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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 7)

October 22, 2018

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 7)

*Disclaimer – I watch all the games live Sunday, however many at one time, and these are my initial fantasy reactions/notes. I will then watch each game and detail and file a deeper report on each game, and may change my stance midweek on something I say below…but as a quick reaction to Sunday’s action, here’s my quick take…

Games in random order:

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)


Well, this was a great week across FFM-land…pretty much.

Watching combinations of Marlon Mack, Tarik Cohen, James White lead people to great starts to the day and then Mahomes-Hill (MYreek) delivering knockout blows or come from behind victories at night…it was ‘the plan’ in full effect.

When most fantasy analysts were having the readers chase Marlon Mack last week off waivers…we all (mostly) already had him for weeks, waiting for this moment. Everyone whines about their backfield – it’s a perception problem if you have White-Cohen-Mack with like Chris Thompson or (your worst RB) David Johnson. What more could you want? And with James Conner on the bench on a BYE!!

Look at your backfield. It’s a lot better than you could have imagined. Did I deliver the goods? Did I repair the early leak? It’s like a race where the first few weeks/laps we stayed in the middle of the pack and now as the leaders get tired, we were figuring things out and getting ready for the kick to takeover of the race. Look at some of the players your opponents had to use this week, ones they were encouraged to use because they follow ESPN (generic for ‘the mainstream’, the ‘masses’). Look at your lineup…your bench could have beat many opponents this week.

We’re in good shape across FFM-land right now. RBs are popping. DSTs getting figured out. The MYreek connection is money. We got depth. Our opponents are scrambling. The worst complains I’m hearing/seeing are the rare 2-5 teams who are top 25% in their league in scoring and #1-2 in points against/rough schedule. I have no magic elixir for that…except if you’re 2 or fewer games out, there’s still time for the random bad to even out and you go on a run. Even three out with 6 weeks left, if you can win and get to within 2 games of the last playoff spot with 5 weeks left, with a high-functioning roster – you’re not dead.

But I’m not going to let you unlucky 2-5 high scoring/bad luck teams bring me down. Today is a day for rejoicing, mostly, across the FFM board. If Evan Engram has a bigger night…it may pull some other miracles out of my hat.

In addition to a sweet fantasy week… If you didn’t play ‘bet of the year’ KC -6.0 over Cincy, then you should still count that as me trying to shove money in your pocket. You just wouldn’t accept it. We’re white hot on ‘big bets’ this year. We give and we give and we give. All you need do is confess your sins/accept my free gift of football salvation.

If you lost this week in fantasy AND didn’t bet KC heavy, then you’re probably aggravated by the celebratory tone of everything I just wrote – don’t bring us down with your cursed life. Sorry you skipped the party. There’s still time to join the power of positivity ahead. I’ve got more gold bars to spit out…get in line!


-- Now, are you happy you stuck with Marlon Mack (19-126-1, 2-33-1/3)? Like I said…not the greatest RB but he’s way better than anyone else on the Colts. To Mack’s credit – he looks very nice running the ball…slithery, elusive.

-- Now, are you happy you trusted the Colts-DST? 2 sacks, 3 picks, 3 pts allowed. At Oakland next week…still useful. Week 9 BYE…then JAC-TEN-MIA-JAC-HOU-DAL-NYG. I’m not joking – possibly useful the rest of the FF season. This group is really playing well.

-- Best thing about the Bills for fantasy…what DST is facing them next. NE-CHI-NYJ the next three weeks before their BYE.


-- I want to believe in Tyrell Williams (4-118-1/4), as the original discoverer of him before anyone else even knew he existed. But this 3-4-5 targets a week is not enough for me to get super-excited. He’s obviously entered the WR3/flex discussion during these BYE weeks, but you have to keep hoping for these miracle/big shot plays to keep coming…and that’s statistically improbable.

-- Dion Lewis (13-91-0, 6-64-0/6) looked terrific in this game. You forget how good he is because this offense is such a nightmare. I think he becomes a semi-trustworthy RB2-2.5 for PPR now…he’s well past Derrick Henry (12-33-0, 2-32-0/2) in importance to this offense.

-- The Chargers-DST goes on a BYE now, but SEA-OAK-DEN-ARI starting Week 9…(supposedly) with Joey Bosa back. It may be a DST worth holding through the BYE if you’re pinched for DST options.


-- Lions TE Michael Roberts (3-48-2/3) took another step forward with a nice 2-TD day. He’s still just a random option/red zone insert. I don’t see a real move to Roberts as a weapon…except getting the red zone work and being an option.

-- Unusual game for the Lions…35 rushing attempts for 248 yards – which limited the passing game for the WRs. Tate just 6 targets. Jones 4 targets. Golladay 2 targets. I’m a Golladay buyer on this…his value dips. He may get dropped in some 10-team leagues this week.

-- Albert Wilson (2-32-0/2, 2-4-0) hurt is ankle pretty good in this game. I suspect he’ll miss 1-2-3 weeks. The Dolphins may consider keeping (not trading) Devante Parker for depth, but I doubt it. It may mean Jakeem Grant (2-32-0/2) will step into a bigger role – and Grant is some juice for FF.


-- Curtis Samuel (2-9-1, 1-16-0/1) is magic…a jet sweep run with a beautiful cutback for a TD in this game. He’s had the ball in his hands 5 times so far this season…2 TDs. However, I know there’s no way Norv Turner ups his touch count despite what everyone’s eyeballs can see.

-- The Eagles could not get a running game going, but it was nice to see Josh Adams (4-17-0) get a little more work because of it – and he accounted for himself well. Most confident he’s looked this season on all his limited work.

If the Eagles (a) don’t make a trade for an RB, and, to a lesser degree (b) Darren Sproles doesn’t return soon…Adams may get a little more work every week in an effort to get him equal in the mix. They need to…he’s that good, and Corey Clement (8-6-0, 2-16-0/2) looks terrible.

-- As I was saying about Greg Olsen (2-5-1/5) being ‘shot’…disastrous numbers but did slip out for a goal line TD to help win the game late.


-- Baker Mayfield (23-34 for 215 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT, 4-43-0) spun gold out of trash this week…the Browns passing game is a disaster – terrible WRs and awful OL blocking. I’m taking Mayfield’s projections down because this Browns offense is a mess. Mayfield’s still a threat, but he’s not progressing…he’s surviving.

-- Part of the Mayfield issue…the Browns think they’re a running team now. Nick Chubb (18-80-1, 0-0-0/2) had a solid game, but my other big fear on him for FF – nothing in the passing game.

-- Unusual, promising activity from O.J. Howard (5-67-0/9)…a career high 9 targets this game…AND it happened WITH Winston. Two games in a row for OJH more important than Cam Brate (3-23-0/4). It looks like Howard is about to make his move to top 5-6 TE for FF.


-- As I was saying about Mitch Trubisky’s (26-50 for 333 yards, 2 TDs/2 INT, 6-81-1) running ability/prowess… Boom. It’s why he’s a threat to be a top 5 fantasy QB now, despite not being as good/comfortable a passer as the top guys. The top guys can’t run like him.

-- This is Tarik Cohen’s (6-14-0, 8-69-1/12) offense now. One game of this was an alert/hope. Two games of this type of work looked like we were about there. Three games in a row – confirmed. PPR RB1 threat the ROS now. A wide receiver playing running back…just like I predicted…it just took too long to become obvious and some (even me) gave up earlier this season.

-- Sony Michel (4-22-0, 1-13-0/1) hurt his ankle pretty bad. At minimum, he’ll be out 3-4 weeks, I suspect. Possibly worse. The Patriots are forced to make a trade for an RB now. Suspects? Doug Martin. Devontae Booker. Samaje Perine. Signing Mike Gillislee as a temp option? The Steelers would NEVER trade Le’Veon to the Patriots.


-- I doubt the Jags are turning the offense over to Cody Kessler, but anything is possible with Doug Marrone. Possible trade targets – Eli Manning, Teddy Bridgewater, Josh McCown. I’ll add Sam Bradford…you’d think he’d have worn out his welcome in the NFL, but the NFL is a moth to a flame with Bradford for some reason.  

I think the Giants would move Eli if they lose MNF AND if they could swing a deal for Kyle Sloter…I’m not kidding. Pat Shurmur saw Sloter up close last year…he wants in.

-- How good do you think Carlos Hyde can be with a damaged O-Line and Bortles/Kessler at QB? How good do you think Leonard Fournette will be with the same circumstances…and Hyde taking touches?

-- Lamar Miller (22-100-1, 1-0-0/3) had a 100-yard day…sell that as fast as you can.


-- We got to see Trenton Cannon (2-4-0, 4-69-0/5) getting extra work in this game off a Bilal Powell in-game injury. He could be a poor man’s Austin Ekeler for the Jets…or a rich man’s one. He’s not bad taking some carries and screen passes.

-- I’m just going to recuse myself from Bilal Powell (5-20-0, 1-5-0/1) questions. I have no idea what the Jets are doing with him. He’s a starter, then he isn’t. He’s a 3rd-down back that gets targets one week and then he gets none/little the next week. Hurt, not hurt. I hate his randomness.

-- Kyle Rudolph (1-16-0/4) the last 4 weeks: 3.7 rec. (5.0 targets), 37.8 yards, 0.0 TDs per game…he’s falling to TE2 targeting and activity.


-- Perhaps you call off the dogs on the Cameron Meredith (18 snaps…no targets) uprising story. Tre’Quan Smith (3-44-0/6) was no prize either but at least he got looks and played most of the snaps. I’m sure there will be a game where Cam pops, but I see no real relationship with Brees-Meredith.

-- Alvin Kamara (17-64-1, 2-11-0/3) the past three weeks as a receiver: 3.3 rec., 24.4 yards, 0.0 TDs. It’s only been two games, but AK’s numbers have been down with Mark Ingram (12-32-0, 2-10-0/2) returning. They were both working as top 6 RBs simultaneously last year…not, so far, this season. Facing the Ravens’ defense didn’t help either RB.

-- Javorius Allen (3-3-0, 3-21-0/3) scored 4 TDs the first 3 games of the season and hasn’t scored since. He’s averaging 2.8 yards per carry this season and has caught 3 or fewer passes in four of his last 5 games.


-- I thought Michael Gallup (3-81-1/5) was taking a step forward. Not ready for fantasy starting lineups (12-tm, typical starting lineups) quite yet, maybe, but starting to get in the ‘stash and see if it keeps developing’ conversation.

-- Cole Beasley (7-56-0/8) didn’t really have a big follow-up event from his awesome game vs. JAC…he was pretty quiet and got a lot of work late down 10 with a mostly throwing comeback attempt vs. prevent-ish defenses late.

-- Jordan Reed (2-43-0/4) is playing his way out of TE1 consideration week-to-week – 3.7 rec. (5.0 targets), 33.3 yards, 0.0 TDs. It’s not so much him as the weak passing game of Alex Smith/Washington.


-- Jared Goff (18-24 for 202 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) had another efficient game. Where have the big yardage totals gone? The Rams so dominated SF with defense, etc., that Goff didn’t have a ton of field he had to work with and then you had his traditional/frustrating passes to the 1-yard line followed by Todd Gurley charity TDs. No QB has more passes down to the 1-yard line than Goff…it’s not possible. He’s lost 7-8 TDs at the 1-2-3-yard line this season.

-- Matt Breida (5-15-0) got hurt early (returned for a spell later), and the 49ers turned to Alfred Morris (9-25-0, 0-0-0/1) over Raheem Mostert (7-59-0, 4-19-0/4) at first. Mostert looked the best of the bunch but I didn’t see any shift to him or anything by the team. He was just ‘there’.

-- Cory Littleton (10 tackles, 2.0 sacks, 3.0 TFLs) played a great game. He was moving twice as fast as everyone else it seemed. I thought his stat line was something…but then I see Aaron Donald’s game: 9 tackles, 4.0 sacks, 6.0 TFLs. What the what? I’m pretty sure that’s good enough for Defensive Player of the Week honors!


-- I thought Kareem Hunt (15-86-1, 5-55-2/6) was becoming an RB2 in this offense because it was so pass-downfield happy…but as teams are adjusting to that, Hunt has wide open space to roam as a runner and receiver, and Mahomes is using it. I wish I would have jumped on that when Hunt was falling earlier in the season.

Still, you saw Spencer Ware (8-59-0, 3-30-0/3) work in this game…just as good/better as a talent/runner but he lost his chance and won’t get it back naturally.

 -- Tyler Boyd (3-27-0/4) was ignored in favor if Dalton trying to work the 1-on-1 coverage on A.J. Green (7-117-0/14) coverage. That’s not normal. Everything is fine for Boyd. He’s a ‘buy low’ if it comes about.

-- C.J. Uzomah (2-13-1/2) got caught in the AJG event too but did grab a TD to salvage his day. Uzomah is a fringe TE1 ROS still.

Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

1) James Conner, PIT – People are afraid of Le’Veon Bell. Not the total fear like week’s ago, but still afraid. Latest ‘rumor’ is Week 9 for Bell’s return. I maintain Bell doesn’t comeback until after Week 10 (the deadline he has to), and then is inactive or on exempt list for 2-3 weeks…if not the entire season. If you can get Conner for a throwaway RB2/WR2 of the moment…you could gamble smartly and wind up with an RB1 through Weeks 12-13 if not through Week 16.

This is a ‘money’ move…this is a ‘go for it’ move. Take the risk/don’t worry about Bell. If Bell returns – you were gutsy and tried go for the brass ring. I don’t think Bell returns to mess things up for weeks/at all.

2) David Johnson, ARI – I know, the new O-C is providing chatter about a ‘revival’. Guess what? I’m not seeing it in reality. The talking heads are talking but not many are listening/their frustrations are ruling their decision making. I see DJ going for RB2.0 valuations in redraft multiplayer deals with him as the big name.

All I know is…I see the old DJ lurking. He hasn’t ‘lost it’. If things really do change with the new O-C…and anything like the old DJ returns – this will be a prosperous deal. Buy low, don’t overpay. People are panicky on him. They never liked him like we did and now they’re getting burned by him.

3) Travis Kelce, KC – Obviously, not an easy get. May be impossible to do reasonably. I put him here because (a) not a blowout performance on SNF again (good not ‘wow), so that always help temper down values. (b) IF you have Mahomes-Tyreek…if you can get Kelce to complete the Holy Trinity – you have quite the war machine foundation going forward. If Mahomes can carry you…it’s Hill-Kelce going with.

4) Jared Goff, LAR – I know, why do I keep putting him on here!!! Goff is playing brilliantly, he’s just losing stats to his team blowing out the other team and too many passes where the receiver is stopped at the 1-yard line. Those things tend to even out.

All shootouts coming – GB, NO, SEA, KC, BYE, DET, CHI, PHI ahead. Numbers are coming in higher ahead.  

5) Kenny Golladay, DET – He’s a WR1.5 threat in all formats…trading as a WR2.5-3.0 after a dull game vs. MIA (Detroit ran a ton). He’s not a trusted name, generally. He tends to have a Marvin Jones feel…hot for the moment Lions guy, which undermines his value. He could push the top 10-15 in WR fantasy scoring this season.

6) Kenyan Drake, MIA – I saw it again Week 7…Drake being used as half-RB, half-WR. Drake is lining up all over, often as a flanker and running routes. Get in on this cheap as people think he lost his job to Frank Gore. He’s priced as an RB2-2.5.

7) Chris Thompson WAS – Missed last two weeks with injury. Had two weaker games prior to that. A guy who was running as an RB1 in PPR for a stretch going back to 2017 until the last few weeks…down weeks, BYE, out with injury. If he’s coming back clean – he could be had for a RB3/giveaway valuation in some leagues. May get dropped by a few in redraft leagues by panicky owners this week…that’s how far he’s fallen off the radar.

‍‍8) Geronimo Allison, GB – Before he was lost after Week 4, in 4 games this season, Allison averaged 4.8 rec. 7.3 targets), 72.3 yards, 0.50 TDs per game. I’m not an Allison fan, however – anything with the trust of Aaron Rodgers has value. Allison has WR2 value because he gets the least coverage from opponents. He’s been out of action for 3+ weeks…and people are Marquez Valdes-Scantling loco. Use their fear MVS is taking over to get Allison as a WR3. No way MSV is past Allison…none.

Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Lamar Miller, HOU – Everyone panics about their RBs all the time…especially when the BYEs come on stronger (like now). Miller had a 100-yard rushing day, and that always gets people excited. Also, Miller is the worst. This is your chance to deal. Can you squeeze RB2-ish value from a sucker during BYE week panic?

2) Chris Carson, SEA – He’s in a 60/40 snap split with Mike Davis, but it feels like he’s the clear #1 and everyone else is nothing. Carson had a couple 100+ yard games a few weeks ago so people like that – sell it all ‘high’ during BYE-panic-mania. Sell as a strong RB2.

3) Jordan Howard, CHI – Scored a TD this week…so, that’s something. Three games in-a-row it’s like I’ve been writing and talking about on the Video Q&As – Howard is barely a part of this offense. He’s an afterthought. He doesn’t fit. He will get cheap TDs, so he’s not nothing…but gone is the upside hope. He goes as an RB2 because people see a ‘buy low’ on ‘the main carry RB’.

‍4) Doug Martin, OAK – He might get some heat this week as the new Raiders’ starter. He doesn’t have it yet, but he will as people realize how bad their RB situation is during the BYEs. Martin will trade near an RB2 speculative as the fresh starter…but he takes over on a terrible offense with Jalen Richard taking passing game work.

5) Drew Brees, NO – (same message from last week) If you want to get super cute, if you have Brees and can sell him Goff + ___ or you have a great other QB on the roster, so you can deal Brees as excess…you might want to consider it.

Brees is awesome, but if your team is sinking/has a major hole – just remember that Brees was a QB2 last year when Ingram/Kamara went off. They established a run game, ran more clock, etc. That could happen some again PLUS Sean Payton is in love with Taysom Hill running the Tim Tebow offense near the goal line…taking more FF-goodies away from Brees. Just a thought.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’

1) Christian Kirk, ARI – I was surprised to see Kirk less than 50% owned on the big sites. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. I just assumed everyone saw his recent performances (before Week 7 TNF blowout) and was on-board. I don’t know what Byron Leftwich is going to do any more than the next person, or how fast his changes take effect. BUT, I do not know this – Christian Kirk is going to be a star, a PPR superstar someday. He started flashing it prior to Week 7. Don’t let one awful Cardinals game throw you from this talent.

2) Doug Martin, OAK – Surprised more people didn’t pick him up last week. He has low ownership percentages in regular leagues. He’s going to get good touches…and has a lot to prove, but on a terrible team/offense. His value is going to rise as the week goes on. I don’t think Lynch returns this year. *And you can possibly sell him off 'high' the next day or two after you get.

3) Jalen Richard, OAK – I was for picking him up in PPR weeks ago, if you needed RB3 production on the cheap. The Raiders’ Chris Thompson-lite. No major bump with Lynch gone.

4) Chris Ivory, BUF – If McCoy out…Ivory is at least something. Not my favorite but is something during BYE weeks.

5) Michael Gallup, DAL – I thought something was developing…had his best week of the season Week 7. He’s just such a talent. However, this is a bad passing game concept team. Gallup can be its star but the risk is this is so inconsistent the next few weeks you get frustrated. The upside – if a Dallas player hits they have more profile to trade.

‍6) The RB the Patriots get this week – I can’t imagine Kenjon Barner is taking 20+ carries this week. The Pats will sign someone or trade for them, and we’ll all think it’s brilliant and everyone will chase this guy off waivers as fast as their fingers can work their phones.

Samaje Perine? Doug Martin? Mike Gillislee? Demarco Murray? Shane Vereen? Danny Woodhead? Orleans Darkwa? David Johnson? Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

I want it to be Terrell Watson or claim Tra Carson from GB (if he’s healthy).

Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Ron Jones, TB – First off, this guy is terrible. Second, he scored a TD…so, the masses (who love him because ESPN does) are rejoicing this week. Thirds, this is Peyton Barber’s backfield. Fourth, the Bucs’ backfield sucks.

2) Tajae Sharpe, TEN – First off, Sharpe isn’t very good. Second, you want nothing to do with the Titans passing game. End o’ story…

3) Chris Herndon, NYJ – First off, Herndon is nothing special. Second, you want nothing to do with the TEs working with Darnold because that’s (a TE) usually a more precise throw and not bubble screens and heaved prayers deep per Darnold’s specialty because he’s a bad NFL QB.

4) Michael Roberts, DET – First off, he IS talented. Second, the Lions don’t use the TE on purpose much. Roberts is getting red zone work and that’s encouraging but there’s no uprising here yet that I see. He played 19 snaps this week. It’s not ‘a thing’, yet.

5) TreQuan Smith, NO – Smith = a lesser Ginn. How much do you want that for fantasy? You may need to use him because you need warm bodies…and he works for that, but if you think you’re grabbing the hot new star of the Saints passing game – you’re not. I think he’ll be a frustrating inconsistent option (like Ginn) and you’re trying to guess ‘when’ he has his good week – and Cam Meredith lurks and is a better WR.


Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Rishard Higgins, CLEBaker Mayfield has a pretty good license to throw the ball however/whenever, and he’s an excellent QB. The big problem he has is no WRs to trust. Jarvis Landry gets double covered. Antonio Callaway is lost. Higgins is a solid WR – good hands, experienced, reliable. In two games with Mayfield before he got hurt (MCL sprain), Higgins averaged 3.5 rec. (4.5 targets), 63.5 yards, 0.50 TDs per game.

MCL sprains are tricky. Higgins has been out Weeks 6-7 and he might be back Week 8. When he returns in Week 8 or 9…he might be a steady WR2 for Mayfield, like a poor man’s Geronimo Allison for him.

2) Jakeem Grant, MIA – I believe Albert Wilson will be out multiple weeks with his injury…opening more snaps and targets for Jakeem Grant, who has been productive and sometimes electric this season. He’s Miami’s Tyreek Hill-lite.  

‍3) Curtis Samuel, CARTorrey Smith got hurt, but we don’t know if ‘questionable’ or ‘out’ this week yet. Samuel got TWO carries in this game…he’s at least on the coach’s minds. Maybe, just maybe his time is coming.

4) Trenton Cannon, NYJBilal Powell got hurt, Cannon took extra work in his place. Cannon is Austin Ekeler-lite…a bit better a runner. Only works if Powell (or Crowell) is out. As the season fades…Cannon will get more time. The Jets trading Bilal in a week would not shock me.

5) Malcolm Brown, LAR – 8 days ‘til the trade deadline in the NFL. If the Rams don’t make a deal…how amazing would Brown be for FF if something happened to Gurley? If you have Gurley, you better have Brown.

‍6) Dan Arnold, NO – Saw his first targeting of the year…2 rec. for 25 yards on 3 targets. He’s an interesting receiving weapon at TE for the Saints.  https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/08/very-deep-sleeper-dan-arnold-fantasy-football/

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Jamaal Charles, JAC – We thought T.J. Yeldon was getting set up to a lesser role last week but didn’t know about the Carlos Hyde trade. We thought it was a Charles push. We took a chance midweek. Didn’t work. Moving on.

2) Nyheim Hines, IND – I think I’ve proven I’m smarter than ESPN here…that Marlon Mack was where it was at all along and Hines blows?

3) Cordarrelle Patterson, NE – He barely touches the ball or plays on offense anymore. Dream over.

4) Josh Reynolds, LAR – Constantly mentioned as a sleeper when one of the ‘big 3’ are out/hurt, but never does anything.  Him and Gerald Everett are a waste.

5) Antonio Callaway, CLE – He’s playing his way out of mattering. He’s a poor WR mentally. Great athlete but when Rashard Higgins comes back, Callaway could be benched. He looked like something given the easy schedule ahead, but Callaway didn’t capitalize in this past easy game…and his numbers have been dwindling for weeks.


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

1) Colts-DST – Don’t doubt The Computer, amiright? I know ‘it was Buffalo’! Well, THAT’S WHY WE USED THEM! Same goes for Oakland this week. Here’s the thing – this defense is really playing well. Maybe the most energetic, flying to the ball defense I see in a week. This is no fluke. They’re not the 85 Bears or anything but they are good.

Upcoming:   @OAK, BYE, JAC, TEN, MIA, @JAC, @HOU, DAL, NYG. Might could use them from Week 8 on.

2) Texans-DST -- MIA-DEN-BYE-WAS-TEN-CLE-IND-NYJ through Week 15. They can’t cover anyone (14 TDs/6 INTs allowed passing YTD) but they do have Osweiler-Keenum ahead.

3) Patriots-DST – Beautiful every other week. Weeks 9-10, BUF-GB. Weeks 11-12, BYE-NYJ. Weeks 13-14, MIN-MIA. Weeks 15-16, PIT, BUF. One to pair with like an Indy after Week 9.

4) Steelers-DST – The opposite of the Redskins-DST (below)…gives up points but gets lots of sacks and pretty well on turnovers. One of the top scoring DSTs in fantasy as it is...

CLE-BAL-CAR…next 3 games -- not great, but usable. Then JAC-DEN-LAC-OAK Weeks 11-14 looks better and better. The good games are on the road…one of them (OAK) before the NE week is a distraction concern later on.

5) Cowboys-DST – With Sean Lee back, they’re a top 3 NFL defense threat. BYE-TEN-PHI-ATL-WAS ahead is not super-favorable but no elite QBs/offenses to face. ‍Week 9 hosting TEN may be the play of Week 9.

6) Redskins-DST –NYG Week 8 is favorable and NYG-TEN-JAC (Weeks 14-16) may be the best playoff schedule for a DST. From Week 8-16, you can use with some confidence aside from Week 9 (ATL) and Week 13 (PHI), but I’m not super-afraid of that…especially ATL going to possibly cold Washington.

One of the better defenses in the NFL but not generating much on sacks and turnovers.

7) Chargers-DST – Ahead: BYE-SEA-OAK-DEN-ARI. Schedule remains kinda favorable and Bosa expected to return after the BYE. I worry that the Chargers defense is a touch overrated and Seattle is not easy (at Seattle) and, now, the ARI game may not be the cupcake we thought. It’s a better play than most but not perfect.

8) Jets-DST – I’m done disrespecting the Jets nice defensive run this season. #4 in the league in INTs. Weeks 9-14…MIA-BUF-BYE-NE-TEN-BUF – 4 of 6 very usable games (two BUF games in there). A DST to pair with another to get through Weeks 11-12 BYE-NE.

Don’t like for schedule or other reasons on these DSTs making noise/news/lists: BUF, CLE, NO, SEA, TEN


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