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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 12)

November 26, 2018

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 12)

*Disclaimer – I watch all the games live Sunday, however many at one time, and these are my initial fantasy reactions/notes. I will then watch each game and detail and file a deeper report on each game, and may change my stance midweek on something I say below…but as a quick reaction to Sunday’s action, here’s my quick take…

Games in random order:

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Well, all good things must come to an end. FFM’ers, by and large, have been on a roll the last 3-4-5 weeks, culminating with the Monday Night Massacre we dispatched with our KC-LAR weaponry. We paid the price for last week with this week…having KC-LAR on BYEs and not enough firepower off the bench to overcome it in too many instances. It looks like a 50-50 week of win/losses, or worse, for FFM’ers around the globe this week -- unless Keke Coutee goes wild tonight (and he might).

The likely FFM’er record after this week is 8-4 with 9-3/7-5 next most likely on the bell curve. Still in good position. Many securing playoff spots and byes going into Week 12, so the losses didn’t sting as bad. However, we got plenty of 6-6/5-7 people we have to get through this week to a playoff spot and 7-5s who need to win to stay out of any tie-breaker madness. Fortunately, every one of our players are back for Week 13. No more BYEs.

Let’s take a quick look back at Sunday/this week so far from what I’ve seen to this point…


-- Baker Mayfield (19-26 for 258 yards, 4 TDs/0 INT) was on his way to a 400+ yard, 6+ TD game but the Browns reeled in the offense…an NFL tradition of slowing down what works, and then Cincy used that to make them nervous late, but the Browns just kept running the ball/clock. Mayfield had 200+ and 4 TDs at the half. He’s a superstar still waiting to have that ‘moment’. He’s been close so many times to a 300+/5+ game…thought he had it here, but game flow killed it.

-- If Jeff Driskel (17-29 for 155 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) is forced to start it’s likely to hurt the whole balance of WR-TE targets, etc. Driskel has a decent arm, but is a shaky passer/decision maker, great runner. He’s like a faster C.J. Beathard.

-- Woof…since Baker took over, Jarvis Landry (3-50-0/3) has averaged 5.0 rec. (8.0 targets), 44.0 yards, 0.25 TDs per game. The Browns expensive #1 WR is a WR2.5-3.0 with a star QB putting up numbers. Mayfield is not a slave to any receiver, especially weak/fake star receivers like Landry.


-- From what I could tell, Josh Adams (22-84-1, 0-0-0/1) ran for the 50+ yard TD (called back) on the first play for Philly and then disappeared from the game for a quarter because of a shoulder issue (news reports confirming that now). What might have been if Adams’s TD didn’t get called back or he was good the 1Q…

At least, we know…he is ‘the guy’ going forward. No worries. No surprise Clement-Smallwood here.

-- Let me introduce you to the Giants starting TE, Rhett Ellison (4-77-0/6). Evan Engram hurt his hamstring right before the game and that wasn’t known until later in the game (after the game). A 1st-round draft pick, all-time rookie TE season the year before – now, almost nothing.

Engram probably misses the next week or three or season.

-- Eli Manning (26-37 for 297 yards, 1 TD/1 INT)…his one pass TD was five minutes in and then none the next 55 minutes against a practice squad secondary. 1 TD pass and losing the game – could you suck any more?

I’d say Pat Shurmur is doing this on purpose…to lose on purpose for draft pick standing by letting Eli drag them to hell (and putting Kyle Lauletta inactive) but I don’t think he’s smart enough to do such a thing.


-- Josh Allen (8-19 for 180 yards, 1 TD/0 INT)…are you kidding me? What a terrible QB…but he did run 13 times for 99 yards and a TD for a good fantasy game. And they did win, but man is he terrible throwing the ball. So bad.

-- You might see the Jags-DST get dropped this week. 7 losses in a row. Season over. Defense not really generating fantasy numbers. Facing the Colts next week is a bad matchup. This defense, this whole team is rolling over and with this loss it’s an official reason to melt down to the finish line.

-- The Buffalo-DST at Miami is useful…but going to Miami is always rife with trouble for the road team enjoying the Miami trip a little too much.


-- We may have lost the RB1 status on James White (9-73-0, 1-5-0/5) in PPR. He may have fallen to RB2. The love affair with Sony Michel (21-133-1, 2-12-0/2) picks right back up…with Cordarrelle Patterson (5-10-0, 1-0-0/1) becoming a goal line RB. It’s just one week but the optics do not look as great as a few weeks ago.

-- The Elijah McGuire (6-19-0, 1-7-0/3) push to ‘main RB’ hit a brick wall here. It was still a split with Isaiah Crowell (6-30-0, 3-30-0/4) and no good work in the pass game.

-- Boy, the Patriots struggled early with the Jets and Tom Brady (20-31 for 283 yards, 2 TDs/ 0 INT) just does not look like the old superstar we’re all accustom to…and, thus, the weaker/OK numbers from the receivers. Solid Brady…not glitzy/superstar Brady for the Edelman-Gronk-Gordon crew for FF.


-- OK, are we done with all this Nick Mullens (18-32 for 221 yards, 1 TD/2 INT) nonsense? 2 TDs/4 INTs total in losses the juggernauts NYG and TB the past two weeks. Mullens is only good for the opposing DST.

-- Dante Pettis (4-77-1/6) had his best game as a pro…and started flashing that #1 WR ability I believe he has. Not ready to trust Pettis-Mullens or Pettis in general yet, but this is a step in the right direction. It’s a little early here for many redraft considerations.

-- Jameis Winston (29-38 for 312 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) did everyone right who needed him to fill-in. All uphill from here…not easy games like this joke of a 49ers outfit he faced. CAR-NO-BAL-DAL ahead…all upper-end defenses that can bring pressure, which Winston dies in.


-- Rookie Marcell Ateman (3-16-0/10) saw 10 targets with the rest of the WRs combining for six targets. This passing game is garbage and Ateman is average…he’s nothing more than a WR4 here.

-- Assuming Joe Flacco back next week, we have re-adjust our FF-dials back to what works with him. And Gus Edwards (23-118-0) may not work as well…he may have been more a creation of the Lamar Jackson running-spread.

If Flacco is ready, he will start. This nonsense of Lamar winning two games and thus is now ‘the guy’. Not happening under John Harbaugh. If Flacco can go, he will go.

-- Former 1st-round pick SAF Karl Joseph (8 tackles) was benched early in the season for the genius Jon Gruden, but he’s back out of the doghouse lately…8 tackles here and  6.0 tackles, 0.33 INTs per game the past three games.


-- D.J. Moore (8-91-0/9) followed up his great fantasy week last week with another nice one here. I’m still not ready to trust him beyond a WR3, but a strong one at that. He could be a WR2 happening, but I think the pattern of targets/usage is too erratic with him still. He’s a WR2.5 waiting to break one way or the other, I guess.

-- Curtis Samuel (2-17-1/2, 1-25-0) continues to be great…and continues not be featured…until Carolina needs to score, then you can find more Samuel happening. I guess they don’t want to score or gain yards otherwise. Unreal. Same amount of targets in this game as Jarius Wright, but Samuel did score his team leading (among the WRs) 6th TD of the season.

-- David Moore (4-103-1/5) did it again…limited targets but a TD, and saw a few end zone/big play shots that didn’t connect otherwise. Wilson loves him…as much as you can love a WR on a low volume passing game. Moore is just a WR3, a strong-ish one.


-- Melvin Gordon (10-61-2, 2-5-0/2) entered the game very questionable with multiple injuries. With a 28-10 lead against the worst team in the league, Gordon worked a double reverse and got leg whipped by a defender on the tackle was sent out of the game…possibly gone for the rest of the fantasy season with a bad MCL sprain (or worse).

No matter how stupid you think NFL head coaches are they will find a way to show you they can go lower. There was no reason for Gordon to be in the game at all at that point.

-- David Johnson (17-63-0, 2-16-0/3) is having the same game over and over again. He’s an RB2 for the ROS because they will not throw him the ball (speaking of moronic coaching staffs) and the offense is so bad they never get near the end zone anymore and couldn’t gain a yard on the ground if they wanted.

-- Another reason Steve Wilks may get the boot after one season – Josh Rosen (12-19 for 105 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) is not getting any better, in fact he’s regressing and under duress too often to even develop. He looks like Goff-2016 under Jeff Fisher.

The Cardinals have a lot invested in Rosen and if they ask themselves if Wilks is the guy who will give them an ROI on Rosen…it would be a quick ‘no’, and if so they might as well move on from Wilks now before he wastes another year of Rosen’s development.

There’s renewed dynasty hope in DJ-Kirk-Rosen with the possibility Arizona may pull the plug on Wilks after the season. Rare is it that NFL head coaches are fired after on year, however.


-- Like I was saying on the Sunday pregame Video Q&A…when the Dolphins need offense, they had been finding it in Kenyan Drake (8-32-1, 5-64-1/6) used as a ‘Kamara’. It happened here. I bet it happens again in the must win vs. Buffalo next week. IF he’s healthy enough to go.

-- Marlon Mack (15-85-0, 2-11-0/2) left the game in the 4th quarter with a concussion. Prior to that, there were signs of Nyheim Hines (9-28-0, 2-22-0/2) in the game way too much, as well as Jordan Wilkins (0-0-0, 3-22-0/3) – way too much of them to think of Mack as an RB1. He’s an RB2, a physically fragile RB2.

-- Another 3 TDs for Andrew Luck (30-37 for 343 yards, 3 TDs/2 INTs)…all three TDs to TEs. Two for Ebron, one for Doyle.


-- In case anyone is keep track…this is three duds in-a-row for James Conner (12-52-0, 4-42-0/ )…three games in a row at 65 yards or less rushing, and no 100+ yards combined games in that span, with just 1 TD.

The bigger problem Conner has, long term, reared its head in this game – early on Jaylen Samuels 1-12-0/2) played a bunch on an all-pass attack first series. Samuels is an ace receiver…Conner is stumbling…Conner owners better pray Samuels doesn’t get an extended fluke-look, like off a Conner sprained ankle or concussion, etc., or Conner’s RB1 valuation heading into 2019 will be in trouble.

-- Ryan Switzer (6-67-0/8) has 3 or more catches in three of his last 4 games. His touch count continues to slowly rise, and I see Ben really likes having him in on pass downs…like his personal Welker.

-- Courtland Sutton (1-14-0/4) isn’t going to happen in 2018, and hard-pressed to happen in 2019 if Case Keenum is the QB. Sutton has not posted a game with more than 3 catches, not had more than 6 targets in any game this season. He’s a WR3.5 with upside hopes he gets a TD…like about a thousand other WRs.

I thought the Demaryius trade would open things up…it’s only made them worse/neutral.


-- We had the first move towards my theory that Equanimeous St. Brown (3-53-0/5) was getting ready to bypass Marquez Valdes-Scantling (1-3-0/2) in this game. The door is really opening for Jake Kumerow if he gets activated. More on him, again, in a moment.

-- Dalvin Cook (10-29-0) split carries this week with Latavius Murray (11-33-0), as Cook continues his plunge of being a weak starting RB. He’s just not that talented, as I’ve maintained from day one…but I know Zimmer is more than happy to tie his fortunes to him, so he has to be taken seriously…and Murray can’t.

-- Xavier Rhodes went down with an injury late in this game…which opens up the Patriots receivers and Tom Brady to be solid plays in Week 13, at least Gordon not a ‘must sit’ if Rhodes were playing.

Rhodes is everything for Minnesota, if he’s out – how do you start this MIN-DST vs. NE or Seattle the next two weeks (both road games)?


Top 5’s….

Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

*I may be in a bad mood or something, but I don’t see any real big ‘buy low’ names that jump out at me this week. Usually, I have plenty of options I like…not this week.

A lot of the ‘buy lows’ had a nice week and are not optimal to buy low right now. This list is a bit of stretch as it goes on…

1) Allen Robinson, CHI – Two bad FF games since his return-from-injury 2 TD game (that he nearly had 3-4-5 TDs in). Two bad weeks is an eternity for FF owners. Weeks 15-16 are an issue…LAR v. Aqib Talib and GB vs. Zaire Alexander. However, ARob is a #1 WR talent starting to get back to his ‘norm’. The Chase Daniel start hurt him last week…and would again this week.

Try to buy as a WR2.5 in redraft if you have needs. This isn’t ‘must buy’…it’s ‘buy low’. Looking for bargains or walking away.

Buy as a WR2 in dynasty for a guy who will be the #1 WR on a top offensive team as time goes on.

2) Kenny Golladay, DET – ‘Low’ is a relative term here…just ‘buy’. He’s coming into his own as a WR1 you try to buy as a WR1.5-2.0 or whatever bargain you can. Especially for dynasty GMs.

3) Mitchell Trubisky, CHI – Everyone in the mainstream hates Trubisky. Might be out Week 13. Top guy prior to injury. Dynasty-wise, a future great (and pretty great right now). You only get so many price dips.

4) Keke Coutee, HOU – You probably can’t trade for him properly before the MNF, but I’m mentioning here for maybe a dynasty buy of him as a WR2.5 who might be a future WR1.5 in PPR.

If he goes off at all on the MNF stage…the price goes batty.

He’s a future PPR workhorse slot WR potentially.

5) Baker Mayfield, CLE – Kinda like Trubisky in dynasty…people disrespect Mayfield. The price in weeks to come is about to rocket via his performance while people are still talking him down right now, because the media and most fans do not like him. He’s one of the Four Horseman of the QB Apocalypse…Mahomes-Goff-Trubisky-Mayfield.  

Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Jameis Winston, TB – The Sunday shows were all ‘if you didn’t pick up Winston, you’re a fool’ (zero words on Baker Mayfield being picked up). The masses LOVE him because they’re told to. And, now, a good game!!! YEAH!!! Now, the masses REALLY LOVE HIM! Sell him for all you can get. If you can flip Winston for Mayfield do it, dynasty or redraft – the Winston schedule Weeks 14-16 is BAD.  

2) Gus Edwards, BAL – Everyone loves rookies and 100+ yard rushing games, but Edwards was probably more a byproduct of the Lamar Jackson offense. If you think Joe Flacco is back this week…Edwards could be even more muted. Not a factor in the passing game either.

Running well vs. the #31 and #32 run defenses is not a confirmation of a star (it is for John Harbaugh, but for everyone else…not so much).

3) Amari Cooper, DAL – Unless you see him having DBs falling down for him to score TDs every week…then you should probably cash in on him as a WR1 valuation when he should be a WR2 in this offense. His value will never be higher than ‘Dallas’ and ‘two long TDs on national TV’.

I’m not saying he’s a bust or anything…just a great one to dangle to get something huge.  

4) Rob Gronkowski, NE – ONLY if you can use Gronk + ___ to get Kelce or Ertz. Gronk is back, had a TD…trade up into a real TE.  

5) Odell Beckham Jr. – Not a must trade in redraft, but…we’re inching closer to Kyle Lauletta time and I’m not sure Kyle will throw every pass to OBJ. Only make a deal if you fear Lauletta and can get supreme top 3 WR value.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’ (players tracking under 50% ownership in leagues)

*Last week was loaded with options here…season changing/title sealing talent (Adams, Brate, Coutee, Mayfield). This week is a hot disaster of nothingness but random one-week RB hopefuls and WR3s who happened to score a TD last week so now we’re putting them into the Hall of Fame. It’s an ugly week for waivers assuming everyone got (or missed out on) Adams-Brate-Coutee-Mayfield…Adams, Mayfield, and Coutee weeks ago.

This week goes to my point on RBs…there’s always options presented every week, so why is everyone so panicked and looking ahead to the FF playoff matchup weakness/strength for RBs 9 weeks before the playoffs start. Too much happens leading up and into the FF playoffs at RB to worry about RBs several weeks into the future.

I absolutely hate this week of waivers… I hate this week, but I love it because of how successful we were ahead of time/this moment grabbing key available players without everyone else even being aware.

1) Curtis Samuel, CAR – The only waiver wire guy I’m really interested in, but I (and many of you) already own him and started him Sunday.

The good news (besides that he, again, scored a TD) – Funchess out and Samuel played 90%+ of the snaps. You might then see the bad news…just 2 targets. Oh, Grasshopper…many times these guys give you warning signs before they pop, special warning signs that only I can interpret (see: Josh Adams).

Actually, there is risk here (a lot/Norv) but there are things you need to know/consider with Samuel’s activity…and I’ll get to that in this game recap Tuesday.

From here on in…I do not strongly believe in any of these guys on the list.

*The two long shot TEs are next not because they’re obvious/ready to pop…it’s Evan Engram’s fault we have to start ‘reaching’ for hopefuls.

2) Jonnu Smith, TEN – The TE who I like the best off of waivers (still on today because MNF). The one TE available showing the most signs of entering the random, back-end TE1 discussion week-to-week. Tonight’s game will help confirm or deny it; to some degree.

3) Gerald Everett, LAR – I’ve pooh-poohed this for weeks after having him as a ‘deep sleeper’ for weeks prior to that. I don’t see Everett getting the snaps/targets you can count on…but then I look at all our non-Ertz/Kelce options and even the TEs that play every snap suck.

Maybe Everett’s role changes some with Cooper Kupp out, and the fact that Sean McVay had been chatting him up weeks ago and then his targets started perking up (from nothing to 2-4 a game).

Everett is another 3-33-0 TE who you hope gets a TD to get you a 3-33-1 stat line and makes it an OK week from your TE.

*Here are the RB hopefuls who might matter due to ‘circumstances’ for 1-2 weeks. I really don’t like any of them but if you are RB desperate here’s the order I place them as of Monday (not knowing how their ‘situations’ will really work out.

4) Frank Gore, MIA – Drake looked like he hurt his shoulder late in the game Sunday…it looked bad. The next series or two, he was back in the game. We have to see how bad (if bad) Drake is before we get excited about Gore, but at least Gore gets touches regardless…in a good spot against BUF this week if Drake is out.

‍5) Nyheim Hines, IND – If Marlon Mack is out with a concussion, Hines (not Wilkins) is the guy to have…especially in PPR. Hines has been honing in on key touches for two weeks now anyway.

6) LeGarrette Blount, DET – Seems like the 2 TD guy from Thanksgiving should be the main option, right? Three issues…

(1) The Lions play the Rams this week and I don’t think the run game will matter when they’re down 50 in the 1st half. (2) If Kerryon can crawl, they’ll force him out there for ‘reasons’ (a la Melvin Gordon). (3) The Lions season is dead…why not get Zach Zenner more involved from here?

If Kerryon gets put on the shelf, in a dead season – I’d rather have Zenner for the ROS.

7) Carlos Hyde, JAX – (1) Will Fournette even be suspended? (2) The Jags just lost ANOTHER O-Lineman. Even if Hyde starts, I’m not sure how much he’ll produce vs. IND this week. A lot of ifs for Hyde.  


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Dede Westbrook, JAX – Had a decent game because Donte Moncrief was covered by Tre’Davious White…and ‘good game’ and ‘Jags WR’ are usually ‘one-off’ events.

2) Trey Quinn, WSH – A TD in two straight games upon his debut/return from I.R., but he’s not going to be known as a TD-maker over time. I’d rather have Adam Humphries as a similar role guy.

3) Marcel Ateman, OAK – 10 targets Sunday, but you can’t trust this passing game and Ateman is nothing special. A desperation 10 targets because he’s tall and everyone else on the Raiders blows.  

‍‍‍4) Dan Arnold, NO – I’m a fan, back to the preseason, but I’m not ready to put him into the Gerald Everett ‘maybe’ hopeful TEs just yet. And maybe I’m wrong to take that position on him but his snap counts are so low and Brees is spreading it around to non-Thomas/Kamara options not making them trusted, consistent options. He’s about a sneeze away from going from this list to the ‘under Gerald Everett’ on the list above, but I’d take Everett over Arnold for all the sketchy reasons among these two low snap count TEs.

5) Josh Allen, BUF – Here comes the mainstream defending their guy. I heard this today – he runs better than Trubisky with a better arm, he’s a better version than Trubisky…as the hype to grab him for the fantasy playoffs.

Honestly…are you kidding me? Thank you mainstream for making our jobs so easy.

Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Jake Kumerow, GB – If Kumerow is activated, he could become a starter pretty quickly…working with the great Aaron Rodgers and if Kumerow starts playing like he did in the preseason (the best WR they had outside of Davante) – he’ll be beloved in Green Bay. He’ll become a cult hero/2nd favorite player of the fans. It’s all waiting to happen.

You can grab him now and put him on I.R. for those in leagues with that option.

2) Josh Doctson, WSH – Doctson numbers keep improving, and he’s a talent to begin with but what I like here is just Week 13, if you need a spike from a WR3…he’s the best WSH WR facing the totally decimated Eagles secondary in a do-or-die game for both teams.

3) Justin Jackson/Detrez Newsome, LAC – If Melvin Gordon is down, there would be a Jackson-Ekeler split but Jackson has more of the physicality as a runner Anthony Lynn is looking for. The problem is Detrez Newsome is probably better than Jackson and may work his way in.

Jackson seems like a cleaver grab, and it is to a degree…but Ekeler makes him a split role of sorts, and then Newsome could spoil the whole party.

4) Zach Zenner, DET – IF Kerryon Johnson goes on I.R., and that’s a big ‘IF’, then Zenner may get a strong look Weeks 14-17. Deep roster stash only.

5) Elijah McGuire, NYJ – I still believe he’s going to get a run as the bigger touch option later in the season. A guy to just sit on if you are afforded the luxury, but not a ‘must’. This is not Josh Adams, etc.

‍6) Joe Flacco, BAL – Weeks 13-15 (assuming he’s back OK)…ATL-KC-TB is a three-game stretch begging for a lot of passing stats. You’re careful to handcuff your RBs, but are you good if your main QB goes down heading into the playoffs?  

IF Flacco is back and that’s another big IF.

If Flacco doesn’t return…ignore these next two…

7) Mark Andrews, BAL – Was emerging with Flacco before Flacco went out for two games. If Flacco is back…this might be his new favorite receiving TE.

8) Ty Montgomery, BAL – Montgomery fits what BAL wants to do running the ball…straight ahead power running with receiving capability. He’s a more experienced Gus Edwards that can catch passes.

9) Corey Clement, PHI – Relying on Josh Adams down the stretch? I guess Clement would be his handcuff?

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Evan Engram, NYG – #%%$^#&#%$$#%%@$&#%%@%@%

I never imagined in a million years he’d make a list like this. Pathetic.

2) Golden Tate, PHI – Looks terrible for the Eagles so far. Dropped pass. Out-of-sync with Wentz, as predicted. What a mess. What a dumb trade for Philly.

3) Randall Cobb, GB – Another week out with that hamstring. The Packers offense is not what it used to be, and Cobb is not what he used to be. Time to move on to other interesting WR3 hopefuls.

‍‍‍‍4) DeVante Parker, MIA – With all the Miami injuries some people went here for some WR3/flex hopes…he’s not good. I keep saying this, but I know the mainstream keeps trying to defend him/prop him up. No crime in being wrong on a player…it’s just, I’ve been right for years on him and they’ve been very wrong.  

5) DeSean Jackson, TB – White hot early in the season and then ice cold for weeks. You keep thinking ‘if he could just’ but it’s dried up. So many other WR3s to dabble in.  

Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

‍1a) Chiefs-DST – They had two Pro Bowl level defenders return Week 10 (Houston and Sorensen) with Eric Berry still due back – this defense has been getting better every week. Tyreek Hill returning punts is a nice bonus. The offense whacking opponents allows the KC D to tee off on sacks and INTs.

@OAK-BAL-LAC-@SEA is really pretty solid for Weeks 13-16.

1b) Broncos-DST – FF-playoff option…Weeks 14-16 = at SF, CLE, at OAK. Not bad at all. Now, that they’ve gotten themselves back in the playoff race they are way more legit. Week 13 vs. CIN looks pretty good now too.

3) Titans-DST – NYJ, JAX, @NYG, WAS Weeks 13-16 is a real nice stretch during the FF playoffs – three home games among them. Good IF Mariota is at QB, tumbles if Gabbert at QB.

4) Seahawks-DST – For down the road…SF Week 13, and at SF Week 15. Match them up with another for Weeks 14 and 16 for the playoff run. DEN, NE, WAS, KC, IND are options to pair with.

5) Patriots-DST –Weeks 13-14, MIN-MIA. Weeks 15-16, PIT-BUF. One to pair with like a SEA-DST to take advantage of the MIA and BUF matchups.

6) Steelers-DST – Playing great of late and LAC-OAK Weeks 13-14 looks safe/iffy with LAC and great with OAK. Weeks 15-16 NE-NO is no good, but that NE game might not be as terrible as we’d think.

7) Colts-DST – The stats are decent, but the performance is erratic. The schedule remains great, but they’ve become just another dart throw. They’ve been better at home.

Upcoming: @JAC, @HOU, DAL, NYG. Might could use them from Week 13 on…or not?

8) Bills-DST – The offense is terrible, but the defense is good, and they do well against weak offenses…and they have MIA-NYJ-DET Weeks 13-15. Useful.

Buyer beware…because the offense is so bad it subverts the defense too many times.

9) Jags-DST – If anyone dumps out this defense out of frustration, and you’re looking ahead to the playoffs…@TEN-WAS-@MIA Weeks 14-16. Maybe they flip a switch ahead? They are really struggling right now and may not be able to answer the bell.

10) Redskins-DST –If Quinton Dunbar is healthy and Washington is hanging around the division title hopes…consider for Week’s 14-16 (NYG-JAX-TEN). The O-Line corrupted with injury hurts them controlling clock ahead like they did earlier in the season.

Don’t like for schedule or other reasons on these DSTs making noise/news/lists: CLE, HOU, NO, DAL


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