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Sunday Morning Commentary Wk10 (12:10pmET)

November 12, 2017

12:06pmET: Projections Updated.

Injury notes...

-- CB E.J. Gaines out for the Bills is a killer for them in this game with the Saints. Everything is going against BUF...the weather improved and Gaines did not return.

-- Everything abut the injury report favors the Redskins instead of the Vikings. The Redskins' OLs are going to start...and then Minnesota will be without Everson Griffen. The Computer would pull this from its Blazing Five if it could.

11:10am: I pray to the heavens that Dallas runs the ball all over Atlanta and Dak has a sweet game as well...it will totally blow the minds of the football media. It will render this entire past week totally useless...all their consternation about no Ezekiel Elliott. What if Dallas blows right through Atlanta? Will we get refunds from the media for wasting our time leading up to this week? Will anyone apologize? Will anyone admit a running back, outside of David Johnson, really matters all that much?

In the NFC, the Eagles are 'the best' (supposedly) and they don't know what RB leads them week to week. The Patriots are the AFC's best...arguably...and look at that backfield. How critical is running back when you have a great team/organization otherwise?

11:08amET: Dynasty stash update 1.3 posted...2 additional names posted -- one into the top 10, another straight to the bottom.

10:03amET: Candidates for the worst things on a Sunday...

-- The ESPN 10amET Countdown show opening with the 'cast' getting 'hyped' for it

-- Rex Ryan talking football

-- My Sausage, Egg, and Cheese biscuit from McDonald's arriving from my dutiful wife sans Egg...not he fault -- it's was on the receipt ordered right.

-- Any time Steve Marrucci speaks on NFL Network

-- Michael Irvin shouting things I don't and that's supposed to take the place of any depth of analysis -- just shouting things. Is calling someone a 'baller' 22 times in 30 seconds and yelling it like a preacher in church...is that why my DirectTV programming costs are high? I have to pay for this stunning television analysis of football? It's probably not his fault...Irv probably graduated from the Herm Edwards school of football analysis -- just shout questions and statements over and over that are not provable or interesting but hope sounding like Chris Rock deflects anyone from asking any more questions. Bruce Arians is another proud graduate of that school, I think.

Rex, 'Mooch', Herm...can anyone name one NFL head coach turned football analysts that you've ever heard say anything interesting or ground breaking? These are the people leading teams each week when they were coaches...and they hired/trained the new crop.

Tony Romo was more interesting in his first 15 minutes of broadcasting than every ex-NFL head coach added together in the last three decades of football analysis on TV.

9:30amET: I've seen three reports today (one on TV, two online) that the Giants are NOT benching Eli Manning. I don't know what he's done to deserve a benching...but Ben McAdoo started yapping and now it's a thing because anything NEW YORK Giants is super-important in the football media.

I love the #1 reason why the Giants don't even want to get Davis Webb snaps, even in garbage time -- they're afraid if he plays well it will start a QB controversy.

That's NFL logic at its absolutely height of idiocy...and it is 100% the truth every time. That's another reason why franchise or just basic starting QBs are playing in meaningless Week 17 in lost seasons...or still int he game down 40 points with two minutes left.

For the millionth time...the NFL is success adverse. They live not to fail or not to get pressured by the media. Anything you'd construe as 'going for it' or doing something different...that's reserved for Bill Belichick to do first and then everyone will follow.

if I ever took over an NFL team, I would hire a co-Head Coach...or I'd name this person Head Coach and let the real Head Coach just run the team. It would be a guy or gal who would be there to do all the press conferences. Someone adept and sparring with and leading the media around by the nose. I don't want my real Head Coach wasting his time with the press or worrying about answering to them. Most head coaches are not good 'faces' of the company, nor are the media savvy...so why put them in that position? Why waste their precious time. Go home and be with you family instead of playing 'gotcha' with the press. I'd just have one special person answering all the questions 24/7...and they'd always say 'nothing' in the politest, cliche'd way possible. Never getting angry. Never flinching. Just manipulating and confusing the media.

8:13amET: I am told Colts ace IDP DB Clayton Geathers looks ready to roll and they plan to play him Week 12, after their Week 11 BYE. He could instantly be a top 5 IDP DB right away.

FYI, Tanner Gentry got dumped by the Bears. You can toss those lottery tickets for now. I assume Dontrelle Inman will be activated now.

Keep an eye on the Jets latest signee if he is activated -- Rookie WR JoJo Natson. He's a deep-deep stash. How to describe: Kinda of a slower, but better John Brown...a less tough Jakeem Grant. Actually, a smaller Jamison Crowder, maybe? Natson is 5'9"/160, 4.46 40-time, 7.20 three cone. Was better than the measurables this preseason.

8:08amET: I would not fear Marqise Lee being on injury reports. He was sitting out practices all last week leading into his bets game of 2017. Same pattern this week. Start him if you want this week.

Lance Dunbar activated for the Rams...I think he'll eventually cut into Todd Gurley a tiny bit in the passing game. Sean McVay was the original creator of...Chris Thompson. Whole different scenario in LA, but Dunbar could steal 1-2 catches and a carry or two from Gurley in a bit. But, then Dunbar will get hurt again...so, who cares.

Weather Check...

8:03amET: The rain threat is pretty much gone in Buffalo, so that helps the Saints offensive assets some. Also, the predicted low-30s looks like low 40s at kickoff.

Where the weather is now an issue: Packers at Bears. Rain 90-100% leading up to kickoff with 20-50% on and off during the game. Damp and somewhat cold (39 degrees) all game.

Jets at Tampa...low chance of drizzle and 10-15 MPH winds


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