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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 3)

September 24, 2018

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 3)

*Disclaimer – I watch all the games live Sunday, however many at one time, and these are my initial fantasy reactions/notes. I will then watch each game and detail and file a deeper report on each game, and may change my stance midweek on something I say below…but as a quick reaction to Sunday’s action, here’s my quick take…

Games in random order:

OK, so we’re all mostly 2-1/1-2 after this week. Things maybe not as rosy as it looked after Mahomes-Tyreek Week 1. Injuries are starting to sting again.

Do not panic.

Injuries happen, and they are pretty much a given for all in fantasy right now. A minor wave of injuries can be a good thing because we can typically react to the injuries, the new players rising up better than THEY can. Just like last year. Keep your cool and keep looking for the best opportunities to weather the storm…it’s always raining injuries in fantasy.

A 1-2 record is one game out of the playoffs with 10 weeks to go. It’s nothing. The Patriots are 1-2 and the Dolphins are 3-0. Would you bet on the Dolphins or Pats to win the AFC East today? Plenty of time and things that will happen, opportunities that will emerge. 0-3…you’re probably one game out of the last playoff. Don’t lose your wits if you are scoring well and just getting smacked by other teams having their best weeks against you. Don’t let a freakish early schedule change your entire strategy/game plan.  

New opportunities lie ahead, BYE weeks start and that will cause more chaos/opportunity. Let’s look over the wreckage of Week 3 to plan for Week 4…


-- You got just ‘good’ Aaron Rodgers (27-44 for 265 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) not the ‘great’ version. You can’t project he’ll play in a constant rain and then WRs, expectedly, drop passes. You wanted ‘the ‘real’ football experience…you got it. Sometimes it rains. If you lost by a few points this week and Rodgers-Adams-Cobb were starting…blame it on the rain.

-- I can’t even with Chris Thompson (6-17-0, 1-0-0/2)… I go all-in last week on him and he rewards that with 1 catch for no yards. Washington got up in the rain and sat on GB with AP. It happens. I’m still a buyer on Thompson.

-- Aaron Jones (6-42-0, 1-5-0/1) returned and enjoyed a sad three-way split between he and Jamaal Williams (5-29-0, 2-16-0/3) and Ty Montgomery (4-16-0, 6-48-0/7). I know Mike McCarthy desperately wants to replicate what the Redskins just did to him – run the ball heavy with Jamaal Williams and limit Rodgers to 12 completions in a dull win. It’s McCarthy’s dream game, which does not really feature Jones.


-- The Bengals-DST is not ready for prime time. They’re not bad, but they are not progressing or stepping forward as I’d hoped. They are a matchup-based play only at this point. You cannot give up 230 yards rushing to a team with O-Line injury issues (as they did with CAR this week). ‘At’ Atlanta next week, not great. Big Ben-Mahomes Weeks 6-7 ahead.

-- Tyler Boyd (6-132-1/7) had a nice follow up to his Week 2 effort. Three games in 2018, two of them Boyd showing he’s a legit WR 2-2.5 type option. I’m not losing my mind on him yet because this is not the normal Bengals offense…throwing 46 times for 352 yards and without Joe Mixon. Boyd’s still a talent, so this might stay working.

-- Cam Newton (15-24 for 150 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT, 10-36-2) now has 5 TDs/1 INT passing this season and 3 rushing TDs – a top MVP candidate early and top tier fantasy QB once again.


-- Three games in a row now, and growing with each game, shows Adam Thielen (14-105-0/19) is clearly ‘the guy’ over Stefon Diggs (4-17-0/10) for Kirk Cousins. Thielen is a WR1 for the rest of the season and Diggs is more WR2.

-- If, for some reason, you own Josh Allen (15-22 for 196 yards, 1 TD/0 INT, 10-39-2) in dynasty – this is your best time to trade him for all you can. This Allen uprising will help provide some distraction for others in need of a QB off waivers/free agency from going all-in on Baker Mayfield (I hope). In fact, I suspect ‘they’ will be gaga over Allen this week and lukewarm dismissive of Mayfield.

-- The UDFA RB who got the work with Dalvin Cook out – Mike Boone (2-11-0, 1-0-0/1) over Roc Thomas. Just an aside in case Cook is out for a bit or goes down in the weeks ahead. Boone is a very solid RB prospect.


-- This was my reason for pushing to sell Phillip Lindsay (4-20-0, 0-0-0/2) – at the first sign of weakness, his value was going to plummet. Here we are. Kicked out of a game for fighting and was getting outplayed/worked by Freeman (who is so good). Royce Freeman (13-53-1, 1-5-0/1) is the lead guy more time than not and more and more as the season wears on.

-- Case Keenum (22-34 for 192 yards, 0 TD/1 INT) now has 5 INTs on the three starts for Denver. You could argue that the Broncos are one of the most favorable offenses for your opposing DST to face as Keenum keeps serving up the picks. KC and NYJ the next two weeks.

-- Javorius Allen has 16 carries for 32 yards (2.0 ypc) so far this season, and 13 catches with a measly 70 yards. Terrible production…and, yet, 4 TDs this season and two in this game. A TD machine…sell it off if you can, there’s no way he keeps this pace up at all.


-- The interesting thing about the pop-up of Dallas Goedert (7-73-1/7)…it happened in Carson Wentz’s return game. Wentz was a main driver in the team drafting Goedert despite them not needing a TE. Wentz had ‘scouted’ him watching his alma mater (North Dakota State) play Goedert’s South Dakota State…when Goedert had his breakout final two years. Wentz has a link here…and dealt him quite a game in his return.

I still don’t know how you trust Goedert with Zach Ertz (5-73-0/10) there, but let’s see if there’s a follow-up for Goedert in Week 4.

-- Josh Adams (6-30-0) got some work in this game. He looked pretty good. It will be interesting to see what they do with Adams when Ajayi-Sproles returns. Someone has to go soon from the Philly RB depth chart. My guess is Adams is cut, hoping to stash on the practice squad…or they trade Ajayi (I’m not joking).

-- Andrew Luck (25-40 for 164 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) now has back-to-back games with under 180 yards passing. He has no passes registering 30+ yards in distance this season. For the final Hail Mary throw, Luck was taken out of the game for Jacoby Brissett.


-- Deshaun Watson (24-40 for 385 yards, 5-36-0)…0-3, averaging under 20 points per game on offense, and under 60% completions. I think the bloom is off the rose a bit. Not that he’s terrible, but his status as ‘the best’ fantasy QB for 2018 or the best young QB in the NFL – I don’t see it. He’s definitely a QB1, but there’s trouble in paradise in Houston all of a sudden.

-- Evan Engram (1-19-0/1) got hit in the leg hard on his one catch and run, and limped off the field and did not return. We’ll see the prognosis (looks like 2-4 weeks), but you gotta get ready for him hindered/out…or just not a great part of this weak offense. Two tight ends…two tight ends…two tight ends…in fantasy.  

-- I hoped there was some solace in the Texans-DST going forward but losing at home to the Giants rattles my faith…even though they got 4 sacks. They face IND-DAL-BUF-JAC-MIA-DEN before their BYE. An incredibly juicy stretch…if the Texans can make hay out of it. More on the DSTs in a moment.


-- As I wrote in this segment last week and made an impassioned plea on the video Q&A Sunday morning (whilst mocked by Mr. Katz) – Jordy Nelson (6-173-1/8) as the Raiders’ #1 WR was still alive. I saw Jordy still moving well in Weeks 1-2, even returning punts…and I don’t believe in Amari Cooper (2-17-0/5). Everything I thought could be with this passing game happened in full glory Week 3. I like Jordy as ‘the guy’.

-- I like Jordy as ‘the guy’, but I really don’t like much of what I see of Derek Carr (27-39 for 345 yards, 1 TD/2 INTs) at all. This season, Carr has 2 TDs/5 INTs – 20 TDs/15 INTs his past 14 games. He’s more QB3 than QB2 of late.

-- Jakeem Grant (2-70-2/3), our upside surprise WR of the week…3 touches, 2 TDs. I want to trust him for FF more, but you see the touch counts…despite being the Dolphins best weapon every week. They saw him popping Weeks 1-2, and he got three targets Week 3…and took two of them for TDs and still no extra work after that.

What do I know? The Dolphins are 3-0. I see their schedule ahead…they’ll be 5-5 after 10 weeks, or worse.


-- Corey Grant (6-11-0, 1-0-0/2) got a shot to be the ‘kinda’ main guy here, out carrying/touching T.J. Yeldon (7-44-0, 6-46-0/7) for a good chunk of this game early, but the Jags offense went nowhere and neither did Grant. The Jags tried to get cute sitting Leonard Fournette for an extra rest here but got caught with a flat offensive performance and terrible loss. Losing their top OL last week for the season may be more trouble than we realize.

-- Keelan Cole (5-40-0/9) got 9 targets…Moncrief-Westbrook-Chark (the rest of the WRs for JAC in this game) combined for 8 targets. The move of Cole to prominence, whatever that means with Bortles, is happening.

-- Taywan Taylor (4-30-0/5) was the leading target-getter for the Titans this week as he makes his move to starting #3 WR, and that will matter as a WR3/flex/DFS option ahead.


-- Calvin Ridley (7-146-3/8) had a day. I thought last week was ‘a tell’ that he was ready, but I didn’t think he was going three TDs! I’d be a seller hot on him. I don’t think defenses were planning on it either, they’re focused on Julio so much…it gives Ridley more room, but now they’ll start to give him the attention he deserves. He’s definitely Atlanta’s #2 WR and a WR2-2.5 for fantasy ahead. People will think he’s a WR1, and that’s what I’d sell in redraft or dynasty.

-- Alvin Kamara (15-124-0/20) with 20 targets in a game is sick. No one commits to their RB in the passing game like the Saints, and it’s a shame there aren’t 5-10-15+ other RBs used like Alvin Kamara’s in the league. Alas, there is only one…and he’s a top 3-5 PPR RB from now until Sean Payton isn’t there.

-- Damontae Kazee got to play a full game finally…and what I’d expect/hope would happen happened – 10 tackles by Kazee.


-- Anyone believe me now that Jared Goff (29-36 for 354 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) is a top 3-5 fantasy QB, possible #1-2 QB in fantasy -- and the most valuable, best player on the Rams? Todd Gurley is good, but Goff is handing him 1-yard TDs. With a yard more of luck on some plays, Goff would have 3+ TD passes in every game this season. I’ve never seen so many passes get stopped at the 1-yard line like LAR 2018 so far.  

-- You didn’t think Robert Woods (10-104-2/11) could be a WR1.5 with Brandin Cooks, did you? I tried to tell you for almost a year now. The best offense in the NFL is going to yield fruit for many.

-- Mike Williams (4-81-2/7) is a TD machine for the Chargers. You don’t see him involved as much except when they take shots at the end-zone and then excitement happens…hurting Keenan Allen’s (3-44-0/7) fantasy upside and all but destroying Tyrell Williams’ fantasy value for 2018.


-- Everyone was quick to judge Jared Goff and even when the FFM’ers got in on him per my visionary call on him ahead of anyone in football analysis in 2017 (a few weeks into the season) -- you still really didn’t believe (I still don’t think you really believe NOW). I’m living the same Goff 2nd-season moments with Mitchell Trubisky (24-35 for 220 yards, 0 TD/1 INTs), the early phases. Everyone is burying him. All I’ll say is…go ahead. Make your scouting call and save your emails. He’s nothing for FF now…he will be someday. I’ll go into more detail in the game recap.

We live in a condemn 100% as quick as possible anything not working right now, and doubt anything that is working right now because ‘how long can this hold up?’ You can live in that fantasy football (and real) world, I don’t. I am playing the long game in long-game/dynasty situation.

All that said…there are reasons for concern right now, but there is signs of a hope and a future with Trubisky. I’ll debate it in the game report.

-- Christian Kirk (7-90-0/8) had his ‘moment’ of breakout, of stepping forward. All I could think watching him and Calvin Ridley this week – man, the rookies of today are so much better than the guys of the past, like exponentially better. Not only are they better as ‘rookies’, they’re better than most established players right now…cold walking into ‘the league’. Ditto for QBs and all the other positions.

Kirk matters with Josh Rosen, who is likely to go Josh Rosen next week for the next decade.

-- Taylor Gabriel (6-34-0/10) is getting the touches…he’s not converting any fantasy points of note. He’s averaging 5.0 catches per game but only 29.3 yards receiving per game on this dull passing game design by Matt Nagy.


-- If you own Rashaad Penny (3-5-0) because you see what a zero Chris Carson (32-102-1, 2-22-0/2) is running the ball – note…it does not matter what you see or think. Pete Carroll is locked on to Carson as the best RB in NFL history. He’s not letting go of this until it’s beyond painfully obvious, and then a few more weeks after that. They won, and Carson got 102 yards (on 32 carries, which is semi-pathetic/3.2 ypc), so Carroll is even more emboldened now. Your ‘Penny stock’ has a while to go before it sees any ROI.

-- Ditto Jason Garrett and his idiotic love affair with his ‘WR by committee’ approach. All you ever hear about such things (WRs and QBs in practice/camp) -- is how important the reps and the ‘sync’ is between the WRs and the QB. That’s what all these guys do all day during the week, isn’t it? So why is Dallas rotating all their WRs and TEs every other snap (seemingly)? Isn’t that working against the all important ‘in sync’ ideology everyone subscribes to? You can’t trust any WR or TE for Dallas for fantasy as long as this nonsense persists. And Garrett never changes/adjusts, so it will likely last much of/all year.

-- This was supposed to be a good matchup for the Dallas-DST with a weak Seattle O-Line…but they only got two sacks, no picks, and gave up 24 points. Honestly, I’m not sure there is a good DST play anymore in the NFL. Minnesota v. the Bills was supposed to be a slam dunk this week. The Jags, the Bears, the Rams are aces…but they’re still kinda reliant on ‘matchup’. Chicago couldn’t stop Aaron Rodgers. The Rams didn’t blow away the Chargers this week.

DSTs are going to be taxing trying to figure them out week-to-week or for stretches at a time, but just about everyone is in the same boat. It’s frustrating, but it’s an opportunity others will misread. Hopefully, I start reading them better.


-- Why Kerryon Johnson (16-101-0/2-9-0/3) was our #1 deep sleeper waiver pickup last week – here it is, the payday. Now, you can use as a guy who gets touches…but more importantly you can use to trade hot. He’ll be the ‘man of the hour’ all week – ‘rookie’ and everyone saw him do good on a solo night game, so now it’s seared into people’s minds. An RB2.5 possibly trading as an RB1.5 you got off redraft waivers last week.

-- The opposite of Kerryon Johnson…did you see what I’ve been saying about Sony Michel (14-50-0, 1-0-0/3)? What’s up with Georgia rookie RBs being terrible at playing RB? Michel is better than Nick Chubb, that’s the only compliment I can give. I bet the Patriots go looking for an RB via trade soon, very soon. You think the Steelers would trade Le’Veon there?

-- Tom Brady (14-26 for 133 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) looks pretty bad this season, in terms of how he usually looks – 214.7 yards passing per game. The good times with him in fantasy may be coming to an end…back-end QB1 vs. high-end, no-brainer start. We’ll see when Edelman returns if it changes anything.

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Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

1) Baker Mayfield, CLE – If you lost Garoppolo, this is your one and only salvation. Either get him off waivers or trade for him after someone else does. Get him to replace JG, but also look at him as a QB2 if your QB2 is weak and go heavy after him in dynasty. Read the NYJ-CLE recap for the full detail on this.

2) David Johnson, ARI – People were debating DJ as a sit in various redrafts this week. Some chose Corey Clement over Johnson to start this past week. The sentiment is bad on the Cardinals and DJ – now, is the time to go get him before Josh Rosen opens things up and DJ spikes higher.

3) Chris Thompson, WAS – After our big push last week for CT, he responds the worst targeting he’s had in like two seasons (1 target this week). I’m not letting one bad week eliminate the last 10-15 mostly gem weeks. The price just went lower…good. I buy.

4) Leonard Fournette, JAC -- Let the panic and frustration of a Week 1 ‘hammy’ that has dragged on to Week 4 lead you to a cheap deal. RB2 valuation in redraft. The panic is high right now. He’s a name people have turned on, so you might steal him even more so than last week when we went for this.

5) Tevin Coleman, ATL – I’m banking on Devonta Freeman being worse than they’re letting on…he either doesn’t come back for many weeks and/or he can’t get back and has to elect for surgery. Most people believe Freeman will be back soon because that’s what the Falcons are selling. If you can steal him, you might get lucky for many weeks+.

6) Julian Edelman, NE – The one thing that can save Tom Brady’s dying passer numbers is his BFF WR. Edelman is going to see 10-15+ targets a game ahead. It’s still a week away and his current holder may be 1-2/0-3 and in a panic for ‘right now’ not worrying about a whole week from now.

Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Calvin Ridley, ATL – Not because I think anything bad of him. He’s good, he’s just way overrated for some. Ridley is a solid WR, like a WR2-2.5 this year. I propose selling him near WR1 levels to someone who buys the draft pick hype, the Alabama hype, and the 3 TD game hype. Especially in dynasty. Nothing wrong with him just the valuation could be amazing to some people right now.

2) Kerryon Johnson, DET – When everyone sees an event in a solo night game, that’s the new reality going forward/for at least a week. Johnson has it all for ‘hype’ – 100+ yard game on national TV + ‘rookie’ + touted prospect + the Lions backfield is awful, so this seems like the answer for the next decade. An RB 2.5 this year trading as an RB1.5 potentially this week.

3) Tyler Lockett, SEA – I’m a fan, always have been. With Doug Baldwin gone he’s been producing. However, I expected more. I thought he’d see more targets. He’s still in the 5-6-7 range for targets in a game. If you’re deep at WR and not using him as a starter, you may want to sell out before Baldwin returns and drops him to a WR3-3.5.

4) Matt Ryan, ATL – 4 TDs in Week 2 (2 rushing), and 5 passing TDs in Week 3. Weeks 1-2 were totally in his character (as a passer), Week 3 was not. Much to do with the ‘Saints defense’ I suspect. CIN-PIT next two weeks are tougher.

5) Javorius Allen, BAL – 4 TDs this season, two last week. The RB desperate and Alex Collins owner might be extra interested. He’s got no yardage but a ton of TDs so far. Would the desperate pay RB2-ish money in redraft mixed into a multiplayer deal?

6) Tyler Boyd, CIN – He’s good. Two hot weeks has him on the radar for everyone, but if A.J. Green is out, people will assume Boyd’s ‘the guy’, but he’s not a #1 WR, he’s a #2. Tough CBs to face as a #1 coming up…ATL-MIA-PIT. ‍

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’

1) Baker Mayfield, CLE – I want in on a potential ‘next Mahomes’. Read note on him in the ‘trade for’ section.

2) Calvin Ridley, ATL – Ditto…read about on the ‘trade for’. You can claim to use or trade.

3) Jordy Nelson, OAK – I told you he still had juice in the tank – he’s the Raiders’ #1 WR in my book…so, whatever that is worth.

4) Christian Kirk, ARI – Going to be a star someday…it may be right here, right now with Rosen. I’d take Kirk over Ridley as a bet on the better player for the next decade.

5) Tyler Boyd, CIN – Hot two weeks and with AJG possibly out his value jumps for use/trade.

6) Geronimo Allison, GB – Anyone working ‘in trust’ with Aaron Rodgers is valuable. He’s going full James Jones for several years ago…not many targets, catches, or yards, but a TD like every week.

7) Antonio Callaway, CLE – A perfect match for Baker Mayfield’s style. He’ll throw Callaway open and hit him in stride for huge YAC.

‍8) David Njoku, CLE – A TD beneficiary, an everything beneficiary of Mayfield.

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Josh Allen, BUF – No way. No how.

2) Aaron Jones, GB – Green Bay’s offense doesn’t promote the RB and then they have a three-headed monster group, plus Aaron Jones isn’t that good – but fantasy analysts love to talk him up as ‘the one’. He’s not.

3) Chris Ivory/Marcus Murphy – I want nothing to do with any Bills offensive fantasy players…whether McCoy is back or not. Only for the radically desperate.

4) Jordan Wilkins, IND – If Marlon Mack is not ready, again…don’t fall for this push again. He’s terrible.

‍5) Geoff Swaim, DAL – Five catches in Week 3!! Umm, no thanks. Not at all.

Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Taywan Taylor, TEN – It still may be too early, but Taylor led the Titans in targets (with just 5 though) – and the good sign is it happened with Mariota forced back in Week 3. He played the second-most snaps of the WR group in Week 3. Most importantly, he’s the most dangerous WR weapon they have.

2) Josh Rosen, ARI – If you like/love the need breed of college QB (Mahomes, Mayfield) then this is your next one who has the arm and does not lack in confidence and is ready to go. Nowhere near as good as Mahomes or Mayfield but is pretty darn good. Talent is not the issue…injuries are – and Steve Wilks/Mike McCoy may be an issue.

3) Hayden Hurst, BAL – Just thinking ahead for those with TE issues. He may still be like 2-3-4 weeks away. He will be the lead TE if he comes back 100%

4) John Ross, CIN – If A.J. Green is out, Ross is going to get more work/touches.

‍5) Greg Olsen, CAR – I’m not a believer in a rapid return but if you want to roll the dice or sell the name when the rumors rise of a return.

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them Players’:

1) Greg Zuerlein, LAR – The timeline for return is 3-6 weeks. A groin injury to a kicker is ‘no Bueno’. The Rams would be wise to go 2+ weeks longer than when he is ready just to make sure he can go for the playoffs/Super Bowl. He’ll be out longer than expected, and as much as I love him you gotta move on in redraft/non-very deep roster.

2) Michael Gallup, DAL – Jason Garrett loves his ‘wide receiver by committee, so you won’t see Gallup emerging for a while or 2019 with a new coaching staff.

3) Rishard Matthews, TEN – He seems not himself (battled injuries all preseason) and this offense is a disaster and Matthews barely sees more than 2-3 targets in it. His time has come and gone now that he’s been ‘paid’.

4) Jonnu Smith, TEN – In the TE desperation, some picked up Smith as the Titans new starter off Delanie’s injury. He’s starting but barely seeing targets. Luke Stocker is seeing move passing game love at TE.

5) Brandon Marshall, SEA – I mean…it’s ‘over’. Move on already. It’s not 2010-2014 anymore.


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

1) Texans-DST -- IND-DAL-BUF-JAC-MIA-DEN-BYE-WAS-TEN-CLE-IND-NYJ through Week 15. The schedule is filled with bad O-Lines and mediocre QBs all season almost. The stink of 0-3 is hurting them. The, being a mediocre defense doesn’t help either…but the schedule will help boost them. Maybe the best schedule any DST has the rest of the way.

2) Chargers-DST – Might have been dropped for vs. Rams Week 3. Ahead: SF-OAK-CLE-TEN-BYE-SEA-OAK-DEN-ARI. A lot of useful weeks and maybe Bosa returning soon.

3) Browns-DST -- Carr-Flacco next two weeks is good. Rivers-Fitz-Ben-Mahomes-Ryan-BYE after that is not good. This group is talented and now energized by Mayfield. Great next two weeks, potentially.

‍4) Packers-DST – BUF-DET-SF the next three weeks before a BYE then LAR-NE. Can use as Week 4 rental, and maybe Week 6 if desperate?

5) Titans-DST – Week 4 vs. PHI might not be so bad, but BUF-Bal Weeks 5-6 are good. Held last two opponents to 17 or fewer points. Gave up 27 to Miami in that weird rainstorm game and 7 pts allowed on a KR TD. Sneaky good defense here, and The Computer was trying to tell me that all preseason, but I wouldn’t listen.

6) Cardinals-DST – My new favorite deep-sleeper DST. They have the talent. They actually weren’t terrible against the Rams Week 2. They were tough on the Bears Week 3. It’s just the offense is such a disaster the defense is hung out to dry…that’s changing some with Rosen. PLUS, the schedule just had a shift…SEA-SF-MIN-DEN-SF ahead…two 49ers’ games in the next five weeks is suddenly OK. Weak pass protect Seattle, SF, bad Keenum and SF again are possible plays for the desperate ahead.

7) Patriots-DST – Took a hit on SNF but were also down their best pass rusher (Flowers) and Patrick Chung. MIA-IND next two weeks and then some problems…KC-CHI-BUF-GB. They are good to pair with another for up and down schedule strength weeks.

8) Cowboys-DST – I want to trust the Dallas-DST as ‘emerging’ and then they get pushed around by Seattle. DET-HOU-JAX next three weeks is three bad OLs or QBs, but suddenly DET looks better. Schedule is ‘OK-ish’ not great but hope of high sack counts.

9) Steelers-DST – Let’s see how they do vs. TB on MNF. This play is slipping away. The Bucs matchup went from great to neutral. Flacco-Ryan-Dalton ahead isn’t bad but not great either. Now Week 8 CLE looks bad too. The Steelers schedule outlook has turned upside down from very favorable to ‘mixed’ after two weeks of the season.


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