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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 5)

October 8, 2018

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 5)

*Disclaimer – I watch all the games live Sunday, however many at one time, and these are my initial fantasy reactions/notes. I will then watch each game and detail and file a deeper report on each game, and may change my stance midweek on something I say below…but as a quick reaction to Sunday’s action, here’s my quick take…

Games in random order:

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

So, most people reading this are likely at or on the verge of a 3-2 record, and then next most likely is 2-3…based on my sampling last night of FFMers. Next most likely after that is 4-1, after that 1-4.

It wasn’t a pretty week, but this was the best FFM win % week since Week 1 this season. X, Y, and Z killed you, BUT other teams have players that don’t do well too…not just you…so, you won this week. Or you got beat on a ‘pair of zeros’ from your Cooks-Enunwa.

You wanted to play fantasy football…a simulation of football…here you are. 22 of 32 NFL teams have either 2 or 3 wins this morning. 5-0 teams feel great about themselves and 1-4 teams are crying. Everyone else is huddled in the middle trying to figure things out…including the two teams that met in the Super Bowl last season.

If you’re at 2-3-4-5 wins in fantasy today, you don’t feel extra pressure, more than the normal -- “I lost this week, so my team is terrible, and everyone must be traded or waived” steady hand you bring as owner. Two or more wins after this week…you’ve got nothing serious to complain about except normal fantasy whining about whatever, but 1 or 0 win teams let me speak to you for a moment because this is where you likely ‘quit’ on the season.

If you have a 1-4 record, for whatever reason and the current last spot in your league for the playoffs is 2-3…you’re ridiculous for mentally quitting.

Really? You’re one game out of the playoffs with like 8 games to go, and you’re going blow everything up or just let it die on the vine? Why is it 1-4 and a game out of the playoffs is worse than 2-3 and one game out of the playoffs? It’s all about perspectives.

You’re going to lose games in fantasy. You can plan all year and pine all week and then Brandin Cooks gets concussed and you get nothing from him. Most 1-4 team’s biggest crime is too many weeks with ‘the guy’ that left in the 1st quarter and scored just 0-2 points in their early departure and disrupted everything (Fournette, Engram, Cooks). In theory, that won’t keep happening to you. Keep pressing on and letting the odds flip to it happening to others and that combined with others make stupid decisions during BYE weeks while you pull rabbits out of your hat.

Down 2 games in the playoffs today? Let me just say…win next week and have other things break right and then you’re then 1 game out of the playoffs with 7 games to go next week – no problem.

There is still work to do with every roster/record situation. Other league mates at 1-4/0-5 will start to ‘quit’ mentally and that’s going to further accelerate your chances to get back into things. If you got a tough hand out of the gates this season, I’m sorry…but now is not the time to cry that you’re not 5-0. Now, is the time to look at the puzzle and figure out how to make the playoffs, even the very last spot. It’s a whole new season in the playoffs.

Don’t defeat your team before it’s time and whine about it all week. Play this week like normal – buy low, sell high, work waivers, put your best team forward, see what happens. Those on a downward trend…a win next week, a 2-4 record with 3-3 being the last playoff spot – it’s totally fine. You’re in solid shape not ‘suicidal’.

Half of people will read that message above and not believe it and go ‘but you don’t understand, I’ve got blah and blah and blah’…no I think I have more experience in more fantasy leagues over more years than you will ever have times 10. I understand more than you…but you still will proceed this week wearing a dunce cap of your own design because that’s what fantasy people do – self-flogging is a desired ritual…I have enough fantasy experience to know that too.

I’m speaking to the other half of you that will listen and rally to that message above. Many from last year can attest – we got crushed with injury in FFM-land last year and started out weak (worse W-L after 5 weeks I’d ever seen from FFMers) and what happened? We stayed the course like I’m saying now for the same reasons…and most of you snuck into the playoffs and had various results from there – some shocked all the way to the title game from a 1-3, 1-4 start.

It’s the way of fantasy anymore…injuries, penalties, rain soaked games, and trends doing a 180 every week because of injuries or a hot waiver wire guy, etc. You just have to play chess and not checkers…and not ‘damn’ your team because you’re mad at it for not loving you back. Don’t pack your team’s bags and kick them out of the house at the first sign of trouble…that’s a ‘you problem’ in this game.

If you’re 0-5 and 3 games out of the playoffs…yeah, you’re probably screwed. What did you do? What curse are you living under? I’d still argue win next week and get 2 games out of the playoffs and you got a shot with 7 games left.

It’s not a time for planning and executing on early funerals…it’s time to fight.

3-2 or better teams…it’s time to pillage the weak hands that won’t listen to/take heed of or ever see the message above. Go forth and seek & destroy in trades the weak this week.


-- I have no idea what happened to Quincy Enunwa (0-0-0/5)…miss-throws, dropped dink & dunks, and then was out for some of the second half from what I could tell. He came into the game with a hip issue and that may have taken him out. Whatever it was…what a disaster. This was rattling, and I need to see the game back to understand it better but my WR1.5 projection guy just lost some their Week 5…this was not ‘the plan’.

-- Isaiah Crowell (15-219-1, 1-12-0/1) rushed for 219 yards and Bilal Powell (20-99-0) nearly added 100+. Kareem Hunt rolled over them last week. The Denver Broncos are now ‘that team’ to work your RBs against…so, I guess start Gurley and David Johnson the next two weeks (their next two opponents)? This is either ILB Josey Jewell’s fault…or the beginning of Jewell’s reign as new starting middle linebacker.

-- Phillip Lindsay (12-61-0, 3-20-0/4) is clearly the guy Denver is going with over Royce Freeman (5-31-0, 3-16-0/4). Freeman is not going to matter more than an RB3-4 this season unless Lindsay goes down or Vance Joseph is fired…which the Vance part is coming on strong.


-- Andy Dalton (20-30 for 248 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) didn’t have a huge day, but he wasn’t bad. He gets a dream stretch coming up – PIT-KC-TB before their BYE…AND then the Saints out of the BYE. A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd should be hot to go-with as well.

-- Joe Mixon (22-93-0, 3-22-1/4) showed no ill effect from his knee injury (as I said all Sunday morning). He’s back in full force. He should roll some numbers with this shootout schedule as well.

-- DeVante Parker was put inactive again…purposefully -- his days in Miami are numbered. Albert Wilson (5-43-0/6) is the WR to have from Miami, but who wants a Dolphins WR all that badly?


-- James Conner (21-110-2, 4-75-0/4) made a pretty big statement game as to the Steelers’ need for Le’Veon Bell. It’s not so much the tally, but the way he went about it…very physical, tough running – a terrific showing, visually as well as statistically.

We’re in the zone of the Steelers needing to trade Le’Veon if they’re going to trade him…could be this week. Again, I say…only ESPN says Bell is coming back Week 7. Bell has never said that. He has no reason to return early. I don’t believe he is coming back to the Steelers…unless no deal by Week 10 (when he has to report).

-- Devonta Freeman (8-32-0, 2-9-0/2) went nowhere in his return to action…similar to Tevin Coleman’s (7-15-0) past few weeks – it’s an O-Line/scheme issue corrupting the Falcons. The O-C’s head should roll any week now and change things…but probably not.

-- Ryan Switzer (1-5-0/1) had a TD two weeks ago and then 7 catches last week…and you started to wonder if the Steelers were developing him as an ‘Edelman’. Nope, one target this week.


-- Curtis Samuel (2-37-1/4) made his 2018 debut and had a stellar 27-yard catch and run TD. Making people miss, breaking several tackles to find pay-dirt. He wasn’t much of a factor after that – and that’s my fear…this passing game is lower volume and erratic.

-- Saquon Barkley (15-48-0, 4-81-0/4) landed funny on a leap into the end zone and tweaked his back. Worth monitoring or considering Wayne Gallman for the desperate on Tuesday/waivers or for those with Barkley getting the ‘cuff’ just in case. Jonathan Stewart is on I.R., Gallman’s all they got.

-- Greg Olsen (DNP) is slated to be back Week 6. He has had a foot issue for two years now, if/when he’s back…he’s at risk from going down with the foot again. He’s not the solid, secure play you hope. He’ll probably be eased back and protected some working in and out with Ian Thomas (3-38-0/6) for a few weeks, if not all rest of the season.


-- Two tough matchups for Patrick Mahomes (22-38 for 313 yards, 0 TD/2 INT) the last two weeks and he looked completely fine in both. The schedule eases up the rest of the way. He’s going to finish the season as the #1 QB in fantasy…so, plan accordingly.

-- I’ll buy all your Tyreek Hill (4-61-0/7, 2-26-0) stock if you’re selling. No matchup this tough the rest of the way. Hill lost 50+ yards due to unrelated penalties bringing back one play and cutting his opening game run in half+. If Mahomes is going with a string up 300+ games and 3+ TD efforts…Hill has to be at minimum solid WR1.5 material in PPR…with strong WR1 upside.

-- Corey Grant (1-8-0) went down and out early to help spring T.J. Yeldon (10-53-0, 8-69-1/10) to a nice fantasy day. TJY only prospered in garbage time, which might have been Grant’s dump pass activity, but he was unavailable. Yeldon in good position for numbers next week with Fournette-Grant likely both out.


-- And this is the Aaron Rodgers (35-52 for 442 yards, 3 TDs/0 INT) we all love…on a bad team that cannot run so he has to do it all himself. Now, how badly do you want to trade him away? Not so cavalier about it today as you were last week, huh? That’s why you have to have some patience in fantasy – the great tend to be great again even if they weren’t great 2-3 weeks prior. It happens to all of them (except Todd Gurley). SF on MNF Week 6 and then a BYE before at LAR, at NE to officially knock GB from winning the NFC North…wild card hopes only for GB. Rodgers should have to throw A LOT to keep GB in it all year.

-- Kenny Golladay (4-98-1/9) had a great game here and he nearly had another 50+ yards and another TD in this one. He was on the verge of a huge, blowout game. He’s a WR1. Don’t ask whether to start him each week…just start him.

-- Same old GB backfield…don’t waste time on it…as I keep pointing out. Aaron Jones (7-40-0, 2-19-0/3) is not becoming ‘a thing’ and Ty Montgomery (1-23-0/3, 4-15-0) is not filling in as a slot WR…because he used to be a WR, you know? I’ve been burned by that clever line of thinking before. No more.


-- You can’t really count on Corey Davis (4-49-0/6) or Taywan Taylor (3-30-0/5) for week-to-week consistency because you can’t count on Marcus Mariota (14-26 for 129 yards, 0 TD/1 INT), who took a week off of being terrible last week…but went right back his terrible self again this week.

-- Titans LB Jayon Brown (10 tackles) filled in for Wesley Woodyard last week and this week…10 tackles both games and a sack each game. He looks terrific. I don’t know how you take him out of the starting lineup?

-- LeSean McCoy (24-85-0, 2-23-0/3) had his best game of the season, but still looked marginal and this offense is so bad he’s keyed on every play. Use this week to try to sell out if you’re stuck with him. There’s not much of a market, which means you could hold for RB depth. He does get a lot of touches.


-- Marshawn Lynch (9-31-0, 2-10-0/2) is a decent ‘buy low’ prospect. Always undervalued, but the more Oakland falls out of the race the more likely a trade to New England or Detroit or some playoff contender might be to pump his value even higher.

-- Because the Raiders are down a lot, Jalen Richard (1-4-0, 6-53-0/6) sees a lot of time/targets…especially because Derek Carr is happy to check down. In Week 2, Richard saw no targets…in his other 4 games he’s averaged 7.0 targets, 6.0 catches, 51.3 yards. He’s becoming a Theo Riddick, Austin Ekeler, Javorius Allen, Nyheim Hines, poor man’s Chris Thompson (who Jon Gruden’s brother coaches/loves). Richard is becoming a legit PPR BYE week hopeful for the hopeless.

-- FYI, the Chargers are going ‘AT’ Cleveland next week…outside, and it’s supposed to be a little cool (50-55 degrees) – which has rarely treated Philip Rivers kindly…’the cold outdoors’. Rivers and Allen could be downside plays Week 6 against a salty Browns defense.


-- Baker Mayfield (25-43 for 342 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) once again looked like a seasoned veteran…a good/great one in this game. He’s going to be such a star. He was knocking on the door of a bigger fantasy day but just missed it. He’s going to have some big weeks coming up.

-- Hayden Hurst (1-7-0/2) debuted, and as expected…just a small part of the rotation. It will take many weeks, if at all, before Hurst would have FF consistency. Four different TEs saw targets in this game for the Ravens.

-- Derrick Willies (3-61-0/5) might be about to bump Antonio Callaway (3-22-0/5). Willies was playing late, when it mattered…and Mayfield was going to him. Willies is 6’4”/210, a 4.55 4-time (Pro Day) with 6.84 three-cone and a 41” vertical. He has the athletic profile of a poor man’s Kenny Golladay, but he was low key at high-volume Texas Tech – 18-304-3 in his final season (but only played 6 games). I’ll be researching this Monday and reporting out by Tuesday midday of not Monday night.


-- This ARI offense is a total disaster in design. Until Mike McCoy is fired (and he was partway into last season by Denver), David Johnson (18-55-2, 2-16-0/3) is an RB2 you hope scoots in for a TD. He’s arguably NOT better than Carlos Hyde for FF-2018 right now. Sad, but true. More on it in the game recap this week. DJ has been reduced to a strong PPR RB2 with upside hopes every week.

-- I wouldn’t count on anything special from Rosen-Kirk-Fitz anytime soon either. It’s not on them…this offense is a full-scale mess. A Jeff Fisher/John Fox embarrassment is occurring…a Mike McCoy getting fired a few weeks into the season disaster from 2017 has landed in Arizona 2018.

-- Trent Taylor (7-61-1/8) popped up with a good game. Not sure this is ‘a thing’ now because he was mostly ignored all game and then saw a ton of targets when the game was essentially over but decent time left to throw every play to try to miraculously win. I didn’t see anything special or purposeful here.


-- Jared Goff (23-32 for 321 yards, 1 TD/2 INT) is the king of passes down to the 1-yard line. Todd Gurley owes Goff his MVP trophy.

-- Doug Baldwin (1-1-0/1)…I don’t know what I can tell you. It’s why I avoided him all preseason. This looks like it’s going to be a very long season of mediocrity for FF here.

-- Mike Davis (12-68-0, 2-7-0/2) looked like the far superior RB to me, but Chris Carson (19-116-0, 1-11-0/1) ended up with more work…because Pete Carroll loves him. Expect this split every week ahead…but with some Davis-is-better weeks happening.


-- Latavius Murray (11-42-0, 2-14-0/2) was barely used early in this game but had a couple nice runs salting the game away late and then got a mini-surge of touches after that. When Dalvin Cook has been out and we all excitedly rush out to go “Latavius Murray’s starting” – let’s remember LM has been barely used any of those non-Cook games this year. He’s barely getting carries on purpose with Cook out.

-- Another week, another Wendell Smallwood (3-27-0, 3-44-1/4) looks like the best RB on the Eagles event. Jay Ajayi (8-29-0, 1-5-0/1) was his typical self, complete with key fumble to help them lose the game. When will the Eagles get wise that this guy is killing them?

-- Zach Ertz (10-110-1/11) has 10 or more targets in every game this season. He is the TE to own in PPR…8.2 catches per game in 2018. I thought he’d lose some steam to Dallas Goedert (2-16-0/2) but not even close.


-- I’ve seen a good amount of Texans games/all of them the past 2-7+ years…Alfred Blue (20-46-0, 8-73-0/8) is better than Lamar Miller, and he may now have earned the starting nod going forward with his quality work in this game. Tough runner with enough athleticism to produce in the open field.

-- I was unsure about Keke Coutee (6-51-1/7) because I’ve never seen the Texans/Bill O’Brien use a WR like Coutee in Week 4. He did it again, to some degree, in Week 5. I’ll get on-board. They are treating him like their Tyreek Hill…actually, I wish Hill got the targets/touches the way Coutee has been the past two weeks. Coutee is OK/not special, but the way he’s being used makes him a WR2-2.5 threat in PPR.

-- The Dallas passing game is a mess, but the best (and ‘best’ is used loosely) connection/thing working seems to be Geoff Swaim (3-55-0/3) of all things. He’s a legit BYE week TE fill-in option.

Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

1) Patrick Mahomes, KC – I know what you’re thinking…”Sure, I’ll just go get Patrick Mahomes like this (snap of a finger). No problem!”

Three things to consider…

a) He’s coming off two so-so fantasy games. He’s got the hype, but his results have been OK/good…maybe his owner has lost the last two weeks because of it and is in a mild panic.

b) People always undervalue QBs and are willing to swap if they have issues (like their RBs are killing them) and you have a QB to toss in the deal that they like to let them move forward moving Mahomes to solve an RB crisis.

c) If you’re season is swirling around the drain…0-5, 1-4, but you’re just 2 games out of the playoffs (or especially 3 games out) – you sell out for Mahomes (in a QB friendly scoring system) and try to make a run back into things led by a guy who can drop 300-400+ yards and 3-4+ TDs a game easy/consistently when the schedule loosens up ahead. I mean, if you’re fading away…sell out with a savvy deal risking a lot to get the nuclear bomb in Mahomes and die on that (Tyreek) Hill making a last stand.

**It’s QB-friendly scoring leagues only advice.  

2) Kenny Golladay, DET – He’s a WR1 in all formats…trading as a WR1.5-2.0 sometimes as a 2.5. He’s not a trusted name, generally. He tends to have a Marvin Jones feel…hot for the moment Lions guy, which undermines his value. He could push the top 5-10 in WR fantasy scoring this season.

3) Tyreek Hill, KC – If Mahomes starts to pop again, so is Tyreek. People were told he’s a sucker’s bet all preseason, so now, after 2-3 mediocre weeks, they might be regretting Tyreek…thinking he’s nothing special.

4) Baker Mayfield, CLE – The other FF nuclear bomb QB soon to go off…maybe. Two games as a starter and they were not bad statistically but nothing FF-special. He’s seen as a ‘name’ rookie getting ‘name’ attention but who is mediocre for FF. He’s another potential weapon of mass destruction Hail Mary hopeful coming up.

5) Jared Goff, LAR – If you can’t get Mahomes, sellout for Goff…and Goff comes a lot cheaper. The elite QB on the best offense in football. And NO ONE believes in him, really, besides you and me. Mahomes THEY may grip onto with their lives/no deal…but Goff they feel is a hot potato to dump mostly.

In QB friendly leagues, he’s another ticket to get back into it – and then try to add Cooks-Woods to go with him.


Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Isaiah Crowell, NYJ – A guy has 200+ yards rushing out of nowhere and you don’t expect it to keep up – you sell to all the RB desperate out there. You try to sell as an RB2 or better mixed into a deal. IND-MIN-CHI ahead…top half of the NFL rushing defenses, and MIN-CHI top 5-10.

2) Sony Michel, NE – You should be able to sell Michel as a near RB1 now. Everyone can do the math…he’s the only Pats RB of note right now, as a rusher. I just don’t think he’s that good of a talent. Keep and use as an RB2-2.5 if you want, but if you can sell as a like RB1.25…I sell betting that the talent/consistency isn’t there. The Pats have to add another RB for the stretch run and that would ding Michel’s value.

3) Allen Robinson, CHI – Bears scored a ton of points Week 4, ARob had a TD…but it was on just 4 targets. Part of the Bears problem before Week 4 was Allen Robinson losing the zip on his fastball so to speak. An offensive explosion Week 4 for the team, and he was barely a part of it. I’d try to sell him as a WR2.0, even to just slide into some other WR more exciting.

4) Nyheim Hines, IND – ESPN loved him Sunday morning as ‘the guy’ going forward. I will sell that nonsense because even if he is for a game or two – he’s been mostly terrible, just a lot of catches. Marlon Mack will cut into his work big-time, when he finally gets back and so will Robert Turbin. This is Mack’s backfield (if he ever claims it) not Hines’s.

5) Tyler Lockett, SEA – I like him, but the target levels are low -- but he keeps scoring TDs to pump his fantasy value. Someone to sell in part of a deal for Golladay, maybe?

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’

1) Taylor Gabriel, CHI – The #1 WR for a team that may have changed its offense to be explosive. Nice schedule through Week 13. BYE this week.

2) Alfred Blue, HOU – Sure, a fill-in starter Week 5…but note that Lamar Miller blows, and Alfred Blue is better. You might have the Texans new starting RB here regardless of Miller’s health.

3) Keke Coutee, HOU – I was more against than for last week, but the Texans are using this guy like they found Tyreek Hill. I’m not going to complain about it. I’m not going heavy for it, but I’d take him and see if this keeps up/keeps developing.

4) Marlon Mack, INDHe’s soft…he sucks…he doesn’t matter – he doesn’t matter til’ he does. Everyone is running around desperately looking for RB relief. Mack will be ‘the guy’ when he’s ready. Others chase Aaron Jones, I’d rather have a crack at Mack.

5) Cameron Brate, TB – When Winston is back, Brate is a TD producer and TE1 threat…especially with O.J. Howard out.  

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Robby Anderson, NYJ – Great…2 TDs…on 5 targets – prayer heaves by Darnold that hit the mark. No, thanks.

2) Jameis Winston, TB – The potential for full implosion is here. Some are seeing a sneaky garbage-time guy. While the main stream still secretly loves their hero. I think the fans and his teammates will turn on him if he stinks, and he’s never been hated before…he might full scale implode mentally.

3) Hayden Hurst, BAL – Very good TE prospect but still getting integrated because he missed so much time and there are 3 other TEs playing too.

4) Donte Moncrief, JAC – Jacksonville WRs are random events every week. No consistency because of Bortles, so – no, thanks.

5) D.J. Moore, CAR – Seems to be a beloved sleeper waiver name in the mainstream after he saw a few more targets than normal this week. I see little consistency in the Carolina passing game, or consistency with DJM at all this year…PLUS the better WR Curtis Samuel is back playing.

Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Mitchell Trubisky, CHI – Why deep sleeper after a 6 TD game in Week 4? No one really believes in him, after his big Week 4 he was on a BYE…so, he sat on a lot of waivers naturally in redrafts. I’m not sure how ready I am to trust him…or how much of Week 4 was ‘Tampa’? Is Nagy going to stick with new style offense? He should but NFL coaching decisions are always befuddling and opposite what you would do.

People don’t believe in him, so he’s not going to get fully valued. I’m not sure this game means ‘he’s arrived’, and you know how much I love him. Because he might have arrived…and if he has -- it’s going to be sweet…so, you have to consider him.

2) Derrick Willies, CLE – If the Browns do not sign Rishard Matthews, they might have found an Antonio Callaway replacement in the tall, athletic Willies.

3) Jalen Richard, OAK – For the RB desperate, his catch totals and target numbers keep rising/sustaining. Oakland might be down a bunch and dinking & dunking.

4) Curtis Samuel, CAR – Fantastic TD Week 5, but he didn’t do much after that. The Carolina passing game is not a star-maker but Samuel could be their most talented WR and actually make some hay. He can run the ball too…an RB /WR in college.

5) Wendell Smallwood, PHI – My dark horse to take the starting job in Philly this year. My dark horse to just be the Darren Sproles role and be FF useful in PPR.

6) Gerald Everett, LAR – A week after Sean McVay mentioning that Everett got big things planned – he was a little more involved in the offense Week 5 than like ever in 1+ seasons, but not a ton (3 targets/16 snaps)…but more than usual for him. Maybe Cooks-Kupp are out Week 6, and it leads to another step forward for Everett?

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Tyrell Williams, LAC – A former player we loved, but I’m just reiterating…he’s dead in LAC, right now. He plays like he’s half asleep. But I also want to note – his pending free agency, for stash purposes, I don’t know that many NFL teams will care.

2) Keelan Cole, JAC – I put him here again as a reminder -- not to say he’s a zero talent or anything…he’s a super-talent. It’s just, he’s a guy that gets erratic targeting and you have to rely on Blake Bortles to make this go. I love his talent, and write about it often, so you’re inclined to keep him…but in a regular redraft leagues (not dynasty) if there are more interesting things you’re free to leave.

You see how I stuck by Taylor Gabriel for weeks, so I’m not one to cut and run…I just don’t see ‘it’ happening with Blake Bortles on a consistent basis. Too many other teams throwing all over the place to hope something happens consistently here with Cole. It’s been two weeks of dud since his breakout game. It’s sad, really.

You can move on to other gamble WRs in redraft.

3) Latavius Murray, MIN – NEVER pays off when Dalvin Cook is out…or when he’s in. Not even worth a handcuff.

4) Rashaad Penny, SEAPete Carroll loves Chris Carson, and then he strongly likes Mike Davis…and he dislikes Penny for some reason. In redraft, there’s nothing here – he’s running 3rd wheel/nonexistent.

5) Dallas Goedert, PHI – Love him as a talent but he’s been dialed back, and Zach Ertz is on fire. Since Alshon Jeffrey returned, Goedert has disappeared. In redraft, there are better BYE week fill-ins.

Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

1) Colts-DST – If Darrius Leonard and the two CBs are back this next week, then I’m liking the sleeper potential of the Indy-DST because of their young emergence BUT mostly because of schedule.

Upcoming:  @NYJ, BUF, @OAK, BYE, JAC, TEN, MIA, @JAC, @HOU, DAL, NYG. Might could use them from Week 6 on. The shock DST of 2018 before they played NE with a M*A*S*H unit-- #2 in the league in sacks heading into Week 5. They’ve given up a couple fluky defensive scores driving their PPG allowed…they’ve been better than they look PPG-wise against a pretty tough schedule.

2) Texans-DST -- BUF-JAC-MIA-DEN-BYE-WAS-TEN-CLE-IND-NYJ through Week 15. They can’t cover anyone (12 TDs/3 INTs allowed passing YTD) but they do have Buffalo in Week 6…followed by Bortles-Tannehill-Keenum.

3) Cowboys-DST – If they can get Sean Lee back, they’re a top 5 NFL defense threat. JAC-WAS-BYE-TEN-PHI-ATL-WAS ahead is not super-favorable but no elite QBs/offenses to face. ‍

4) Chargers-DST – Ahead: CLE-TEN-BYE-SEA-OAK-DEN-ARI. Schedule remains favorable and maybe Bosa returning soon.

5) Cardinals-DST – They are really one of the better defensive groups in the NFL, but their offense has been so bad it masks it and puts undue pressure on the defense. Josh Rosen started to change that a bit Week 4-5. MIN-DEN-SF the next 3 weeks…can’t use vs. MIN Week 6, but after that vs. DEN and SF Weeks 7-8 will work.


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