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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 4)

October 1, 2018

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 4)

*Disclaimer – I watch all the games live Sunday, however many at one time, and these are my initial fantasy reactions/notes. I will then watch each game and detail and file a deeper report on each game, and may change my stance midweek on something I say below…but as a quick reaction to Sunday’s action, here’s my quick take…

Games in random order:

We probably don’t know how our personal moods for the rest of the week, the way we’ll treat our spouses, kids, and co-workers, until we see how Mahomes or Tyreek or the combo/MYreek perform tonight.

I sense, depending on tonight’s outcomes, most of FFM-land is about to pull up to 2-2 or move to 3-1 this week. 2-2, given all the injuries you’re likely dealing with, is not bad right now…any team one-game out of the playoffs (with 9-10 weeks to go) is fine – just work to do (whether that’s from 2-2, 1-3, 0-4).

Just to keep things in view: Next week, if you end up 2-3 after 5 weeks, you’re likely one game out of the playoffs (or tied for it) with 8 weeks to go with players getting healthy (theoretically). 3-2 is really solid. 4-1 has a lot of leverage.

This is where we win (or lose) a lot of ground back…the next 1-2-3-4 weeks of waivers/trades, etc. Lots of injuries, BYEs, changing narratives going on…we have to out-read, out-interpret it over our opponents. We’ve got time to heal our wounded warriors. Just don’t overreact, good or bad, to ‘the moment’. We keep ‘buying low’, ‘selling high’ and finding hidden gems.

Good Luck with the Chiefs (and Broncos) plays tonight. The world will seem a lot brighter if they (MYreek) go-off tonight!! (for most FFMers, but not some others facing MYreek)

*One other item, after observing Week 4 (so far). All running backs suck, save for 3-4 of them. Every week it’s injuries, game flows, RBBCs, matchups. You are not some special case with RB issue…everyone in all of fantasy is complaining about their RBs, especially when your one good one has a BYE. Build a war machine at QB-WR-TE-DST-PK and then do your best at RB. While everyone else is crying about RBs, worrying about Wendell Smallwood and Chris Ivory possible touch counts and Leonard Fournette’s hamstring and they’re trying to trade everything to solve it (and the solutions last a week or two at best) -- just get solid RB2-2.5s (a bunch of them available cheaper in PPR) and kill it everywhere else…and maybe we’ll get lucky off waivers ahead. Don’t use ALL your energy trying to solve your RB situation…you likely never will. Use as much energy on the other positions and just be ‘OK’ with ‘OK’ RBs. You had James White, he’s good/reliable/consistent…why did you bench him? You want the sexy Todd Gurley action…you want it all. Hit in the fairway if the situation warrants at RB, don’t try to pull out the driver to blast it out of the woods unless you need the points due to matchup.

Your likely RB salvation is going to be some guy off waivers who got hot and you grabbed at the right time, someone totally out of the blue. Build your war machine outside of RB and do your best at RB. Let everyone else spend all week trading all their best assets trying find the elusive undervalued RB du jour.


-- Speaking of RB du jours… Tevin Coleman (14-51-0, 3-26-0/3) has had a couple shots to show off for free agency, starting with Devonta Freeman out, and he’s shown little to lead anyone to believe he’s a big-ticket item/starting RB for some team in 2019. Big disappointment the past few weeks. He’s been OK/good not great.

-- Tyler Eifert is for sure done for the year…it makes C.J. Uzomah (1-6-0/1) a sleeper TE play. He’ll start but Tyler Kroft (0-0-0/1) will see snaps along with him. More TE2 is Uzomah than TE1 overall, but more like TE1.5.

-- Tyler Boyd (11-100-0/15) continues to push numbers…three weeks in a row. I’m a fan, one of our deep sleeper reports of 2018, but I didn’t see these kind of numbers…these kind of targets. I’m suspicious that this WR1-2 production can keep up. He’s working more like a WR2-3 but his targets are pushing him hot. Ride the train while you can.


-- Aaron Rodgers (22-40 for 298 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) is great and all but he’s playing on 1.50 legs and he has not-the-most-exciting weapons around him. He’s a QB1, but not ‘the QB to have’ anymore. If you’re sitting on a Mahomes or Goff paired with Rodgers – it might be time to sell ‘high’ on Rodgers (redraft) if you have other needs.

Long-term…he’s 36 years old next season. Hobbling around this year, broken collarbone the year prior. He’s still awesome but too many young guys are starting to step forward in better offenses to ultra-value Rodgers like in the past.

-- Jimmy Graham (3-21-1/6) scored a TD. Many people have TE needs. If JG is your second TE/backup to a solid starting TE on your roster…this TD game may be a chance to sell him ‘high’ in a multi-player deal. He literally plays like he’s half asleep (for 3+ seasons now), and he has the numbers to back that up. I’m ready to run but if Cobb-Allison are out…I might pause for a bugger week ahead on JG to sell off.

-- LeSean McCoy (5-24-0, 3-13-0/6) and this offense looks worse and worse. We’re going to see McCoy hitting waivers in 10 and 12-team redrafts this week. McCoy’s fighting a bad offense, a rib issue, and legal trouble…no, thanks.


-- The big question on Mitch Trubisky (19-26 for 354 yards, 6 TDs/0 INT, 3-53-0)…what percentage of emails will I get on apologies from the large contingent who buried him, as a talent, after their three weeks of viewings -- and who were very diligent to let me know ‘they didn’t see it’. Will I get 5% or 10% of the folks burying him coming back and admitting the error of ‘haste’?

This was never a question of talent but offense and getting comfortable…and they opened up/changed the offense this week and played to Trubisky’s style and ‘tada’. I never lost faith in Trubisky’s talents…and said last week was one of his best games, technically, from my eye…and then ‘bam’ this week happened.

Credit Matt Nagy, who I slammed last week (he probably read it and changed his playbook) as ‘the problem’, for adjusting the offense. Credit the Tampa Bay Bucs for being terrible at football.

This was just a sign…not an ‘all clear he’s Mahomes now’. He might…but I think, not yet.

-- Raise your hand if you were getting sick of me mentioning Taylor Gabriel (7-104-2/7) every week? I didn’t give up. He’s the fantasy WR to have from the Bears going forward.

-- Jameis Winston (16-20 for 145 yards, 1 TD/2 INTs) is BACKKK! Good. Now, Dirk Koetter will for sure get fired at years end. Cam Brate now matters.


-- Everything about the Patriots changes this week with the return of Julian Edelman. James White (8-44-1, 8-68-1/10) loses some steam and Phillip Dorsett (4-5-1/7) is done. And Tom Brady (23-35 for 274 yards, 3 TDs/2 INTs), who does not look great, gets a boost. Chris Hogan (1-25-0/1) might get more breathing room.

-- Kenyan Drake (3-3-0, 1-13-0/2) seems to have died and gone to RB heaven. You can never trust a Dowell Loggains offense. You got Drake…you got problems. I don’t know that you can start Drake in Week 5. Damn RBs…(he’ll probably run for 220+ yards this week).

-- The Patriots-DST bounced back here, but IND-KC-CHI-BUF-GB then next five games, you got one…maybe, two confident uses in there.


-- Taywan Taylor (7-77-0/9) took a step forward here. A slot WR with talent working as the starter with Rishard Matthews gone. He’s a WR2.5 candidate because he’s a big play potential on each touch.

-- Derrick Henry’s (8-24-0, 2-7-0/2) yards per carry in his last 8 regular season games, starting with the most recent first: 3.0, 3.2, 3.1, 2.6, 1.8, 3.1, 2.7, 2.5. He’s averaging 13.1 carries per game in that span. He’s run for 1 TD in that stretch as well. Not good.

-- Dallas Goedert with Alshon Jeffrey (8-105-1/9) back…2 catches for 13 yards on 2 targets. Goedert is likely not a legit TE1 candidate. He’s not being used consistently…his usage is all over the place. But Jeffrey being back may have been the big change.


-- Quincy Enunwa (4-66-0/8) had some plays in this game that were unreal. More specifically, his runs after the catch…he probably broke a minimum of 3 tackles on his biggest plays. He’s a WR1.5 ROS in PPR, I can feel it.

-- You can just let Keelan Cole (2-15-0/3) go in a normal roster size redraft league. You can’t rely on Jacksonville targeting patterns. Last week, Cole had more targets than the rest of the team’s WRs combined. This week, he’s barely noticeable on the field. There are many better options to roll week-to-week. He’s a BYE week flyer until we see any consistency.

-- Leonard Fournette (11-30-0, 1-5-0/1) has moved from ‘unlucky injury’ to ‘injury prone’. He’s now wasted 4 weeks of our time…blown two games with partial play/gone in-game, and you can’t trust him next week. All you can do is sit him on the bench and wait until he’s really back…then use or trade. It’s all you can do. He comes back clean…he’s a fir-sure RB1. How many other guys are out there like that with depressed value? If I’m 4-0, 3-1…I’m acquiring Fournette on the cheap to put on my bench for a rainy day…and someday it’s going to pour.


-- I’ll be interested to see the snap count tallies, but it looked like Michael Gallup (2-45-0/5) took a step forward as the ‘real’ WR on this roster. He tied Hurns-Beasley for most targets among the WRs this game, but more importantly I think I saw Dak seeking him out in crisis spots. Eventually, Gallup will be worth owning for fantasy (WR3-wise), we may be a few more weeks away.

-- Given the sad state of TE affairs in fantasy, Geoff Swaim (3-39-1/5) may not be as ridiculous a BYE week flyer as I thought.

-- Lions middle linebacker Devon Kennard (5 tackles, 1.0 sacks, 2.0 TFLs) now has 4.0 sacks 4 games this season. Odd sack tally for an ILB.


-- Well, I look dumb. I dismissed Keke Coutee (11-109-0/15) in the Video Q&A Sunday morning and he did ‘this’. I need to see the tape. I’ve never seen the Texans use a #3/slot like that nor have I seen Coutee work like that. It just feels odd to me. Will Fuller got hurt, and I think brought some of this one.

-- I also mocked Nyheim Hines (4-10-0, 9-63-2/11), but I always projected him as my top Colts RB with Marlon Mack down…by attrition. I (semi)like him without Mack for games/situations like this…the team down quick and passing 62 times and tossing 11 Hines’s way. It fades to RB3.5 when Mack returns.

-- Colts TE Zach Pascal (6-56-1/10) splashed onto the scene with the Jack Doyle injury. Pascal was a 6’2”/220 WR out of Old Dominion in 2017. He went undrafted and has been converted to TE. A 4.55 runner with 1.54 10-yard split at 220 pounds. He looks up to 230+ now…still legit NFL TE speed he possesses.


-- The Browns wouldn’t be the Browns if their DST didn’t have a great matchup and yet they yield 45 points to the Raiders. Now, a DST mystery hosting the Ravens next week.

-- Baker Mayfield (21-41 for 295 yards, 2 TDs/2 INTs) looked pretty good for his starting debut. 50-100 yards were left on the field by his terrible receiving weapons. Man, the group had to drop 3-4 passes and then another 2-3-4 that were tougher catches that none of them ever have the talent to make.

-- Jared Cook (8-111-2/13) has looked in as a strong TE1 this year. He flashed Week 1, faded a bit Weeks 2-3, and popped here. In a weak year for TEs, Cook has become a top 5-8 fantasy TE. 6.5 rec., 92.5 yards, 0.50 TDs per game…two 100+ yard games as well. I know this – every time Cook has a game like this, the next week…3-31-0.


-- I thought Josh Rosen (15-27 for 180 yards, 1 TD/0 INT) looked pretty good in his debut. It’s just this offense is a Mike McCoy disaster job. Rosen won’t take a huge step forward with this O-C. Rosen is exponentially better than Sam Bradford, but he’s not enough to ‘make’ something out of this nightmare. He’s going to improve things but not breakout of this easily.

-- Part of the Arizona offensive issue…every time David Johnson (22-71-1, 3-41-0/4) touches the ball 12 guys are on him, and several in the backfield before he takes his first step. Being brilliant, Mike McCoy didn’t get DJ a catch in the first half. Johnson took a step forward this game as the offense improved some, but we got a long way to go before we see 2016 DJ3K again.

-- Mike Davis (21-101-2, 4-23-0/4) looked great filling in for Chris Carson. It SHOULD lead to more work or a split role for Davis when Carson returns, but it probably won’t. Pete Carroll LOVES Chris Carson. Rashaad Penny (9-49-0) is BURIED.


-- Marquise Goodwin’s (2-24-0/4) 2018 debut with C.J. Beathard was not good. Goodwin got banged up and missed chunks of the game but mostly this was just a limited passing game and Goodwin wasn’t ‘leaned’ on. There’s still some hope, but I fear he’s headed to random WR2-3-ville.

-- If not for George Kittle (6-125-1/8) getting left alone for a 82 yards catch and run score…it was a bad passing game (statistically), Kittle would have been a dud, and the 49ers were about to get blown out. That’s the charm of Kittle…he’s arguably the 49ers best weapon.

-- Keenan Allen 7-63-0/10) through four weeks: 6.0 rec., 70.5 yards, 0.25 TDs per game…not quite WR1 numbers. Fewer than 70 yards and no TDs in each of his last 3 games.


-- Drew Brees (18-32 for 217 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) had a fantasy dud this week. Easy to just write it off as a blip, and it might be, but here’s what’s troubling – the Saints are in love with using Taysom Hill (1-2 for 10 yards, 4-28-0) like a Tim Tebow in the red zone/goal-to-go situations. Stats/opportunities being pulled away from Brees…effects his high-end QB1 upsides.

-- Eli Manning (31-41 for 255 yards, 1 TDs/0 INT) is turning into 2018 Sam Bradford right before our very eyes. It’s going to be a drag on whomever he isn’t dump passing to. Odell Beckham (7-60-0/11) has lots of catches but no TDs as an example of the problem. It’s dink and dunk central…and the Giants have no youngster QB to turn to. This is the Giants in 2018. Tune in for the 4th quarter and pray for garbage time numbers.

-- The next step forward for Cameron Meredith (3-32-0/4) is this 4-target game and looking a little more comfortable. The impact of Cam’s move higher – Ted Ginn had no catches on 3 targets this game.


-- This was the James Conner (9-19-0, 3-25-0/7) I feared. He’s not that good of a player. In 2018, he was flashy Week 1 (somewhat lucky in the rain)…and an RB2-3 since. You may be frustrated that Week 1-Conner is gone, but at least you have a guy getting all the touches. I keep waiting for that Jaylen Samuels appearance…

-- Ryan Switzer (7-32-0/7) looked like the Julian Edelman of the Steelers last night. It’s something to consider, Switzer’s best usage ever in his NFL career by far, but he didn’t grab anyone’s attention with anything special – just a solid performance. You say ‘Edelman’, but it was more ‘Cole Beasley’…and who cares about Cole Beasley for fantasy?

-- In more RB-confusion news…the Ravens are committed to an Alex Collins (11-42-0, 1-3-1/2)-Javorius Allen (10-30-0, 2-17-0/2) split. The split makes either of them a random RB2-3-4s week-to-week. No clear winner except Allen when the team is down and passing a lot. ‍

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Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

1) Chris Thompson, WAS – After our big push Week 3 for CT, he responded the worst targeting he’s had in like two seasons (1 target). I’m not letting one bad week eliminate the last 10-15 mostly gem weeks. The price just went lower…good. I buy. Go for obvious, consistent, non-sexy RBs who their coaches love…and the others tend to give away. (Also see: Marshawn Lynch and James White).

2) Quincy Enunwa, NYJ – Some of the plays he had against the Jags…he’s a monster. Against lesser defenses he’s going to go off. He’s going to be a very secure WR1.5-2.0 ahead whereas some of the ‘unwashed’ will be dropping him this week. He’s got WR3 or worse valuation to get in many places this week.

3) David Johnson, ARI – His best game by far of 2018. Still, it’s a stoic offense with weak blocking but there were flashes of old DJ that happened, finally. In a world where you can’t trust any RB…DJ selling at a discount is something. He has SF twice in the next 4 weeks.

4) Baker Mayfield, CLE – We have one week’s results in (with him as full starter) and in a week where a lot QBs went off, Mayfield had below average (for this week) numbers among them. Some of the bloom will come off the rose here for the ‘unwashed masses’…didn’t have 300+ yards passing, a bad OT loss, the ‘Browns’ – lots of reasons to doubt him. He’s is the future…whenever that is for him.

5) Julian Edelman, NE – The one thing that can save Tom Brady’s dying passer numbers is his BFF WR. Edelman is going to see 10-15+ targets a game ahead. Current owners are hopeful, but they haven’t seen him play and that might mean they sleep on it a bit. They might get cold feet because they haven’t seen it yet.

Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Allen Robinson, CHI – Bears scored a ton of points, ARob had a TD…but it was on just 4 targets. Part of the Bears problem before Week 4 was Allen Robinson losing the zip on his fastball so to speak. An offensive explosion this week for the team, and he’s barely a part of it. I’d try to sell him as a WR2.0, even to just slide into some other WR more exciting.

2) Sony Michel, NE – Two things people love…’rookies’ and ‘100+ yard rushing games’. You might be able to sell Michel as a near RB1 now. Everyone can do the math…he’s the only Pats RB of note right now, as a rusher. I just don’t think he’s that good of a talent. Keep and use as an RB2-2.5 if you want, but if you can sell as a like RB1.25…I sell betting that the talent/consistency isn’t there. James White as an RB3 valuation in PPR is a much smarter grab.

3) Nyhiem Hines, IND – 9 catches, 2 TDs…in a Colts backfield that is a bunch of garbage. This game by Hines was pushed due to the 60+ passes/OT and no other RBs to go to. Next week Robert Turbin comes off suspension and Marlon Mack may finally be back…and when he is Hines is an RB3-3.5.

4) Cooper Kupp, LAR – I like the guy, I just think he’s more WR2-2.5 for production this year than WR1-2. Let’s say he’s a real solid WR2…coming off last week and the general love he had prior – you might be able to sell as an WR1.25. The masses LOVE him more than Woods-Cooks, but he’s third in that pecking order.

5) Nick Chubb, CLE – ‘Rookies’ and ‘100+ yard rushing games’…he’s not bumping Carlos Hyde at all. He’s a weak RB. He’ll be on waivers in redraft again after next week, I’m sure. ‍

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’

1) Taylor Gabriel, CHI – The #1 WR for a team that may have changed its offense to be explosive. Nice schedule through Week 13. BYE this week.

2) Tarik Cohen, CHI – A gamble waiver pickup. Sure, I loved him preseason then started bailing when the Bears didn’t use him much for the first 3 weeks. Then he has this big game, but he could easily go right back to 3-5 carries and 3-5 targets Week 6 (Week 5 BYE).

My logic says…the Bears just finally realized what they have.

NFL logic says…what a great decoy he’ll be for the next 7 weeks.

People will love him today, and forget about him by Friday. You could make a move on him later this week.

3) Aaron Jones, GB – I’m not a huge fan, but I know the masses are. He’s going to start leading GB on touches at RB, but still in a weird split – acquire to sell off. The masses LOVE Aaron Jones.

4) Taywan Taylor, TEN – First start without Rishard Matthews around…7 catches on 9 targets is a good thing as the slot guy for TEN. ‍

5) Marlon Mack, INDHe’s soft…he sucks…he doesn’t matter – he doesn’t matter til’ he does. Everyone is running around desperately looking for RB relief. Mack will be ‘the guy’ when he’s ready. Others chase Aaron Jones, I’d rather have a crack at Mack.

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Nick Chubb, CLE – A lot will be made of his two long TD runs but it was 3 carries against a bad OAK defense that gave him open space twice and he ran through it. It’s not ‘a thing’.

2) Nyhiem Hines, IND – The 60+ pass attempts drove the potential for his 9 catch/2 TD game…and now two new RBs are about to be activated for Week 5.

3) Dede Westbrook, JAC – I don’t want to rely on the Jags passing game for anything, especially the least talented guy like Dede.

4) Chester Rogers, IND – See Nyheim Hines…and Rogers is a WR – less desperate position to seek solace in. If Hilton is hurt/out, Rogers cannot step up to be a #1 WR talent (Gillmore would cover him, I’d bet). He’d be useful for a week on targets/desperation, maybe.

‍5) Keke Coutee, HOU – Not a strong ‘distrust’, but Houston/D.Watson has NEVER used a slot WR like this. And Coutee is good/fast but he’s not something special. I need to re-watch this to be sure, but my first instinct is people are going to go crazy for him because ‘rookie’ and cool name. I just don’t see this becoming the new sensation. I could be wrong when I see it. It may have to do with Will Fuller’s health…if Fuller out Week 5, Coutee will be ‘a thing’ Week 6…one I’d probably sell into it.‍

Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Mitchell Trubisky, CHI – Why deep sleeper after a 6 TD game? No one really believes in him, even with Week 4, and he is on a BYE…so, he may sit on waivers naturally in redrafts. I’m not sure how ready I am to trust him…how much of Week 4 was ‘Tampa’? Is Nagy going to stick with new style offense? He should but NFL coaching decisions are always befuddling and opposite what you would do.

People don’t believe in him, so he’s not going to get fully valued. I’m not sure this game means ‘he’s arrived’, and you know how much I love him. Because he might have arrived…and if he has -- it’s going to be sweet…so, you have to consider him.

2) C.J. Uzomah, CINTyler Eifert is done and CJU should be the main starter in a suddenly up-tempo/effective offense. Uzomah is a solid TE talent.

3) Curtis Samuel, CAR – Pure gamble. I don’t even know if he’s ready to play. If he is, and he gets jammed into the lineup…this could be the Taywan Taylor story happening in Carolina – the best WR rises to the top despite being behind other ‘names’ in the beginning.

4) Michael Gallup, DAL – It felt like another sign of the Gallup turn to ‘top guy for Dak’, but I’m not sure how great that is. I saw signs in Week 2. It regressed Week 3. It took a step forward Week 4. It’s trying to happen, but we may be 1-2-3+ weeks away.

‍5) Gerald Everett, LAR – I’m really grabbed by Sean McVay mentioning that Everett got big things planned. I don’t think that means ‘TE1’ but I’m curious what an interesting, Jordan Reed-like TE on the best offense in the NFL might do.

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Robby Anderson, NYJSam Darnold has killed off any 2018 value he might have had at one time.

2) Keelan Cole, JAC – I put him here not to say he’s a zero talent or anything…he’s a super-talent. It’s just, he’s a guy that gets erratic targeting and you have to rely on Blake Bortles to make this go. I love his talent, and write about it often, so you’re inclined to keep him…but in a regular redraft leagues (not dynasty) if there are more interesting things you’re free to leave.

You see how I stuck by Taylor Gabriel for weeks, so I’m not one to cut and run…I just don’t see ‘it’ happening with Blake Bortles on a consistent basis. Too many other teams throwing all over the place to hope something happens consistently here with Cole. It’s been two weeks of dud since his breakout game. It’s sad, really.

3) Josh Adams, PHI – Likely cut this week or next and back onto the practice squad.

4) DeVante Parker, MIA – My favorite! Just for anyone new if you thought he’d be a great sleeper waiver grab…he wasn’t. He was inactive this week because the Dolphins don’t value him. He’s not very good.

5) Jaron Brown, SEADoug Baldwin back, David Moore emerging…Brown is drifting off into a backup role for forever.

Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

1) Colts-DST – Can’t use this week vs. Pats, maybe (the Pats are not that good) but then @NYJ, BUF, @OAK, BYE, JAC, TEN, MIA, @JAC, @HOU, DAL, NYG. Might could use them from Week 6 on. The shock DST of 2018 -- #2 in the league in sacks currently. They’ve given up a couple fluky defensive scores driving their PPG allowed…they’ve been better than they look PPG-wise against a pretty tough schedule.

2) Titans-DST – At BUF this week then BAL-LAC Weeks 6-7 might be OK-ish. Trouble on schedule after that. Defense is playing well. Week 6 v. BUF is the value here.

3) Cardinals-DST – They are really one of the better defensive groups in the NFL, but their offense has been so bad it masks it and puts undue pressure on the defense. Josh Rosen started to change that a bit Week 4. SF-MIN-DEN-SF the next 4 weeks…three useful games for this DST ahead.

‍4) Panthers-DST – Hosting NYG/Eli coming off their BYE week. Carolina is one of 3 teams with more picks than passing TDs allowed (MIA and NYJ the other two). At WAS, at PHI, BAL, TB Weeks 6-9 might be OK too.

5) Chargers-DST – Flopped against the 49ers and have been mediocre all season. Ahead: OAK-CLE-TEN-BYE-SEA-OAK-DEN-ARI. Schedule remains favorable and maybe Bosa returning soon.

6) Texans-DST -- DAL-BUF-JAC-MIA-DEN-BYE-WAS-TEN-CLE-IND-NYJ through Week 15. They can’t cover anyone (11 TDs/1 INT allowed passing YTD) but they do have Buffalo in Week 6…followed by Bortles-Tannehill-Keenum.

7) Jets-DST – Hosting DEN and then IND the next two weeks. Their defense is solid…their offense is killing them. Desperation play against Keenum this week.

Off the radar due to schedule (and other factors) – Dallas, Pittsburgh, New England, LA Rams


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