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Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 9)

November 5, 2018

Quick Notes: Three Things From Each Sunday Game + 'Top Fives' (Week 9)

*Disclaimer – I watch all the games live Sunday, however many at one time, and these are my initial fantasy reactions/notes. I will then watch each game and detail and file a deeper report on each game, and may change my stance midweek on something I say below…but as a quick reaction to Sunday’s action, here’s my quick take…

Games in random order:

*Pre-editor post (forgive any typos)

Mostly winning I see this week around the FFM universe…winning at a nice clip/percentage overall. Many of us have been on a roll lately – the last 3-4 weeks have been most of us pushing past the others via smart maneuvering during BYE weeks, mostly because of our depth…and the talent starting to pop; especially the Bears’ guys. However, Trubisky-Cohen people with a so-so Tyreek got stomped out Week 9 in some cases, but overall the last few weeks have been rounding into shape. I can’t pick football games against the spread very well one week to the next this year, but my fantasy plays are starting to blaze. It’s better than last year’s 70% Blazing Five betting pace but every fantasy player I counted on getting terminally injured all year.

A sampling of FFM-based teams around the globe shows a 6-3 record with the ‘mode’…the most likely record after this week. Then 5-4 and 7-2 most likely on the distribution curve. I’m seeing a rare few 9-0 teams…nice!! It’s time to start thinking a little bit more with Weeks 14-16 in mind for some, and I’ll start touching on that in recaps this week. Most importantly – we want BYES!!

The biggest issues ahead: How to get through the DST land mine infested ground week-to-week. What to about Justin Tucker this week? How to get improvement at TE if you don’t have Ertz-Kelce. We’ll hit it all this week.

As a reminder, the Tuesday night waiver show – it will be tonight during Monday Night Football. More details coming today, and one pre-notice posted yesterday.

Quick Notes on each Sunday game:


-- A couple defensive TDs early…this was nothing like a real game. Don’t sweat Trubisky-Cohen-Gabriel-Burton…they weren’t needed. They’re all ‘buy lows’ this week, or ‘hold steady’.

-- An extra ray of hope for the Bears-DST usefulness ahead from their rough schedule – the Lions gave up 10 sacks this week and are totally falling apart. Week 10 and 12 looks fine now for the Bears DST and for the Bears team to win the NFC North.

Weeks 11, 14 and 15 are weeks to find a DST to pair with them – Washington and then Indy are the two best matches that are potentially floating around off waivers ahead.

-- The Buffalo offense is the gift that keeps giving – the Jets-DST gets them twice ahead (Week 10 and 14). Miami-DST has them Weeks 13 and 17.


-- Greg Olsen (6-76-1/6) looks like he’s a hundred years old playing and had been on a long TD drought spanning back a few years – but suddenly he has a TD in three straight games. I can’t believe it…but it’s working all of a sudden.

-- Mike Evans (1-16-0/10) has been stellar with Ryan Fitzpatrick all season…but just one catch on 10 TARGETS in this game. Wow.

-- D.J. Moore (1-32-0, 1-16-0/2) was a darling sleeper for many a fantasy analyst this week in a great matchup but ‘sleepy’ didn’t do much. Curtis Samuel (1-33-1, 2-25-1/4) is where it is at if the Panthers ever give into it. Spoiler Alert: They won’t. Norv Turner is allergic to success.


-- First look at the new Browns coaching staff – and it’s Duke Johnson (1-8-0, 9-78-0/9) as your target leader. I need to re-watch this to see if it was a real plan or it just happened on ‘game flow’.

-- New staff…and Breshad Perriman (2-9-0, 2-36-0/6) gets two carries and 6 targets (2nd most among the WRs). We have to at least process that and consider it in deeper leagues.

-- This game was mostly out of hand midway 2nd quarter, so Tyreek Hill (2-16-0, 4-69-0/5) and Sammy Watkins (1-2-0, 5-62-0/5) didn’t have a huge volume game – despite the Browns down three starting CBs early on in this game.


-- Maurice Harris (10-124-0/12) had a huge game, but I believe a huge part of it was all-throw comeback effort/garbage time. Alex Smith threw 46 times…that’s not normal; that’s not the plan. Don’t get fooled, Harris is not very good…at all.

-- Finally, Steve Sarkisian is going back to Tevin Coleman (13-880-0, 5-68-2/7) as the great receiving weapon he was before Sark got there – TC has 3 receiving TDs in his last 3 games. Getting his free agent value pumped back up.

-- Washington-DST sign of concern giving up 38 here? It’s not great but every DST seems to be terrible unless they’re facing Buffalo or Tennessee or Oakland or Jacksonville or Miami or either New York team? The Redskins-DST gets NYG-JAX-TEN for Weeks 14-16.


-- Quincy Enunwa (3-40-0/4) is back, and I love him, but Sam Darnold (21-39 for 229 yards, 0 TD/4 INTs) is falling apart fast…so, let’s avoid all this if we can.

-- Elijah McGuire (6-23-0, 3-37-0/5) was activated this week and jumped back in to decent touches – he’s not that good and this offense is not that good. I don’t know why any of us would expect anything super-interesting here.

-- Like I said on DeVante Parker (1-8-0/2)…Sucker’s bet waiver play last week.


-- Matt Stafford (25-36 for 199 yards, 0 TD/0 INT) was sacked 10 times in this game…I’m assuming this was a mix of the Lions quitting on Matt Patricia (from the Golden Tate trade vibe, and the fact that he seems to be very unlikable by players) and teams have figured out something (as the Lions have been crashing for the last 2-3 games). Mark everything down ‘Lions’.

-- Theo Riddick (7-36-0/8) is the new less-exciting Golden Tate replacement. A solid RB3 fill-in during BYE weeks.

-- Kirk Cousins (18-22 for 164 yards, 1 TD/1 INT) is fading after his blazing start…fading from the top 5-8 fantasy QB performers. 1.5 TD passes per game the past 4 games with two games with less than 250 yards passing. He’s not busting, he’s just not as high-flying. With Dalvin Cook back – Zimmer will throw his whole offense behind the run game.


-- The big breakout game I was eyeing from Hayden Hurst…1 catch for 21 yards on 2 targets. I guess not. Mark Andrews (3-50-0/6) was way more important.

-- A huge BYE week for the Ravens. I’m sure there will be a big discussion about making a move to Lamar Jackson since the Ravens are losers of four of their last five. He would sell some tickets to the Weeks 11-12 home games. If not Week 11, and they lose to Cincy there – Week 12 hosting sad Oakland would be a perfect LJax start…and p[possible John Harbaugh firing.

-- Vance McDonald (3-25-0/6) has 1-7-3-3 catches in games his last 4 games…not really a key part of the offense. No TDs the last 5 games. 1 TD this season. 2 TDs as a Steeler in 18 career appearances. Not a TE1.


-- The big David Moore (2-16-0/7) hype…two dropped TDs passes…tough catches but he didn’t make them. The good news is – Wilson went to him for the game winner at the buzzer and Moore had 7 targets to Baldwin and Lockett having 4 each.

-- Keenan Allen (6-124-0/10) was overdue for one of these types of games. He got it. He still has just one TD this season…no TDs since opening day.

-- Chris Carson (8-40-0) is hurt…he needs time off to recover. Mike Davis (15-62-0, 7-45-0/8) moves into an RB1.5 conversation if Carson is out…BUT Rashaad Penny (4-11-0, 3-13-0/3) would loom to take touches.


-- The Broncos trade Demaryius Thomas (3-61-0/3) to open up targets for Jeff Heuerman (10-83-1/11)? Heuerman’s activity has been ticking up for weeks…he enters the BYE week TE desperation options for Week 11 (he’s on a BYE Week 10).

-- Courtland Sutton (3-57-0/5) – this was my fear…you need Case Keenum to make him next-level and that’s not a reliable thing.

-- Deshaun Watson (17-24 for 213 yards, 2 TDs/0 INT) has thrown for fewer than 240 yards in a game for four straight games.


-- I’m guessing the traders of Christian McCaffrey for Alvin Kamara (18-80-2, 4-34-1/5) in deals this past week were crying the blues around 4pm as CMC hit for 2 rushing TDs in the early game…and then your tears dried up quickly when Kamara started racking TDs in the later game. Kamara is a TD magnet, end of discussion.

-- Jared Goff (28-40 for 391 yards, 3 TDs/1 INT) is now averaging 312.9 passing yards and 2.22 TD passes per game this season. 36 TDs/8 INTs his last 17 regular season games. Do you trust him unconditionally now? I should say, ‘will you’?

-- Tre’Quan Smith (2-23-1/3) yards in his last 3 games…23-18-44 yards, 2-3-3 catches. He’s not a great fantasy asset right now. He’s lesser Ted Ginn…a WR4 who needs a TD to be a WR3.


-- The Patriots defense holds Aaron Rodgers to 17 points…the Patriots held Miami to 7 points, Buffalo to 6 points, and been thrashed (rightfully so) by KC and CHI in recent weeks. It’s a good defense, somewhat great in great matchups. TEN-BYE-NYJ-MIN-MIA-PIT-BUF is a schedule you want in on the Pats-DST and paired with something on their BYE, MIN, PIT weeks.

-- Cordarrelle Patterson (11-61-1, 1-7-0) is the best RB the Patriots have, from a runner of the ball standpoint. At minimum, he should see a split carry role with Sony Michel – because Michel is a 3-5 yards and a cloud of dust and CP is a homerun hitter…it’s a perfect pairing.

What will happen? You’ll never see CP in the backfield but 1x a game the rest of the season when Michel returns.

If the Pats get religion on CP, which would be an NFL first, Sony Michel’s value only falls.

-- Marquez Valdes-Scantling (3-101-0/6) is finding a way to matter for fantasy, usually off one big play. The internals are not encouraging – 3-2-3 for catches the last 3 games in a perfect spot to shine with Allison-Cobb out/hurting…not impressive. 6-5-6 for targets…meh. 47.1% connection rate on his targets.

I could say ‘hold’ because any starting WR with Rodgers is good, but I would say ‘trade high’ because change is coming to GB and that might mean more Equanimeous St. Brown and Scantling just doesn’t seem to be lighting it up…he’s just ‘there’.

‘Just there’ is good with Rodgers, for FF, but I feel like the masses love him more than he’s really worth. Not a bust to run from, just an exploration that you might get a shocking value mixed into a multiplayer deal.

Top 5 ‘Buy Low’

1) Tarik Cohen, CHI – He was a guy his current owners feared the party was over on last week when he had one catch…he just did it again (one catch Week 9). You have to trust me that this was all the game flow/situations…and the situation is about to change.

Cohen was on fire the past few weeks but slowed a bit vs. the Jets and was death in Week 9 vs. Buffalo. The Bears played two of the worst teams in football and just took it easy dominating their opponent. The ‘good’ playbook went into hiding and all the Bears needed to do was cruise safely behind Jordan Howard near the goal line. It’s almost like the Bears had two BYE weeks the last two weeks.

The ‘easy days’ are over. DET-MIN-DET the next three games – the division could be about won in there if they sweep it. Games with LAR and GB in Weeks 15-16. The Bears won’t be able to cruise anymore, they’ll be back to hitting the gas pedal – and their ‘good’ offense revolves around Tarik. Strong RB1 numbers for weeks prior…don’t let a ‘rest’ game against sad Buffalo, that was over midway through the 2nd quarter, throw you.

Because he’s had one catch the last two weeks…the price/value is RB2 now. Don’t let the current owner fool you – he’s in a panic of the last two weeks.  

2) Adam Thielen, MIN – A down game for Thielen (by his standard) this week, PLUS he’s on a BYE. A desperate team that owns him may take your two-fer-one offer of players they can use this week.

Remember, most owners don’t think Thielen is a ‘great one’. They think he’s good but was just on a super-hot run…and may be secretly wondering/worried if he’s about to cool.

A great name to put in a redraft deal – Tyler Boyd + something good they need in exchange for Thielen.

3) Mike Evans, TB – One catch on 10 targets with the new-old QB. Evans was cold for weeks with Winston and now this. You might get a panic seller moving him as a WR1.5 or 1.75 in a multi-player deal. Don’t ask for him direct, let him get ‘dumped’ on you.

Evans has been hot with Fitz all year, this looks like just a bad game. I think Fitz will stay at QB because if Winston gets hurt playing this year…a $19M contract extension kicks in.

4) Mitchell Trubisky, CHI – People don’t believe in him, but he was so good that they clutched him the past few weeks – and he just burned them. He laid a fantasy egg at Buffalo…your best window in weeks to get him, if you want/need him. All the up-tempo games are ahead now that they’re past NYJ-BUF cupcake games.

5) Jack Doyle, IND – Everyone is struggling with non-Kelce/Ertz TEs. Doyle is the trusted TE on an offense on total fire AND has a weak WR group after T.Y. Hilton. Doyle could shoot into the top 5 PPR TE scorers ahead. Most owners fear Eric Ebron and see Doyle as a high-end TE2 more than a TE1.

6) The Ravens WR you like – I don’t know who the QB will be for all this, but CIN-OAK-ATL-KC-TB the next five weeks. One of Flacco-LJax will be a QB1 potential, and one (or more) of Snead-Brown-Crabtree will go with.

Top 5 ‘Sell High’

1) Marlon Mack, IND – You don’t have to sell him at all. I’m just putting the thought out there, what I’ve seen saying/writing for the past week – Mack is the hottest ‘I want him’ guy by the masses…hottest guy most all of us/FFM’ers have. It’s like someone flipped a switch and everyone decided they wanted to try to buy him low from you.

I sell him as an RB1, or as close to it as I can get…IF I wanted to sell him. Short term/2018, he’s an RB1.5. long-term, he’s an RB2.0…a guy not built to be a workhorse over time. A perfect Kamara-a-like but is getting more Ezekiel Elliott workloads/play.

He’s going to be fine this year, but if you were going to try to ‘call the top/the peak’ and if you wanted to use him as a piece of a puzzle to get a stellar puzzle piece – this week is your chance.

2) Leonard Fournette, JAX – Sell the rumor he’ll be back Week 10. I don’t know that he will be, these are the same people (ESPN) always wrong about Le’Veon (they’re just guessing and selling it for click-bait), and even if he is – what’s he going to do in this offense? He’ll look like David Johnson/2018 at best + have Hyde-Yeldon looming. In redraft, if you’re going to sell – this may be your best/last chance.

In dynasty, you sell him like a top six, 1st-round draft pick to a team rebuilding…if you want to sell in dynasty.

3) Jordan Howard, CHI – The biggest head fake in fantasy. Two games with inferior teams (NYJ/BUF) that played to the Bears just boringly running the ball – the last quarter of the game vs. NYJ and most of the game vs. Buffalo because they were just trying to get the game over with. The Bears schedule amps up from here on in – and, thus, they go back to there high-flying offense pre-Buffalo.

‍4) Keenan Allen, LAC – Had a 6-catch, 100+ yard game this week for the surging Chargers…his first 100+ yard game since Week 1. Allen has decent catches and yards, but no TDs…1 TD in 8 games.

I’m just saying – if wanted to sell him, this is a good week to do it…the 100+ yard game, Chargers are winning games, and Allen has ‘name’ appeal to those who don’t own him – they don’t know the pain of his lack of TDs all season.

He’ll probably go on a tear the week you trade him, but I’m saying if you want out – this is your best week since Week 2.

5) Rob Gronkowski, NE – This is tricky. He’s hurt/missed a game. If he’s back this week, you MIGHT get someone to bite on selling Gronk + something good for their Ertz or Kelce. I’m seeing deals like that getting done last week, before the late injury news.

There is something comforting to an outsider to deal their ace TE, if they have other positional desperation, to get your whatever player PLUS Gronk…getting Gronk, to them, feels like it takes a lot of sting out of losing Ertz/Kelce – and, they think, “Who knows? Maybe now Gronk gets hot and is better than Ertz/Kelce the ROS?”

You think it’s a reach but there are people out there who still believe the Gronk fairy tale – use it to get a real TE…Ertz or Kelce. Gronk + a decent player for one of the big two TEs + whatever under the radar you might grab as well…or just 2-fer-1 to get an ace TE.

6) Sony Michel, NE – As soon as he looks cleared to play – strike while the iron is hot…with him as an RB1.25-1.50 value. James White has his slice of turf, but now Cordarrelle warrants taking 3-5 carries a game too – too many things chipping away at Michel’s upside.


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Trust’

1a) Mike Davis, SEA – Your best chance at a starting RB (for a few weeks) for a run-first team. Seattle has to let Chris Carson heal up…like a solid two weeks off, at least. I think you get 1-2-3 weeks of RB1 work here. Best case – he’s ‘the guy’ the rest of the season if Carson goes on I.R.

Worse case – the door opens for Rashaad Penny, who comes in and steals it from Davis in a few weeks.

1b) Jack Doyle, IND – In the era of TE pain, non-Ertz/Kelce division, here’s a name that might bring PPR relief. His three games with Luck this year: 5.0 rec. (7.3 targets), 50.0 yards, 0.33 TDs per game. And now…the Colts offense is humming, as is their O-Line. A trusted TE on a ‘popping’ offense. Doyle can be the ‘Ertz’ for Luck.

3) Keke Coutee, HOU – Coutee was impressive on touches when first hit the scene…then he got banged up and his numbers dropped, and then he was out for Weeks 8-9. He comes back with Demaryius Thomas on the team, and we’re not sure how that fits for Coutee…honestly, we don’t know what’s going to happen with Coutee. He had two splash weeks then a dud, then hurt, then Fuller in and then Fuller out, then Demaryius in. We don’t know ‘normal’ Coutee…but there were flashes of something interesting, so we’re sucked in to see if ‘real’.

4) Josh Adams, PHI – You want a shot at possibly something special at RB, from waivers…here it is. I know he’s special, I just don’t know if he’s doomed to 9 carries a game in an RBBC. He might be good enough to ‘change the distribution models’ for Doug Pederson.

‍5) David Moore, SEA – Bad FF game Week 9…but led all Seattle WRs with 7 targets and had his hands on two TDs but couldn’t bring them home. I see him continuing to inch towards Wilson’s #1 look.

6) Duke Johnson, CLE – I started out with him in the ‘distrust’ but moved him back here. If Riddick is on here, Duke should be here because Riddick gets a lot of catches but does little with them…Duke can break plays and make yards. I get a gamble that Week 9 is a sign of better usage, consistent usage ahead…maybe.

7) Theo Riddick, DET – You need a fill-in RB getting targets in PPR? Riddick is back doing Riddick things and with Golden Tate out…he becomes a quasi-Tate for Stafford.  


Top 5 ‘Waivers to Distrust’

1) Nick Mullens, SF – There will be people rushing to Mullens v. NYG and bypassing Mayfield v. ATL this week. I can’t be friends with you if you do that. The Mullens carriage will be a pumpkin soon enough.

2) Mo Harris, WAS – I want nothing to do with any fantasy WRs from Jacksonville, Buffalo, or Washington. Harris is untalented on top of all that.

3) Anthony Miller, CHI – No Allen Robinson. Tre’Davious White on Taylor Gabriel. Resting starters in blowouts…all the ground work for Miller to see a few extra targets. It’s all going to reverse soon. He’s not going to emerge, he’s going to retreat.  

4) Adam Humphries, TB – Humphries has one of ‘these’ games (a lot of catches/action) 1-2x a year. It’s not a sign of an uprising, no more than when Cole Beasley has them.

5) D’Onta Foreman, HOU – Don’t trust he’ll be integrated into the offense for several weeks; just a bit player. Plus, is he even ‘right’ after such a damning injury? I’ll ‘pass’.


Top 5 ‘Deep Sleeper Plays on the Radar Screen’

1) Curtis Samuel, CAR – Every time Curtis Samuel scores a TD this season (4 times on 11 touches), each one is more magnificent than the prior one. His double reverse run for a score in this game was spectacular. He’s an unbelievable talent.

He’s rushed the ball 3 times this year and scored two phenomenal TDs. How many times will he get the ball next week? Probably zero.

A boy can dream that Samuel has been finally accepted by the coaching staff as their best weapon…also, another reason I want out ‘sell high’ on Christian McCaffery – Samuel is rushing for TDs and has more in him.

2) Lamar Jackson, BAL – If the Ravens lose another game, they will be losers of five of their last 6…and on the brink of out of the playoff race. What better way to energize a half-empty stadium and what better team to help launch your rookie QB than Week 12 hosting D2 Oakland?

Jackson vs. Oakland would project as a top 5 QB play that week. Could you Mahomes/Goff people dig that? OAK-ATL-KC-TB Weeks 12-15 is an awesome schedule – either Jackson or Flacco gets it.

Joe Flacco goes on here, I guess, too…if Cincy wins, he cashes in.

3) Rashaad Penny, SEA – If Chris Carson is out, Penny splits (the lesser count) with Mike Davis…BUT is good enough that he might take the lead.  

4) John Ross, CIN – If A.J. Green goes down, Ross should see more touches (when he’s back, if he’s fully healthy).

5) Breshad Perriman, CLE – 6 targets, 2 carries this week? Played about as many snaps as Higgins and more than Ratley. Maybe, just maybe? Probably not.  

6) Mark Andrews, BAL -- 5 and 6 targets his last two games. 3.5 rec. (5.5 targets), 40.5 yards, 0.00 TDs per game the past two games. A TD Week 7 and Week 2. I thought Hayden Hurst was ready to make a move but Andrews played as many snaps and saw a 6-2 target count win. Andrews is a ‘receiver’ threat at TE, not an all-around TE…but we want ‘receiving’ in fantasy. The Ravens should be scoring a lot ahead with their schedule.

7) Demarcus Robinson, KC – If Sammy Watkins is out…Robinson would start and prosper more than Chris Conley.

8) Cody Core, CIN – If A.J. Green goes down, John Ross may be so weak a WR that a pretty talented Cody Core gets the starting nod and gets on the radar.

Top 5 ‘Just Quit On Them’ Players:

1) Keelan Cole, JAX – I love him, but he is beyond dead in Jacksonville. May not even start this week for the team.

2) Jordy Nelson, OAK – Everything Oakland is dead, including Jordy who is barely noticeable in games anymore. Maybe Amari Cooper’s issue was Derek Carr?

3) Geronimo Allison, GB – Hamstrings, Marquez Valdes-Scantling uprising, Equanimous St. Brown flashing in spots. Hard to see Allison getting back to any of the early season glory again.  

4) Chris Hogan, NE – Shootout game with GB…no Gronk…no real RB, per se…Hogan gets no catches on 1 target.

5) Chris Thompson, WAS – Hold if RBs are tough to come by in a PPR -- but two rib injuries right now, inactive this week and probably again next week, role changed with Adrian Peterson doing so well. If AP goes down, then pile back in. I don’t see any redraft reason to hold CT for weeks hoping he gets back to ‘PPR guy’ in this offense – that ship appears to have sailed, right about the time I jumped in heavier early on this season.


Top 5 DSTs Off Waivers (maybe) to Consider:

‍1) Chargers-DST – Week’s 10-12: @OAK-DEN-ARI, which is AWESOME. Bosa expected to return at some point (maybe). They’re no good for Week’s 13-15. Just use for the next 3 games.

2) Jags-DST – If anyone dumps out this defense out of frustration, and you’re looking ahead to the playoffs…@TEN-WAS-@MIA Weeks 14-16, if they are still in the race. Plus, maybe they flip a switch ahead?

3) Chiefs-DST – They have three Pro Bowl level defenders about to return, and their defense has been getting better every week. Tyreek Hill returning punts is a nice bonus. The offense whacking opponents allows the KC D to tee off on sacks and INTs. With the exception of Weeks 11-12 (LAR-BYE), I can get behind using them in the sea of despair DSTs have become.

ARI Week 10 is great.

@OAK-BAL-LAC-@SEA is OK/good Weeks 13-16.

If you have MYreek and Rams’ guys…be careful as you would also need a DST in their place Week 12 if you play with KC. You need a lot of players Week 12…

4) Jets-DST – I’m done disrespecting the Jets nice defensive run this season. Weeks 10-14…BUF-BYE-NE-TEN-BUF – 3 of 5 very usable weeks (two BUF games in there). A DST to pair with another to get through Weeks 11-12 BYE-NE.

5) Patriots-DST – Beautiful every other week after Week 10 v. TEN. Weeks 11-12, BYE-NYJ. Weeks 13-14, MIN-MIA. Weeks 15-16, PIT, BUF. One to pair with like an Indy-DST.

6) Redskins-DST – Turning out to be a legit option ahead because suddenly this team is looking strong for the NFC East title race. Weeks 10-13 are a mixed bag…@TB-HOU-@DAL-@PHI. If Quinton Dunbar is healthy…take seriously. If not, this is a Week’s 14-16 play only.

Week’s 14-16 is the hot sauce: NYG-@JAX-@TEN.

Pairs nicely with the Bears-DST.

7) Broncos-DST – Playoffs option…Weeks 14-16 = at SF, CLE, at OAK. Not bad at all. Might be out of the race and quitting by then is the problem.

8) Steelers-DST – CAR next…not great, but usable. Then JAC-DEN-LAC-OAK Weeks 11-14 looks better and better. The good games ahead are on the road…one of them (OAK) before the NE week is a distraction concern.

Weeks 15-16 NE-NO is no good.

9) Colts-DST – The stats are decent, but the performance is erratic. They’ve gone from exciting/emerging to a question mark after they didn’t cash in on Oakland Week 8. The schedule remains great, but they’ve become just another dart throw. I will say this – their next three games – all at home. They’ve been better at home.

Upcoming:  JAC, TEN, MIA, @JAC, @HOU, DAL, NYG. Might could use them from Week 10…or not?

10) Texans-DST -- BYE-WAS-TEN-CLE-IND-NYJ through Week 15. The defense is nothing that special, but the schedule is not bad.

11) Cowboys-DST – With Sean Lee back, they’re a top 3 NFL defense threat. TEN-PHI-ATL-WAS ahead is not super-favorable but no elite QBs/offenses to face. ‍Week 9 hosting TEN may be the play of Week 9.

PHI-@IND-TB Weeks 14-16 isn’t worst but it’s not that good.

12) Seahawks-DST – For down the road…SF Week 13, and at SF Week 15. Match them up with another for Weeks 14 and 16 for the playoff run. DEN, NE, WAS, KC, IND are options to pair with.

13) Titans-DST – NYJ, JAX, @NYG Weeks 13-15 is a nice stretch during the FF playoffs

14) Eagles-DST – The Computer is telling me the Philly D is starting to turn ‘good’. DAL-@NO-NYG-WAS-@DAL the next five weeks has four solid matchups.

Don’t like for schedule or other reasons on these DSTs making noise/news/lists: BUF, CLE, NO


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