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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + ‘Top Fives’ (Week 14)

December 10, 2018

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + ‘Top Fives’(Week 14)

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Looks like a healthy amount of wins across the FFM universe in round one of the playoffs…somewhat shocking but then not all that shocking looking at the aftermath of Sunday.

Fortunately, a healthy amount of you drew byes in leagues, and that was a good thing because our typical FFM-type players had terrible matchups/games Week 14…but those playing still pulled through either thanks to Mahomes-Hill (and Kittle) and/or because a lot of the stars who aren’t on FFM teams, normally, laid some corresponding eggs too (Antonio, Brees, Gurley, no OBJ or Conner, Ertz, et al.) -- so much so, some of you overcame Trubisky-Goff-Mayfield starts at QB. Wasn’t our best scoring week but was a solid projected win% with not a lot at risk or needs on MNF.

If you lost this week, and season over. I am saddened because I fear a lot of the guys you’ve counted on all season ran into buzz saws this week…bad weather and/or bad matchup (LAR-CHI), or you got Derrick Henry’d or Amari’d. A bad time for a bad week after the roll you’ve been on midseason to get here. You can blame it on me for ever getting you into Goff, Trubisky, Sutton, Golladay, Justin Jackson, or whatever player(s) is to blame – you can blame me and send me emails complaining about it. It’s that time of the year…my favorite part where we lose in the playoffs and throw an entire season away based on a Week 14 (or 15, or 16) outcome – and then have to let me know about how dumb I am at football. It’s OK.

Feel free to email me the angst, because like on the upside/fun week emails…I’m the only one who understands your true pain and the reason you hate life today. Plus, I’m to blame…so you can let me know your tales of woe and how dumb starting X over Y was in hindsight and why it was so dumb (because I’m sure it hasn’t occurred to me until you point out who was ‘bad’ this week that I projected ‘good’).

Also, it’s good to spew your sweeping proclamations of things you’ll never do again in fantasy because of this week/season (I’ll never draft a RB that highly…I’ll never play anyone in cold weather…I’ll never go with a rookie RB in Week 14…I’ll never sit a great defense no matter the matchup…I’ll always start Derrick Henry every week waiting for this type of week).

I’m ready for the storm and to lend a comforting ear/punching bag: rc4metrics@gmail.com.

The majority of you reading this have team(s) moving on to next week or your coming off your bye. So, the stakes only get higher as we move one step closer to the prize. Better matchups but some weather issues to deal with (early KC weather report for TNF not great…cold, windy, rainy)…such is the path to the title.


-- I guess I’m the fool…I guess Josh Allen (18-36 for 206 yards, 0 TD/2 INT, 9-101-1) is going to rush for 100+ yards per game every week. Even him with 100+ rushing and a TD…his passing is so bad he made it a ‘good’ week not a great week.

Still better than Goff-Trubisky.

-- LeSean McCoy (2-1-0, 0-0-0/1) left the game with a hamstring. Before you rush to Chris Ivory (12-42-0, 0-0-0/1) don’t lose sight that every 2018 Bills RB option is terrible for FF.

-- Elijah McGuire (17-60-1, 3-23-0/4) finally had the kind of game I’d been waiting for (something useful/moved past Crowell)…but I’d been waiting so long that I’d moved on before it happened. Oh, well…he’s below-average and the Jets are terrible. The upside isn’t much here, but if Crowell is out…he’s something to consider.


-- I did not think Ian Thomas (9-77-0/11) would be dealt a game like this. Not because of him…just Cam not using him as heavy. I thought this could be a solid spot for Thomas, but nothing like this. Wow. He’ll be the waiver grab of the week around fantasy…hopefully, you grabbed him ahead.

-- Another week, another nice Curtis Samuel (4-80-0/8) event. We can now move to full trust as a WR2 projection week-to-week…unless the Panthers pull Cam Newton due to his shoulder. No more ‘wondering’ on Samuel’s usage…it’s three strong snap counts/target in-a-row.

-- Baker Mayfield (18-22 for 238 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) didn’t have a great fantasy game, but he had a terrific NFL game. Bad luck, a lot of Baker getting them close to the goal line…for an easy run in.


-- The new Aaron Rodgers (21-32 for 196 yards, 1 TD/0 INT)…196 yards passing and 2 TD. Wow…exciting! Chicago-DST all clear facing GB next week.

-- Equanimeous St. Brown (2-12-0/3) started and was targeted the first two throws and then, like usual, Rodgers couldn’t make much of it and it ended with a whimper. Additionally…Jake Kumerow a ghost.

-- The Falcons fading away…and Justin Hardy (3-30-1/4) and Eric Saubert (2-15-0/3) make appearances…stings Austin Hooper (4-37-0/8) and Calvin Ridley (1-10-0/4) if they start working a lot of different players late season. Saubert is a very poor man’s George Kittle.


-- It looked to me like Kenneth Dixon (8-59-1, 1-21-0/1) is rising in importance…so much so, that I’d say if Flacco is pushed back to the lineup Week 15 – Dixon might be a sleeper play/pickup to be the new starter of the RBBC.

-- You know what Spencer Ware did here against the big/bad Ravens defense? Had 5 catches for 129 total yards…just like KAREEM HUNT. Because Ware = Hunt. Even though Damien Williams (8-14-1, 4-16-1/5) gets touches and had the TDs – this is still Ware’s backfield primarily.

-- My concern with getting too excited about Chris Conley (2-13-0/3)…Demarcus Robinson (5-42-0/7) seems to be just as/more important in the passing game when Sammy Watkins is gone.

Tyreek is going to scare you all week with his heel injury. There are two things always true in FF-life: (1) Scare tactics on injuries makes for great clicks or viewing/staying close to the football news. (2) No reports on injuries are ever positive, they’re always negative and we hear them as negative…so it’s a perfect marriage. It’s like I listen to CNBC all day, pretty much, live coverage of the stock market – everything is always predicting and fearing the negative of the economy or individual stocks like 97% of the time. We gravitate to the negative or risk worry. I just heard someone on CNBC say to sell/stay away from Apple stock because what if someday Apple makes a bad iPhone? So far they are 10-for-10 making them great, but I guess they are 'due'?

Remember a few weeks ago when Hill sat out a practice with an injury sustained late in a game and then set off panic across FF-land for 24-48 hours on rumors he may miss a few weeks? Likely to happen this week because you’ll be hanging on every word…because it’s obviously a key thing for all of us. Don't lose your mind over it on Monday morning.

I assume Hill will do nothing all week and then play like normal on TNF. He got his heel hurt in-game but played through it and had a big game. I’m sure he’s sore. He’ll be less sore by Thursday. If the news changes, we’ll react. Demarcus Robinson is his quasi-handcuff/replacement.


-- Tre’Quan Smith (0-0-0/1) catches in games the last 4 games: 0-0-10-0. Let’s just assume he’s ‘done’ for normal fantasy usage.

-- My worst nightmare come to life…on why I don’t trust Chris Godwin (1-13-0/10) with Jameis Winston. It’s a bad alignment…1 catch on 10 targets. That’s why I never get too high on Godwin week-to-week, I don’t like this pairing…but I love Godwin as a talent.

-- Cam Brate (2-12-2/4)…like I’ve said for years – Winston + Brate = TDs. May not be great yards or catches, but he’ll get TDs.


-- The death of Marlon Mack (14-33-1, 0-0-0/1) continues. Limited runner and non-existent in the passing game. He’s an RB3 the rest of the way…a guy you hope falls into a TD to make it worth it. What a fall from grace.

-- The Colts did a nice job with the fake T.Y. Hilton (9-199-0/12) injury worries all week. So glad we snuffed that out in time via our contacts Sunday morning (on our Video show and in the Streaming Notes).

-- Deshaun Watson’s (27-38 for 267 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) statistical fade continues. No 300+ yards passing games for a while now, too many ‘1’ TD pass games, and not really racking up big numbers as a runner. The masses went Watson and Winston while they laughed as we all went Mahomes-Goff-Trubisky in redrafts, etc., this preseason. Who is laughing now? I mean, besides this week with Goff-Trubisky.


-- I should’ve know that Anthony Lynn would push Austin Ekeler (15-66-1, 2-28-0/5) over Justin Jackson (7-12-0, 2-23-0/2)…despite muddling around again with Ekeler as the lead. The Justin Jackson story is over before it really began. Melvin Gordon will be legally dead and still get pushed ahead of Ekeler-Jackson, and with JJ last in the pecking order…once Gordon can go, Jackson is over.

-- Joe Mixon (26-111-1, 5-27-0/6) had his best game in defeat this year…he’s been awesome in victories and weak in defeats. However, he was big in defeat here…because the Bengals had this victory stolen from them 5 times over. Cincy was the uncrowned winner of this game.

-- Jeff Driskel (18-27 for 170 yards, 1 TD/0 INT, 2-12-0) was controlled and good…leading Cincy back from a hole they dug themselves. Nice job by Driskel…and robbed of a rushing TD by the most inexplicable replay reversal in the history of football.

If you suspected the NFL cheats when it benefits themselves…see that Driskel TD play/reversal as evidence of helping the Chargers to keep the LAC-KC game on TNF is a must see event/for the division lead.


-- Well, Case Keenum is going to be Case Keenum. Possessing Courtland Sutton (2-14-0/6) as his new #1, he goes to Tim Patrick (7-85-0/10) 10 times. Shocker they lost.

-- Jeff Wilson (23-90-0, 1-6-0/2) really played a nice game, and had TD chances but couldn’t cash in. I suspect that if Matt Breida is be held out again this week then Wilson gets 20+ touches again. If Breida back, then it’s a confusing split/hot hand.

-- The fear of Marquise Goodwin (2-20-0/2) being back is not a fear, it’s over. This is a Dante Pettis (3-49-1/7) led WR group now.


-- Amari Cooper (10-217-3/13) is on amazing run. I need to re-watch this, but I think two of the 3 TDs were gifts…and I’ll explain why in the recap this week – and Amari is on an unheard of run of good fortune for the past few weeks of wild/long TDs. He would not be crazy to sell as a top WR1 right now if you were so inclined. How could his value get any higher? Can he keep having this run of lucky TDs? He’s not bad or a bust or anything but he’s had some crazy TD circumstances hit him lately.  

-- Josh Adams (7-36-0) has at LAR, HOU the next two weeks…not favorable, and this Eagles’ team is going in the tank, and he’s not getting any looks in the passing game. He might be on a redraft/12-team league PPR chopping block; depending upon the options.

-- Our sleeper TE this week…Dallas Goedert (4-44-1/5). He paid off a bit, but worse was he was totally screwed out of an 80+ yard TD by a terrible offensive P.I. call. It was just a one week event, not the beginning of something (in 2018).


-- Jaylen Samuels (11-28-0, 7-64-0/7) looked really, really good, but the Steelers use of him was really, really weak…as was the blocking for him. Stevan Ridley (5-4-1), who has to be the worst RB in the NFL, stole his TD. Samuels had other TD chances but couldn’t convert. I have a feeling Samuels will be the starter again next week with Conner out.

-- Two nice games back-to-back for Jordy Nelson (6-48-0/7). 10 catches prior week and 6 catches here. He’s back in the PPR WR3 conversation for sure.

-- L.J. Fort (4 tackles) followed up his MVP performance a week ago with a dud. Slashing projections.


-- Arizona is the single worst offense in the NFL, which means the Falcons-DST actually enters the debate this week. Hard to use, but worthy thinking about. We’ll see what The Computer thinks Tuesday.

-- As I’ve been saying for 3+ years…the best RB on the Lions roster is Zach Zenner (12-54-1). He got the work late and was so good he took all the plays at the end and just drove through the Cardinals at will. He could’ve scored a 40+ yard TD but once he got 10+ yards for a 1st-down late, he slid down to run clock.

-- We got another random big catch tally game from David Johnson (15-49-0, 8-12-0/10), finally, but the entire defense goes wherever he goes…so, he has no yards or scores to go with.


-- James White (2-15-0/4, 4-13-0) is becoming a random event week-to-week…huge part of the plan one week, then this. He’s an RB2 week-to-week, who is never an RB2…he’s either an RB1 or RB3-4 in PPR depending upon the week with no distinctive pattern.

-- I told you Kenyan Drake (6-24-0, 1-55-1/1) scores TDs!! The fact that the big end of game play covered over he had only one target in the game tells you all you need to know on how stupid Dowell Loggains is an offensive coordinator – the guy who saw Tarik Cohen catch 8 passes in game his first two NFL games and then essentially put him on the shelf the rest of 2017. Pure idiocy…in a week of colossally stupid usage-of-player-decisions by NFL head coaches and coordinators.

-- Ryan Tannehill (14-19 for 265 yards, 3 TDs/0 INTs) has 3-3-2 for TD passes his last three games. At Minnesota and then Jacksonville the next two weeks will be a test of his sudden upswing.


-- Josh Johnson (11-16 for 195 yards, 1 TD/1 INT, 7-45-1) is not a great NFL QB…but he is an interesting fantasy QB because of his high-end running skills. He a lesser version of Lamar Jackson.

-- Evan Engram (3-77-0/5) looked very promising to start this game…had the first two targets (one called back). Looked like he was going to have a 100+ yard/huge game, and then everything fell apart for Washington and NYG just ran away and hid off Redskins’ turnovers…and then they just ran out the clock on their 34-0 halftime lead. We almost had an Engram moment here.

-- Nice Kyle Lauletta debut…0 of 5 passing with a pick. Don’t think we’re seeing any hostile takeover of Eli any time soon, as long as NYG keeps winning.


-- The last play of this game, a meaningless hand-off by the Rams. The RB sent in to take that carry…Justin Davis (1-19-0), which may be the hint at what RB is ahead on the depth chart/coach’s mind after Todd Gurley. Or not… I think it would be a Davis/Kelly split if it came down to it.

-- Jared Goff (20-44 for 180 yards, 0 TD/4 INT) goes negative when you need him in the playoffs. I’m hoping you went Baker Mayfield instead, but regardless – this was an awful performance by Goff. Following a pretty ragged look vs. the Lions last week. I know it was a tough Bears defense in the cold, but there has to be some mild concern the Rams have either been figured out (to some degree) or something has thrown them out of the smooth sync they’ve had all season until the last few weeks. I’m not too concerned, but if a third dud happens this week…there will be some mainstream debate happening…actually, it’s already starting.

-- Mitchell Trubisky (16-30 for 110 yards, 1 TD/3 INTs) didn’t look much better, but we have to consider…both these offenses have been high-end all season against all comers, for the most part. The Rams and Bears have the two best defenses in the NFL…and those defenses in frigid conditions made this a total mess for all involved. I don’t think it’s time to panic or trash everything involved…almost best to ignore this game as a singular, unusual event (like the NO-DAL game from Week 13).

For all this talk of it being an offensive league and all the scoring/yardage records…the Saints, Bears, and Rams have been flustered on offense the past few weeks. They can be stopped, apparently.


Top 5’s….

*I realize trading in most leagues is over/done for the year, but some still have open trades all the way through…especially in dynasty. I’m thinking more long-term/dynasty/keeper with this Buy Low/Sell High list right now.

Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

1) Allen Robinson, CHI – Robinson came back from injury and ran into a tough schedule + Chase Daniel taking over…it’s hiding how good he looked right before he got hurt/right after he returned. He’s a WR1 in hiding…with a WR2 valuation people don’t love because they don’t like Mitchell Trubisky as his QB. They will pay for that. As Trubisky locks in…ARob is his guy.

2) Kenny Golladay, DET – Shut down by Arizona this week just lowers his price/value to a WR2…he’s a WR1 of the future. Take advantage.

3) Courtland Sutton, DEN – He’s not a problem…Case Keenum is a problem. The Broncos can move on from Keenum next season for a pretty good pop ($10M) but it would cost them $21M to play him. I suspect there will be a new QB next season if the Broncos fail to make the playoffs.  

**You could rebuild your future WR group, if your current one is a mess, in dynasty, by stealing 2 or 3 of ARob-Golladay-Sutton.**

4) Mitchell Trubisky, CHI – Everyone saw him on SNF NOT have a huge game…so, that will confirm he’s terrible (to the masses). You gotta buy in now before he becomes truly great in the future. 4pts per pass TD, there may be none better in the future.

5) Baker Mayfield, CLE – Low fantasy game this week, and last week…but mostly brilliant play. Flashes of greatness all over him. Someday you will wish you bought in early in 6pt pass TD (and if bonuses even better). Use the low fantasy outputs the last two weeks to your advantage. I say it every week and probably will every week the ROS.

Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) James Conner, PIT – I spent the whole season warning about Jaylen Samuels’s impact on Conner at some point – that Samuels was a better talent than Conner, and that he’s at least be a 3rd-down back to hurt Conner’s value someday. Everyone saw a glimpse Sunday that Samuels is as-good/better than Conner…and that will cause FF-chaos ahead at some point. Samuels is going to evoke ‘Le’Veon Bell’ comparisons.

No one realizes or believes this in the mainstream, yet. They will stick by Conner for too long…and I believe the Steelers believe Conner is their guy too…today. Check back in a week or two. Samuels may not overtake Conner, but he’s going to plant the seeds of trouble, at a minimum. You gotta sell Conner, even laterally, just to avoid the trouble. You should get strong RB1 value in a deal. If there is a week to do it – this is the week…maybe your last (at RB1 prices).

2) Derrick Henry, TEN – An obvious ‘sell high’. You think, “Who would buy now?” Believe me…people are deranged about RBs. In dynasty, sell as an RB1-like valuation…or don’t deal. Make someone bleed.

3) Kenyan Drake, MIA – What a momentous play to end the NE-MIA game! Guess what? Drake had one target in the game. The Miami coaching staff are idiots – sell Drake as a strong RB2 with the visions of that play still dancing in people’s heads.

4) Marlon Mack, IND – Sell as RB2 if you can because his value is disappearing rapidly. No way he’ll ever have control of the backfield, on-purpose, again. Selling just to sell and cut your losses if you held hoping for a turn back to that guy from midseason.

5) Gus Edwards, BAL – Too many issues in the way to see Gus as ‘the guy’ in the future. Kenneth Dixon…a new head coach in 2019…Gus’s lack of talent…whomever they draft in 2019…if they trade for Jordan Howard in 2019, etc.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’ (players tracking under 50% ownership in leagues)

1) Ian Thomas, CAR – I pooh-poohed this last week to start, and then reversed course later in the week. I hope some took the plunge and got in ahead of this. It’s not that Thomas is awesome and must be owned on sheer force of talent, he’s good, but it is the situation is shifting his way better than it did early in the season.

There’s a huge risk with Cam that Thomas goes 2-25-0 this week and we have another Jonnu Smith-type false start (due to the offense/QB), but in times of TE desperation he has to be the #1 grab of the week.

2) Elijah McGuire, NYJ – He might be the full/clear starter Week 15, and that’s something. He doesn’t evoke the same excitement as Samuels-Wilson-Jackson from last week but any decent RB with something to prove getting heavy touches is worth something.  

3) Curtis Samuel, CAR – Still under 50% owned. The #1 guy people have asked me about for 2-3-4 weeks now…”Should I really starts Samuel over _____?” Most national leagues don’t even have him on teams, while we’ve been starting him for 2-3 weeks.

He’s now locked in starting for the Panthers, last 3 weeks, producing the best among them the past two weeks. He’s got such an upside because of what he can do after the catch.

4) Dante Pettis, SF – Future #1 WR, but still stuck with a wobbly QB…but he’s that QB’s #1 target/look not Marquise Goodwin. I didn’t really get that Pettis-Mullens over Goodwin-Mullens epiphany until late last week.  

‍5) Jordy Nelson, OAK – 11 and 7 targets, 10 and 6 catches in games the past two weeks is not nothing – and they face the Bengals this week. Jordy is back to being Carr’s always-target.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1-2-3) The Bills…Josh Allen, Robert Foster, Chris Ivory, Marcus Murphy – How can you trust the Bills?

Josh Allen, if an opposing team cuts him off running, is going to lay a major FF-egg right at the worst time. I’ve been wrong about this for two weeks. I’ll go for three in-a-row this week because Allen is not a high-end runner. Some team is going to figure out he runs because he can’t see the field, so he runs a lot as a primary escape…and they’ll deploy a spy on him and crush him.  

Robert Foster is on a heck of a stat run…but I don’t trust anything tied to Josh Allen.

Chris Ivory/Marcus Murphy…LeSean McCoy has been a disaster all year, so if Ivory takes over off McCoy’s hamstring – who cares?

4-5) The Broncos…DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick – I don’t want anything tied to Case Keenum, the biggest fraud among NFL QBs.

Hamilton is a great WR prospect but has been a ghost all year and plays a style that fits a better pocket passer. I could see DH going from this surprise week to 1-17-0/5 next week.

Tim Patrick…great week, you can have him…you bet on back-to-back Tim Patrick events with Keenum. I’ll look elsewhere.

6) Blake Jarwin, DAL – Finally, a big game from Jarwin. There has never been any Cowboys TE follow-through this year…just random spikes. He’s not in the back-end TE1 discussion, yet. He should be, he’s better than he’s been treated, but I just don’t buy the way Dallas uses the TE this year.

‍‍‍7) Trent Sherfield, ARI – I don’t trust this Arizona pass game, and Sherfield is a random try-hard UDFA filling in with Christian Kirk out, but once Chad Williams gets reestablished it will make whatever Cardinal passing game crumbs even more few and far between.  

Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Kenneth Dixon, BAL – This would be if you want to bet that Joe Flacco becomes the starter this week. Dixon showing signs with Lamar, but he’d be ‘the guy’, potentially, in Flacco’s offense…a totally different scheme.

2) Kelvin Benjamin, KC – If you liked Sammy Watkins’s prospects as the ‘not-Tyreek’ WR…it might be Kelvin Benjamin soon…the big catch radius option for the gunslinger Mahomes.

3) Demarcus Robinson, KC – If you think there is a ‘Tyreek’ handcuff…he may be the closest to it (now that Watkins is out, and Benjamin is signed).

4) Zach Zenner, DET – With the Lions out of the playoffs, and as good as Zenner looked Sunday – maybe he draws a start Week 16 and/or 17 (if Kerryon stays out)?  

5) Anthony Firkser, TEN – With Jonnu Smith gone, Firkser is now the top TE weapon. He was splitting minimal touches with Jonnu before Week 14…now he might get an 80% share ahead and be a fringe TE1 threat in PPR? 3 or more catches in his last four games. He’s something?

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Jake Kumerow, GB– He’s been active for two weeks, and then the coaching change this week…and nothing. I took a shot, and it went nowhere. Moving on.  

2) Tre’Quan Smith, NO – 0 catches in three of his last 4 games…don’t keep torturing yourself. You should’ve traded him when I said to.

‍‍‍‍3) Ty Montgomery, BAL – Kenneth Dixon has jumped in front of him, and if Flacco comes back…then Dixon is really ahead of him. Ty has fallen to third in the pecking order.

4) LeSean McCoy, BUF – Has had like 1-2 good games all year. Now, has a hamstring. There is no hope here, and there hasn’t been, but it’s been hard to let go of the name.  

5) Justin Jackson, LAC – ONLY if Melvin Gordon is ACTIVE for TNF, then you can leave because he’s a ghost and not even really the Melvin handcuff…Ekeler is.  

Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

‍1) Titans-DST – @NYG, WAS Weeks 15-16 is solid during the FF playoffs. I was hoping we might get Lauletta Week 15, but we got suddenly inspired NYG

2) Jags-DST – WAS-@MIA Weeks 15-16. Which defense shows up…the one that shutout Indy or the one that quit on national TV vs. Tennessee?

3) Cowboys-DST – After watching them destroy the Saints…you have considered them as possibly ‘best in class’ right now…so, even facing Indy in Week 15 is plausible. Week 16 vs. Jameis could work nicely.

4) Chiefs-DST –LAC-@SEA is OK for Weeks 15-16 but not awesome. The good matchups with KC-DST have been used up, now it’s hopes of shootouts creating turnover and sacks.

5) Seahawks-DST – Now, down to the at SF Week 15 as the final useful week.

6) Bills-DST – The offense is terrible, but the defense is good, and they do well against weak offenses…and they have DET Week 15 in the cold of Buffalo.

Buyer beware…because the offense is so bad it subverts the defense too many times.

7) Falcons-DST – Facing Arizona suddenly puts any DST on the pa.

8) Broncos-DST – The problem is they lost their best defender – Chris Harris. Gone for the season. HUGE blow to but useful Week 16 vs. OAK.

9) Patriots-DST – Weeks 15-16, PIT-BUF. Only good for Week 16.

10) Dolphins-DST – if they are still in the playoff picture…Week 16 hosting JAX is intriguing.

11) Colts-DST – The stats are decent, but the performance is erratic. DAL-NYG the next two weeks is not wonderful, but Week 16 vs. what might be Kyle Lauletta could be positive.


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