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H-Group Blazing Five Picks Week 17...

December 31, 2017

Through Week 16 records...

Savage: 127-105-8, B5: 46-32-2

Skolman: 126-106-8, B5: 39-39-2

The Computer: 123-109-8, Blazing Five: 54-26 (67.5%)

Rabbitt: 120-112-8, B5: 39-34-2

RC: 117-115-8, B5: 50-39-1

Katz: 110-122-8, B5: 40-35-5

Colin: B5… 42-31-2


GB +7 - Detroit hasn’t earned the right to be 7 point favorites over anyone.

CAR +4 - I don’t think either team is going very far...I’ll take the 4 in what should be a good battle.

CLE +10.5 - What the heck, I’ll go down with the Browns for the last time this year.

SF (-3.0) - Jimmy G and friends motivated to finish strong vs the Rams who say they don’t care but I think they do...you’d rather go to Philly than Min.

OAK +8.0 - Division opponent with a change to knock your rival out...I’ll take 8 points there.


Chiefs +3.5 (best bet) - The Chiefs have had a couple "meaningless" week 17 games under Andy Reid and have covered or won outright. The Broncos do not deserve to be more than a 3 point favorite over anyone, especially with Paxton Lynch starting. 


Giants +3 - Washington handled two bad teams in a row playing at home. Now they have to go on the road, where they're only 2-5 for the season, for a meaningless final game. Washington didn't exactly dominate the Giants in their Thanksgiving matchup, so I think this game ends up close.


Packers +7 - Detroit isn't that good to begin with and now this game doesn't mean anything to them. Stafford has a decent streak of games started going (remember when he used to be injury prone?) so he's going to want to start here, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rudock plays the 2nd half.


Raiders +8 - This is a home game for the Chargers but there may end up being more Raiders fans in the crowd. I don't understand how the Chargers can be this big of a favorite. The Raiders are bad, but they generally only get blown out when their opponent can run the ball on them, something the Chargers aren't great at.


Patriots -15.5 - There are whispers of Hackenberg playing, so why not?



SF -3.5 Best Bet 

JAX +3.5 

BUF -3.0 

KC +3.5 

DAL -3.0

**The Computer**

CHI at MIN -12.0 (point spread discrepancy 8.3) *BEST BET

The Computer says: Vikings by 20.3


SF at LAR +3.0 (point spread discrepancy 5.8)

The Computer says: 49ers by 8.8


NO at TB +7.0 (point spread discrepancy 5.5)

The Computer says: Saints by 12.5

BUF at MIA +3.0 (point spread discrepancy 4.5)

The Computer says: Bills by 7.0


CLE at PIT -10.5 (point spread discrepancy 3.9)

The Computer says: Steelers by 6.6


COLIN: Smartly does not make B5 picks in Week 17


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