins his first home game.



ATL at TB +6.0

Tampa Bay lost Gerald McCoy for this game; their best DL. They’ve lost multiple key OLs. It’s just a lost season. The Falcons are peaking and are in a must-win game. The Falcons are the Chargers right now minus the ‘sexiness’


LAR at SEA -2.0

I didn’t think this would make the top 5 earlier this week but as it became more and more clear the Seahawks were now losing their linebackers to go along with a third+ of their other defensive starters long gone from the lineup – how does a healthy Rams team not clean their clock?


BAL at CLE +7.0

Somehow Baltimore keeps winning and playing well even though I don’t know how it is happening. This charmed, successful, solid team is only laying a TD to Cleveland? Justin Tucker will cover that line alone.


LAC at KC +1.0

This is one of the most ‘sure’ games The Computer sees – a clear Chargers win.


HOU at JAX -10.5

Once again, we ride with the Jags. This Jags defense versus a 3rd-4th-string QB on short notice starting? Possibly DeAndre Hopkins out/hampered? How do you not love the Jags here ever If Fournette is out?







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