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Kansas City Chiefs Week 15 Sadness (Don’t Succumb To It)…

December 14, 2018

Kansas City Chiefs Week 15 Sadness (Don’t Succumb To It)…

The horrible thing about KC on Thursday Night Games is if Mahomes-Hill-Kelce, etc., don’t score a million points you’re left to stew on it for the next 2-3 days until Sunday. Three days to curse the football gods for ‘this week’ happening…this week.

Let me say a couple things to help you get you through the next few days…

1) Mahomes-Hill did not kill it, but they didn’t put up an egg like many top QB/WRs have been doing lately. You wanted an A+ but you got a 'C'. You got something to work with…not an ‘F’. Your projected lead may have turned into no lead/small projected deficit – that’s not the end of the world because the ‘projected’ anything is near useless.

2) Many of you put Damien Williams in the lineup…and he made up for one+ of the shortfalls of Mahomes or Hill or Kelce.  

3) This KC loss means the Chiefs need Week 16. You think you feel bad right now, guess what would have happened if KC sewed up the #1 seed with a Patriots loss this week and you had to try to figure out what lineup to field in your title game with KC playing Go knows who? We just got Week 16 top workers in the bag (now we just have to get to Week 16).

4) Tyreek could have banged his heel early and been out right away and you would have died this game and next week. Hey, Keenan Allen owners wish they got the Tyreek night here.

5) You could have been facing Mike Williams, but you weren’t.

Unless you were, then sorry about that.

6) Unless the rest of your fantasy team sucks...why are you so sure you’re going to lose now? So, your projected lead went from 10-20-30 to 0-15…or down 5-15…so what? You’d rather have a huge lead but now the other guys need to pick up the slack…your opponent is bound to have an issue somewhere. If your projected close +/- to your opponent…then you are legit in the game and you let it all fly on Sat-Sun-Mon.

Don’t do that thing where you lament all your remaining guys to be doomed to low scoring and supposed bad matchups and simultaneously assume all your opponent’s guys are all going off. If that’s the case…whatever Mahomes-Tyreek could’ve done here wouldn’t matter anyway.

Don’t assume all THEIR guys are going off and none of the rest of your guys are…that’s silly and defeatist. We got all these other guys for a reason.

7) Spend the next few days making sure you play your opponent. Maybe you bench a WR matched to their QB, so you don’t trade points…or maybe you make a move to trade points to offset your opponent. Maybe you move to higher upside guys like Curtis Samuel or Isaiah McKenzie, etc., where you weren’t before.

Use the next few days to leave no stone unturned looking at options…options on DST upside, your kicker situation and the weather they might be in. Don’t assume the worst and pout, use the energy to make sure you’ve really explored the options and the times games are going off to make decisions on this or that player starting, etc.

There’s a lot of football left. There’s a lot of study/consideration to do the next few days. Get to work.

How many times did you win by 70-100+ points each week? Rarely. All games are kinda close. This week is going to be just that. Go figure out how to be on the right side of it.


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